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Follow Your Inner Star by: Fitzy Chrissa: Hi Iʼm Chrissa Maxwell, the American Girl Doll of 2009. I just moved to my Nanaʼs lama farm and I had to start at a new school. Bulleyʼs were really mean to me but things got better when I joined the swim team. I suggested that we make some new American Girls that really reflect all girls because we forgot some. These are the real American Girls! enter other three girls Sarah: Hi my nameʼs Sarah Smith and Iʼm a real American Girl. Maria: Hola Mi llamo Maria Gonzalez. Yo soy a real American girl. Charlotte: Hi my nameʼs Charlotte Jessop and Iʼm a real American Girl. Sarah: Iʼm going through those awkward years like so many girls do. Maria: I came to Arizona three months ago. My family left in the middle of the night and crawled underground for a long time. Charlotte: I use to live on a polygamist ranch in Texas with my 439 brothers and sisters until the ranch got raided and I was taken away. Sarah: Not everyone looks perfect like Molly Kirsten and Samantha. I have a speech impediment, braces, glasses, and a unibrow that my mom wonʼt let me wax because Iʼm too you young. Maria: Now my family lives with 3 other families and do a lot of impermanent jobs to make ends meet. Charlotte: I found out other kids live a lot differently than me and now my favorite thing is eating McDonalds and watching TV all day long. Sarah: Even though people make fun of me I just keep my head up high and focus on the good things that well make! Maria: My family doesnʼt speak english yet so I have to translate everything. To have fun I play with my cat Gato. Charlotte: Iʼm never going back to the ranch because Kids my age shouldnʼt have kids. Sarah: I have great hair, cute clothes and if Iʼm reading highlightʼs magazine and collecting feathers and rocks with my deaf friend Mitchell then Iʼm having fun! I love being an American Girl!

Maria: I guess I始m not actually a citizen yet...but I can始t wait to be an American girl. Charlotte: I Love being an American Girl! Chrissa: No matter who we are...We始re all American girls! All: Follow your inner star!!! Lights

Follow Your Inner Star  

A comedy sketch about the real American Girl Dolls of the United States-who aren't all that perfect.