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The World’s Greatest Fake Book Titles, alphabetically (This index is not included in the original book but as some titles can’t be read...)

A After The Love Has Gone (J. Graydon) Aileron (John Scofield) Aisha (McCoy Tyner) All Across The City (Jim Hall) Arcade (John Abercrombie) And The Melody Still Lingers On (Dizzy Gillespie)

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B The Beatles (John Scofield) Bebop (Dizzy Gillespie) Bebop Lives (Boblicity) (Miles Davis) Big P (Jimmy Heath) Birdland (Joe Zawinul) The Blessing (Ornette Coleman) Blues For Sarka (George Mraz) Blue Dove (Jim Hall) Brazilian Love Affair (George Duke) A Brite Piece (Dave Liebmann) Bullet Train (Lee Ritenour & Ernie Watts) Burgundy & The Virgin Snow (Jim McNeely)

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C Cannonball (Joe Zawinul) Capuccino (Chick Corea) Caravanessa (Joe Chambers) Carole’s Garden (Denny Zeitlin) Cassidae (John Scofield) Central Park (Chick Corea) Champotch (Lennie Lasher) Children Of The Night (Wayne Shorter) City By The Bay (Vince Wallace) Cloudburst (Jon Hendricks, et. al.) Come Running To Me (Herbie Hancock) Cool Aide (Phil Woods) Cutting Edge (Ulf Wakenius)

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D Daahoud (Clifford Brown) Daisy Mae (George Duke) A Dance For Your Thoughts (Dave Liebman) Dark Lady (Richie Beirach) Dark Light (Mike Nock) D.C. Farewell (Richie Cole) Del Sasser (Sam Jones) Driftin‘ (Herbie Hancock) Duquility (Mal Waldron)

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E Ebony Moonbeams (George Cables) Elegant People (Wayne Shorter) Elsa (Earl Zindars) Everywhere (Bunny Brunel) Exits And Flags (Milton Nascimento)

101 103 107 108 110

F The Face I Love (Marcos Valle) Festival (George Duke) Flight (Larry Dunlop) Fly With The Wind (McCoy Tyner) Foolish Door (John Abercrombie) 4 A.M. (Herbie Hancock) Frankenstein (Grachan Moncur III) Free Cell Block F – ‘Tis Nazi USA (Charles Mingus) Freight Trane (Tommy Flanagan) Fried Bananas (Dexter Gordon)

111 113 115 117 120 121 125 126 127 128

G Gibraltar (Joe Zawinul) Green St. Caper (Woody Shaw)

129 133

H Harold’s House Of Jazz (Richie Cole) Highway One (Bobby Hutcherson) High Wire – The Aerialist (Chick Corea) Humpty Dumpty (Ornette Coleman) Humpty Dumpty (Chick Corea) Hungry Heart (Paul McIndless)

135 138 139 143 144 145

I If You Went Away (Marcos Valle) Images (Oliver Nelson) I’m Home (Greg Mathiesen) In Blossom (Kent Glenn) Infant Eyes (Wayne Shorter) Inner Space (Chick Corea) In, Out & Around (Mike Nock) In Search Of My Heart (McCoy Tyner) I-Thou (Denny Zeitlin) I Thought It Was You (Herbie Hancock) I Wanna Stand Over There (Bobby Hutcherson) I X Love (Charles Mingus)

147 149 152 153 154 155 160 161 164 165 170 171

J Jeannine (Duke Pearson) Jubilee (Bobby McFerrin) Jungle Fever (Neil Larsen)

173 175 177

K Katherine (Jeff Lorber)


L Las Pulgas Freeway (Eugenio Toussaint) Leaving (Richie Beirach) Lemme At It (George Duke) Lennie’s Pennies (Lennie Tristao) Lester Left Town (Wayne Shorter) Listen Here (Dave Frishberg) Little One (Herbie Hancock) The Littlest One Of All (Bobby Hutcherson) Listen Now (Bunny Brunel) A Little Taste (Dave Frishberg) Looks Like Meringue (John Scofield) Love Child (Mark Nock) The Love Connection (Freddie Hubbard) Love Reborn (George Duke) Lusitanos (Wayne Shorter)

183 186 187 189 190 191 195 197 193 199 201 207 203 208 209

M Magic Lady (Jeff Lorber) Magic Sam (Roben Ford) Man In The Moon (Russel Ferrante) The Maze (Herbie Hancock) Miss Ann (Eric Dolphy) The Missing Link (Vince Wallace) Monmouth College Fight Song (Russel Ferrante) Moon And Mind (Paul McCandless) Morning (Clare Fisher) Motion (Jimmy Raney)

213 217 219 222 223 224 225 229 231 233

N Neo Terra (Freddie Hubbard) Never Say Yes (Natt Adderley) A New Blue (Jimmy Heath) New Breed (Dave Liebman) New York Afternoon (Richie Cole) Night Flower (Lennie Lasher) Nippon Soul (Cannonball Adderley) No Siree Bob (Bobby Hutcherson) Nothing You Can Do About It (Jay Graydon) Now He Sings, Now He Sobs (Chick Corea)

235 239 241 243 245 248 249 250 251 256

O October 10th (Richie Beirach) Oliliqui Valley (Herbie Hancock) One By One (Wayne Shorter) One Coin (Milton Nascimento) 111-44 (Oliver Nelson) One Of A Kind (Freddie Hubbard) The One Step (Chick Corea) Only Love (Angela Bofill) On The Boulevard (Jay Graydon) Osaka Express (Jim Hall) Other Mansions (David Friesen)

261 263 265 267 271 273 276 281 283 289 291

P Palladium (Wayne Shorter) Pass It On (Russell Ferante) Pathway (David Friesen) The Peacocks (Jimmy Rowles) Pensativa (Clare Fischer) Peresina (McCoy Tyner) Phantazia (Dave Grusin) Pinocchio (Wayne Shorter) The Plot Thickens (Jim McNeely) Pools (Dan Grolnick) Povo (Freddie Hubbard) Punk Jazz (Jaco Pastorius) Persuance (John Coltrane)

293 297 301 303 304 307 311 314 315 317 323 327 329

Q Quasimodo (Charlie Parker) Quiet Fire (George Cables) Quiet Now (Denny Zeitlin)

330 331 333

R Random Thoughts (Steve Kuhn) A Remark You Made (Joe Zawinul) Resolution (John Coltrane) Return To Forever (Chick Corea) Revelation 21:4 (Bob Magnusson) Romaine (Jim Hall) Rosewood (Woody Shaw) Rough House (John Scofield) Route Four (Teddy Charles)

335 337 339 340 343 345 347 349 351

S Samba Song (Chick Corea) Sareen Jurer (Earl Zindars) A Sassy Samba (Jimmy Heath) Scoochie (Booker Ervin) Secrets Of Love (George Cables) Senor Carlos (McCoy Tyner) Serengeti (Mark Levine) S.E.‘s Dream (Mel Martin) Shadowland (Sarah Cassey) Share Your Love (Derrick Hoitsma) Sicily (Chick Corea) Silence (Charlie Haden) Silver Hollow (Jack DeJohnette) Smile Again (Jay Graydon) Smooch (Charles Mingus) Someday (George Duke) Something Old, Something Blue (Mark Levine)

353 359 361 364 365 367 372 375 377 381 383 387 389 391 393 395 397

Something Everywhere (Steve Kuhn) Something Sweet, Something Tender (Eric Dolphy) Song For Che (Charlie Haden) SOS (Wes Montgomery) Soul Eyes (Mal Waldron) A Sound For Some Ears (Jimmy Heath) Spoons (John Scofield) Straight Up And Down (Chick Corea) Straight Street (John Coltrane) Stray (Richie Beirach) Summer Band Camp (Mick Goodrich) Sunset At Sunset (Eugenio Toussaint) Suspended Sentence (Wayne Shorter) A Sweet And Sorrowful Fantasy (Susan Muscarella)

401 402 403 404 405 406 407 408 411 413 414 415 416 417

T Take Some Time To Walk With The One You Love (Bill Mays) Teaneck (Nat Adderley) Teen Town (Jaco Pastorius) Tee Time For Eric (Robben Ford) Tell Me A Bedtime Story (Herbie Hancock) Thermo (Freddie Hubbard) Think On Me (George Cables) This Is For Albert (Wayne Shorter) Time Is Right (Judy Singh) Tomato Kiss (Larry Schneider) Tones For Joan’s Bones (Chick Corea) True Or False (Ray Obiedo) Twilight Tone (Jay Graydon) Twelve Tone Tune (Bille Evans)

421 424 425 427 429 431 433 437 441 444 445 447 451 453

U Una Muy Bonita (Ornette Coleman) Utopia (McCoy Tyner)

454 457

V V (John Scofield) Vignette (Gary Peacock)

459 460

W Water Sign (Jeff Lorber) What Does It Matter ? (George Mraz) When It Was Now (Wayne Shorter) Windflower (Sarah Cassey) Witch Hunt (Wayne Shorter) Woody I – On The New Ark (Woody Shaw)

461 465 467 471 472 473

Y Young And Fine (Joe Zawinul) Young One (Jim Hall)

475 477


The Beatles (John Scofield) 15 Bebop (Dizzy Gillespie) 18 Bebop Lives (Boblicity) (Miles Davis) 19 Big P (Jimmy Heath) 21 Birdland (Joe Zawi...


The Beatles (John Scofield) 15 Bebop (Dizzy Gillespie) 18 Bebop Lives (Boblicity) (Miles Davis) 19 Big P (Jimmy Heath) 21 Birdland (Joe Zawi...