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TALON Colonial Forge High School 550 Courthouse Rd., Stafford, Va 22554

Vol 13, Issue 2

March/April 2013

FEATURED 6. LEAGUE REVIEW: Review and interview with obscure and upcoming duo The League.

8. TALENT WATCH: Peri Oxford follows her passion for dance, and Christian Sheets kicks back with his friends.

13. DANCING TOWARDS HER DREAM: Emily Strickland’s life dancing for the Richmond Ballet

14. Angelo Espiritu : Check out this senior who creates his own animated web show.

18. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT: The ambitions of the lacrosse team after a nearly undefeated year.

19. ZOEY WOODMAN: A swimmer shares her journey to the big leagues.

21.WINTER SPORTS OVERVIEW: A statistical look back at the season.

22. BRIAN WILL'S GOLD KEY: Brian Will’s poems win for the Southeastern Region

23.EAGLE DROPPINGS: Editorial: Is social media turning us all into distracted narcissists?

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Photo by: Tiffany Kopcak

By: Reed Melancon Reporter

After a phenomenal and historic season, the girl’s varsity basketball team was headed to the state tournament. With a Regional Championship appearance, the girls became the first team in 20 years to qualify for the state tournament. “It felt great, we were very excited and happy,” said First Team All-District Forward Jahla Osborne (‘14) after qualifying for the state tournament. “It feels pretty cool, especially since there won’t be a district next year,” said Commonwealth Player of the Year Kenya Holland (‘14) Though celebrating is nice, most of the team is already moving on and looking forward to state tournament play. “It feels great doing something that hasn’t been done before,” said Coach Darley, “ut now we need to keep moving forward.” “We need to keep playing hard and take it game by game,” said Holland. Being the first team to do this in our district was very historical, but to these girls, it was just another goal. “Our expectation was to win the district title and make it to regionals. If we played together and worked hard, the wins would take care of themselves,” said Darley. The wins surely did take care of themselves. The team carried a 20 game winning streak heading into the Regional Semifinals against Potomac. This matchup was especially intriguing because the girls lost to the Panthers earlier in the season 64-59, one of only 3 losses on the season. In the Semifinals, the girls came out firing and could not be stopped. They avenged their loss against Potomac by defeating them 68-48, punching their ticket to the state tournament and Regional Finals. “The success of the team lies with how the girls play together; with that, as a team, they can do anything,” said Coach Darley. “We have better chemistry and we worked harder than we

did last year,” said Holland. The girls made it to the final eight of the State Tournament, they can expect to see some harder competition down the road. “Every team is good when you get to this stage of the tournament,” said Coach Darley, “but I think we are capable of winning the championship if we play some good ball.” The girls are not just here to win, but to also make a statement for themselves. “Everyone see’s us as an underdog and doesn’t expect us to win, but that just drives us to want to win more,” said Holland. “We want to make a statement because people believe we should not have made it this far,” said Osborne. The team made a major statement throughout the regular season, going 26-3 and becoming one of the top teams in the state. They also went undefeated at home through the season. These girls’ accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. They are doing things that have never been seen before in our district. With this in mind, “We need to keep moving on, we need to keep making history,” Said Darley.

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LEAGUE By: Manny Lemus Web Editor

Review Courtesy of: Hugo Lima

Something I’ve learned over the past couple of years is that good music comes from every corner of the globe, if you actually look hard enough. There are simple demos that can get you hooked before the band has an “official” releasing or you find something that has been around for awhile, but in a strange package. That being said, I stumbled upon a band named League who are from Portugal, with a very diverse sound. League consists of duo Jose Tornada and Jorge Da Fonseca. The duo have been writing songs together since they were 15 years old. It wasn’t until 2008 that the group’s views on things changed and they wanted to get away from it all, so they moved to the beach. It was after their experience that triggered them to


pursue music. The duo has dropped two EP’s and have been gaining positive feedback and recognition from music junkies. First EP, “Golden Maps”, features four songs that give out a summer vibe with high energy beats and catchy hooks. The two standout tracks on this are “Golden Maps”, which instantly gets you hooked with its ear catching synths and mesmerizing melody, and “Two Wild Hearts”, which has a lo-fi beach style with a little bit of synth pop. Both of these tracks have been circulating around the internet and have been gaining a lot of attention. The second EP, “How Do I Know”, has four songs that offer diverse rhythms and melodies. The first track “How Do I Know” is a lo fi feeling song that slowly builds up louder and louder .

Next track “The Shore” is more of a psychedelic, surf driven feel to it with a nice guitar riff in the background. The track that stands out the most for me is “Your World”, it’s a nice feel good summer song that incorporates an awesome organ hook. Lastly, “The Universe Glows Below” changes the pace of the EP and slows everything down with a calm, relaxing piano in the background. The EP shows progression from the first one, even though it is a small amount of songs. League are a duo ready to showcase the world with their tremendous talents. Fans, including myself, are eagerly waiting on new material for the band. Surely the wait will be rewarding.

Six Questions for... LEAGUE Web Editor Manny Lemus interviewed League via email .

1 Where are you guys from? We are originally from Portugal. We moved to London two years ago because the week after we uploaded the songs online we started receiving emails from major labels and gig promoters from London.

2 What was the group’s reaction to the positive feedback? It was really a surprise for us, we started writing music without a specific goal in mind. We uploaded the first songs to Myspace and we started to get tons of feedback from fans, promoters, and music industry people right on the first week. We were used to play to small audiences in London, but when we played in Portugal we had lots of people coming to the festivals to listen to our music.


What has touring been like? Any crazy moments? The strangest thing that happened to us so far was one year ago in a gig in London during the England summer riots. We were playing and the gig promoter started shouting: “They are coming!!!”. We ended the gig right away and we were locked in silence inside the venue for 2 hours because they were afraid the rioters might come in and steal everything or burn down the place!

6 What are the group’s future goals? We are going to release League’s new EP this fall, but our goal right now is to keep working on the album that will be released in 2013.

3 What are your musical influences? Sinatra, Janis, Vashti, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac, etc.. we grew up listening from 90’s bands like Blur, Radiohead and Oasis which are also a really huge influence for us, especially when it comes to melodies and songs’ structures. We also listen to a lot of “nowadays” stuff like Smith Westerns, Mgmt, Girls, Beach House, How To Dress Well, etc...

4 How was League formed? What made you pursue a career in music? In 2008 we moved to the beach. We were sick of living in the city, inaction, routine, absent-minded friends, absent-minded conversations, and most of all we had a deep need for contact with wildness.This was really the trigger that made us have the time to start thinking about a lot of things, When we got back we started to put things together and recording all ideas (good old technology!), and it really started to make sense to combine this nature and isolation experience with more social and emotional issues, we are, as humans, made of these two opposite worlds.

Courtesy of: Jose Tornada and Jorge Da Fonseca

“It really started to make sense to combine this nature and isolation experience with more social and emotional issues; we are, as humans, made of these two opposite worlds.”

TALENT WATCH Photo and Copy By: Shelby Shillingburg, Entertainment and Student Life Editor

Christian Sheets kicks back with kickback

Christian Sheets’ (‘14) band Kickback is exactly what it sounds like: a group of friends who relax and play music just because they love it. In Kickback, Christian plays guitar and sings. Christian started playing when he was 11. “I started because a lot of my friends were starting to play,” Christian said. “I had played piano before, but I gave up on it and I wanted to start playing another instrument so I picked up the guitar.” For Christian, his simple love for music made guitar click, and he has been playing ever since. “I just really love playing music, and I love to play music with other people,” Christian said. Christian started out playing duos with friend and bandmate Zach Piner when they were both in 9th grade. Then, this past summer Ryan Patterson and Chris Peele joined, and Kickback was formed. The band is comprised of Christian as a vocalist and guitarist, Chris on the drums, Ryan playing bass, and Zach also as a vocalist and guitarist. “They are my best friends,” Christian said. “We bicker sometimes but at the end of the day we are really good friends.” All of Christian’s bandmates go to North Stafford, but they do not let this affect their friendships. “We get to see each other on the weekends and after school a lot, so not going to the same school isn’t really a bad thing,” Christian said. Kickback’s first major gig was at Bella’s Cafe. Since then they have also played at The Anna Cabana, a North Stafford tailgate, and the Journalism Coffee House back in December. “We had played a few open mic 8. CFHSTALON.COM

nights at Bella’s Cafe and then after one of them the owner came and asked us if we wanted to play a full show there. I was extremely happy,” Christian said. Kickback plays a wide assortment of cover music, as well as their own original songs. “Our originals are a mixture between like soft-rock/acoustic and reggae,” Christian said. Their original titles include “Spring Break,” “I’m Gonna Get There,” “Swim with Me,” “Bird of a Feather,” “Through the Storm,” and “The Way it Goes.” “Zach and I write the songs separately; he has songs he wrote, I have ones I wrote. We only write the guitar and the lyrics and then Chris and Ryan will make their parts on drums

and bass,” Christian said. Christian wrote “Through the Storm” by himself. He gets inspiration from Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, and Sublime, as well as his personal life. Through the Storm came to Christian during Hurricane Sandy. “I was just looking outside at the rain and wind and it just came to me,” Christian said. Christian hopes to carry his love for music further into his life. “I would like to make a career out of it if I could, if not performing doing something related to music like recording, managing, owning a guitar store, something like that,” Christian said.

Peri Oxford finds her


passion in dance

Most people know Peri Oxford (‘14) as the smart girl at the top of the Junior Class. However, most students don’t know that Peri is also a dancer. “I like that it’s an art form. It’s open to my interpretation,” Peri said. Peri has been dancing for the past ten years. “I love dance because I love to move around, I love how graceful it is, and I love the people I know because of dance,” Peri said. Peri mostly does classical ballet, modern dance, and pas de deux at her studio, Avery Ballet. She has also taken jazz and contemporary dance in the past. However, her favorite style has always been contemporary ballet. “It combines classical ballet, which I have been doing the longest, with new and different steps,” Peri said. Peri’s favorite part of dance is the performance. “I love working on choreography, and I love seeing it all come together during our shows,” Peri said. Peri was homeschooled until the ninth grade. She started dancing because she needed a gym credit. “I figured I would do it just while I was homeschooled, but then I changed studios and it was a whole new experience, so I decided to stay,” Peri said. Dance soon became much more than just a requirement and she has stuck with it ever since. “My parents are glad I chose dance,” Peri said. “It gives me exercise and a creative outlet. And it keeps me out of their hair for a few hours a week.” Since Peri is so involved with her studies, dance sometimes gets pushed to the side. “I have to be very aware of my schedule and of time management. Unfortunately, I have had to take fewer dance classes since high school started,” said Peri. Even though Peri doesn’t plan to pursue dance further, she continues to pursue it as her passion. “It’s a way I can express myself. I don’t have to talk, I can just move,” Peri said.

Teagan Nurnberger (‘14) “With dance, I leave all my worries behind and go inside my head. I can just dance”

Madison Oxford (‘16) “I like how dance mixes musicality with athleticism. I can let go of my personality and develop another.”

Bianca Reyes (‘14) “I like to dance because I get to hang out with my friends. It helps me kill my time and is an outlet for my energy.”

“ It’s a way I can express myself. I don’t have to talk, I can just move.” Peri Oxford (‘14)

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MOVIES COMING IN MARCH 1. The Last Exorcism: Part 2 PG13

2. The Call PG-13

"SIDE EFFECTS" DELIVERS By: Haley Grubbs Reporter

3. Oz the Great and Powerful PG

4. Love and Honor PG-13


Though Director Steven Soderbergh has recently announced that he will be retiring, “Side Effects” is a movie that will send him out with a bang. The film takes an interesting approach to modern society’s medication reliance. Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura claims that people in such a technologically advanced world are always looking for a quick fix, especially when it comes to medical issues, such as depression, and that’s when the idea to make “Side Effects” came up. The cast may be small in number but it’s large in experience, including Rooney Mara (“The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”), Channing Tatum (“Magic Mike”), Jude Law (“Contagion”), and Catherine Zeta-Jones (“The Mask of Zorro”). The story follows a depressed woman, Emily Taylor (Rooney Mara), who begins taking a number of different antidepressants when her husband, Martin Taylor (Channing Tatum) returns home from prison after four years. Emily experiences unusual side effects on each medication, such as vomiting, sleepwalking, and murdering. When Emily Taylor finds her life in shambles after being accused for a murder she has no memory of, her psychiatrist

Dr. Jonathan Banks (Jude Law) finds himself in a bind, questioning if the blame should be on him. “Side Effects” offers suspense throughout and unexpected twists that leave the audience shocked. Though the viewer feels sympathetic towards Emily, the question still comes up: is our society too reliant on anti-depressants and quick-fix drugs with dangerous side effects or are doctors not thorough enough before prescribing? Soderbergh gives a perfect combination of action, mystery, and suspense to reveal the characters’ secrets and ambitions, which turn out to be completely different than originally suspected. Both Mara and Law offer talented and believable acting, making the movie not only watchable, but enjoyable and although Tatum and Zeta- Jones play small roles, they fulfill them well and leave the audience members satisfied. Though at times the plot is shaky, the convincing actors and interesting storyline keeps audiences hooked and leaving the theatre sated. After directing movies like “Magic Mike”, “Contagion”, “Erin Brockovich”, and the “Oceans’” Series, “Side Effects” offered a much different tone and serves as a wonderful exit for Soderbergh to take from the film industry.



By: Amber Roca Reporter

“I feel great when I dance, I don’t think about the moves or anything else,” said Malik Coppedge. Josh Javar (‘14) and Malik Coppedge (‘14) have both been dancing since the eighth grade and are currently on the school’s dance team. Since their freshman year, their attitude towards dance has become more serious as far as their technique and making sure they provide entertainment to their audience. “Dancing has just come natural to me since I first performed in front of an audience,” said Javar. The two dancers gave what they consider their best performance at the Regional Dance Competition in Virginia with the dance team, where they both won first place in the Hip Hop Duet Category. Surprisingly, there was an undercover talent scout, who would not only be giving out the awards, but would also be picking dancers to go to Los Angeles. “He picked both of us and my jaw dropped to the floor,” said Coppedge. The talent scout had offered both Javar and Coppedge a chance to be able to dance for companies and possibly in movies. During the last two weeks in July, Javar and Malik will go to Los Angeles and learn ballet, singing, acting and other forms of choreography. “I’ve dreamed about this and it just proves to me that things like this can happen,” said Coppedge. They are hoping that a director or movie choreographer will want them. Javar and Coppedge say, “Never give up hope. If it could happen to us, it could happen to you; if you put your soul into what you do.”


By: Jenna Smith Reporter

Emily Strickland(‘13), spent her summer participating in a Summer intensive dance program which was the first step on her journey to The Richmond Ballet’s Trainee Program. The Richmond Ballet’s Trainee Program is a nationally recognized program that annually accepts 18-20 students from its Summer Intensive Program to participate in the Trainee Program. Strickland has been dancing since she was 3 years old. Before being accepted into the Richmond Ballet she danced at the Fredericksburg Academy of Ballet in downtown Fredericksburg. “The joy I get from dancing is totally unmatched,” she said, “It is how I express myself. It amazes me that a dancer can communicate every emotion and feeling and atmosphere just by the way they move,” she said. Strickland takes only 3 classes at CFHS: AP English, AP Spanish and Government. She leaves after 2nd block to drive to Richmond to dance from 1:30 to 6:30. Although she can’t participate in any after school activities and misses a lot of the school football games, being a trainee at one of the top ballet schools in the nation is a privilege. “I have missed a lot of the time that I would spend with my friends but dancing as a trainee really is worth it. I would not trade it for anything,” she said.

Her tight dance schedule has affected every other aspect of her life. Many dancers, especially ballet, constantly are trying to be as close to perfect as possible. ”You have to constantly have to give 110% if you want to be a good dancer,” she said. Any dancer has the hopes of one day dancing for a big professional company such as the Richmond Ballet or Joffrey School Ballet and Emily has the same dream. “In 5 years I hope to be dancing for a professional company. That has to be my biggest dream and I can’t see myself doing anything else,” she said. The Nutcracker last December was Emily’s first performance with a professional company. “The aspiration that you adopt when you dance has transcended into every other aspect of my life,” she said. “It makes me strive to be the best that I can be in everything I do. In every task set before me, I put in all my effort so that the end result is excellence.”

Angelo espiritu brings apolemigo to life By: Priyanka Arora Reporter

Waking up in the morning, let alone getting out of bed can be films, Matt continued to volunteer his efforts to the project. Angelo such a chore. For Angelo Espiritu, each day brings something new and Dwain met through Matt, and the third began to lend his own to create, something new to dream up. resources as well. He came upon Pitt Saund on YouTube through “I literally wake up in the morning sometimes and think, ‘I’m Linkin Park, and received permission from the German artist to going to do this today,’” said Angelo Espiritu, (‘13). He has done use his music in the show. everything he’s set out to accomplish since he began The Angelo “It’s pretty ambitious for a person of my age,” said Angelo. “I’m Project several years ago. not expecting ‘Apolemigo’ to come out award-worthy, but rather as Though it began as a simple website to feature Angelo’s music, a learning experience for everyone involved.” The Angelo Project soon expanded to include movies, short Zac Bamberg, an actor in “Apolemigo”, having looked at many stories, art, and even video games. Drawing from several well of Angelo’s other works, including his video games and writing, known names in the film and art industries, his work is inspired agrees that Angelo “is a great writer.” by those of Stephen Spielberg, Steven Moffat, Anne Hathaway, “[Angelo] strays away from the cliché type of deals, which is nice Vincent Van Gogh, and many others. considering how everything nowadays has a cliché to it,” says His crown jewel till now is a web series, “Apolemigo”, “I’m not expecting ‘Apolemigo’ to come out awardabout several teenagers dealing with the issues of worthy, but rather as a learning experience for everyone human rights and equality. The characters of the show involved.” Angelo Espiritu (‘13) are forced to deal with the existence of Constitutes, people with an extra organ that gives them regenerative properties, and whether or not they should be considered Christina Seay, (’13), friend to Angelo. equal, or if they even are human. Angelo has also started an independent artist initiative called The show is filmed in a multitude of locations, including the Vicinity in an attempt to try and connect artists to similar people school, several houses generously volunteered by the actors and so they can inspire and critique one another. Angelo is working their families, and some public parks around town. with Dr. Linda Stillman from the United Nations, whom he had the “Apolemigo” involves a lot of man power, resources, and time pleasure of meeting on a trip to New York with the Young Marines. commitment from everyone involved. Several drama students Together, they are planning to try and turn Vicinity into a global have lent their acting abilities to Angelo’s work, including Aleyse project. Dr. Stillman has agreed to promote it on her own website Shannon, (‘14), Tyler Boitnott, (‘13), Taylor Hill, (‘13), and Zac in their quest to turn Vicinity into a recognized organization. Along Bamberg, (‘16). with Dr. Stillman, Angelo is currently in contact with several artists Others have also helped bring “Apolemigo” to life, including from the UK and Germany. Matt Sampson, who provides recording equipment, Dwain Currier, Having such a successful website involving so many people is a professional cinematographer, and Pitt Saund, a German an exhilarating experience, and as expected, it takes up much of musician who has lent his music as a part of the “Apolemigo” Angelo’s time and energy. soundtrack. “Sometimes I do just school, sometimes I do just art…I’m taking Angelo and Matt attend the same church. When The Angelo advantage of the resources available to me as a teenager that will Project was still in its initial stages, Matt offered to helped record. be gone once I’m an adult. I’m just keeping my priorities in order.” After making the switch to other forms of media, such as short 14. CFHSTALON.COM

Photos by: Haley Grubbs


SHREDDERS By: Haley Grubbs Reporter

There is truly nothing closer than the bond between two siblings. This is especially the case between Peter Demetriades (‘14) and Meagan Demetriades (‘13). “We fight a lot,” said Peter, as he fidgets with a fork laying on the counter. “But I definitely think that we’re closer now than we ever have been.” “I think that we’ve gotten closer as we’ve gotten older. Maybe around eighth grade is when we really started to bond,” Meagan said. Though they’ve been together their whole lives, they have only been skating together for a short time. “Skateboarding is something that we’ve had in common and done together for about four years. Because it’s something we both like to do, it’s where we find common ground and we can spend lots of time together that way,” said Meagan. “I was four when I got my first skateboard, but Peter actually started a lot older; he was barely twelve.” Siblings are there for each other through thick and thin. From moving to shattering their bones, Peter and Meagan have always had each other’s backs. “I think our biggest bonding experience was moving up here because we didn’t know anyone and we only had each other. Before we moved, we didn’t spend so much time together and we were never really this close,” Meagan said. “We stick together with a lot of stuff and we always depend on each other if something bad is going on or that sort of thing.” Of course, skateboarding isn’t always peaches and cream. “I’ve bumped my head here and there, sprained ankles, and ripped back muscles but nothing was as bad as that...,” Peter

said, referring to his injury that occurred in January of 2012. “I basically broke my leg in half and had to get two different surgeries on it. That was by far the worst injury I’ve ever gotten from skating.” “I only broke my ankle in five or six different places, broke my growth plate, and had a spinal fracture but I think his was worse because he actually broke his fibula and tibia,” said Meagan. Being almost two years younger than his sister has taught Peter a lot, idolizing his one and only sibling. “A lot of what I’ve learned growing up is just watching how she did things and how what she did affects everything, including me,” Peter elaborates. “I feel like having a brother would be easier for me to talk to and it would be easier to get along. We could talk about more stuff and brothers don’t whine so much, I don’t think. You don’t want to have anyone be just like you anyways because then you’d get bored of them really quick,” Peter said. “I would never prefer a sister to Peter because I feel like having a sister would be too annoying. I’m such a tomboy; I’m basically a brother anyways,” said Meagan. “We’re pretty similar though. We both hate proms and crap like that.We’d just rather hang out with our friends at home or go out to eat without getting all dressed up and wasting a lot of money.” Though Peter and Meagan are related, they are different in many ways. “She’s really picky when it comes to everything but I’m just kind of easy going and I don’t really let things get to me like she does,” said Peter. “We are the same when it comes to other things though. We’re both realists. We’re simple and we see things the way they actually are.” “But hey,” Meagan interjects. “Opposites attract.”

cadet Today. batallion commander Tomorrow. By: Amber Roca Reporter

“As a freshman I was placed in a class with Freshmen, Juniors and Seniors, which was a first for our Battalion,” said Austin. Austin Jones (‘13) has been in JROTC from the beginning of his freshman year to his senior year. Ever since the day he has stepped through the doors of Colonial Forge’s JROTC, Jones was about to have everything a cadet would wish for. “I participated in every JROTC event that I could since Freshman year,” said Austin. A determined Jones did whatever he could to participate and be the most proficient in anything that JROTC was doing. “The key to being recognized in JROTC is being participative,” said Austin.

Jones has recently been recruited to Battalion Commander, which is the highest ranking one can achieve in JROTC. Jones says he felt very pleased at the ranking he received. Jones says that more than anything, he was excited to serve his peers and gain the important leadership experience that he would use in the future. “My cadets know that my door is open and they can come to me with any issues they may have,” said Austin. Always having weekly staff meetings, he engages in community service events, team practices and formations. However he never lets anything get in the way of his duties and any problems cadets may have.

Check out Calvin, Artist on the rise! Scan here for a video about Calvin Moriarty (‘12) as as he talks about his journey as a rising artist.

OR visit



Photo by: Alison Mairena Pictured: JD Stone (‘15)

By: Alison Mairena


Sports Editor

With the wrestling season coming to a close, there is no room for error. In order to win states, the team needs as many wrestlers as they can get to compete in their weight category. However, severe concussions have held some wrestlers back and have prevented them from competing in the state tournament in virginia beach. Adam Sinnott (‘13) and JD Stone (‘14), two of Forge’s finest wrestlers have had issues with concussions recently. Stone suffered from a few concussions like Sinnott “I was taking someone down and they bailed but I kept my momentum moving forward which caused me to smash my beautiful face on the ugly mat. During the tournament that weekend, I hit it pretty bad again in my first match. In my next match I got knocked out .” With Stone’s head injury taking up much needed mat time, it was hard for him to sit out. Mat time is crucial in this sport and having such an injury makes it difficult for the wrestlers to make it back up. Stone tried to stay away from electronics, bright lights, and he would go to bed as early as he could to reduce his headaches. Stone persevered through his injury and made the best out of the situation. He finally was allowed to wrestle again just in time for districts, placing first. Then at regionals he placed second which allowed him to go to the final round;states. Unfortunately for Sinnott, his journey ended while they were at the district tournament as a result from a head injury prior to the tournament. “During practice in November I was going live with Anthony Carter. I sprawled on his shot and the top of his head hit the underside of my jaw. My teeth slammed together and I was knocked out for a few seconds.” After suffering from his first concussion of the season, Sinnott had extreme difficulty focusing on his match. “I had trouble hearing coaches unlike I normally do. My balance was really messed up. And I would see shots and tell

myself to take them but my body wouldn’t. I was constantly cloudy and hazy.” Even after taking several weeks off, Sinnott still wasn’t ready to come back. Not following the doctor’s order, he returned to practice sooner than he should have, resulting in the worsening of his injury. After having four doctors exam him, various CT scans, and more time off, Sinnott was still unable to wrestle and so Mason Woodall (‘14) wrestled in his place for the entire season. “My record this season was 5-2. I wrestled one match in districts, got hit bad and all my symptoms came back even though I’d been cleared. After the match I had trouble just forming

Next year will mean everything. Next year is my last chance to achieve what everyone in that wrestling room strives for ; a state title.” Adam Sinnot (‘14) sentences. That’s when Coach Swink and I made the decision I needed to stop and be pulled out.” Unfortunately Sinnott could not advance with his teammates to regionals and then states. “I was very depressed after districts. Sitting watching all the 160 wrestle. Knowing I could’ve beaten those guys if I was healthy. Its the worst I’ve ever felt. I almost felt shunned by the team because of the demand for excellence and dedication. Many doubted my decision at districts and thought I faked it just to be done with season. But I know that we are a team and they understand the severity of my injury. Swink always said senior year comes fast. And he wasn’t joking. It does hurt and it does suck. But all I can do is get completely healthy. Next year will mean everything. Next year is my last chance to achieve what everyone in that wrestling room strives for; a state title.”


Courtesy of: Paul Theriault Pictured: CJ Buechner (‘14)

By: Maddie Scovell Reporter

Cleats tied. Helmets on. Game time. “I expect our team to live up to the legacy that began last year.” Says senior Anthony Anderson about Colonial Forge’s 2013 lacrosse season. Last season, the team went 17-1, losing their one game to Battlefield in the first round of regionals. This season, there is six seniors who are on the team. Head varsity coach Blair Penny is starting his 10th year as the coach for the boys lacrosse team and his number one goal for the team is to repeat a district win. Each senior has high expectations for the team and Jarrett Myers (‘13) said that he hopes “To lead the team to another district win.” For each high school team, it is a major accomplishment to win a district title, leading to a hopeful regional and state title. The CFHS boys lacrosse team won the 2012 Commonwealth District title against North Stafford. After the 2012 season, the lacrosse team lost eleven seniors, including Reed Kaucher, an All-American Player who set three records, most

points in a season, most assists in a season, and most assists in a game. Also, Austin Sims who holds the record for most goals in a game. A player that has been on varsity since his freshman year, CJ Buechner (‘14) said “Losing the seniors makes us have to work harder for the seniors we lost.” To Anderson, losing the seniors has had a positive and negative effect. “At times it seems that some members of our team believe that just because we won the district title last year, we are entitled to it this year. However, our success from last year has motivated most of our team to work harder and to make sure we clench the district title again.” Coach Penny stated that “We graduated a lot of offensive fire power,” because the players had played together for years on the varsity team and also in youth leagues. Each member of the 2013 lacrosse team has high hopes for their new team captains, Anthony Anderson, Jarrett Myers, Sam Kuca (‘13), and CJ Buechner.

GIRL POWER By: Cole Minicucci Reporter

Photo by: Cole Minicucci Pictured: (left to right) Olivia Strobl (‘15), Micaela Crawford (‘15), and Kennedy Buechner (‘16)


Kennedy Buechner. (‘16) Micaela Crawford, (‘15) and Olivia Strobl (‘15) are three girls who have a passion for lacrosse. These girls have many years of experience playing this sport and love every minute of it. Along with girls from other schools, they have convinced the Stafford school board to accept their request for a Stafford County girls lacrosse team. The reasoning behind their request is the demand in the area and their long commute to Richmond to play. “It’s not fair for us to travel so far and get no recognition” said Micaela Kennedy’s brother, C.J. Buechner (‘14), plays lacrosse for Forge and impacted the creation of the girls lacrosse team. Her experiences with the boy’s lacrosse team is one of the main

reasons she and many other girls didn’t try to join. “The boys lacrosse team was really scary and my brother wouldn’t let me join,” said Kennedy. Since they couldn’t play for the boys team, their choices were to either drive to Richmond or start their own team. “Almost two full teams of girls want to play,” said Kennedy. The new team will help the girls who have wanted to play lacrosse but were unable to make the trip to Richmond or just give them a new sport to try out. Not having to make such a long commute is not only one benefit for Oliva Strobl. “I wanted to be able to represent my school by playing my favorite sport”. Olivia said.

Courtesy of: Paul Theriault Pictured: CJ Buechner (‘14)


Zoe Woodaman (‘16) is one of the newest members of Colonial seconds in a long course race which she describes as her biggest Forge’s swim team but is not an amateur when it comes to the accomplishments in swim. sport. She’s been swimming for nine years and has been a “I almost quit when I was on Sharks because I wasn’t good. My part of a very competitive swim team for five years. Zoe is one of Forge’s strongest freshman swimmers and she’s just mom encouraged me to try a different team so I joined STAT and I’ve been swimming with them ever since.” Zoe Woodaman (‘16) getting started. Zoe got her start in swimming with lessons when she was six and eventually she joined a swim team called Sharks. Zoe “I think I’m in a good place on the team” she said. “I have a may be a strong swimmer now, but it wasn’t always that way. few things that I’ve been working on like my flip turns. Once I get “I almost quit when I was on Sharks because I wasn’t good,” she those I think there will be a huge difference in my times.” said. “My mom encouraged me to try a different team so I joined Zoe competed in the States competition for Forge and is now STAT and I’ve been swimming with them ever since.” focused on hopefully making it to senior champs. Senior champs She’s been swimming with STAT (Stafford Aquatic Team), which is a swim competition in which only people with qualifying times is a competitive, year-round swim team, for five years and decided can compete. to try out for Forge’s swim team along with some of her friends. “They’ve upped the times for senior champs so I just have to “My teammates are all pretty funny and we’re all really work to meet those times.” She said. Since the olympics this past supportive of each other.” She said. summer, the times for senior champs have been raised. Zoe has Zoe’s favorite parts about being on the team are the infamous also entered a new age group which means her qualifying times pasta parties and the practices. “Sometimes practice can be for senior champs are harder than they have been in the past. pretty back and forth, just swimming the length of the pool, but Zoe’s life would very different if she hadn’t stayed with sometimes they can be pretty fun when we’re all acting like idiots.” swimming. She jokes that if she wasn’t a swimmer she would She said. actually have a social life. She’s a sprinter which means that her races are a shorter “Swim takes up most of my time,” she said. distance than a long distance swimmer but her races are Though Zoe was close to quitting swim completely, she kept extremely fast and very intense. with it and it has become a major part of her life. “When you’re a sprinter you have to get hyped up and if you “Swim has made me more disciplined,” she said. “The biggest hype yourself up enough you get the adrenaline rush and do really thing it’s taught me is to be disciplined.” well,” she said. “It’s just really fast and I enjoy it even though I’m in pain when it’s over.” Zoe has gotten her All American swimming times and broke 30




Photos Courtesy of LifeTouch



Overall Record

Overall Stats for the team:

27 wins, 4 losses District Championships Won against North Stafford, 74-37 points Won against Mountain View, 60-29 points Won against Albemarle, 73-46 points

Regional Championships

Won against Battlefield, 58-47 points Won against Potomac, 68-49 points Lost Against Stonewall Jackson, 41-56 points Runner ups in Regional Play


Won against Edison, 58-52 points Lost against Lake Taylor, 49-64 points Final Four in States

16-2 in duals meets, won three invitational tournaments, 13th straight Commonwealth District Championship, 12th straight Northwest Region Championship and finished 3rd at the AAA State Championships

District 1st: Josh Nail, Bryce Gentry, JD Stone, Curtis Harris, Tony Neis, Sean Murphy, Zach Martinez, Chris Carter, 2nd: Dylan Hunziker, Anthony Carter, Patrick Grayson 3rd: Nico Dunbar 4th: Aston Williams

Regional: 1st: Sean Murphy, Zach Martinez, Patrick Grayson, 2nd:JD Stone, Curtis Harris, 3rd: Josh Nail, Bryce Gentry, Tony Neis, Anthony Carter, Chris Carter, 5th: Nico Dunbar, Aston Williams

States: 2nd: Josh Nail, Zach Martinez 3rd: Sean Murphy 5th:Tony Neis 6th: Bryce Gentry 7th: Patrick Grayson 8th: JD Stone




Regional Competitors:

Overall Stats for the Team:

Mollie Clemmons on beam Haley Cooper on bars Jessie Lupi on floor District Competitors: Mary Howe Shannon Lea Jennica Pesino

15 wins and 8 losses, 4 in Districts

“My best moment of the year was probably when I had a gamewinning three pointer against Chancellor.” Marco Haskins (‘15)

In Districts:

Lost to Riverbend in the first round

Worst Competition: Orange County


Mary Howe sprained her back



Overall Stats for the Team:

Overall Stats for the Team:

Worst Competition:

Girls: District Champions Boys: 4th Place

Girls: 7 wins, 1 loss Boys: 6 wins, 2 losses


Girls:Albermarle Boys:Stafford and Albermarle

District Winner’s:


Crystal Jones in the High Jump Megan Rebholz in the Mile and 1000 meters

7 swimmers went: Ryli Waisanen, Kara Weineinger, Kirsten Garza, Keara Garrity, Gunnar Timm, and Brandon Sanders

Regional Winner’s:

Crystal Jones in the High Jump


Crystal Jones in the 3rd place in High Jump


“I didn’t feel like I actually had a chance,” said Brian Will (‘12) when talking about his winning poems from the National Scholastic Art and Writing Award. Brian won the Gold Key Award for being in the top ten percent of the southeastern region and that automatically meant further submission to New York for additional judging. He sent in four poems the day before the deadline of the competition and mailed it the day the submission was due. “I’m home alone and have this freak out and started screaming,” said Brian. At first Brian, described the feeling as ‘just alright’ until it had really sunk in. Modestly, he described it as just a name in a PDF folder, but admittedly pretty cool. The first poem sent in was “The Letter I Intend to Never Send”, which is not a love poem. He wanted to show his gratitude for this girl without giving her the wrong idea . The story behind this poem is that during freshman year, Brian was in a relationship that did not work out. After it ended, he put up walls for his emotions. He had met this one girl that he became very close with and she taught him that it was safe to have feelings for people again. He did not love this girl, but this poem was his way of thanking her. “I was the one that walked away,” said Brian, further discussing the newfound friendship. Unfortunately for Brian, he found out how all good things come to an end. That same friendship of the first poem was the basis for the second poem “Just Another Love Poem on the Bookshelves of Strangers.” That friendship had ended and they had a


falling out. The poem described how time went on, it’s not that easy to get over the relationship as previously perceived. “You really want to say hi, but you have to keep walking,” said Brian. This set the stage for his third poem, “Stone”, which is a fictionalized

An excerpt fro

account of Brian’s real experiences. Based off a proposal of a failed romantic comedy, the director casts the main character with a heart of stone to fall in love with the girl, which changes the plot since his heart cannot be broken when the relationship ends. “Part of What I Am,” the last submission, is the most personal, detailing withdrawal from depression medication. The poem is about how there is no longer an artificial pill that would create happiness for Brian. The inspiration came from a realization that the experience taught him who he was as a person. Brian’s main point was how society doesn’t talk about self harm and depression even when there are other people going through it. “I don’t feel weird talking about it because it made me who I am,” said Brian. On March 15, Brian Will expects to hear back from New York about further judging on his four pieces. If all goes well, he will be invited to New York for a final round of judging.


end "The Letter I Int

to Never Send"

Dear Molly, name naming your I’m sorry for etry. lying in my po but I’m sick of honesty. be I would try I thought may f the truth, yet tell mysel t n’ ca I if n ve E y attempt at is make a pett do d ul co I t as The le u giving it to yo ve, ink I fell in lo I won’t say I th pedestal , and tting you on a pu of t or sh But r were- I can hing you neve et m so to in u turning yo still say I care e of the moon You remind m knew, a girl I wish I A reflection of uld never t know and co n’ do I at th with a side ng. dream of seei ked meMy mother as aphysical e put the met sh if as k, an u like her?” Point bl y head- “Do yo m to n io ot shotgun of em So I lied, I told her no. cured. ed, lost and se ck lo , on si us End of disc at if I saw you to say was th nt ea m I t ha Yet w ve a crush. ry least I’d ha ve e th at e, mor

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likem e By: Leekeisha Stover Editor in Chief

Recently, I was hanging out with a friend of mine (who I’ll call Jane) and she asked me to take a picture of her. “Okay, just let me get my phone” I said, and before I could even get my phone out she stopped me “Wait, let me go put my swimsuit on. I want to see how many likes I can get on Instagram,” said Jane. I looked around, it was not summertime. It was early fall, and pool season ended several months before. She laughed, “I want to see if I can get 50 likes.” So I just shook my head, and nodded an “Okay.” Today we live in a world where primetime television is dominated by “Reality TV” as fake as the eyelashes on Nicki Minaj’s face, and people would rather tweet their problems than talk about them. So Jane’s actions did not come as a surprise to me. Social networking is causing teens, (and adults) to develop narcissistic tendencies. Narcissism is a mental illness (I’m serious) that some people are not aware of. Narcissism is “an overly positive and inflated view of oneself. It’s when you constantly seek attention, value appearances over reality, and lack the ability to emotionally connect with others” according to noted psychologist Jean Twenge’s article,”The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement.” Twenge compares narcissism to obesity, explaining how it is another epidemic in our generation. But I can’t blame Jack Dorsey (the inventor of Twitter) for this epidemic

without blaming Mark Zuckerburg, so I’m just going to speak of social networks in general. Social networking allows people to influence those around them so they can seek a sense of empowerment. Social networks allow people to selfpromote. They allow users to look important and gain attention. There is also a downside of this: Social networking allows users to portray an unrealistic image of themselves. It allows people to boast about important events in their life, brag about expensive gifts, and address their problems indirectly. Though some people may not notice, social networking causes some people to think that other people’s lives are much happier and livelier than their own. Social networking is a playing field for narcissists. This generation values money, fame, and appearance over self-acceptance. People spend the majority of their time making themselves feel accepted on the internet instead of coming to peace with themselves. People would rather take pictures of the ridiculously good food that they ate than realize that there are people starving in this world. Instead of getting emotional with this, here is my message to you: stop spending the majority of your time on the internet trying to impress people who really couldn’t care less about your life.

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