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Adverse childhood experiences involving exposure to violence, abuse, and neglect, cause children to suffer - now and later.

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Being subjected to very high doses of toxic stress causes triple the risk of developing heart disease and lung cancer.

Her skinned knee will heal, but what about the wounds no one can see?

Safe, Stable, and Nurturing Relationships Create a Framework for Prevention. Childhood experiences, both positive and negative, have a tremendous impact. Toxic stress results from adverse experiences sustained over a long period of time. Children & Families First offers multiple programs that deal with the prevention and effects of adverse childhood experiences and toxic stress: Nurse Family Partnership Healthy Families America/Smart Start At-risk pregnant women receive home visitations before and after the birth of their child, to build parenting skills and self-sufficiency. Strengthening Families Program Classes and counseling services are offered to parents and children to teach them positive, effective ways to interact. Family Assessment & Intervention Response (FAIR) Services are offered in partnership with the Delaware Division of Family Services to help keep families together and teens out of foster care. Foster Care & Adoption Provides safe, secure and nurturing homes. It’s not just our name, I T ’S O U R P R O M I S E

Functional Family Therapy Trained therapists work with teens and their families to decrease parent-child conflict and improve communication. Adolescent Resource Center (ARC) A comprehensive counseling, educational and medical service program available for youth, to help reduce risk-taking behaviors, especially related to sexual health. This program helps teenagers and young adults create and sustain healthy, responsible attitudes, behaviors, and choices. Additional Services CFF also increases access to quality child care and supports parents to be successful in the workplace.


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Adverse Childhood Experience (ACEs) Document  

Learn about ACEs and what Children & Families First is doing to prevent and deal with the effects of toxic stress on children.

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