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A successful school district places a high degree of importance on ensuring that all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential inside and outside of the classroom. The goal of this Quality Profile is to showcase to our community what truly makes the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools exceptional. It goes beyond standardized test scores and offers a more comprehensive look at the value Chagrin Falls Schools offers to the community and what matters the most.

1 | QUALITY Profile

MESSAGE FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT Dear Chagrin Falls Community, The strength of the American public education system is based upon the development of a school that represents the values and beliefs of a community. We strive to provide an educational experience that develops students academically, socially and emotionally. Due to our community's ongoing support, we offer a rigorous academic program with extensive course offerings that are enhanced by a wide array of co-curricular and extracurricular activities leading to the tremendous success and accolades included in this profile. This Quality Profile is completed annually and released at the beginning of every school year. The intention of the Quality Profile is not to repeat the data shared on the State of Ohio district report card but to provide a more comprehensive overview of our District. It

is our hope that this information helps in providing confidence that our District is providing the educational experience desired by our community. As we move into a new school year, we are committed to continue the conversation about our District as we continuously improve what we do for young people and how we serve our community. We will continue to engage our community around the ongoing work of defining our success locally and utilize this as a tool to report our progress. We are very open to and appreciative of your feedback. Sincerely, Robert W. Hunt Superintendent Bob.Hunt@chagrinschools.org @Hunt_Edleader

BOARD OF EDUCATION We Believe In: • High expectations • Motivating for lifelong learning President: Sharon Broz sharon.broz@chagrinschools.org

• Providing a holistic education • Individual goals • Student success as a shared responsibility

Vice President: Kathryn Garvey kathryn.garvey@chagrinschools.org

• Providing a safe environment

Member: Greg Kanzinger greg.kanzinger@chagrinschools.org Mary Kay O’Toole marykay.otoole@chagrinschools.org Phil Rankin phil.rankin@chagrinschools.org

• Embracing diversity

2 | QUALITY Profile

• Purposeful change • Open and honest communication • Stewardship of human, fiscal, and material resources • Persevering through challenges • Teamwork and collaboration

AWARDS & ACCOLADES Chagrin Falls Schools is one of 447 school districts in the U.S. and Canada honored by the College Board with placement on the 8th Annual AP® District Honor Roll. The District also earned placement as one of 433 school districts on the 7th Annual AP District Honor Roll in 2016. It is rare for districts to earn placement on the AP District Honor Roll for multiple years in a row. Chagrin Falls High School received the 2016-17 Momentum Award from Ohio's State Board of Education. Now in its third year, the Momentum Award program is the State Board's way of recognizing schools that have received A's on each value-added measure included on Ohio's school report cards. The school received the same award in 2015-16. In October 2017, Chagrin Falls Schools received the Promising Practice School District Award by the Ohio Association for Gifted Children (OAGC). The District received this award for providing a comprehensive, appropriate education for gifted students through policy and practice and demonstrating a creative approach to gifted education and issues. During the 2017-18 school year, 144 Chagrin Falls High School students earned Advanced Placement (AP) Scholar Awards. These awards recognize high school students who have shown exceptional collegelevel achievement on AP exams. Many of these students also qualified for the AP Capstone Diploma. Students receive this award by earning a score of 3 or higher in AP Seminar, AP Research, and four other AP exams of their choice. The Teacher of the Year was Chagrin Falls Intermediate School Speech Language Pathologist, Tracie Guggenheim. The Outstanding Staff Member of the Year was Chagrin Falls Middle School Educational Aide, Laura Berg. Chagrin Falls Schools participated in the Google for Education’s North America K-12 Customer Advisory Board. The goal of the advisory board is to ensure that Google is working well for students, educators and districts across North America. In May 2018, Kathleen Aranavage was recognized as the Ohio Lottery Teacher of the Month. This award recognizes outstanding K-12 teachers for their excellence in the classroom, leadership, creativity and community involvement and dedication. The Distinguished Educator Award is given each year to a group of educators who have had a powerful impact on students, colleagues and community. Battelle for Kids recognized Jessica Johnson, Chagrin Falls Middle School English teacher. Todd Thombs, Chagrin Falls Middle School teacher and athletic director, was named Northeast Ohio Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association's Middle School Athletic Director of the Year.

Over the past four years, our gifted/ advanced students in grades 3-9 have participated in Northwestern University’s Midwest Academic Talent Search (NUMATS) and taken over 175 above-grade level tests, now including the PSAT 8/9 (grades 3-6), and the ACT and/or SAT in grades 6-9. Each year, our top-scoring students are recognized by the Board. Four of our students have been recognized at the national level for their outstanding scores to-date.


Number of certified staff members completing Gifted Endorsement graduate coursework via Ashland University


Percentage of teachers and counselors with Master’s Degrees or PhDs


Number of graduate credit hours or equivalent graduate credit hours for which certified staff completed

3 | QUALITY Profile

COMMITMENT TO IMPROVEMENT Other ways the district demonstrates a commitment to improvement . . . Commitment to Improvement We believe an organization becomes less relevant when improvement stagnates. Therefore, Chagrin Falls Schools is committed to continuous improvement. The District has a comprehensive strategic plan that addresses many aspects of teaching and learning. This plan has served as a roadmap for the district for the past four years. We are now in the last year of the plan. This strategic plan has been thoughtfully designed to engage all of our stakeholders in critical conversations and planning for the future of our School District. We believe that it is through these important discussions about expectations, finances and values we will preserve what we value in public education, locally. Our mission (to provide an educational experience empowering students to maximize their potential) and vision (to provide a personalized education for all students) are built upon a set of belief statements that our school and community hold to be meaningful. The District demonstrates this improvement through the process of actualizing the mission and vision through three main focus areas: Curriculum and Instruction, Parent and Community Engagement, and Shared Leadership. Each area has strategies and action steps specific to meeting goals toward realizing our vision. Additional details of our plan are available at the District website: www.chagrinschools.org and on pages 6 and 7 of this Quality Profile.

4 | QUALITY Profile

Gurney Elementary School

• Five teachers earned their Level 2 Google Certification: Julie Albrecht, Christopher Englehart, Sandra Goodin, Chris Rooney and Justin Wise. • All classroom teachers completed 30 or more hours of professional development on differentiating instruction for gifted students in the general education classroom. • Received grant money from support organizations to send four teachers to Columbia College’s Summer Writing Institute. These teachers, in turn, provided professional training for the entire staff all year long to further develop our writing instruction in each classroom and grade level. • Third-graders engaged in project-based learning in encore classes. Students chose the project-based unit in which to participate and attended that encore class every day for 12 days. • Physical education classes researched, interviewed and collected information to best design a health/nutrition fair that would engage kindergarteners. • Music classes researched, interviewed and collected information to create an advertising campaign for a specific lunch in our cafeteria. This included a radio advertisement with music, jingle, and print ad. • STEM classes researched, interviewed and collected information to redesign our outdoor space outside of the library into an outdoor classroom. Students presented their designs and pricings to Dads’ Club members. • Art classes learned about the Little Free Libraries project and worked with parent volunteers from Dads’ Club to build their own. Businesses and residents sponsored the project and helped raise awareness of literacy development in the community while raising funds for a school in Puerto Rico. • Spanish classes interviewed, researched and collected information to determine the best way to make Gurney Elementary School more accessible to non-English speaking students. They labeled main spaces, items, rooms, etc. with scannable QR codes to see the word for that area/item in many different languages.

Intermediate School

• Five staff members earned their Level 2 Google Certification: Karen Appell, Mandy Marlo, Matt Volk, Colleen McHugh and Cory McNamara. • Grade-level department teams completed formal assessment literacy training with the Ohio Department of Education to ensure alignment of content and rigor. • Response to Intervention (RTI) programming was refined to include identified criteria for student placement into Tier II English/Language Arts (ELA) and math. Two levels of Tier II intervention (Tier IIA and Tier IIB) were created to better meet the needs of students. Tutors provided targeted intervention through flexible grouping in ELA and math. • Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) benchmark assessments were administered and results were used to create personalized learning pathways in Compass Learning for reading and math. • Teachers from all grade levels and departments identified key vocabulary related to testing (general testing terms and terms specific to content areas) and created and implemented a plan for student review and practice.

Middle School

• Seven teachers earned Level 2 Google Certification this year: Kathleen Aranavage, Marissa Ausperk, Brooke Campbell, Anny Guo, Alison Hinesman, Emily Moore and Jennifer Remaley. • Teachers engaged in meaningful collaboration and became invested in sharing responsibility for school improvement. Teachers worked to have similar policies, protocols and expectations. They evaluated curriculum by purposefully discussing and integrating strategies, examining student work and analyzing research-based articles as a team. • After analysis of data, particularly learning substandards, teachers gained a more expansive toolbox of instructional strategies in order to differentiate between all levels of students within a class to meet their personal learning needs. • Teachers received professional development to acquire, observe and execute excellent researchbased strategies in all content areas. • Teachers worked with Jack Berckemeyer, national education speaker/trainer, to target specific instructions for middle level students.

High School

• Five teachers earned Level 2 Google Certification this year: Emily Beal, Angie Jameson, Brian McKenna, Victor Puskas and Laurie Walsh. • Increased vertical articulation (organizing curriculum from one grade level or content area to the next) through assessment literacy which was measured by end-of-the-year department reports and data analysis. • To guarantee alignment of all curriculum, departments collected various forms of data derived from the 2016-17 end of course exams, PSAT, and College Board Advanced Placement exams, and compared it to classroom assessment data reports. Departments also . . . - Developed, adjusted, and rewrote common assessments/rubics to represent a deeper level of knowledge of the curriculum for students. - Rewrote semester unit exams to increase rigor and align to these standards. - Developed retesting procedures and implemented content-embedded scales as an instructional strategy. - Used trend data to create multiple pathways for students. This is important to personalized learning environments as teachers create distinct paths for students to pursue interests and gain real-world skills and experiences they need to be successful after high school. • All staff completed formal assessment literacy training with the Ohio Department of Education to ensure alignment of content and rigor. • Departments analyzed data to evaluate the effectiveness of their work in the 2017-18 school year. Departments realigned building leadership for more efficiency in information-sharing regarding student achievement and mental health.

My time at Chagrin allowed me to develop relationships with teachers and coaches who served as mentors, who taught me not only the value of hard work and determination, but also the importance of loyalty, relationships, and perseverance.

— Adam Bencko Chagrin Falls High School Class of 2018 5 | QUALITY Profile


MISSION: Provide an educational experience VISION: Within five years, we will prov

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um an icul r r Cu

y nit mu Paren t and Com

• • • • •

A Help@Home newsletter was emailed to families beginning in Sept. 2017. Approximately 500 families are now receiving this e-communication. A list of K-12 summer camps with clickable links was compiled and posted to the District webpage (available via both the Curriculum and Gifted pages.) and shared electronically via school newsletters. Guardian notification reporting for Google Classroom was implemented, providing parents with a weekly report to stay informed about student progress through Google Classroom. Facebook Live was utilized to stream District/school events for families to access virtually on the District website and/or social media. Parents/guardians, students and staff were engaged to discuss topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion. Work with the Anti-Defamation League and the U.S. Department of Education occurred, identifying a culture survey, which was administered in December. The results of the survey guided the work of four subcommittees that provided recommendations to the administrative team and Board of Education related to instructional and non-instructional programming, policy and the District’s belief statements named in the strategic plan.

Pa re nt





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90 and Instru

A K-12 Math Committee completed math gap analysis/needs assessment documents, reviewed and piloted programs, engaged in site visits, compiled research and identified programs for Board adoption this past spring. The Committee identified the Bridges in Math/Bridges Intervention program in K-5, renewed the College Preparatory Math (CPM) in grades 6-12, updated the CPM Pre-Calculus text, and proposed a new Calculus for AP textbook for use in AP Calculus BC. All schools began a transition to the new Ohio Department of Education (ODE) science standards. Teachers piloted materials grades 3-8, as District awaits ODE adoption of K-12 science model curriculum in 2018-19. New science resources for grades 9-12 were identified and proposed for Board adoption in May 2018. Offered new courses at the secondary level designed to personalize learning, including College Credit Plus English Composition within the CFHS campus for both college and high school credit and doubleblocked math courses for targeted students in need of support in grades 7-12.

m iculu u rr


an d

em e

Com mu



per 6 | QUALITY Profile


e empowering students to maximize their potential. vide a personalized education for all students. •


x i bl e • Sh a

uct i on



Maximizing potential through rsonalized learning

Building and central office administrators engaged in a year-long book study of Myron Dueck’s Grading Smarter, Not Harder, via monthly principal’s meetings. A team of teachers and administrators attended the two-day Rick Wormelli Fair Isn’t Always Equal training. Initial development of a common lens relative to grading practices and how it impacts student learning began. This will serve as a foundation and springboard for the grant funded District Leadership Team and Building Leadership Team book study of Wormelli’s work in 2018-19 which will culminate in a visit to the District by Myron Dueck and the kick-off of a whole staff book study of Dueck’s work in 2019-20. Gifted professional development was provided for all K-3 teachers via grade level book study sessions using Susan Winebrenner’s Teaching Gifted Kids in Today’s Classroom. Staff across the District providing gifted services to students in grades 4-12 also engaged in professional development, including participation in AP trainings, work with the Gifted Coordinator, sessions with District Gifted Intervention Specialists and/or enrollment in gifted endorsement coursework.


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red Leadership

t en m e ag unity Eng


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May 2018

Refined meeting schedules and protocols for District Leadership Team (DLT) were implemented to balance two priorities: data review and District culture topics. Each Building Leadership Team prepared a summary of data points for DLT review four times throughout the year, reporting the following: - Data sources - Strengths and weaknesses identified via data - Building responses to data - Support requested of the School District. The DLT continued discussion of topics such as professional development, overall organizational climate and projects and initiatives. Teacher leaders and administrators identified training needs for the staff and provided input to the professional development calendar and agendas for the 2018-19 school year. Members participated with the Instructional Audit, which provided guidance for future planning relative to curriculum, instruction, assessment and systemic processes. Teacher leaders and administrators were trained using Battelle for Kids to better understand value-added data derived from state assessment results. Value-added results report academic growth based on trend data by student cohort such as student with disabilities, identified gifted students and English learners.

7 | QUALITY Profile


of the Class of 2018 continued their academic pursuits at higher learning institutions

Colleges CFHS Class of 2018 Grads are Attending

Marquette University Milwaukee

Mich Univ

DePaul University Loyola University of Ch Northwestern Univer

University of Colorado at Boulder United States Air Force Academy University of Denver

DePa India Purd Univ Wab

University of California, Los Angeles University of California, Santa Barbara California State Polytechnic University, Ponoma


8 | QUALITY Profile

University of Wisconsin, e

higan State University versity of Michigan

Ashland University Baldwin-Wallace University Bowling Green State University Capital University Cleveland Institute of Art Cleveland State University Cuyahoga Community College Denison University John Carroll University Kent State University Kent State University Geauga Lorain County Community College Miami University Ohio Wesleyan University Ohio University The Ohio State University The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical University University of Cincinnati University of Dayton University of Mount Union

McGill University University of Toronto Canada Cornell University Fordham University Rochester Institute of Technology Syracuse University University of Vermont Dartmouth College Boston University Northeastern University Worcester Polytechnic Institute American University The George Washington University

hicago rsity

Johns Hopkins University Loyola University Maryland Salisbury University United States Naval Academy

auw University ana University at Bloomington due University versity of Notre Dame bash College University of Kentucky

ne University

Vanderbilt University

Duke University Elon University University of Virginia College of William and Mary

University of South Carolina University of South Florida The University of Tampa

Duquesne University Grove City College Mercyhurst University University of Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh Saint Joseph’s University Villanova University Westminster College

5 Commended 5 Finalists 10 Total Qualifiers

2018 National Merit Scholarship Program 9 | QUALITY Profile

ACADEMICS Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools maximizes use of the CollegeBoard’s SAT Suite of Assessments. This includes the district-provided full-grade administration of the PSAT 8/9 in grades 8 and 9, the PSAT/ NMSQT in grade 10, and the SAT in grade 11. The PSAT administrations not only provide yearly opportunities for all students to prepare for college entrance exams, but also yield useful results which populate free personalized learning pathways for students in Khan Academy. The PSAT not only prepares students for success on the SAT, but also yields AP Potential data which reflects each student’s readiness for various AP courses. Through these testing experiences, students are also able to use the CollegeBoard’s free Roadtrip Nation (to access personalized career roadmaps based upon their interests and explore college majors) and acess free Student Search Services (to explore educational and financial aid opportunities and explore college majors).

% Students who markedly improved academic skills, eliminating their need for intervention in 2017-18 K - 42% 1 - 22% 2 - 12% 3 - 15% 4 - 31% 5 - 19% 6 - 23%

7 - 11% 8 - 32% 9 - 59% 10 - 47% 11 - 61% 12 - 70%

% of students receiving tiered intervention in 2017-18 K - 17% 1 - 17% 2 - 24% 3 - 18% 4 - 30% 5 - 34% 6 - 27%

% Students with Disabilities going to four-year college 2017-18: 58% 2016-17: 80% 2015-16: 57% 2014-15: 47%

10 | QUALITY Profile

7 - 11% 8 - 12% 9 - 11% 10 - 8% 11 - 10% 12 - 6%

Our students' scores are represented. SAT (old version) National Average Composite score: 1020





Advanced Placement (AP) courses and

598 599 1197



576 576 576

MATH COMPOSITE 603 601 603

1179 1177 1179



College Credit Plus courses offered in 2017-18

572 585 572

* 2018 data was not available by press time

ACT National Average Composite score: 20.8

YEAR 2017 2016 2015 2014


26.6 25.9 25.7 25.6


High School Students with 4.0 GPA or higher 2017-18

In 2017-18, 48% of all students (general education and special education) enrolled in AP Classes 2017-18: 48% 2016-17: 45% 2015-16: 42% 2014-15: 51.1%


26.4 25.9 25.7 25.2



26.9 25.6 26.4 25.9

% of students scoring a 3 or higher on their AP exam 2017-18: 87% 2016-17: 86% 2015-16: 83% 2014-15: 78%

% Diplomas with Honors Class of 2018: 53% Class of 2017: 45% Class of 2016: 49% Class of 2015: 47%

25.7 25.2 25.3 25.1

26.5 25.7 25.9 25.6


Grade 4-8 students participated in the Advanced Language Arts program


Grade 4-8 students participated in the Advanced Math program 11 | QUALITY Profile

As a part of our district commitment to provide rigorous and relevant curriculum to maximize student potential, Project Lead the Way (PLTW), a nationally acclaimed Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) program, was first implemented in 2016-17. This problem-based program provides hands-on learning opportunities which engage students in critical thinking, collaboration, and authentic real-world application of skills. Through Ohio Department of Education Competency-Based Grant funds, we purchased PLTW K-8 instructional modules and resources for all students and provided PLTW training for three of our K-8 teachers. As of the 2016-17 school year, all K-8 students were engaged in PLTW via elective (Encore) courses within their school. Module highlights across K-8 include: • Gurney: Animals & Algorithms, Light & Sound, Materials Science, The Changing Earth, Stability & Motion, Programming Patterns, & more…. • CFIS: Energy: Collisions & Conversions, Infection: Detection/ Modeling & Simulation, Input/Output: Computer Systems, Human Brain, & more…. • CFMS: Design & Modeling: Foot Othosis, Therapeutic Toy Design, Building Blocks, and more... / Automation & Robotics: Design Process, Survival Challenge, Automated Systems, & more... PLTW has articulated three STEM pathways to extend learning within the K-8 program through Advanced Placement (AP) courses. CFHS offers the following AP courses within these pathways: • Engineering: AP Biology, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based, AP Physics 2: Algebra-Based, AP Statistics • Biomedical Science: AP Biology, AP Chemistry • Computer Science: AP Computer Science A, AP Computer Science Principles (new in 2017-18) CFHS also provides additional related coursework in Business/Entrepreneurship, Computer Science, Math, and Science. This ensures that we are able to provide a K-12 continuum of STEM opportunities.

12 | QUALITY Profile



Project Lead the Way


The Chagrin Falls Schools’ Bridge to the World program complements the vision, mission, and beliefs of the District’s strategic plan. As the District strives to develop the concept of personal learning pathways to provide more student choice, the opportunities provided by this international program will provide motivation for lifelong learning. This, along with students embracing diversity and stewardship of human and material resources, as well as persevering through challenges and teamwork and collaboration, are only a few of the beliefs that lend to our students’ international learning experiences. The Bridge to the World program allows both staff and students to broaden their horizons and develop cultural awareness of other countries. These educational trips allow an expansion of the educational process that is unattainable in the classroom. In the past, Chagrin Falls High School has traveled to China, South Africa, Spain, France and Costa Rica. These travel experiences not only allow for sightseeing, but also provide opportunities for students to partake in homestays, language immersion programs and community service opportunities that include building houses and helping repair schools in impoverished areas. In June 2018, two groups of students participated in international travel. Along with Ms. Anderson and Ms. Walsh, a group visited Costa Rica while another group of students traveled to Shanghai, Xi'an, Beijing and our sister school, Linahi Foreign Language School in China. More information can be found at: http:// chagrintravels.weebly.com.

DIGITAL LEARNING Recognized by State of Ohio for the best 1:1 technology program


Number of district-provided Chromebooks


% of students engaging in 1:1 technology in 2017-18 Digital Citizenship lessons in Internet etiquette, Internet safety and validation of research sources First district in the country to have all teachers obtain Google Level 1 Educator certification. This has resulted in educators with a high level of the foundational skills needed to teach a new generation of learners. In 2017-18, 25 staff members obtained Google Level 2 Educator certification.


% of Chagrin Falls' Teachers are Google Certified

Computer Graphics, Digital Photography, Digital Journalism, Video Productions, Computer Programming, AP Computer Science and Advanced Data Structures courses offered at the high school

What We Use • • • • • • •

Twitter Instagram Google Keep Skype Soundcloud Padlet Nearpod

• • • • •

TLDR LucidCharts Kahoot Blendspace Read, Write, Google • RemindHQ

1 of the first 12

Google Reference Districts in the Nation The District’s focus is on continuing to improve technology integration at the point of instruction through the use of the national International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards.

World Languages • Gurney and CFIS (K-6) Spanish • CFMS (7-8) Spanish, French, Chinese • CFHS (9-12) Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic As of the 2018-19 school year, Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools will also provide students with the opportunity to earn the Ohio Seal of Biliteracy, which recognizes graduating seniors who can demonstrate high levels of proficiency in English and at least one other language.

13 | QUALITY Profile

Gurney Elementary


Gurney Music

Gurney Art

• Second and third grade music classes enjoyed a new set of ukuleles provided by a Music Lovers' grant.

• Second graders participated in a field trip to the Cleveland Art Museum.

• First through third graders performed in the Gurney Holiday Show, “There’s No Place Like CLE for the Holidays.”

• Parent Volunteers presented art appreciation lessons each month.

• Kindergarteners performed a Valentine’s Day Show for families. • Tiger Beats, a non-auditioned choir for third and fourth graders performed the National Anthem at a Chagrin Falls High School basketball game.

I love how art is calming. If I'm ever angry, art calms me down. I especially enjoy painting. - Lauren Eickhoff, Grade 3 Gurney Elementary School

14 | QUALITY Profile

• Kindergarten through third graders lead their parents through activities and skills they’ve learned in art, music, STEM, physical education, and Spanish during our two Encore curriculum nights. • Third graders completed Guitar Mania projects which were displayed in all local businesses in Chagrin Falls. • Members of the CFHS Drama Club performed scenes from their production of "Charlotte's Web" for Gurney students as part of the One School One Book celebration. • Kindergarten through third graders participated in a school-wide book study of Only One You by Linda Kranz and painted individual rocks, along with the staff, to start the Only One You rock garden at the entrance of Gurney.

Intermediate School


CFIS Music • More than 175 fifth and sixth graders participated in the Intermediate School Band this past school year. The fifth and sixth-grade band, consisting of 90 students, and orchestra, consisting of 85 students, performed two concerts for the school and parents. The instrumental classes were skills-based ensemble courses which focused on the development of playing skills, performance skills and the fundamentals of music reading. • The CFIS Select Choir, an auditioned choir of 20 fifth and sixth graders, performed in five different concerts this year, including Holly Hall, Meals on Wheels and the Chagrin Falls Memorial Day Parade. Students learned to sing in 2-3 parts with repertoire from Classical Literature, World Folk Music and Broadway Music. • The non-auditioned choir consisting of 75 fifth and sixth graders met during the school day as one of the students’ music choices. Students learned to sing in two parts with repertoire from American Folk Music and Classical Literature to Popular Music. • Tiger Beats, a non-auditioned choir for third and fourth graders performed the National Anthem at a Chagrin Falls High School basketball game. CFIS Art/Drama • More than 86 students in grades 5-12 participated in the cast and crew for the CFIS/CFMS Drama Club production of "The Sound of Music" in November 2017.

I feel that the art program in Chagrin Schools has helped me grow. Taking classes like choir and art during the school year help balance the school day. I love that Chagrin offers select choir and theatre opportunities after school. I have been involved in Tiger Beats at Gurney and Select Choir at the Intermediate School and I have been in four musicals. All of these have helped me grow so much outside of the classroom. I am so thankful that Chagrin has programs like these. The older students have been so inclusive to the younger students. It is really great being a part of the arts program in Chagrin Falls. - Reed Livingston, Class of 2024 Intermediate School

15 | QUALITY Profile

Middle School


CFMS Instrumental Music • The Chagrin Falls Middle School Orchestra was selected through a juried audition process to perform at the annual Ohio Music Education Association Professional Development Conference (OMEA PDC) in Columbus, Ohio on February 9, 2018. This was a prestigious honor for the ensemble, as it was one of only four orchestras and the only middle school orchestra from the state of Ohio selected to perform. • The Honors band performed at Mentor High School. • Soloists in grades 7-12 performed in The Choir Cabaret. • The eighth-grade band performed a Halloween concert at Hamlet. • The middle school band played at a varsity football game at Harris Stadium with the high school band.

CFMS Art • Art students in grades 7-12 displayed their work at the Art Show at Hamlet. • More than 86 students in grades 5-12 participated in the cast and crew for the CFIS/CFMS Drama Club production of "The Sound of Music" in November 2017. • The French Club made and sold “Hope Soap” as a fundraiser to provide art supplies to people in Haiti. • World Language students visited the Cleveland Art Museum to examine the relationship among the products, practices and perspectives of various cultures. • Middle school students utilized the Innovation Center creation space to create, invent and learn. They learned how to use 3D printers, software, electronics, craft and hardware supplies and tools.

• Fifth through eighth graders practiced band skills over the summer with one week of instruction from senior counselors at Band Camp Jr.

Being new the arts have helped me get to know people and feel comfortable. In theatre, it's great seeing all of the work that goes into a play and seeing the finished product. - Avery Polcar, Seventh Grade

16 | QUALITY Profile

High School


CFHS Art • CFHS students won six distinguished awards at the Scholastic Art & Writing Award sponsored by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. Two students won best in show in their category, and two other sponsored distinguished awards were also won on the regional level. Two students were also named national silver key award winners, and two other students received honorable mention portfolios (two of 10 in Northeast Ohio to be honored).

Orchestra, Lakeland Jazz Impact, KSU Honors Band, North Eastern Ohio Regional, Orchestra, Ohio Band Director’s Conference Honors Band, Ohio Buckeye All-Star Band and the CVC Honors Band. CFHS Vocal Music/Drama • Seven CFHS students were inducted into the International Thespian Society • Five CFHS students were named "Honor Thespians"

CFHS Instrumental Music

• Two CFHS students were named "National Honor Thespians"

• The CFHS band received a Superior rating from The Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA).

• Five CFHS students competed in Cleveland's Shining Star Competition and one was a finalist.

• Multiple students performed in a variety of Honors Bands in the area, including: Contemporary Youth

• CFHS Drama Club performed "Charlotte's Web" and "Anything Goes."

Through all my years in the music program, I have learned how to take pride into and self critique my work which has translated to help me in many other areas of my life. -Matthew Suzelis, Class of 2019

17 | QUALITY Profile

FISCAL STEWARDSHIP Dear Community, At the close of the fiscal year, the District’s cash reserves represented approximately 41% of annual revenues. Fiscal year 2018 general fund expenditures totaled $30,403,800, consistent with prior year levels. While the 2018-19 budget is projected to increase roughly 5.0%, the District continues to focus on opportunities to reduce costs. Savings in newly negotiated healthcare plans are expected to reach close to $350,000 annually. General operating dollars continue to provide resources needed to support objectives of the strategic plan and District-wide educational goals. Last year, local revenue sources accounted for 84% of the District’s general operating revenues. State funding comprised roughly 16% and that level is expected to remain unchanged through the completion of the 2018-19 school year.

The district recently earned the Auditor of State Award from David Yost for demonstrating exemplary financial reporting in accordance with GAAP standards.

18 | QUALITY Profile

The Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools earned the “Auditor of State Award with Distinction” in recognition of the District’s FY17 Audit Report. The District received the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) for the 18th consecutive year. Fiscal Year 2017 marked the fourth year the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO) presented the Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting Award to the District for its Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. Sincerely, Anne Spano Treasurer/CFO Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools anne.spano@chagrinschools.org

Revenues 2017-2018 Local Real Estate Tax


State Property Tax Allocation $3,083,831 Unrestricted State Aid


Local Public Utility Property Other Revenue

$983,953 $787,985

Expenditures 2017-2018 Salaries & Wages


Employee Benefits $6,551,768 Purchased Services


Other Expenses $551,930 Transfers & Advances & Other Financing Supplies & Materials

$1,398,482 $628,377

Capital Outlay $459,710

19 | QUALITY Profile


• Third Grade Morning Announcers • Gurney Service Learning Club community service • Autism Awareness Month • Coding Club • Buddy Classes • Destination Imagination • After School Sports • “Pasta for Pennies” Leukemia/Lymphoma Society Fundraiser • Meals on Wheels canned food drive • Supplies drive for U.S. Military overseas • Science Buddies • Art Club • Running Club • Spirit Week • Family Bingo • Encore Nights

Intermediate School

• Student Council • PAWS (“People Always Willing to Serve”) - community service • “Pasta for Pennies” Leukemia/Lymphoma Society Fundraiser • Harvest for Hunger food drive • Destination Imagination • Art Club • Morning Announcers • Kindness Campaign • H(e)ARTS for Guatemala fundraiser • Walk to School/Walk to Town Day • Bike to School with Dad Day • Mock Trial • Invention Convention • National Geographic Bee

ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES The District continues to personalize learning experiences for all students through its support of enrichment activities scheduled during and after school hours. A sampling of activities includes: • Gurney Coding Club in partnership with Chagrin Falls High School • Minecraft Club • Speech and Debate Team • Engineering Club • Art Club • Tiger Perk • Job Training Program • Third Grade Running Club 20 | QUALITY Profile

Middle School

• Principal’s Advisory Council • Counselor's Advisory Council • Positive Peer Role Models • Student Ambassadors • Speech and Debate • Power of the Pen • Minecraft gaming • Yearbook • Newspaper • Jazz Band • Select Choir • Science Buddies • Destination Imagination • Student Council • Ski Club • Harvest for Hunger Food Drive • Kick-It for Cancer and Kindness Elf on the Shelf fundraisers • Walk to School/Walk to Town Day

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

High School

Student Council Interact Club Speech and Debate Art Club Connect Club Drama Club Engineering Club Environmental Club Link Crew Philosophy Club Science Olympiad International Club Prism Tiger Society Tiger Times (Newspaper) • Zenith (Yearbook) • Student Athlete Advisory Council • Gurney Coding Club high school facilitators

THE INNOVATION CENTER In 2016, through the generous donation of many community members and the support of the Chagrin Falls Education Foundation, Chagrin Falls Schools designed and built a new learning space called the Innovation Center. The 4,300 square foot Innovation Center creates a flexible learning environment for students that integrates technology, fosters creativity and encourages them to reach beyond the traditional educational boundaries. Located on the 7-12 campus, the Innovation Center includes three distinct, yet interconnected spaces, including a research center, collaboration classroom and a Maker’s Space, or “Fab Lab.” These spaces help to bring students’ ideas to life with 3D printers, embroidery machines, laser cutters, tools and more. Since its opening, the Innovation Center has been one of the most popular and highly requested spaces within the District. Last year, more than 12,000 students visited the Center and 600 students utilized the Creation Lab. Additionally, 142 classes took advantage of the new equipment and technology completing over 500 projects. Ways the District has used the Innovation Center:

• Students participated in an internship program in which they were trained to help other students with creation lab resources. • Sports teams printed senior sport and school spirit posters. • Support organizations utilized interns to design and print posters and ads. • Business class students developed 3D prototypes for several product ideas. • Students in grades 7-12 developed the design and determined the cost of producing products such as spinners, chess tables, board games and a soap product that was eventually sold in the local retail market. • Students collaborated with the business community for research and networking. • Students collaborated with Case Western Reserve University’s "ThinkBox" on 3D printing and other resources. • The District completed research on "Augmented Reality" with the "Microsoft HoloLens." • Students collaborated to develop Raspberry Pi micro PC projects. • Middle school students made awards on the 3D printer for local veterans.

• A sophomore set up "Slack," an on-line app, to allow K-12 students and teachers access to the creation center. This allowed students and staff to activate workflow and jobs for the creation space. • Student artwork was printed on the wide format printer and displayed in the school buildings.

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Superintendent’s Business Advisory Council

• Increase the number of parents who actively volunteer within each building • Develop a plan to engage parents in shaping and monitoring their child’s personalized learning plan, as well as increase opportunities for family involvement in student activities • Increase level of community engagement and awareness to district’s mission, vision, and goals • Increase business community involvement in learning initiatives


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The school district receives considerable support from the following organizations: Safe Routes Chagrin, Dads’ Club, Chagrin Falls PTO, Chagrin Athletic Association, Chagrin Falls Music Lovers, Chagrin Falls Educational Foundation, Chagrin Falls Booster Club, Chagrin Falls Alumni Association, SPARK, Community Education, and Tiger Prep.

The best thing that Chagrin has given me is the foundation to be a confident, independent person. The challenging courses, supportive community, and great classmates provided me with a solid foundation full of opportunities. When translating this to living on my own in college, I felt a great sense of confidence knowing I came from a wonderful place that really prepared me to thrive on my own. - Claudia Lewis, Class of 2015 22 | QUALITY Profile

Believe in Cleveland Mountain Road Cycles Burton D. Morgan Foundation Burntwood Tavern Central Instrument Company Chagrin Hardware & Supply Co. Chagrin Foundation for the Arts Chagrin Pet and Garden Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce Chagrin Cinemas Chestnut Hill Home Council of International Programs USA Cuyahoga County Public Library,Chagrin Falls Branch Different Facets Jewelry Fifth Third Bank First Federal Lakewood Geauga Growth Partnership Inc. Graphic Source Hamlet Village of Chagrin Falls Highway Auto Center Hiram College

Huntington Bank Ingrid Porter Interiors Inventor Cloud Kent State University Knowledge Management Services Lowes Greenhouses Mantua Gardens Mar-Bal, Inc. Master Pizza Motorcars Motter’s Music House Popcorn Shop Factory South Franklin Circle The Gertsburg Law Firm The Olive Scene The Pond The Wembley Club TMW Systems, Inc. True Vision Marketing Skidmore-Wilhelm Spark your Brand USO - United Service Organizations Valley Art Center Why Good Nature Your Smile Team Yours Truly

CONTACTS SUPERINTENDENT’S OFFICE Robert Hunt Superintendent Phone: 440-247-4363 Fax: 440-247-5883 Email: Bob.Hunt@chagrinschools.org

TECHNOLOGY Mike Daugherty Director of Technology & Information Systems Phone: 440-247-5500 x 4012 Fax: 440-247-5883 Email: Mike.Daugherty@chagrinschools.org

Lisa Shannon Assistant Superintendent Phone: 440-247-4564 Fax: 440-247-5883 Email: Lisa.Shannon@chagrinschools.org

TRANSPORTATION Mike Morgan Transportation Supervisor Phone: 440-893-4055 Fax: 440-247-5883 Email: Mike.Morgan@chagrinschools.org

CURRICULUM & INSTRUCTION Rebecca Quinn Director of Curriculum and Instruction Phone: 440-247-2432 Fax: 440-247-5883 Email: Becky.Quinn@chagrinschools.org

FOOD SERVICES Marti Jacobson Food Service Supervisor Phone: 440-247-2453 Fax: 440-247-5883 Email: Marti.Jacobson@chagrinschools.org

TREASURER Anne Spano Treasurer/CFO Phone: 440-247-4388 Fax: 440-247-5831 Email: Anne.Spano@chagrinschools.org OFFICE OF BUSINESS AND PERSONNEL Christopher Woofter Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives Phone: 440-247-5449 Fax: 440-247-5883 Email: Christopher.Woofter@chagrinschools.org

CHAGRIN FALLS EXEMPTED VILLAGE SCHOOLS 400 E. Washington Street • Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 440-247-5500 www.chagrinschools.org

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BUILDINGS GURNEY ELEMENTARY 1155 Bell Road Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 440-893-4030 x 4102 Principal: Rachel Jones

CHAGRIN FALLS INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL THE LEARNING VILLAGE 400 E. Washington Street Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 440-893-7691 Principal: Sarah Read

CHAGRIN FALLS MIDDLE SCHOOL 342 E. Washington Street Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 440-893-7695 Principal: Laila Discenza

CHAGRIN FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 400 E. Washington Street Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 440-247-2583 Principal: Monica Asher

Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools is a small, suburban school district located in the eastern part of Cuyahoga County, as well as a portion of Geauga County. The district consists of four schools: a primary, intermediate, middle, and high school. Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools are an integral part of the community of Chagrin Falls. There is strong support of our students’ education from residents, teachers, parents, and the students themselves. Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools has high academic standards and a commitment to student excellence, reflected in our consistent top state rankings and numerous local and national accolades.

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Chagrin Falls Schools - Quality Profile 2017-18  

Chagrin Falls Schools - Quality Profile 2017-18

Chagrin Falls Schools - Quality Profile 2017-18  

Chagrin Falls Schools - Quality Profile 2017-18

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