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QUALITY Profile A successful school district places a high degree of importance on ensuring that all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential inside and outside of the classroom. The goal of this Quality Profile is to showcase to our community what truly makes the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools exceptional. It goes beyond standardized test scores and offers a more comprehensive look at the value Chagrin Falls Schools offers to the community and what matters the most.

1 | QUALITY Profile

MESSAGE FROM THE Superintendent Dear Community, The strength of the American public education system is based on the development of a school that represents the values and beliefs of a community. There has been an ongoing attempt to legislate educational reform at the state and national level. The vast majority of this reform is built around implementing sanctions for teachers and districts based on an ever-increasing number of standardized tests. State report cards do not define overall quality and success of our students. This Quality Profile provides an overview of district progress on key quality indicators for a well-rounded, rigorous program that prepares students for success in post-secondary education. The district engaged the community in a comprehensive strategic planning process throughout the 2013-2014 school year. Together, our community set the vision of obtaining a personalized learning experience for all students within the next five years. The attainment of

this vision is only accomplished through a well-rounded academic and extra-curricular program providing a variety of options for our students to develop and grow. The school district did not create this profile in isolation. This is the result of work completed by a committee that included parents, community members, teachers, administrators and board members. This group was tasked with answering one key question… What information does the community of Chagrin Falls need to assess the progress of our school district? This Quality Profile is completed annually and released at the beginning of every school year. We will continue to engage our community around the ongoing work of defining our success locally and utilize this as a tool to report our progress. We are very open to and appreciative of your feedback. Robert W. Hunt Superintendent @Hunt_Edleader


Education President: Mary Kay O’Toole Vice President: Rob Weber Member: Sharon Broz Kathryn Garvey Michael Hogan

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We Believe In: • • • • • • • • • • • •

High expectations Motivating for lifelong learning Providing a holistic education Individual goals Student success as a shared responsibility Providing a safe environment Purposeful change Embracing diversity Open and honest communication Stewardship of human, fiscal, and material resources Persevering through challenges Teamwork and collaboration

June 2016


MISSION: Provide an educational experience empowering students to maximize their potential. VISION: Within five years, we will provide a personalized education for all students.

24 staff members are currently participating in grant-supported graduate coursework, via a cohort model through Ashland University, toward Gifted Endorsement.

Selection Criteria has been identified/refined across the district for leveled courses in grades 4-12, using varied and objective data to evidence student readiness, including new PSAT 8/9.

Received $400,000 grant for Competency-Based Education proposal. The “REALIZE U” project implementation in 2016-19 aligns with the district’s mission, vision, and Strategic Plan.

Identified new programming in 2016-17 to include: STEM courses in K-8, Choir 4/5, STRETCH Enrichment in grades 4-6, Art Survey for identified students, HS Arabic, AP World History, and AP Research.



c ti o C

• An interactive framework for the Strategic Plan was developed tointernally communicate past, present, and future work. • Illuminate will provide an electronic management system that will house student information and data/staff to be trained in the fall of 2016.

red Leadership

K-12 Writing and Health Committees have reviewed and refined K-12 curriculum to ensure a systemic and comprehensive approach to teaching and learning.

• Research discussions with several model earning Experie L schools across the nation implementing e nc ibl whole-district personalized learning x e e s Fl practices affirmed the work of our district.

Sh a

• Over 58 teachers, staff, and administrators completed work to become Google Certified Educators.

and Instru



m iculu u rr

Maximizing potential through personalized learning

• Successfully piloted an expansion of the 1:1 Chromebook initiative to include grades K and 1. Chromebook devices will be in all students’ hands beginning fall 2016.

Pa re nt

an d

t en m ge Com munity Enga

56% •

Process to routinely review and refine the Quality Profile has been established to include many stakeholder perspectives. Revisions to the document will be revealed with the 2016 release.

Superintendent Business Advisory Council improved with increased local business attendance (48 active organizations).

Active with the CVCC Business Expo promoting mission/vision and added business partnerships.

Focused on the development of strong and effective TeacherBased-Teams through the use of a shared data analysis process including support via observation and feedback.

Districtwide structure for forming and implementing shared leadership: including meeting norms, scheduled meeting times, participant roles and responsibilities.

District Leadership Team teacher leaders and administrators introduced to a systematic method for providing support to other leadership entities within the district.

3 | QUALITY Profile

COMMITMENT TO Improvement Other ways the district demonstrates a commitment to improvement . . .

Commitment to Improvement We believe an organization becomes less relevant when improvement stagnates and therefore, the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools is committed to continuous improvement. The district has a comprehensive strategic plan that addresses many aspects of teaching and learning. This plan serves as a road map for the district over the next five years. This strategic plan has been thoughtfully designed to engage all of our stakeholders in critical conversations and planning for the future of our school district. We believe that it is through these important discussions about expectations, finances, and values we will preserve what we value in public education locally. Our mission is to provide an educational experience empowering students to maximize their potential and our vision is within five years, we will provide a personalized education for all students. This mission and vision are built upon a set of belief statements that our school and community hold to be meaningful. The district demonstrates this improvement through the process of actualizing the mission and vision through four main focus areas: Curriculum and Instruction, Flexible Learning, Parents and Community, and Shared Leadership. Each of these four areas has strategies and action steps specific to completing goals to realize our vision. One can learn more about the details of our plan at the school website. www.

Awarded Competency-Based Education Grant ($400,000 over two years) to enhance our work in refinement of varied and non-traditional ways to evidence student learning and growth, beyond state assessments.

Articulation of Selection Criteria across grades 4-12 to inform student readiness for leveled programming, in varied and ongoing ways.

Teacher training/coursework for gifted endorsement, reading endorsement, Wilson Reading Intervention program, etc.

Addition of K-8 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) programming through Project Lead the Way.

Training and job-embedded support for TeacherBased-Teams to improve student performance.

Expanded integration of 1:1 Chromebooks now K-12 with embedded teacher training throughout the year. The district's goal is for 100% of our certificated staff members to be Google Certified by January 2017.

Creation of a connected, professional development group between CFEVS and all local preschool directors and teachers to enhance program development, instruction, and transitions.

Full grade level participation in grades 8 and 9 with the PSAT 8/9 assessment and grade 10 with the PSAT/NMSQT. Results used to inform college and career readiness, as well as AP potential.



4 | QUALITY Profile


In my 12 years at Chagrin, I’ve been challenged as a student, musician, athlete and leader. The rigorous curriculum, invested teachers and exceptionally talented students in the Class of 2017 served as catalysts for me and my classmates to aim high and work hard. Access to stimulating programs in academics (e.g.summer enrichment classes), music (e.g. visiting artists and invitations to perform piano solos at concerts) and leadership (Student Council, large Key Club efforts like Adopt-A-Family, and Hoby retreats) have provided opportunities for us to develop both in and out of the classroom. Chagrin has provided dedicated resources for students and parents to stay educated about the immense influence of social media -allowing us to make well-educated choices in our digital world. As students, we’ve learned that together we are more than the sum of our individual parts and that we can have fun working to be great together. — Daniel Berlin Class of 2016 | Chagrin Falls High School

92% of the Class of 2016 continued their academic

7 Commended 6 Finalists 13 Total Qualifiers

pursuits at higher learning institutions

2016 National Merit Scholarship Program Colleges CFHS Class of 2016 Grads are Attending University of Toronto

University of Wisconsin, Madison Hope College Michigan State University University of Michigan

DePaul University Loyola University Northwestern University University of Chicago University of Illinois at Chicago

Baldwin-Wallace University Bowling Green State University Capital University Case Western Reserve University Cleveland Institute of Art Cleveland State University Cuyahoga Community College Heidelberg University Hiram College Hocking College John Carroll University Kent State University Lakeland Community College Miami University Notre Dame College Ohio University Ohio Wesleyan University Otterbein University The Ohio State University University of Cincinnati University of Dayton University of Mount Union Wittenberg University

Purdue University University of Notre Dame

Cornell University Marymount Manhattan College Purchase College State University of NY Rochester Institute of Technology Syracuse University The New School Parsons University of Vermont Middlebury College Boston University Endicott College Northeastern University US Coast Guard Academy John Hopkins University University of Maryland, College Park

West Virginia University

University of Denver Washington University

Duke University High Point University North Carolina State University Queens University of Charlotte University of NC at Chapel Hill

University of Kentucky University of California, Davis University of Southern California

American University George Washington University Duquesne University Pennsylvania State University University of Pittsburgh University of Virginia

Georgia Institute of Technology

Clemson University

Southern Methodist University Texas Christian University Texas Tech University

Flagler College University of Miami

5 | QUALITY Profile


Scores represent Chagrin Falls' students' scores.

SAT (old version) National Average Composite score: 1462 YEAR CRITICAL MATH COMPOSITE WRITING READING 2016 576 603 1179 572 2015 576 601 1177 585 2014 576 603 1179 572 2013 572 584 1156 565 2012 565 574 1139 582


Middle school students who took high school credit courses

ACT National Average Composite score: 21 YEAR

TOTAL ENGLISH TESTED STUDENTS 2015 143 25.7 2014 114 25.6 2013 156 25.3 2012 115 25.5 2016 scores were not available at time of publication



25.7 25.2 25.2 25.5

26.4 25.9 25.7 25.9

25.3 25.1 24.7 24.5

25.9 25.6 25.4 25.5

Chagrin Falls High School students Leah Gillespie and Daniel Berlin earned a perfect score on their ACT's.

Through a continuum of services provided at Chagrin Falls Schools, we use research-based instructional models including... • • • • •

Cluster grouping Differentiation Project-based learning Cross-curricular planning Inquiry-based learning

. . . all to provide a 21st Century education

6 | QUALITY Profile


AP and 2 College Credit Plus Courses offered in 2015-16 with


AP and 2 College Credit Plus being offered in 2016-17

In 2015-16, 42% of all students (general education and special education) in grades 10-12 enrolled in AP Classes 2014-15: 51.1% 2013-14: 49.8% 2012-13: 47.3% 2011-12: 43.2%

% Students with Disabilities going to four-year college 2015-16: 57% 2014-15: 47% 2013-14: 50%

% Students who markedly improved academic skills, eliminating their need for intervention


% of students scoring a 3 or higher on their AP exam

% of students receiving tiered intervention K - 17% 1 - 19.5% 2 - 25% 3 - 16% 4 - 13% 5 - 17% 6 - 15% K - 39% 1 - 38% 2 - 41% 3 - 17% 4 - 15% 5 - 27% 6 - 52%

Grade 4-8 students participated in the accelerated Language Arts program


7 - 9% 8 - 9% 9 - 4% 10 - 3% 11 - .5% 12 - 0% 7 - 27% 8 - 21% 9 - 31% 10 - 47% 11 - 47% 12 - 100%


2015-16: 83% 2014-15: 78% 2013-14: 83% 2012-13: 84%

% Diplomas with Honors Class of 2016: 49% Class of 2015: 47% Class of 2014: 40% Class of 2013: 43%


% High School Students with 4.0 GPA or higher 2015-16

Grade 4-8 students participated in the accelerated Math program

7 | QUALITY Profile





The Chagrin Falls Schools’ Bridge to the World program complements the vision, mission, and beliefs of the district’s strategic plan. As the district strives to develop the concept of personal learning pathways to provide more student choice, the opportunities provided by this international program will provide motivation for lifelong learning. This, along with students embracing diversity and stewardship of human and material resources, as well as persevering through challenges and teamwork and collaboration, are only a few of the beliefs that lend to our students’ international learning experiences. The Bridge to the World program allows both staff and students to broaden their horizons and develop cultural awareness of other countries. These educational trips allow an expansion of the educational process that is unattainable in the classroom. In the past, Chagrin Falls High School has travelled to China, South Africa, Egypt, Spain, Morocco, France and Costa Rica. These travel experiences not only allow for sight-seeing, but also provide opportunities for students to partake in homestays, language immersion programs and community service opportunities that include building houses and helping repair schools in impoverished areas. In 2017, students and staff will continue to broaden their horizons and travelling to Spain, Italy, Greece and Quebec. More information can be found at:

8 | QUALITY Profile

The AP Capstone program includes AP Seminar and AP Research. AP Seminar was first offered within CFHS in the 201516 school year. This foundational course engages students in crosscurricular conversations exploring the complexities of academic and real-world topics and issues by analyzing divergent perspectives. AP Seminar empowers students with the ability to analyze and evaluate information in order to craft and communicate evidence-based arguments. In 2016-2017, AP Research will offer an opportunity for students to further enhance the skills learned in AP Seminar, while conducting individual research and completing an academic thesis paper.

World Languages

• K-6 Spanish • 7 -8 Spanish, French, Chinese • 9-12 Spanish, French, Chinese • 9-12 Arabic

DIGITAL LEARNING Recognized by State of Ohio for the best 1:1 technology program


Computer Graphics, Digital Photography, Digital Journalism, Video Productions, Computer Programming, AP Computer Science, and Advanced Data Structures courses offered at the high school

Number of districtprovided Chromebooks

What We Use


% of students engaging in 1:1 technology in 2015-16

• • • • • • •

Twitter Instagram Google Keep Skype Soundcloud Padlet Nearpod

• • • • • • •

TLDR LucidCharts Kahoot Blendspace Read Write Google RemindHQ

Digital Citizenship lessons in Internet etiquette, Internet safety, and validation of research sources % of Chagrin Falls' Teachers are Google Certified 2015-16 61% 2014-15 23%

innovation center The new Innovation Center creates a flexible learning environment for our students that integrates technology, fosters their creativity and encourages them to reach beyond the traditional educational boundaries. The Innovation Center is located on the 7-12 Campus and is 4,300 square feet, housing three distinct yet interconnected spaces, including: • • •

A Research Center to foster idea creation, study and expose students to literature. A Collaboration Classroom where students and faculty work together in small group discussions within the school, and beyond the borders of Chagrin Falls, with connected technologies. A Maker’s Space to bring students’ ideas to life with 3D printers, embroidery machines, laser cutters, tools and more, called the Fab Lab.

9 | QUALITY Profile


1st-3rd Graders performed in “Gurney’s Passport to the Holidays,” the Gurney Holiday Show.

Kindergarteners performed in a Valentine’s Day show for families.

The 3rd Grade Tiger Beats sang at the presentation of the mural at the Chagrin Valley Arts Center and in the Memorial Day Parade.

3rd Graders’ artistic productions of Guitar Mania were displayed in local shop windows throughout the Village of Chagrin Falls.

Two Encore Curriculum Nights were held in the spring at which Kindergarten-3rd Graders led their parents through activities and skills they had learned in art, music, physical education, Spanish, and Technology.

Parent volunteers presented art appreciation lessons in all classrooms.

Painting is basically your personality but on a canvas so for blue dog everyone put him in a different place because everyone is different. I like music because you can make different songs with instruments...the instruments sing for you in a different language, a music language… Eveleen Malley, Class of 2026 Gurney Elementary 10 | QUALITY Profile

ARTS/MUSIC HIGHLIGHTS Intermediate School •

Arts Day featured over 20 different local artists and speakers that represented the visual arts, dance, music, and theater. Students attended sessions for three diverse activities. The day also highlighted the talents of the Cleveland Dancing Wheels dance troupe and Cleveland Orchestra members Jack Sutte and Paul Kushious.

The CFIS Select Choir performed in seven different concerts this year, including ones at Holly Hall, Meals on Wheels, and the Chagrin Falls Memorial Day Parade.

Students participated in a “flipped” art class highlighting the advantages of technology to support instruction. Our art teacher created over 100 videos for students to watch at home prior to working on projects at school. This enabled self-directed learning; self-pacing, and increased understanding.

Students showcased over 1,000 pieces of art in this year’s Art Show that featured both 2D and 3D media, installation art, and upcycled art made from materials donated by community members. For each piece, students wrote an artist statement to explain the ideas and meaning behind their work.

Over 130 students in grades 3-8 participated in our community theater productions of “The Lion King” and “Rats! The Story of the Pied Piper.”

Students built strong musical foundations in General Music class before given the choice to continue or participate in Band, Orchestra, or Choir.

Nine students in grades 4 and 5 auditioned and were selected to be among 90 statewide singers in the All-State Children's Chorus. Each student submitted an online digital audition of required songs. They performed on January 28 in Cincinnati under the direction of Rollo Dilworth, Professor of Choral Music and Chair of the Department of Music Education at Temple University. The performance was held at the Ohio Music Education Association State Conference.

Eight students in grades 5 and 6 auditioned and were selected to perform in the Ohio Choral Directors All State Honor Choir at Otterbein University under Fred Meads, conductor of the American Boychoir School in New York City.

Whenever I was feeling upset, I would start playing my clarinet and the whole world would stop. My heart would brighten, my head would clear, and right away I would start feeling better. It is all thanks to my music teacher and the music we create together. Gracie Hoy, Class of 2022 Intermediate School 11 | QUALITY Profile


Students' artwork was entered into a "Scholastic Art & Writing Awards" contest sponsored by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that identifies teenagers with exceptional artistic and literary talent and brings their remarkable work to a national audience. Teens in grades 7 through 12 apply in 28 categories of art and writing for the chance to earn scholarships and have their works exhibited and/or published. A panel comprised of local professional artists and art educators jury the exhibition and select the awarded pieces from nearly 1,700 entries.

Students showcased their talents at the end of the year at the annual Hamlet Spring Art Show. Selected students’ artwork received numerous honors and scholarships

Band and orchestra students participated in the Ohio Music Educators Solo and Ensemble contest, as well as Large Group Contest. Students performed and were rated using a 5-tiered system by an OMEA certified adjudicator.

Grade 8 Band students performed for the residents of the Hamlet Retirement Community at Halloween.

School can be stressful but coming to strings class everyday allows me to relax, take a breath, and listen to the music that I love to make. Maggie Mills, Class of 2020 Chagrin Falls Middle School 12 | QUALITY Profile


Students competed in Scholastics Art Competition: 2 Gold Key Portfolios 4 Gold Key Individual Works of Art 4 Silver Key Individual Works of Art 3 Honorable Mention Portfolios 18 Honorable Mention Individual Works of Art 2 Special Overall Show Awards

Students participated in Governor’s Art Show: 21 Students had qualifying artwork 36 pieces of art Megan Garvey and Maria Tropp received State Recognition

Band performed at 10 football games, Meet the Teams Night, the Brush Band Festival, three concerts, Graduation, the Blossom Parade, Memorial Day Parade, and June 11th at the Chagrin Music Crawl

Nine band students participated in four different area Honors Bands

13 band students achieved a Superior rating at the OMEA Solo and Ensemble contest

Orchestra worked with guest conductors Dr. Bordo from the University of Akron and Mrs. Rachel Huch from CIM

Fall Play was "Yes, An Evening of One Act Plays" Spring Musical was "Mary Poppins"

Drama Club inducted seven new members into the International Thespian Society

The high school choir was busy with their Caberet performance featuring solo and duet acts from 48 students from the 7-12 choral program and through their attendance at Disney World workshops focused on vocal performance. Four a cappella performers wrote eight original arrangements, first performed at events during the 2015-16 school year. The high school a cappela group also performed at the Annual Holly Hall Concert.

The arts program at Chagrin Falls Schools has given me the confidence to not only be more expressive on stage and in choir, but in all of my classes. The program has made me more bold and self-assured in front of large and small groups of people because of the constant encouragement from everyone...teachers and peers. Slowly, I found myself applying that same confident thought to the rest of my life. Lisa Nazelli, Class of 2019 Chagrin Falls High School

13 | QUALITY Profile

FISCAL STEWARDSHIP Dear Community, At the close of the fiscal year, the district’s cash reserves represented approximately 40% of annual revenues. Fiscal year 2016 general fund expenditures totaled $26,906,000, a 1.25% increase over the prior year. While the 2016-17 budget is projected to increase roughly 3.5%, the district continues to focus on opportunities to reduce costs. General operating dollars provide resources needed to support objectives of the strategic plan, district-wide educational goals and personalized learning initiatives. Last year, local revenue sources accounted for 83% of the district’s general operating revenues. State funding comprised the remaining 17% and is expected to remain unchanged in 2017. The Chagrin Falls Exempted Village School District earned the “Auditor of State Award with Distinction” in recognition of the District’s FY15 audit report. The district also received the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) for the 16th consecutive year. Fiscal Year 2015 marked the second year the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO) presented the Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting Award to the district for its Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. Sincerely, Anne Spano Treasurer/CFO Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools

The district recently earned the Auditor of State Award from David Yost for demonstrating exemplary financial reporting in accordance with GAAP standards. 14 | QUALITY Profile

FISCAL STEWARDSHIP State Property Tax Allocation $2,997,681 | 10% Unrestricted State Aid Other Revenue $1,905,010 | 7% $1,225,596 | 4% Local Public Utility Property Taxes $873,957 | 3%

Revenues 2015-2016 Local Real Estate Tax


State Property Tax Allocation $2,997,681 State Aid

Local Real Estate Tax $21,766,708 | 76%

Expenditures 2015-2016 Salaries & Wages


Employee Benefits $5,845,275 Purchased Services


Other Expenses $475,192 Transfers & Advances & Other Financing


Supplies & Materials



Local Public Utility Property Taxes


Other Revenue


Other Expenses $475,192 | 2% Capital Outlay Transfers & Advances & $388,990 | 1% Other Financing $642,261 | 2% Supplies & Materials $689,047 | 3% Purchased Services $3,174,519 | 12%

Employee Benefits $5,845,275 | 22%

Capital Outlay $388,990

Salaries & Wages $15,690,318 | 58%

15 | QUALITY Profile

GRANTS GRANT RECEIVED Competency-Based Grant December 2015 June 2019

DESCRIPTION To identify locally-created and nationally standardized measures to illustrate student growth and competency for all K-12 courses offered within our district across all content areas by the 2016-17 school year and grow our existing use of standards-based grading practices to include all K-12 classes by the 2017-18 school year. 1) To grow the capacity of our secondary teachers via provided online graduate coursework (in the areas of Math, English, Government, and History) toward College Credit Plus credentialing, growing the Dual Credit offerings available to our students within our 7-12 campus within the next 2 years. 2) To grow the capacity of K-12 teachers in gifted education through graduate coursework toward a Gifted Endorsement, growing the number of teachers who may serve students as a Gifted Intervention Specialist, by the 2017-18 school year. 3) To grow the capacity of K-12 teachers in special education and reading strategies through graduate coursework toward Special Education licensure and/or Reading endorsement, growing the number of teachers who may better-support the varied needs of students, within the next 2 years. These efforts will ensure that student competency is not muted by disabilities and/or impairments. 4) To grow the number of Advanced Placement (AP) offerings available to students, as driven by the AP Potential available via PSAT 8, PSAT 9, and PSAT/ NMSQT and grow the capacity of our secondary teachers to teach AP courses (via CollegeBoard course-specific training) beginning in the 2016-17 school year, with the addition of AP Research and AP World History. 5) To grow the use of the new Innovation Center facilities by teachers and students within all content areas, connecting learning to real-world applications and careers by the 2017-18 school year via the creation of enrichment offerings, the provision of targeted teacher coaching, and through the implementation of the Project Lead the Way (STEM) Program across grades K-8. 6) To develop summer programming (REALIZE U) for students which provides bridging opportunities (to enable movement of students into more rigorous levels of content in the upcoming school year), mentorships, and interest-based study via enrichment programming, beginning in summer 2016. 7) To grow personalized capstone project portfolios for all students relative to mastery of content and skills within each of our four schools - in grade 3, grade 6, grade 8, and grade 12, showcasing distinct competencies of each student at the end of 4 key learning bands, by the 2017-18 school year. 8) To grow enrichment offerings/opportunities to participate in contests/ competitions available to students in grades K-12, which reflect student interests and abilities, beginning in the 2016-17 school year.

16 | QUALITY Profile

AMOUNT $400,000 available during the first two years of the project




QFI Grant Seeding the Return of Arabic Instruction

This potentially renewable funding will provide 50% matching salary for part-time Arabic teacher instruction for the 2016-17 school year and purchase of instructional resources to support th return of Arabic to our World Languages Department within CFHS.


Asia Society Confucius Classrooms Grant

This renewable grant provides funding to support instructional resources, teacher professional development, and cultural experiecnes for our students as they relate to our Chinese Language Programming.


Gifted Endorsement Scholarship Project (Chagrin Falls PTO/Educational Foundation grantfunded)

This grant funding seeded the provision of partial scholarships $31,625 (50%) for 11 district staff to enroll in graduate coursework via Ashland University beginning in summer 2015 through spring 2017 to earn their Gifted Endorsement by the start of the 2017-18 school year.

Straight A Fund Grant - Project Ignite

Chagrin Falls' grant, titled "Project Ignite," will expand upon the district's existing one-to-one computing project by upgrading the network infrastructure, increasing the number of students with a device and adding online courses into the curriculum. The district's application went through a rigorous screening process, which put added emphasis on collaboration and efficiency.


Thank you to those in our community who have generously donated more than $273,000 to our various support organizations of Chagrin Falls Schools Safe Routes Chagrin • Educational Foundation • Booster Club • Dads' Club • PTO • Alumni Association • Music Lovers

17 | QUALITY Profile

STUDENT Leadership & Activities

Gurney Elementary • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Service Learning Club Tiger Beats Running Club Art Club Coding Club Buddy Classes Destination Imagination After School Sports Pasta for Pennies Leukemia/Lymphoma Society Fundraiser Canned Food Drive for Meals on Wheels Supplies Drive for U.S. Military Overseas 3rd Grade Morning Announcers Science Buddies

Intermediate School • • • • • • • • • • • •

Student Council PAWS (“People Always Willing to Serve”) “Pasta for Pennies” Leukemia & Lymphoma fundraiser Harvest for Hunger food drive Make a Difference Projects Destination Imagination Family Friday Bike Club Art Club Ski Club After School Sports Morning Announcements

Middle School • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Principal’s Advisory Council Student Council Superintendent’s Advisory Board Canned Food Drives Kick-It/Pasta for Pennies/Other Charity Events Regional Contests Power of the Pen Science Buddies Destination Imagination Newspaper Book Club Ski Club Yearbook Jazz Band OMEA Solo and Ensemble Contest

High School • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Student Council Key Club Speech and Debate Art Club Drama Club Engineering Club Environmental Club Link Crew Philosophy Club Science Olympiad International Club Prism Tiger Society Tiger Times (Newspaper) Zenith (Yearbook) Student Athlete Advisory Council High School Students helped facilitate the Gurney Coding Club

The Superintendent’s Student Advisory Committee provides a student voice on district initiatives and uses philanthropy to bridge the school district and community together. - Natalie Welch, Class of 2016 Chagrin Falls High School

18 | QUALITY Profile


Middle School (W.I.N.) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Pop Culture in Latin America Current Events Investigative Reporting Contest Writing Opportunities Flash Fiction Tiffany Stained Glass Watercolor I Think, Therefore I Can, Problem Solving Together (Grade 8) Instant Challenges/Inquiry Labs Educational Projects connected around the World Tiger Theatre Thermal Protection Systems Entrepreneurship Speak Up Virtual Field Trips Drama, Performing a Short Play Book Challenge Keyboarding Sports Analytics I Think, Therefore I Can, Problem Solving Together (Grade 7) French Club

High School (Tiger Period) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Tiger Time Art Workshops ACT Preparation Business Simulation Competition Chagrin Documentary Film Festival Figure Drawing Current Events Discussion Guitar Playing and History Chess Bridge (taught by Hamlet Residents) Business and Leadership Speaker Series Medical Careers Speaker Series Investigating Careers in Sport and Sports Management No More Knit Envy Stock Market Competition Rail Trails Around the Horn Science Olympiad 80’s the Decade of Music Video Creation

Students at Chagrin Falls Middle School and High School are now afforded an intervention/enrichment period, during which time they can focus on personal interests and explore new learning opportunities. 19 | QUALITY Profile


goals: •

Increase the number of parents who actively volunteer within each building

Develop a plan to engage parents in shaping and monitoring their child’s personalized learning plan, as well as increase opportunities for family involvement in student activities

Increase level of community engagement and awareness to district’s mission, vision, and goals

Increase our business community involvement in learning initiatives Superintendent’s Business Advisory Partners Bauman Orchards Believe in Cleveland Bike Ohio, Mountain Road Cycle Burton D. Morgan Foundation Central Instrument Company Chagrin Hardware & Supply Co. Chagrin Foundation for the Arts Chagrin Pet and Garden Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce Chestnut Hill Home Council of International Programs USA Cuyahoga County Public Library, Chagrin Falls Branch Different Facets Jewelry Double Tree by Hilton Fifth Third Bank First Federal Lakewood Geauga Growth Partnership Inc. Graphic Source Hamlet Village of Chagrin Falls Highway Auto Center Hiram College Huntington Bank

20 | QUALITY Profile

Ingrid Porter Interiors Inventor Cloud Kent State University Knowledge Management Services Lowes Greenhouses Mantua Gardens Mar-Bal, Inc. Master Pizza Motorcars Motter’s Music House Popcorn Shop Factory Post Office South Franklin Circle Spark Your Brand Spillway LLC State Farm The Gertsburg Law Firm The Olive Scene The Pond The Wembley Club TMW Systems, Inc. True Vision Marketing Skidmore-Wilhelm Spark your Brand USO - United Service Organizations UTAG Valley Art Center Why Good Nature Your Smile Team Yours Truly

The Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce is extremely proud and thankful for the continued partnership that we have with the Chagrin Falls Schools. The Chamber always embraces opportunities to mentor the minds of the students. Monthly, the Chamber is able to send out a successful newsletter with the help of the Key Club students volunteers, we have worked closely with the business classes to supply speakers for their speakers series and intern opportunities to the students. Each year, our members enthusiastically grade the senior projects and I know they look forward to that. We have called on the Write Place on several projects and I am confident that the staff knows that they are welcome to call on our members for different opportunities throughout the year. We take pride in bridging the local business leaders of today with the business leaders of tomorrow. - Molly Gebler, Executive Director Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce


followers on Facebook

Up 297 Followers since last year

The school district receives considerable support from the following organizations: Safe Routes Chagrin, Dads’ Club, Chagrin Falls PTO, Chagrin Athletic Association, Chagrin Falls Music Lovers, Chagrin Falls Educational Foundation, Chagrin Falls Booster Club, Alumni Association, SPARK, Community Education

AWARDS & ACCOLADES Chagrin Falls Middle School won the National Blue Ribbon Award in 2010, and this year CFMS has been awarded the Ohio Schools to Watch designation. To be considered, schools must demonstrate four components at a high level which include: academic excellence, developmental responsiveness, social equity, and organizational arrangements. There are only 18 schools on the list in Ohio and currently, the only other middle schools in Cuyahoga County to receive this recognition include Mayfield Middle School and Beachwood Middle School. Ohio’s State Board of Education has granted Chagrin Falls Middle School one of its first annual Momentum Awards. The Momentum Award recognizes schools that have received A’s on every value-added measure included on Ohio’s School Report Cards. CFMS is demonstrating that children of every background and ability level can achieve. Tracie Guggenheim, Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools Speech Language Pathologist, has been appointed to the American Speech Language and Hearing Association’s School Issues Advisory Board. The charge of this national association is to identify and monitor critical issues, forecast needs and trends, provide expertise in the development of resources, and recommend actions that support and enhance the work of school-based practitioners. Stephanie Malley was named Chagrin Falls Teacher of the Year. Cindy Matejcik was named Chagrin Falls Support Staff Employee of the Year. Chagrin Falls High School received Ohio’s State Board of Education first annual All A Awards for receiving A’s on every aspect of school performance measured on Ohio’s School Report Card.

Over the past two years, more than 130 gifted/advanced students in grades 3-9 have participated in Northwestern University’s Midwest Talent Search (NUMATS), which provides the opportunity to take above grade level assessments, including the EXPLORE (in grades 3-6), and the ACT and/or SAT (in grades 6-9). Our top-scoring students have been recognized by our Board of Education and one student has been recognized nationally.


Number of Certified staff members participating in the two Gifted Endorsement Cohorts being offered via Ashland University


Teachers and Counselors with Master’s Degrees or PhDs


Number of graduate credit hours for which certified staff completed and applied toward license renewal.

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CONTACTS SUPERINTENDENT’S OFFICE Superintendent Mr. Robert Hunt Phone: 440-247-4363 Fax: 440-247-5883 Email:

TECHNOLOGY Director of Technology & Information Systems Mr. Mike Daugherty Phone: 440-247-5500 x 4012 Fax: 440-247-5883 Email:

Assistant Superintendent Ms. Lisa Shannon Phone: 440-247-4564 Fax: 440-247-5883 Email:

TRANSPORTATION Transportation Supervisor Mr. Bill Holzheimer Phone: 440-893-4055 Fax: 440-247-5883 Email:

CURRICULUM & INSTRUCTION Director of Curriculum and Instruction Mrs. Rebecca Quinn Phone: 440-247-2432 Fax: 440-247-5883 Email: TREASURER Treasurer/CFO Ms. Anne Spano Phone: 440-247-4388 Fax: 440-247-5831 Email:

FOOD SERVICES Food Service Supervisor Mrs. Marti Jacobson Phone: 440-247-2453 Fax: 440-247-5883 Email:

OFFICE OF BUSINESS AND PERSONNEL Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives Mr. Christopher Woofter Phone: 440-247-5449 Fax: 440-247-5883 Email:

CHAGRIN FALLS EXEMPTED VILLAGE SCHOOLS 400 E. Washington Street • Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 440-247-5500

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BUILDINGS GURNEY ELEMENTARY 1155 Bell Road Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 440-893-4030 x 4102 Principal: Dr. Rachel Jones

CHAGRIN FALLS INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL 77 E. Washington Street Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 440-893-7691 Principal: Sarah Read

CHAGRIN FALLS MIDDLE SCHOOL 342 E. Washington Street Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 440-893-7695 Principal: Laila Discenza

CHAGRIN FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 400 E. Washington Street Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 440-247-2583 Principal: Steve Ast

Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools is a small, suburban school district located in the eastern part of Cuyahoga County, as well as a portion of Geauga County. The district consists of four schools: a primary, intermediate, middle, and high school. Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools are an integral part of the community of Chagrin Falls. There is strong support of our students’ education from residents, teachers, parents, and the students themselves. Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools has high academic standards and a commitment to student excellence, reflected in our consistent top state rankings and numerous local and national accolades.

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Chagrin Falls Schools - Quality Profile 2015-16  

Chagrin Falls Schools - Quality Profile 2015-16

Chagrin Falls Schools - Quality Profile 2015-16  

Chagrin Falls Schools - Quality Profile 2015-16