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Chagrin Falls Schools

November/December 2016




Message from Our Superintendent The arrival of snow and the annual lighting of our village are just a few of the signs that the holiday season has arrived. This is a critical time as we attempt to complete the first semester so students, families and staff can enjoy a much deserved break. When we return from winter break, our talented teaching staff will continue the work of providing a quality, personalized educational experience for our students. We will also begin the planning for the 2017-18 school year as we finalize course and programming offerings. The January issue of Super News will incorporate some of the highlights as we continue to grow rigorous curriculum and intervention services in the district. A new chapter in family-school partnership has begun this year throughout the Chagrin Falls community. The school district established #ChagrinTalks. This is a closed Facebook group established to create ongoing social media conversation about our school district. The goal of #ChagrinTalks is to create an organized forum for productive dialogue regarding district initiatives and educational trends. The November topic focused on 1:1 technology and the current conversation is Intervention/Enrichment. In January, we will be

discussing the social and emotional health of our students. All Chagrin residents are welcomed and we encourage you to join the conversation. The Chagrin Falls Board of Education approved the first resolution necessary to place an issue on the ballot on May 2. This will be an 8.9 mill combined ballot issue that will provide funds for both operations (that is, educating our students) and facilities, including the renovation of historic portions of Chagrin Falls Intermediate School coupled with the new construction of core educational space. Additionally, passage of this ballot measure will allow the district to increase the annual permanent improvement transfer needed to adequately maintain our capital assets. We look forward to providing the entire community with specific information on this issue in the spring. This will be a critical initiative for the future of our school district. We hope you have a restful, enjoyable holiday break and look forward to welcoming you back in January. Sincerely, Robert W. Hunt Superintendent Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools



November/December 2016 Cover Photo by Minna Zelch


A Review of the November and December Board of Education Meetings At our December Regular Meeting, the Board of Education unanimously voted to adopt the first of two resolutions to approach the community with a combined levy of 8.9 mills on May 2, 2017 to provide necessary funds for operations (5.5 mills) and facilities (3.4 mills). The “Resolution of Necessity” declares the necessity of issuing $31.5 million (equal to approximately 3.4 mills) in capital improvement bonds for the renovation and new construction of the Chagrin Falls Intermediate School on Philomethian Street, as well as a 5.5 mill operating levy to address increased operating costs for teachers, staff, educational programming and increased preventive maintenance funds for all our buildings. For the last two levy cycles, the district has asked the community for 7.9 mills to fund day-to-day operations for at least four years. We stretched the last two levies out to five years through costcontainment measures and grants. Now it is time to approach the community again. This request stems from thoughtful and thorough analysis on the part of the Administration, Board and local community experts. By prioritizing our needs, for 8.9 mills we are able to present the community with

a fiscally responsible, comprehensive solution to our educational and facility funding needs. With this levy, our goal is to continue the Chagrin Falls School’s tradition of excellence by providing adequate funding to educate our 2,000 students, while at the same time respecting the burden that this places on our taxpayers. Over the next few months, you will be receiving additional information about the upcoming ballot initiative from the Levy Committee. In addition, you can visit or contact the Board with any questions. We welcome the opportunity to respond. We hope to maintain the supportive partnership with our community that has always been an integral part of our school district’s success. Sincerely, Mary Kay O'Toole, President Rob Weber, Vice President Sharon Broz, Board Member Kathryn Garvey, Board Member Michael Hogan, Board Member

Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools Board of Education President: Mary Kay O’Toole (440) 338-8636

Members: Michael Hogan (440) 543-5280

Vice President: Rob Weber (440) 665-4104

Kathryn Garvey (216) 401-7735 Sharon Broz (440) 715-0326



A Closer Look Inside the Innovation Center Over the next few months, student interns from the Innovation Center will be taking a closer look into the various machines and equipment that students are now using in the Creation Space of the new Innovation Center. This month, Holden Woofter, an eighth grade student at Chagrin Falls Middle School, answers questions on the laser engraver.

What does a laser engraver actually do? The laser engraver is a machine that can shoot a high power laser at a material and engrave it. You can also set it to cut all the way through the material. The laser engraver can cut/engrave just about anything – brass, plexiglass, wood, and my favorite, paper.

How are some ways that students can use this for learning/problem solving? Students can use the laser engraver to do a multitude of things. One of the most obvious ways is to make some very cool and unique art projects. The laser engraver can also be used to engrave parts for the robots that are a custom fit making the robotics class a little more in depth than was previously possible. The great part is that students can use it for almost any class because it is so versatile.

Any other ways this has been used or any other thoughts? One cool thing that the laser engraver is being used for is to make the internship cards for the Innovation Lab. The Innovation Lab as a whole is great because if you can think it, if you can dream it, or even if you can only draw it, then you can make it.

The Innovation Lab as a whole is great because if you can think it, if you can dream it, or even if you can only draw it, then you can make it. November/December 2016 4


Holden Woofter, 8th Grade Chagrin Falls Middle School

Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools “Treasurer’s Corner”

Table 1 compares actual monthly receipts to the monthly estimates and to prior fiscal year actual receipts. General fund revenues spike in the 1st and 3rd quarter as a result of real estate tax collections.

Table 2 compares actual monthly expenditures to monthly estimates and to prior fiscal year actual expenditures. Expenses are typically fairly consistent throughout the fiscal year.

Table 3 compares estimated and actual monthly ending cash balances demonstrating compliance with Board of Education cash balance policies.

Table 4 is a cash flow summary comparing revenues to expenditures each month.



Chagrin Falls Schools - Permanent Improvement Projects Update Below is a summary of some of the highlights from projects completed over the summer. These projects go beyond regular preventive maintenance, routine work, and cleaning. Using limited permanent improvement funds, the district stretches every dollar by using our own talented custodial, maintenance, and grounds teams. 7-12 Campus: Innovation Center - The Innovation Center is 4,300 square feet of space. There are three interconnected areas that create a flexible learning environment to integrate creativity, technology and entrepreneurship with a research center for fostering ideas and exposing students to literature, a collaborative classroom where group discussions, and a "maker's space" equipped with 3D printers, embroidery machines, laser cutters and other hightech tools.

7 -12 Campus: An upgraded visitor reception desk was added at the Middle School main entrance to improve visitor management and security.

7 -12 Campus: There was a sidewalk replacement outside Band Room Entrance. This was where concrete joints were crumbling. Our focus has been on making spot repairs to be as economical as possible, however the 7-12 band room sidewalk was damaged beyond the point of repair. We will continue to spot repair in a systemic manner.


November/December 2016

7 -12 Campus: The Fitness Center had a roof renovation as the current foam roof was beyond its useful life. The surface was scarified and then recoated with a dual spray premicoat over cured silicone base coat then a top coat of silicone prior to curing.

7-12 Campus: Lighting at Maintenance Garage - replaced the overhead lighting in the building using the old fixtures from the innovation center renovation. Using our own labor saved thousands of dollars.

7-12 Campus: A new scoreboard was provided by the Chagrin Falls Boosters Club and installed over the summer at Harris Stadium. The district is thankful for this generous contribution. The new LED lights are bright, the size is similar to the old scoreboard and the design retains the traditional look that complements our rich athletic history.

7-12 Campus: The renovation and replacement of the baseball batting cage was provided through private donations and the generous support of Chris Paradise (community member.) The new cage is twice the width of the old cage with added safety pads for the posts, as well as a middle retractable net to open the entire cage for three season practice.



7-12 Campus: In the High School Commons there was an in-house “lite-duty updating� of the space. This included our maintenance staff building charging station counters and running new electrical circuits to them. Also, (gently used) furniture from the Middle School library was repurposed to the High School Commons. A special thank you to parent, community member and designer Amy O'Neil for her work in helping redefine this space.

7-12 Campus: During the summer of 2016 we completed the process of paving patching, crack filling and sealcoating. All of our lots at the campus received pavement patching and about half of the area received protective crack fill and sealcoating to protect the current investment.

Intermediate School: Some needed drainage work was completed this summer. The building has had a problem with poor drainage causing water to seep into the building. The drains that lead from the downspouts to the storm water mains on the south and north side of the building had collapsed years ago. We contracted a local masonry company to replace the drains on the north side of 1914 building and on the south side of the gym.

Intermediate School: A local carpenter worked on repair needs for the Intermediate School cupola. The work on the wooden structure was completed with some minor cost effective repairs.


November/December 2016

Intermediate School: We installed an 8 foot tall, no climb security fence at the edge of the playground on the southwest corner of the property. This fence matches the 8 foot security fence on the west side of the building. We had some concerns regarding after-hours climbing under, over, and through the old damaged fence that was replaced.

Intermediate School: Some older wooden classroom floors at Intermediate School were renewed/refinished in-house by custodial staff.

Intermediate School: Some of the existing windows at the Intermediate School were stuck shut or would not stay open. During the summer of 2015 we completed an in-house window assessment and restored 75 windows / mechanisms restored through a practical window service contractor. This summer we continued this process and with 30 window mechanisms restored. Overall our window operations are in a much better state than two years ago.

Multiple Buildings: New carpet was provided in 2 Gurney classrooms, 2 Middle School Classrooms, and Sands Community Room (installed by our own custodial staff for cost savings)



Gurney School: The upper playground adjacent to the soccer fields had some updating that included fall rated engineered wood fiber installed on the playgrounds for the new school year.

Gurney School: Our grounds crew removed many older and overgrown large shrubs from the front of the building. The shrubs were 40 years old and could no longer be trimmed back to look acceptable.

Gurney School: The exterior of the modular classroom was in need of repair. The modular classroom was designed as a temporary structure and is nearing the end of it planned lifecycle, but is being used a good deal each day for instruction. To extend the life of this unit, our maintenance staff removed and replaced damaged siding, support joists, and wall studs. They tore off and replaced the roof of the access ramp and added a gutter to direct the water away from the side of the modular.


November/December 2016

Chagrin Falls High School Receives 2016 Momentum Award from the Ohio State Board of Education Chagrin Falls High School received the 2016 Momentum Award from the Ohio State Board of Education. The Momentum award recognizes schools that have received A’s on every value-added measure included on the 2016 Ohio School Report Card. According to the Ohio State Board of Education, the Chagrin Falls High School report card for the 2015-2016 school year showed that students made higher than expected progress in reading and mathematics. This is especially notable because the high school has a diverse student body with varying educational backgrounds and learning needs.

“Members of the State Board of Education appreciate the leadership and dedication of your staff to achieve this success,” said President of the State Board Thomas Gunlock. “It is easy to see that your teachers, support staff and parents truly believe every child can succeed academically and they make sure that every child does.”

Chagrin Falls Students Create QR Codes for Historical Buildings Chagrin Falls Schools’ gifted students in fourth, fifth and sixth grade have been researching historical buildings in the Village of Chagrin Falls and designing QR codes to display that research. Students were able to select a building of their choice and then were instructed to design storyboards based on the research. Those storyboards were used to create a digital way for people to learn about the building. Using pictures, videos, drawings, maps and other information, a digital story was created and placed on a QR reader which was then placed on a plaque for the general public to access. Each plaque will be placed on or near the front of their building. After completion, the students presented their findings to the Historical Society.



Chagrin Valley Rotary Club Student of the Month for November . . . Kate Weston Kate Weston was chosen for her service and leadership qualities as the November Chagrin Valley Rotary Club Student of the Month for Chagrin Falls High School. She has been on the High Honor Roll throughout high school and also received an Academic All-Ohio award. Her AP and Honors classes include: AP US History, AP US Government and Politics, AP English Language, AP Calculus AB, AP Biology, AP Spanish Language and AP English Literature. When Kate is not working hard in her classes, she is active in many extracurricular activities. She is the Executive President of Student Council, Co-President of the Superintendent’s Advisory Committee and an intern at the Write Place. She is also in choir and plays varsity soccer and basketball. Outside of school she babysits, tutors and works as a cashier at Heinen’s. As for college, Kate wants to study biology and pre-dental. Kate was recognized at a recent Chagrin Valley Rotary Club meeting.

Kindergarten Students at Gurney Elementary Make American Heart Flags for Veterans Mrs. Gebler's and Mrs. Kehoe's kindergarten classes of 22 students made 140 American heart flag crafts. They were delivered to the homeless veterans at the Vet Resource Center in Cleveland, as well as to Eastbrook Health Nursing Home. Here is the poem they put on each heart: Thank you! Thank you Veterans for all you’ve done. In our hearts, you are number one. You gave up so much and sacrifice. You left your families without thinking twice. We have our freedom because of you. We can’t thank you enough for all you do! Love, Kindergarten Kids from Cleveland


November/December 2016

Chagrin Valley Rotary Club Student of the Month for December . . . Daniel Berlin Daniel Berlin was chosen for his service and leadership qualities as the December Chagrin Valley Rotary Club Student of the Month. He has been a National Merit Semifinalist and recognized as an AP Scholar with Distinction. He also was given the Chagrin Falls High School Honors with Distinction, named a United States Presidential Scholar Nominee and was the AP English Student of the Year for 2015-2016. He has also won several awards for his leadership skills including the Frank Phillips Tiger Award for Excellence for 2015-2016 and the USGAAJGA President’s Leadership Award for 2016.

Golf 2014-2016, First Team All-Ohio in 2014, First Team All-CVC and All-NEO for 2013-2016 and MVP Chagrin Valley Conference 2015 and 2016.

His AP classes include: AP US History, AP US Government, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics 1, AP Computer Science, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP English Language, AP English Literature and AP Spanish.

Daniel was recognized at a recent Chagrin Valley Rotary Club meeting.

His musical ability has also been awarded with the Carnegie Hall Solo Performance: Golden Classical Music Awards in New York for 2016, the Elise Strupp Award from the Ohio Federation of Music for the Grand Gold Cup for Piano and he also participated in the Cincinnati World Piano Competition where he was a semifinalist from 20092013.

When Daniel is not working hard in his classes, he is active in many extracurricular activities. He is a member of Key Club, Orchestra and the Student Council Class Vice President from 2013-2016 and is the Student Council Executive Vice President this year. Outside of school, he is President of the LifeAct Youth Advisory Board, a LifeAct Board Liaison, a part of the AJGA Leadership Links Fundraiser since 2014, an Instructor for the Open Doors Academy Summer Program. He also takes private piano lessons. Daniel is active in sports as a member of the Varsity Tennis Team and the Captain of the Varsity Golf Team. Daniel has won several awards for his golf talents; Runner-up State Champion, OHSAA State Golf Championship in 2014, State Qualifier for



Gurney Elementary Students Learn the History of Chagrin Falls from Historical Society Gurney Elementary third grade students received a special presentation about the history of Chagrin Falls from Gretchen Hamann, Beth VanLente, Jenny Hogan, Harriet Bakalar and Kim Kanzinger of the Chagrin Falls Historical Society. Each year the third grade students learn the history of Chagrin Falls, but this was the first year they received an in-depth lesson about the village from the Historical Society. The students learned about the changes that took place to the village over time through historical pictures and they were able to participate in activities that children their age would have done in school over 100 years ago. At the end of the lesson, each student received a Family Pass to the Historical Society and an authentic map of the Chagrin Falls Village to take home. “Having the Historical Society come and talk to our third grade classes was a great way to add to our history unit,” said third grade teacher, Mrs. Kelly Andreas. “We are so thankful to have had the Historical Society come to our school to promote our local history and encourage our students to go to the Historical Society with their families.”


November/December 2016

New Arabic Course at Chagrin Falls High School Off to a Great Start By TYLEE NGUYEN, Sophomore, Chagrin Falls High School This year, Chagrin Falls High School has renewed the opportunity to take Arabic as a foreign language. Sixteen students are currently challenging themselves to try something new. The majority of students enrolled in this class say that they are fascinated by the language and culture. “The class was created just due to student interest,” said Teacher Anita Boumitri. Boumitri surrounds her students in an extremely positive and encouraging environment, allowing student to work at their own pace. Students get to learn much more than just the language, but also the culture. “Arabic has a long and interesting history behind it,” said freshman student Liam Childs. “Arabic also provides so many benefits for our future.”

The expanding Arabic culture is becoming more prominent in today’s society, making it a topic of interest among students. The course aids students aiming to deal with international relations in a future career. Currently, the class is a success, and Boumitri hopes to expand the course to higher levels, as well. With the ever-growing attention shown to the Arabic language and culture, Boumitri will have no problem continuing the course triumphantly.

Gurney Elementary Students Visit Residents at Hamlet for Halloween Each year, the Gurney Elementary Service Learning Club parades through the Manor and Atrium at Hamlet Village. They also sing “Halloween Carols” for the residents. It is a tradition and kicks off the club’s monthly visits to both Hamlet and South Franklin Circle. Sheryl Halagan and Dale Tschappat are the co-leaders of this group.



Chagrin Falls Eighth Grade Students Attend Geauga Growth Partnership Career Day On October 7, Chagrin Falls eighth grade students in the Automation and Robotics Project Lead the Way classes were able to attend a Career Day sponsored by the Geauga Growth Partnership. Students learned about careers at the Geauga Park District, ASM International and Bonitas. Several speakers gave students a glimpse into their careers. At ASM International, retired NASA scientist Tom Glasgow shared many interesting facts from his career in metallurgy. A naturalist from the Geauga Park District also spoke with students as well as representatives from Junction Auto and Monroe Plumbing.


November/December 2016

Chagrin Falls High School Superintendent’s Student Advisory Committee’s Halloween Festival On Saturday, October 29, dozens of families enjoyed the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Committee’s seventh annual Halloween Festival. The event was held at the Intermediate school and had several different activities, including cookie decorating, face painting, and a “Haunted Hallway.” Money raised from this event will go towards the committee’s future events. “We had a very large turnout with a multitude of excited children in their costumes,” said Kate Weston, president of the committee. “Many thanks to Principal Mr. Steve Ast, the Intermediate School maintenance department, and the members of the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Committee who made the event such a success.”



INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL WRITERS' FORUM On November 11, Chagrin Falls’ Intermediate School held its annual Writers’ Forum. The day began with a presentation by Marlane Kennedy, author of several books including Me and the Pumpkin Queen, The Dog Days of Charlotte Hayes, Lucky Dog, and Disaster Strikes. Throughout the day, students participated in a variety of sessions with a number of presenters that discussed all types of writing. Interns from the Chagrin Falls High School “Write Place” also visited the classrooms and introduced poetry and other writing styles. “The purpose of these sessions with professionals and high school interns was for our students to learn about writing through different careers and disciplines,” said Principal Sarah Read. The community guest speakers included attorneys, journalists, grant writers, advertisers, teachers, historians and museum professionals, and writers.


November/December 2016

At the end of the day, students were given opportunities to do their own creative and informative writing through various classroom lessons and activities. Some of the formats included story writing, autobiographies, journalism, marketing, museum copy and curriculum, word choice and poetry. A special thanks to our guest speakers Shawn Acton, Brenda Cain, Jare Cardinal, Jennifer Cimperman, Alex Gertsberg, Kathleen Gill, Nancy Kevern, Ellen J. Kleinerman, Neil Markey, Mara Purnhagen, Heather Reeder, Sue Reid, Haley Schron, and Ryan Sears.



REAL MONEY REAL WORLD On October 26, Chagrin Falls Schools’ eighth grade students participated in the Real Money, Real World program from The Ohio State University. This is a financial literacy program that allows students to assume the role of a 27-year-old who is the sole income provider for a family. The student receives an occupation, monthly salary and the number of children they are raising. Then, throughout several modules, students learn to manage their money. During the simulation, students went to different booths and talked with various community members, parents and other professionals about how to make wise choices with their money on sudden life problems, child care, clothing, communications, contributions, credit, entertainment, financial advice, food, housing, insurance, transportation and utilities.


November/December 2016

“The Real World, Real Money program is a great way to teach our students how to be responsible with their money,” said Laila Discenza, principal of Chagrin Falls Middle School. “You can’t teach them this knowledge with a textbook, which is why this program is so important."



Gurney Elementary School Students Participate in Buddy Classes For the last four years, students at Gurney Elementary have been participating in “Buddy Classes,” where older students are paired with younger students to work together on various activities. First grade students are paired with third grade students and kindergarten students are paired with second grade students to do shared reading, a craft or research together. However, beginning this year, once a month one of the Encore teachers plans and executes a buddy class for every pair of classes. In October, Physical Education Teacher Justin Cannon hosted Master Jason and the buddy pairs learned about Kuk Sol Dol. In November, Library Aide Mary Jo Czerr prepared a “Buddy Book” activity where the students learned about their buddy by asking each other questions. “It truly is a great opportunity for the second and third graders to be peer leaders and for the younger students to get to know the older students,” said First Grade Teacher Julie Albrecht. “It's cute when they see each in other in halls and they now know each other.”


November/December 2016

Doris Bernoski Receives Award for Years of Service to Students of Chagrin Falls During the annual Fall Conference of the Ohio School Speech Pathology and Educational Audiology Coalition (OSSPEAC) on October 9, Doris Bernoski, a retired Speech Language Pathologist from Chagrin Falls Schools and now a volunteer for speech and language services for more than 10 years, received a Founder's Award. This award is given to a member who exemplifies the mission of "Removing Communication Barriers for Ohio's Children." Bernoski was recognized for improving the life of students who have speech, language and hearing needs; collaborating with district personnel, parents and students; providing innovative contributions and programs to the work setting; and providing professional leadership at the local level. "Doris has done amazing things to help students in Chagrin Falls Schools with communication disorders," said Superintendent Robert Hunt. "We are fortunate to have not only had Doris work for our district for more than 30 years, but now as a volunteer and substitute teacher."

Valerie Spieth, Sean Harbaugh, Graceson Brustoski, Doris Bernoski, Lewis Hang and Maggie Koehler. SUPER NEWS


Highlights of the Fall Season of Chagrin Falls High School Athletics The fall season for Chagrin Falls High School was a memorable one. There were two CVC Champions (Boys Golf and Girls Soccer). Along with two CVC championship two coaches were named coaches of the year, Pamela Malone Girls Soccer, Charlie Moriarty Boys Golf. Chagrin Falls had 13 athletes named 1st team CVC, 16 named 2nd team CVC, and 18 named honorable mention CVC. Daniel Berlin from the boys golf team, Jack Dawson from the football team, and Brooke Weitzel from the girls soccer team were named CVC MVP’s for their respective sports. In state competition our girls cross country team won districts, placed second at regionals, and then finished the season in 4th place at the state meet. Annie Zimmer finished off a great season by breaking the school record running 18:02.01 at the state meet and was the state runner up. Our girls’

Daniel Berlin


November/December 2016

soccer team had one of the best seasons in history by going 22-2 losing in the state championship game to Bishop Alter 3-0. The team had 17 shut outs which put them 4th all-time in the state of Ohio for shut outs in a season. Daniel Berlin from the boy’s golf team qualified for states for the third year in a row. Three individuals made all Ohio this fall and that was Jack Dawson (Football), Tori Hallwachs (Girls Soccer), and Annie Zimmer (Girls Cross Country). Not only was it a successful season on the field of play, but also in the class room. Thirty Eight studentathletes were named to the CVC All-Academic Team. In order to be named to the CVC All-Academic Team you must be a senior, have a 3.25 Cummulative GPA, and lettered twice in your sport.

Tori Hallwachs

Annie Zimmer

Girls' Soccer Team

Jack Dawson

This fall the athletic department also said goodbye to our team doctor, Tom Anderson, who has been a part of the staff for the past 33 years. He has been a part of the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Indians, and Cleveland State medical staff, and done his best to make it to as many Chagrin Falls events as possible. Dr. Anderson would be at Varsity and JV games, or whenever the athletic department needed him. He would get calls on Saturdays and Sundays and always did his best to get our studentathletes in as soon as possible to get an evaluation. Dr. Anderson was presented with a painting that was donated by the Chagrin Falls Booster Club and painted by former Chagrin Art Teacher Dave King. SUPER NEWS


A Day in the Life . . . Chagrin Falls High School Students Photojournalism students in Mrs. Angie Jameson's Yearbook class enjoy capturing the day in the life of their fellow students each week. Here are a few of their pictures.

The RE16N of Victory

Women's Choir

Senior Keeley Malone performs a leprechaun jump as she awaited game time against West Geauga on October 24 to determine who would compete for the district championship. The team ultimately won the districts and played for the state title.

Freshmen Ella Murray, Emily Wirbel, Sophee Newbauer, sophomore Olivia Andresen, and freshman Joelle Kristoff run through some scales at the commencement of class. Mr. Hamid, the choir director, plays the piano along with the singers to aid them with their pitch. “I look forward to being able to walk into a place that I don’t feel judged and I’m free to be myself,” Kristoff commented.

By: Amy Sahlani, Junior


November/December 2016

By: Bethany Bacus, Junior

Through the Bows

By: Bethany Bacus, Junior Practicing vigorously, junior Erin Kawalek and sophomore Greyson Brett get ready for a day of hard work. The class began by warming up and tuning their stringed instruments. “I’m always up for a challenge,” commented Kawalek.

World Series Whirlwind By: Ava McFarlane, Freshman

The Chagrin Falls High School students were pleasantly surprised by Gurney kids and popcorn. An entire grade of students came with hand drawn on bags of popcorn. The Chagrin Falls High school students lined up to make a bridge so that the Gurney kids could get through. Before that, everyone had an impromptu dance party. Chagrin really showed its love for the Indians!



Chagrin Falls Students at Gurney Elementary Learning with Chromebooks The first grade classes at Gurney Elementary are busy using Google Chromebooks to enhance student learning. Currently, students have been using the Chromebooks in reading and math. In reading, students are able to practice decoding strategies with practice sentences on Google Classroom. They are also practicing their snap words by typing them in Google Docs. This also is helping them learn basic computer skills like typing, changing font size, and color. In math, students are working on their facts and eventually other new topics they learn in class. “Chromebooks are very motivating and engaging for our students,” said first grade teacher Rena Polien. “It is really neat seeing our students helping each other when they get stuck with a problem, such as how to find a tab or a certain key. It helps foster peer relationships and allows students to take a leadership role.”

Chagrin Falls Intermediate School Students Attend Clevelan On November 4, all of the students at Chagrin Falls Intermediate School attended a Cleveland Orchestra concert at Severance Hall. Students heard music of many different composers, including pieces by Beethoven, Dukas, Ravel, Berlioz and Strauss. Students learned about the four families of instruments as they watched the world-renowned Cleveland Orchestra perform. Music Teacher Susan Smith coordinated the field trip. “It was especially exciting because several of the musicians were relatives and community members of the students.”


November/December 2016

LAUNCHNET Kent State Encourages Entrepreneurship for Local Chagrin Falls High Schoolers This past October, 21 junior and senior-level students from Chagrin Falls High School visited Kent State University and participated in an entrepreneurial workshop designed to increase the students’ awareness and knowledge of the venture formation process. LaunchNET Kent State hosted the event.

tour of the Fashion School and College of Business Administration, led by student facilitators. “It was so great to inspire the students and their teachers and give them an opportunity to explore innovative solutions to everyday problems,” according to Ms. Buchinsky.

Lynn Buchinsky, one of LaunchNET’s Venture Advisors, facilitated multiple hands-on activities for the students, igniting their innovative mindset with challenges, idea generation, brainstorming techniques, and opportunities to pitch their ideas. The students learned about entrepreneurship via a Jeopardy-style game, talked with a Kent State student entrepreneur, and worked with a number of idea-generation tools. Additionally, student teams collaborated to find solutions for a problem that “bugged” them in their schools, which they then presented for prizes. Finally, they had an educational

nd Orchestra Concert



Chagrin Falls High School Students Compete at 8th Annual ideablitz! At the 8th annual ideablitz! competition on Nov. 12, 2016, twelve innovative ideas were pitched by 36 students, including students from the Hiram College’s Weekend College (WEC), Community College Partnerships and College Credit Plus with the Chagrin Falls School District, to a panel of outside judges. Each student or team had six minutes to present followed by three minutes of Q&A from the judges. Ideas were judged on concept, market need, technological and competitive attributes, pricing, uniqueness and presentation. The top three winning ideas were: 1st Place ($500) Kinda A Big Dill, Chase Kelley ‘20, Evan Harris ‘17 and Ricky Hampton ‘18; 2nd Place ($300) Always


November/December 2016

Clear, Andrew Buxa ‘17, Patrick McKiernan WEC, and Travis Koteles WEC, and 3rd Place ($200.00) SafeKey Lock, Joseph Touhey ’20 and Liam Osborne ’20. All participants received feedback about their concepts and presentation from the panel of judges. Kay Molkentin, director of the Center for Integrated Entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship professor David Kukurza, hope that many of the students will use the feedback and continue to work on developing their ideas to present at ideabuild! in the spring.

Chagrin Falls High School Students Sign National Letters of Intent Chagrin Falls High School senior girls lacrosse player Ali Mazzola has signed a national letter of intent to play at the University of Cincinnati. Mazzola will have earned four varsity letters at Chagrin Falls. She was a member of the state runner up team freshman year and the state champion team sophomore year. As a junior she was All District, All Ohio, and All American.

Chagrin Falls High School senior boys lacrosse player Connor Orzen has signed a national letter of intent to play at the St Joseph University. Orzen will have earned four varsity letters at Chagrin Falls in lacrosse. As of freshman he was on the state runner up team, and his sophomore year the team won the state championship. As a junior he was 2nd team All Region.





November/December 2016





November/December 2016




Chagrin Falls Middle School 7th Grade Field Trip Highlights - Cleveland Metroparks Watershed Stewardship Center


November/December 2016

Second Annual "We Solve Problems Essay Contest" to Address Texting and Driving For the second year, business and government leaders, students, teachers and parents will come together to tackle a critical problem facing our nation’s teens.

those problems, some of which will become reality after the contest itself is over,” said Jeff Hoffman, co-founder of and a judge of the “We Solve Problems Essay Contest.”

High school students from Chagrin Falls, Kenston, Orange and Newbury will be given a voice and the power to solve, through an essay, the problem of texting and driving through the “We Solve Problems Essay Contest.”

The success of the contest relies on judges – business, government and community leaders – who will read 5-10 essays over a one-week period in February 2017. “It was powerful to see how the Chagrin Valley business community rallied around this contest,” said Molly Gebler, executive director Created by the Gertsburg Law Firm and The of the Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce, Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce, students’ reflecting upon the inaugural contest. “We are thrilled 600-word essays will be judged by business and to be expanding the contest this year to include the government leaders. Finalists will receive cash awards Orange and Newbury school communities and look or scholarships and the school with the winning to our business and government leaders to continue essay will be rewarded. to support this innovative learning experience.” “We are honored to be continuing the ‘We Solve It also relies on generous donations from the Problems Essay Contest’,” said Alex Gertsburg, head community and businesses. This year, the Gertsburg of the Gertsburg Law Firm. “As members of the Law Firm formed a non-profit corporation, We Chagrin Valley community, our firm is committed Solve Problems, Inc., making the donations tax to helping mentor and educate our young future deductible to donors. The firm also is matching leaders. Harnessing the power of business and donations dollar-for-dollar (up to $375) in legal political leaders towards that goal, and helping to services to anyone who donates. Last year, numerous solve real-world problems like texting and driving, businesses and individuals received free estate plans, are innovative ways to accomplish that goal, and we contract reviews and credits towards litigation from feel very strong about doing our part in all of those the firm for their donations. areas.” The contest is open to high school students from The inaugural “We Solve Problems Essay Contest” Chagrin Falls, Kenston, Orange and Newbury. featured essays from 734 students from Chagrin Falls and Kenston High Schools addressing the issue of Students will submit essays in February 2017 with cyberbullying. More than 200 business, government winners announced the following month. and community leaders judged the students’ essays Additional information about the contest, including with a total of $10,000 in prize money awarded to how to become a judge or sponsor, can be found at finalists and the participating schools. This year’s contest also will include students from Orange and Newbury High Schools. “The essay contest is an important community effort because it only not only pushes our students to think about the issues that affect us all but it also encourages them to propose realistic solutions to SUPER NEWS


Breakfast with Santa Brings Smiles to All Who Attended Ho, Ho, Homerun! Did you hear Santa's bells ringing at the 8th annual Breakfast with Santa? Over 400 pancake lovers did! Held as a High School Baseball team community service event and fundraiser for the teams' spring training trip, the baseball elves served their guests piles of pancakes and homemade sausage and created crafts with the little ones. The kids enjoyed a toy raffle and the adults bid on super auction items. Santa's arrival was the highlight of the morning and he gave each little guest his complete attention, listening to whether they had been naughty or nice. Each year Breakfast with Santa grows and the team is so proud to bring the joy of the season to our schools and our community. The team hopes to see you at BWS2017!


November/December 2016



Gurney Elementary Tiger Beats "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas"

Tiger Beat students warm up for their holiday performance.

Beautiful song of peace with two-part harmony by Gurney Elementary's Tiger Beat third and fourth graders.

Performance Highlights December 6, 2016


November/December 2016

Intermediate School Student Art Show Now on Display at Hamlet Village Atrium Chagrin Falls Intermediate School Artwork is on display in the Hamlet Village Atrium through January 30. All are welcome! On December 6, students visited the residents at the show's opening. They had a wonderful time introducing themselves, playing Wii bowling, chair volleyball and making crafts.



Chagrin Falls Schools Specialty License Plates on Sale

In 2015, State Reps. Marlene Anielski (R-Walton Hills) and Sarah LaTourette (R-Bainbridge Township) introduced legislation that would create an additional funding source for the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village School District. The piece of legislation would create specialty license plates with a special design for the entire school district. With the purchase of the specialty license plates, the school will receive additional funding that will be designated to assist in the emotional and mental well-being of the students. That legislation passed and these specialty plates are now on sale Customers may purchase the plate online at BMVOnlineServices/VR/Availability or at their local deputy registrar office. Derrick Vehar, an 11th grade student at Chagrin Falls High School, created the design under the direction of his art teacher, Dawn Serazin. Vehar received a commendation from Rep. Anielski at the varsity basketball game on December 2. There is an additional charge of $40 on top of the original costs for the plate — $10 to be used by the


November/December 2016

BMV for administrative purposes and $30 to be directly earmarked for the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village School District. Purchasers of the plates shall remain anonymous from any school database unless they complete a consent form to release their information to the schools. Chagrin Fall Superintendent Bob Hunt said, “The Chagrin Falls Exempted Village School district is appreciative of the efforts made by Representative Anielski to create revenue to support the emotional health of students within our district. This legislation provides an outlet for residents to demonstrate and grow community pride while providing resources to help young people.” “The specialty license plate for the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools is a new financial mechanism in which the students will greatly benefit,” said Rep. Anielski. “I am pleased that my colleague, Representative LaTourette, recognized the opportunity to join me in assisting our most precious gifts, our children, in developing into thriving adults.”

French Students at Chagrin Falls Middle School Making and Selling Soap to Help Fund New Art School in Haiti French students at Chagrin Falls Middle School are making soap, which will have a far-reaching impact on children 1,600 miles away in Haiti. The middle-schoolers and their teacher have partnered with Valley Art Center instructor David Shankland to provide supplies to the art school he is opening in Haiti, the poorest country in the Americas. French teacher Christine Briggs met the local sculptor at Valley Art Center's Art by the Falls this past summer. Shankland mentioned the art school he has founded near Port Au Prince, Haiti. Mrs. Briggs told him she shared an interest in Haiti and would like her students to collaborate. The Chagrin students have responded in a big way. Rather than simply donate money, they decided they would sell a hand-made product to raise money to purchase paint brushes. A fundraising plan was needed and the students decided to manufacture bars of soap in 3 light aromas—citrus, lavender and peppermint. They also created a business name: Savon D'Espoir, translated as "Hope Soap" and they designed a logo to go with it. The students are using the school's new 3D printer to design soap molds. The class and their teacher have made an arrangement with the Valley Art Center Gift Shop to display and sell their unique product. Customers may purchase the soaps now for $5 a bar. 100% of the profits go toward the purchase of paint brushes and other needed art supplies. Upon return from his most recent trip to Haiti, Mr. Shankland met with the French class three times, sharing his experiences in the impoverished country. "I was just amazed watching them fly into action," he said. "This table is the art department, over there manufacturing, this group working marketing on the board. I am really overwhelmed at what these students are doing."

The young entrepreneurial philanthropists needed to develop business practices in areas of supply purchase, manufacturing, marketing, display, advertising and sales, Shankland said. He pointed out that the activity of the students in Chagrin Falls mirrors the goals of the students in Haiti. The Haitian art students plan to sell the art they create to visitors from abroad and learn the same business and creative skills their American friends are learning. Back in Chagrin Falls, the soap project is underway and Valley Art Center customers began buying the soaps on the first day. Currently the 100% organic glycerine soaps are available in three colors and scents. Each unique bar is individually wrapped with a bow and a tag explaining the story of Savon D'Espoir (Hope Soap). "Wash your hands with soap, fill their hearts with hope."



Chagrin Falls Art Club Students Help Valley Art Center Prepare for Holiday Children’s Workshop

Students in the Chagrin Falls Intermediate School Art Club volunteered to help the Valley Art Center prepare for their 23rd Annual Holiday Workshop for Children. One of the key messages art club stresses is the importance of art in the community. For the fall service learning, the club decided to help prep for the workshop to support and foster their community connections through the arts. The workshop has become an annual Christmas tradition for students in grades one through six. Children travel from station to station creating a variety of holiday crafts to bring home or to give


November/December 2016

as gifts. The crafts are relatively brief which means there’s an immense amount of prep work that goes into the event. The Art Club volunteered to help cut ribbon for embellishments, sand and paint sticks for musical instruments, paint parts of a snowman to be assembled later, and cut cardstock and paper for holiday cards. “It would easily take a single person hours each day over the course of weeks to prepare all the materials for the workshop,” said Becky Frazier of the Valley Art Center. “We are so thankful for the Art Club for helping us in all the preparations.”

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Super News November/December 2016  

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