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Message from Our Superintendent March 20 was the official "first day of Spring." Apparently, there is no correlation between this date and the weather in Northeast Ohio. With May upon us, soon we will be culminating another school year with the recognition of another exceptional graduating class. Spring also is the time when state and national testing takes place throughout the school district. Students in grades 3-8 will soon be completed with the AIR state tests while students in grades 7-12 have completed end of course exams. The testing season will close with the highest percentage of students in the history of Chagrin Falls High School taking Advanced Placement tests in 27 different course offerings. We appreciate the hard work of our faculty and students for their efforts throughout the course of the school year. Although we value these assessments and understand that these results are important, they do not define what we offer to students at Chagrin nor do they capture the future potential of our students. We understand that these results represent a snapshot in time and the development of our future entrepreneurs, artists, engineers, musicians, and writers is grounded in the comprehensive curricular and extra curricular programming and our commitment to the individual growth of every student. This past week, the district Inner Council sponsored the RealizeU breakfast. Each building selects students to nominate a teacher that has made a significant impact. The teachers are invited to the event without being informed of the student who selected them for this recognition. The students present the award by sharing their rationale for their nomination. The event is a reminder of what talented and thoughtful

2 | May 2018

students we have in our school district. Each of the teachers recognized obviously understands and is carrying out the district mission of personalizing the educational experience for every child. They work tirelessly to develop positive relationships and inspire young people to achieve. We appreciate their ongoing commitment to our students. This month is also the time when our support organizations review applications for various grants throughout the district. We are, once again, humbled by their unwavering support. Much of the innovation that we attempt within our district is due to their support. They have been at the forefront of so much of what we offer that separates our school district. We do not take this for granted and appreciate their continued efforts to enhance what we do for young people. Throughout the spring, we have been collecting data to serve as the foundation for our continuous improvement planning moving forward. We had 1,150 participants contribute 1,362 thoughts that were rated 24,616 times throughout the exchange. We will be sharing these results with our Board of Education at our May 16 meeting and releasing a website shortly thereafter to share all of the results in depth. On page 3 of the Super News, you will find initial high-level data from this report. We look forward to engaging our community in a conversation regarding the future of our schools as we move through the planning process next fall. Robert W. Hunt Superintendent Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools 440-247-4363 @Hunt_Edleader

CHAGRIN FALLS SCHOOLS Thoughtexchange Results & Insights Report

Chagrin Falls Schools recently ran an exchange to explore the questions:

Q1: What are some things you appreciate or value about how we support our students? Q2: What are some ways we can improve how we support our students?

PA R T I C I PAT I O N S U M M A RY DQ1 Which group best describes your involvement with Chagrin Falls Exempted Village School District?





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Community Member



24616 Ratings

71% ( 591 # )

DQ2 To what extent do you value a personalized education for students to maximize their potential?

DQ3 To what extent do you value higher district rankings on public accountability measures? 1%

<1% 6% (2 #)

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(9 #)


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( 185 # )


( 152 # )


( 250 # )

0% <1% 6%


Albsolutely do not value


Albsolutely do not value

Do not value


Do not value









Highly Value


Highly Value

( 530 # )


( 416 # )

Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools | Thoughtexchange Report

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A Review of the April Board of Education Meetings At the April 4 work session, the Board of Education was proud to recognize the Speech and Debate team. The students’ creativity, confidence, work ethic, and talent make them great ambassadors for our school. This year, 22 students qualified to compete in the state tournament at which Jack Reboul and Christopher Currey won the State Championship in public forum. With the results at this year’s state tournament, our Speech and Debate team is quickly becoming one of the premier programs in the area. Senator Matt Dolan updated the Board on new legislation being proposed in the Senate and House. SB 216 would result in fewer rules and more freedom to districts that receive less money from the state. According to Senator Dolan, who supports this bill, SB 216 would reduce the number of tests our students need to take, allow teachers to see the results of those tests, and allow districts additional flexibility in hiring teaching staff. Senator Dolan also reported on HB 512 which would create a Department of Learning and Achievement that would merge the state departments of Education, Higher Education, and Workforce Transformation into one organization overseen by an appointee of the governor. Senator Dolan reported that this bill was introduced with little to no discussion and fears this bill would have the unintended consequence of setting Ohio back to the one size fits all approach to education. Senator Dolan does not support this bill. Finally, Senator Dolan reported on how the state is addressing school security. While the state will mandate that schools have emergency plans, emergency drills, and a tip line to report potential threats, Chagrin Falls Schools has already implemented these measures on our own. Senator Dolan also addressed mental health, addiction, and potential changes to gun laws.

The Board received an update on the status of the Intermediate School construction project. After phase 1, the project is $800 under budget. The project managers have been working diligently to remain under budget in phases 2 and 3. In 2016, $1.4 billion worth of school construction projects were approved by school districts in Northeast Ohio. This number of projects has the potential to saturate the market and cause construction costs to rise. The project management team has done a great job getting ahead of these other building projects ensuring that Chagrin Falls would get the best possible bids on our projects. For example, their work allowed us to obtain a steel contract before steel tariffs were implemented. Weather permitting, the community can expect to see the beginning of the outer walls in early May. At the April 17 regular meeting, Superintendent Robert Hunt presented the Board with a plan to reallocate staff positions in the district. The Board approved the removal of the School Management Coordinator position along with one elementary teaching position and replaced those with an Assistant Elementary Principal position as well as an Instructional Coach in Math. While other area districts have a student-to-elementary principal ratio of 289 to 1, Chagrin has a ratio of 503 to 1. Creating the Assistant Elementary Principal position reduces this ratio to 335 to 1 and allows our principals to spend more quality time serving our students. The Instructional Coach in Math position will function in the same way as the Technology Integration position that Nancy Kevern currently performs. The position will help standardize ways math is taught across grade levels and provide an additional resource for teachers in their preparation for their classes. Greg Kanzinger – Board Member

Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools Board of Education President: Sharon Broz (440) 715-0326 Vice President: Kathryn Garvey (216) 401-7735

4 | May 2018

Greg Kanzinger (216) 346-8272 Mary Kay O’Toole (440) 338-8636 Phil Rankin (216) 280-9092

Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools “Treasurer’s Corner”

Table 1 compares actual monthly receipts to the monthly estimates and to prior fiscal year actual receipts. General fund revenues spike in the 1st and 3rd quarter as a result of real estate tax collections.

Table 2 compares actual monthly expenditures to monthly estimates and to prior fiscal year actual expenditures. Expenses are typically fairly consistent throughout the fiscal year.

Table 3 compares estimated and actual monthly ending cash balances demonstrating compliance with Board of Education cash balance policies.

Table 4 is a cash flow summary comparing revenues to expenditures each month.

Click here to read the 2016-2017 Popular Annual Financial Report

Super News | 5

Chagrin Falls Schools Cafe Time with the Superintendent Robert Hunt, Superintendent of Chagrin Falls Schools, has scheduled a series of drop-in meetings throughout the school year for parents and community members to say hello and learn about what’s happening in the schools and district. The final meeting of the school year is May 4 in the new Heinen’s Cafe in Chagrin Falls Village.

6 | May 2018

Residents are welcome to come and go as their schedule permits during each 60-minute discussion. Bring your thoughts, questions, and suggestions and enjoy one-on-one time with Superintendent Hunt. In the event of a cancellation or rescheduling of dates, please check the district website under the Superintendent’s page or the district Facebook page.

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4 Independence Day

Super News | 7

Chagrin Falls Schools Volunteer Extraordinaires A Profile of Richard Haber, State Champion Chagrin Falls High School Debate Coach By Maggie Mills, sophomore, Chagrin Falls High School On March 4, Chagrin Falls High School Speech and Debate team celebrated a historic moment: the first state champion Public Forum student debaters in the history of Chagrin Falls Schools, Chris Currey and Jack Reboul, stood to receive their plaques amid applause and cheering. Chagrin debate competes against some of the best private schools in Ohio, many of which have debate programs with in-school classes and specialized coaches. How is it then, that Chagrin Falls High School, a public school, managed to consistently beat those other programs? The answer can be found in volunteer extraordinaire Richard Haber, a Cleveland litigator of 25 years, recognized in six separate editions of Cleveland’s Best Lawyers, U.S. News’ Best Lawyers in America, and for seven years running, Super Lawyer magazine. This year, Haber can add another commendation to his collection: State Champion Debate Coach. As explained by his daughter, Victoria, Haber began to help the team when she first started Chagrin Public Forum. Though she initially struggled with fears of public speaking, Victoria and her partner, Emily, went on to set the precedent of excellence seen today in Chagrin Falls debate, competing successfully at both a state and national level.

“He would stay up and help me write my speeches and research topics,” said Victoria. Haber expanded his role to help the entire Public Forum team after judging at a tournament. “He was just really impressed with the level of preparation it took and offered to come to practice to give some advice,” explained Victoria. “Then he got roped in and kept coming.” According to Haber himself, he was amazed that Chagrin’s sole debate coach could handle the dozens of kids on the speech and debate team and offered to help with Public Forum. It “was the closest thing to litigation.” Since then, Haber has sent countless debaters to the state tournament, four to the national tournament, and four to the esteemed Tournament of Champions, a competition in which the top debaters in the country participate. This past year, Chagrin Public Forum dominated the state tournament with three teams finishing in the top eight. This success left many fellow debate coaches wondering, how does he do it? According to his daughter, it’s Haber’s desire to teach those willing to learn. “He loves to spread knowledge,” she said. “He loves being able to teach people how to effectively contribute their ideas.” State champions Jack Reboul and Chris Currey agree, stating definitively that Haber’s commitment to the team led to their accomplishments. “He’s a very knowledgeable person who’s extremely willing to help us and make himself available,” stated Currey.

Coach Richard Haber, seniors Jack Reboul and Chris Currey, and coach Ken Kasee pose for a photo after Reboul and Currey won the 2018 Ohio state championship for Public Forum debate. 8 | May 2018

Reboul agreed, saying, “He’s willing to help anyone willing to go the extra mile. He’s the reason that we made it to the Tournament of Champions, States, and Nationals. Without him, my speech skills wouldn’t be applicable in the real world.” According to Currey, what Haber taught him remains relevant even as Currey’s high school debate career comes to a close. “He taught us how to tell a story through debate, while following a narrative. I’m confident that those skills will help throughout life.” To Haber, Public Forum’s similarity to litigation made it the perfect fit. “It’s reliance upon research, preparation, evidence, and then the logical extension of that evidence. That’s litigation and Public Forum in a nutshell.” When asked about Currey and Reboul’s state win, Haber said that he “could not have been happier.” Humbly, he deflected credit onto the Public Forum team: “I don’t think you win a state championship without everyone working together to prepare.” Regardless, Haber admitted that he usually spends 40 hours a month researching debate topics, that

number climbing significantly as the state and national tournaments approach. “I’m convinced he takes the entire month of February off from work,” said Reboul, referencing the hours that Haber spent with his team every day in the weeks leading up to the state tournament. More than anything else, Richard Haber has taught Chagrin Falls High School Debate Team that when a team rallies together, it can accomplish feats that no individual could accomplish. In coming years, Haber plans to “continue to build on the depth of the program,” even though his daughter has long since graduated. Evidently, he loves what he does, and his debaters appreciate every minute of his help. “We graduate a lot of talent, but we’ve got a lot of potential,” Haber said. About the author: Maggie Mills is a sophomore at Chagrin Falls High School. She has participated in Public Forum debate under Mr. Haber's supervision for two years, qualifying for the state tournament and the Tournament of Champions. Mills plays on the girls golf team and writes for the "The Tiger Times."

Super News | 9

Chagrin Falls Schools Hosts RealizeU Recognition Breakfast

On April 26, Chagrin Falls Schools hosted a RealizeU Recognition Breakfast in the lobby of the Performing Arts Center. The district’s motto is “RealizeU” and the district strives to ensure that every student is provided the opportunity to realize and actualize their potential. This program recognizes teachers and one community volunteer that have made a significant impact on young people within our school district. Selected students in grades K-12 were asked to nominate a teacher that has inspired them to succeed. Additionally, in collaboration with representatives from the District Inner Council, one school volunteer is recognized for their distinguished service to the students, school, and community of Chagrin Falls. Congratulations, Mrs. Jackie Gerber (nominated by student Braden Mooney), Mrs. Jillian Langer (nominated by student Sadie Conrad), Mr. Ben Rose (nominated by student Cady Whitmer), Mrs. Katherine Owen (nominated by student John Catney), Mr. Mike Wujnovich (nominated by student Zoe Jones), Mrs. Marissa Ausperk (nominated by student Abigail Laws), 10 | May 2018

Ms. Brooke Campbell (nominated by student Alyssa Zaffiro), Ms. Kathryn Warren (nominated by student Andrew Guggenheim), and Mrs. Carolyn Petite (nominated by Eneh Turoczi). The 2018 Outstanding Service Award recipient was Mrs. Mary Donley. Her son, Michael Donley, surprised her by reading a tribute he wrote. The mission of Chagrin Falls Schools is to provide an educational experience empowering students to maximize their potential. “Through our work, we focus on serving and providing students with a rigorous, personalized, educational experience that prepares students for success,” said Superintendent Robert Hunt. “The student experience is at the center of our work; however, successful public schools also value and foster a relationship with parents and community.” Chagrin Falls Schools’ support organizations provided the breakfast and awards.

Gurney Elementary “Mrs. Gerber is very happy, helpful, and friendly. Her calm voice makes her easy to understand. She is an awesome teacher because I can always go to her anytime for help. She always understands me no matter what.”

- student Braden Mooney

“Mrs. Langer taught me how to be a better student and show Tiger PRIDE. She always cared about me and I knew that because she smiles at me whenever we see each other. Mrs. Langer inspired me to love math, too.”

“Mr. Rose makes me a better student. I knew he cared about me because he taught me better ways and now it makes sense to me. He also showed creativity by doing interesting things on Chromebooks.”

- student Cady Whitmer

- student Sadie Conrad

Intermediate School “There is no better feeling than to go to school and be excited about where you are headed. I had never really enjoyed reading books, but Mrs. Owen showed me ways to enjoy it. She is always helpful, patient, and kind. It is not often that you get to experience a teacher with all of these wonderful traits.”

- student John Catney

“Thanks to Mr. Wujnovich, I’ve learned that I don’t have to be afraid to ask for help and I don’t have to be concerned about what others think of me.”

- student Zoe Jones Super News | 11

Chagrin Falls Schools Hosts RealizeU Recognition Breakfast . . . Continued Chagrin Falls Middle School “Mrs. Ausperk believes in me. She believes that I can be an amazing writer if I work hard. She has taught me to show kindness to everyone and that doesn’t have to mean extravagant gestures, but simply just smiling to those that pass you in the hall.”

- student Abigail Laws

“Ms. Campbell’s willing to help not only me but everyone and her positive and encouraging outlook makes her a role model for all students. She goes out of her way to help students inside and outside of class.”

- student Alyssa Zaffiro

Chagrin Falls High School “In Ms. Warren’s classroom, the only thing that mattered was my learning and comfort. I was never upset while working on schoolwork in her room, because I knew everything would be alright, and it was. I have been able to accomplish many things due to her guidance and support.”

- student Andrew Guggenheim

“My motivation to excel in computer science is mostly due to the constant support from my brilliant teacher, Mrs. Petite. Coding pushes your intellectual boundaries, and I have learned that from the challenging and engaging courses Mrs. Petite provides. I plan to major in computer science not only because I feel coding will yield a successful career, but because I now have a true passion for it.”

- student Eneh Turoczi

12 | May 2018

Tribute to Mary Donley “From PTO to After Prom, to Educational Foundation to being a Lacrosse team mom the last four years, my mom’s commitment extends to every single aspect of her life. I have never seen my mom pass up an opportunity to get involved. After spending 18 years of my life with her, I have learned that making a difference doesn’t happen by chance. Rather, my mom has made me realize that making a difference always begin with initiative and commitment.”

- son/student Michael Donley

Super News | 13

Chagrin Falls High School Students Make a Difference with Leukemia and Lymphoma Society "Student of the Year" Program For the past three years, Chagrin Falls High School (CFHS) has had students participate in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) “Students of the Year” fundraising program. This year, Avery Houston and Riley Firehammer represented CFHS at the grand finale program on March 9 at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown, Cleveland. The program promotes leadership development and philanthropy by high school students participating in a fundraising competition to benefit LLS. Every dollar that a student raises is equal to one vote. The candidate or team who raises the most money at the end of six weeks earns the title of “Students of the Year.” The “Students of the Year” receive a $2,500 scholarship towards the college or university of his or her choice. This year, 15 students from across Northeast Ohio participated in fundraising and raised more than $268,000. In addition to impacting the fight against blood cancer, students can benefit by standing out among others when engaging with colleges or future employers. They will have boosted their resume while learning valuable leadership and life skills. While fundraising, students who excelled in the areas of mission awareness,

volunteerism, or community involvement are eligible for recognition through the Citizenship and Mission awards presented at the Grand Finale celebration. Riley Firehammer won the Mission Scholarship and received a $500 scholarship towards the college or university of her choice. “I am raising money in honor of Claire, a young hero who is currently 10 years in remission after battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia,” said Firehammer on her LLS online donation page. “My mission is to not only raise the most money but also to bring attention to blood cancers like leukemia, which is the most common form of cancer in children and teens.” Houston said, “I am raising critical dollars in honor of a young patient hero who is currently battling blood cancer. Ava was six years old when she was diagnosed. Now at the age of seven, she has been undergoing treatment for one year at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital. Even though she is considered in remission, she still has two years left of chemo treatments before she is considered cancer free.” In 2016, CFHS student Abbey Cloonan won “Student of the Year,” and in 2017, Margaret Sobota won the Mission Scholarship.

14 | May 2018

Gurney Elementary School Raises Record-Breaking Amount for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Gurney Elementary School students have raised a record-breaking amount of money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This was Gurneyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best year for the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Pennies for Patientsâ&#x20AC;? initiative as they raised more than $8,000. The money raised for the society funds research, patient access, and advocacy for the patient to ensure they are receiving the highest level of care. Justin Wise and Lisa Dugach, teachers at Gurney Elementary School challenged their students to raise more than last year. They promised their students that if they raised $6,000, then they would dye their hair purple. The goal was reached before the end of the campaign and students saw Wise and Dugach with purple hair all during the school day on Friday, March 16. Second-grade teacher Ben Rose challenged his students that if they raised over $7,000 that he would sport a mohawk. Since the students also surpassed that goal, he is now wearing that hairstyle.

Super News | 15

Chagrin Falls High School Students Gain Valuable Banking Experience The AP Economics class at Chagrin Falls High School has been gaining real world experience when it comes to money. Senior students participated in a lesson that simulated how money is created when banks approve loans and how it is multiplied many times over with each successive deposit. Students acted as bankers, borrowers, a mathematician, and a keeper of the money supply. Each role was important in showing how money was multiplied through requesting and approving loans, calculating reserve requirements, and indicating an additional money supply. Students then acted as members of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve and generated their own economic monetary policies for the United States. “This small class has been such a wonderful group to teach this year and has helped expand the AP Economics program for the following school year,” said social studies teacher Corinne Powers, Chagrin Falls High School. “They are incredibly enthusiastic and always ready to tackle new materials and challenges.”

16 | May 2018

Chagrin Falls High School Music Students Attend Cleveland Orchestra Concert Chagrin Falls High School music students had the opportunity to enjoy a Cleveland Orchestra concert on March 16. Chagrin Falls Schools’ music teachers, Kathy Shoenfelt (band), Sydney Jahnigen (choir), and Kendra Karriker (orchestra) took 68 high school music students to the concert at Severance Hall in downtown, Cleveland. The program they saw included the Barber Cello Concerto, Opus 22 and Dvorak’s Symphony No. 8 in G major, Opus 88. The cellist who soloed at the concert

was Cleveland native Alisa Weilerstein. She made her Cleveland Orchestra debut at the age of 13. The conductor for this concert was former conductor of the NY Philharmonic, Alan Gilbert. After the concert, students who attended returned to school and ate lunch as a group. “It is such an amazing opportunity for the students to hear professional musicians and to enjoy one of the top five orchestras in the world,” said Karriker.

Super News | 17

Chagrin Falls High School Students Participate in Collegiate Entrepreneurial Competition Two Chagrin Falls High School students had the opportunity to present their own business ideas at a collegiate level entrepreneurial challenge. On March 22, students Mac Magyaros and Ben Winovich participated in “ideabuild! 2018” and the “MAD Money Challenge” at Hiram College. Both Magyaros and Winovich are involved in the Entrepreneurship College Credit Plus Program at Chagrin Falls High School. The “ideabuild! Challenge” gave Hiram college students the opportunity to present innovative ideas to a panel of judges from the business community. There were 12 ideas pitched by 34 students, including the Chagrin Falls students. Each student or team had six minutes to present followed by a threeminute question and answer period from the judges. Ideas were judged based on concept, market need, technological and competitive attributes, pricing, uniqueness, and presentation. All participants received feedback from the panel of judges on their concept and presentation. Any ideas that were classified as social enterprise were also judged on the criteria of social impact and ability to be sustainable. These social enterprise ideas competed for a $1,000 MAD Money Challenge cash prize. Magyaros’ idea fit in the social enterprise category as it focused on providing ex-con skilled labor training (non-profit) for the manufacturing industry, reducing the impact on taxpayers, and improving the success rate of ex-cons in Northeast Ohio. The current five-year recidivism rate for ex-cons is 76.7%. Magyaros suggested training ex-cons for current manufacturer’s human resource needs, providing annual membership for manufacturing companies, and reducing the number of inmates. The average annual cost per inmate to the taxpayer is $31,286.

Winovich’s idea was a Matcha infused energy bar for a healthy start to the day. He has been selling his Matcha bars for the last three months and is working towards taking his product to local farmer’s markets, school cafes, and local hotel markets. The judges enjoyed samples of the Matcha bar that Winovich supplied during his presentation. Magyaros won second place and received $500 to help develop his idea. Third place went to Winovich due to his research in the business community to verify his product idea. This earned him $250 towards his business project. Business Education teacher for grades 7-12 at Chagrin Falls Schools Jay Schach said, “Congratulations to Mac Magyaros and Ben Winovich for their time and effort.”

18 | May 2018

Chagrin Falls High School Chagrin Valley Rotary Student of the Month Excellence in Education Peer Award, Chagrin Falls High School Difference Maker Award, and CVC AllAcademic. In her time at CFHS, McGinnis has been a Link Leader for Link Crew and President of Connect Club. She also cheered for the football and basketball teams and received three varsity letters for each. Outside of school, McGinnis is a part of the Youth Group at Fellowship Hall Bible Church. She also sings for the church band and enjoys going on mission trips. When McGinnis is not spending her time with the church, she babysits, sings, and does creative writing. Her accelerated classes include AP English Literature. Chagrin Falls High School senior Nadia McGinnis has been selected as the April Chagrin Valley Rotary Student of the Month. McGinnis was chosen based on her leadership and service qualities she has displayed in her community.

After high school, McGinnis plans to attend Kent State University where she will major in special education and minor in non-profit studies.

McGinnis has been the recipient of several awards during her high school career. These include

Super News | 19

Chagrin Falls Middle School Students Compete in Kindness Challenge The Chagrin Falls Middle School Student Council hosted the school’s second annual “Kindness Challenge” this year. This was a competition between homerooms where students had to complete as many acts of kindness as they could in a two-week span. Each homeroom had a poster displaying several acts of kindness that students could perform. Whenever a teacher or student council member saw a student performing one of the acts, they gave them a sticker to place on the class poster. The winning homerooms were Mrs. Jessica Johnson’s seventh grade homeroom and Mrs. Kathleen Aranavage’s eighth grade homeroom. The reward for the students from these homerooms was a service-based field trip to Hamlet Retirement Village. At the village, students visited with local residents and participated in an ice cream sundae party.

20 | May 2018

Super News | 21

Chagrin Falls Middle School Students Volunteer at the Food Bank Students at Chagrin Falls Middle School (CFMS) raised funds for the Harvest for Hunger Campaign a little differently than in past years. Student Council sponsored this annual campaign and decided to make the fundraiser into a March Madness themed campaign. This meant that homerooms competed against each other to see who could advance to the next round based on how much money was raised. The top two homerooms who advanced to the finals were Mrs. Fenton’s class and Mr. Brown’s class. These homerooms will have a chance to play in a beach volleyball championship game later in the spring. The winner of the volleyball game will get the opportunity to take on the staff in a game. The students who raised the most money to the campaign traveled to the Greater Cleveland Food

22 | May 2018

Bank, where they helped unload all donations from CFMS and packed more than 1,000 lunches. The total amount of goods that CFMS students donated weighed 2,214 pounds. “Our kids worked hard and were motivated to make a difference and help people in need,” said School Counselor Kyle Patterson, Chagrin Falls Middle School. The top 20 students who raised the most and volunteered at the Food Bank were: seventh graders Hannah DiGiampietro, Nathan Hill, Max Klug, Anna Mee, Riley Myers, Michaela Plante, Julianne Rankin, Grace Svette and eighth graders Sophia Avery, Matthew Daniels, Peyton Gellin, Carmine Giannattasio, Adam Hamdan, Ali Holtz, Wren Opperman, Claire Stinson, Madison Szucs, Brett Vaccaro, Sebastian Welter, and Delainey Wyville.

Chagrin Falls Schools Celebrate National Poetry Month In April, Chagrin Falls Schools observed National Poetry Month in a variety of ways. Third-graders at Gurney Elementary School read many different types of poetry. They discussed what poetry is, what it sounds like, and what it can look like. They had fun learning and sharing laughs during the lessons. First-graders and kindergarteners at Gurney enjoyed listening to poetry and then watching short videos of children describing poetry. The goal of these lessons was to inspire the students to write their own poetry. Students also read the poem “Casey at Bat” by Ernest Lawrence Thayer in honor of the Cleveland Indians home opener on April 6. At the Intermediate School, students were exposed to many different kinds of poetry. In one of their lessons, the students listened closely to poems that Kristen Brackett, fifth- and sixth-grade library and educational aide at Chagrin Falls Intermediate School, read aloud. The aim was to have the students become inspired by intently listening to the poems. Classes also discussed poetic devices and how to choose a writing topic. The lesson continued when students volunteered to be a poet or a reader. The classroom was split in two with half set up for kids to sit and write while the other half had several poetry books for the students to read. At the end of class, students sat in a poetry circle and had the opportunity to share their poems. “We have some really talented poets in our midst,” said Brackett..

24 | May 2018

Students in the middle and high school have had the opportunity to create blackout poetry in the library. In Mrs. Jessica Johnson’s seventh-grade language arts class, students wrote two voice poems and will be writing a found poem this month in relation to the book A Long Walk to Water. Additionally, the high school students have had the chance to create a “Poetree” using found poetry from magazine clippings.

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Chagrin Falls Intermediate School Team Advances to Destination Imagination's Global Finals

After achieving honors for creativity, teamwork, and innovation in regional and state academic tournaments, the Chagrin Falls Intermediate school "Floppy Guinea Pigs" Destination Imagination team has earned the right to compete in the Global Finals, the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest celebration of student creativity, to be held May 23-26 in Knoxville, Tennessee. The members of The Floppy Guinea Pigs are Dylan Babic, Aiden Cabic, Cole Kilby, James Rose, and Luke Weaver, all age 12. The Floppy Guinea Pigs will compete with other teams in the Maze Craze, one of seven, open-ended Challenges that require students to apply science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills, in addition to their talents in improvisation, theater arts, writing, project management, communication, innovation, and teamwork. 26 | May 2018

During months of hard work and preparation to get to this point, the team has built a remote control car from scratch that must be navigated through a maze. They've experimented with chemical reactions to create a prop transformation, and are learning and using 3D printing to incorporate thi into an object to be removed from the maze by the car; all of this is presented during the performance of a play that the team wrote and acts out. "My favorite part of DI is the instant challenges because there's no time to debate what to do, we just do it," said Dylan Babic, student on The Floppy Guinea Pigs. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I really like how there are a lot of different challenges and you can meet new people, and you get to work with your friends, and it's fun," said Cole Kilby.

"The team did a great job showing grit as they collaborated and negotiated with each other while they researched, experimented, failed, and repeated the process until they found solutions that worked. The team picked a difficult challenge and they all learned new skills while also learning to work together. I am very proud of their effort.," said Kimberly Kilby, Team Manager of The Floppy Guinea Pigs. The Floppy Guinea Pigs are among the 8,000 students representing more than 1,400 teams that have advanced to participate in Global Finals 2018. To help fund the students' accommodations and entry fee, there are two fundraisers. There is a Go Fund Me campaign at thefloppyguineapigs. Additionally, there will be an ice skating fundraiser at The Pond in Chagrin Falls on Saturday, May 5 from 5:30-7 pm. The cost is $15 per person which includes pizza and soda. Destination Imagination (DI) has had a positive impact on more than two million students who have taken part in its acclaimed academic program. This year, more than 150,000 students have participated

in tournaments throughout the U.S., as well as 30 countries, in hopes of earning a spot at the Global Finals competition in May. Destination Imagination is a leader in project-based learning opportunities that blend STEM education with the arts and social entrepreneurship. Its academic Challenges are student-directed and are designed to teach kids how to think, not what to think. Teams who participate have the opportunity to present their solutions at regional and state tournaments. Each year, DI competitions begin with a regional tournament, where team solutions are assessed by a panel of volunteer judges, who are trained in the specific Challenge they are assessing. Each team solution is scored on a variety of elements, including originality, workmanship, presentation, and teamwork. Teams with the highest scores advance to the Affiliate (state or country) Tournaments. The top-tiered teams from the Affiliate Tournaments advance to Global Finals.

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Chagrin Falls Middle School Students Bring French Culture to Kindergarten Classroom and More

By Kallie Moissis, eighth grade, Chagrin Falls Middle School In January, the Chagrin Falls Middle School Eighth Grade French class took a field trip to Gurney Elementary School, where most of the students spent their early childhood. The eighth graders traveled there to introduce kindergarteners to the French language. Students taught many different subjects including the alphabet, clothes, and food to the intrigued kindergarteners. The eighth-graders did a fabulous job of teaching the children in a way they could understand that was also fun. Kindergartners rotated in groups for several minilessons. Eighth-graders prepared for this day but splitting into groups and working together to create a lesson with an objective, specific activities, and resources. It was interesting for the students to create the lesson with younger children in mind, as they need different types of activities than older kids. This whole experience was 28 | May 2018

immensely beneficial to the eighth-grade French class and to the kindergartners. The older students realized they knew enough to share their newfound knowledge and to expose the kindergarteners to a whole new language. Seventh-graders recently researched a significant historical site in Paris of their choosing. Eighthgraders compiled this information in an interactive online document, which they shared through a presentation to classmates. Then they explored their site in depth in their choice of other subject areas such as mathematics, science, history, art, music and much more. The sites included the Eiffel Tower, the Catacombs, and the Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Arc de Triomphe to name a few. With the expert assistance of Media Specialist Ms. Angie Jameson, the individual projects were compiled into an online magazine. Two different classes each created their own magazine. The magazines can be found at these links:

Chagrin Falls High School Cum Laude Society Induction On April 24, 36 students from the Class of 2018 at Chagrin Falls High School were inducted into the Cum Laude Society. These are the students in the top 20% of their class. Keynote speaker was Ryan Luby, a graduate of Chagrin Falls High School who is currently an investigative reporter for television station Denver 7 in Denver, Colorado. He left the students with a message from one of his peers, “Stories produce stories...literally and figuratively. What’s your story?” Inductees included Edward Armstrong, Mason Bartlett, Vincent Bello, Paul Cantlay, Christopher Currey, Jack Deignan, Nicholas DiFiore, Thomas DiGiampietro, Maxwell DiLalla, Michael Donley, Reagan Dowling, Madeline Ferguson, Samuel Gaizutis, Devin Gilmore, Mikala Izzo, Riley Kirkpatrick, Elise Kosmides, Anastasia Kotkovskaya, Lars Kristensen Rachel Larkin, David Marquette, Lucy Ranieri, Anna Sherman, Margaret Sobota, Madeline Stapulionis, Trevor Stevenson, Kearney Suder, Eneh Turoczi, Derrick Vehar, Marley

Vidmar, Brooke Weitzel, Erik Wilson, Matthew Witalec, Matthew Young, Jillian Zaffiro, and Elizabeth Zimmer. Cum Laude is among the oldest academic honor organizations for high school students in the country. It was organized in 1906 by Dr. Abram W. Harris, Director of the Tome School in Maryland. He believed that scholastic achievement of students in secondary schools should be accorded as much recognition as that given to other accomplishments. He envisioned a Society, modeled on Phi Beta Kappa, which would encourage and recognize true scholarship. During the Society's existence there has been no deviation from the original objective of the founder - namely the recognition of superior scholarship. Student membership is limited up to 20% of the senior class and represents significant scholarship. The Cum Laude Society is based on three key core values that come to us from ancient Greece: Arete - meaning excellence and moral goodness or the act of living up to one's full potential; Dike - refers to the concept of justice; and Time - being true to what is right - conducting oneself with honor.

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Chagrin Falls Middle School Students of the Month - April 2018 The mission of the Chagrin Falls Middle School Students of the Month is to acknowledge and reward students for exemplary performance. The students depict Tiger Techniques: Think, Integrity, Grit, Effort and Responsibility. Each month, the seventh and eighth grade teams collaborate and choose a male and female "Tiger of the Month" and the students receive a special treat from the PTO to take home and share with their family. April's students of the month are Kyla Williams, Eliott Despres, Grace Goodin, and Avery Shinkawa. Kyla Williams always puts forth her best effort and it shows as her work is well done. She is on target in the classroom and is an integral part of all group work and labs activity. She works well with others and is conscientious about listening to other studentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ideas. She is not afraid to ask questions, applies any feedback she receives from teachers, and is respectful to staff and students. She approaches each task at hand with a positive attitude. Eliott Despres quietly leads by example in the classroom. He is on task and prepared to go. His progress this school year has been fantastic.

30 | May 2018

Eliott has been doing a great job of learning the saxophone as a second-year player. He is always prepared for class, works hard, is cooperative in groups, and is responsible and respectful to students and staff. He is a hard worker and has quiet determination. Grace Goodin brings her best to class daily. She has a positive attitude and willingly lends a hand to her teammates in math. She is insightful, caring and supportive of those around her. She works hard and applies her musical and theatrical talents in multiple classes. Avery Shinkawa is a leader in the trumpet section of the band and takes pride in a job well done. He takes initiative to ask for extra help when he needs it. He is responsible and helpful. Avery reflects on his work and enjoys learning alternative strategies for solving problems. He puts his best foot forward in terms of his schoolwork. He has dedication, and is polite and helpful to others. He constantly goes out of his way to make each spot he is in a better place.

Chagrin Falls Schools Sponsors a Lecture in the Chagrin Arts Chautauqua-in-Chagrin Series Chagrin Falls Schools will be partnering with Chagrin Arts to sponsor one of many lectures in the Chautauquain-Chagrin series. Chautauqua-in-Chagrin is a lecture series returning for its 12th year this summer. It includes lectures and conversations meant to create an open dialogue on how to address certain issues. This year’s focus is: “Let’s Talk: Exploring Moral and Ethical Issues Surrounding Race, Medicine, Cybersecurity, and Free Speech.” The series begins on June 12 and runs through July 17. All programs will be held at the Chagrin Falls United Methodist Church at 20 S. Franklin St., Chagrin Falls. Chagrin Falls Schools is sponsoring the “Understanding Racial Inequity” lecture on Tuesday, June 12. The presenters will be members of the Racial Equity Institute based in Greensboro, North Carolina.

It includes a team of trainers, organizers, and institutional leaders who devote their work to creating racially equitable organizations and systems. Racial Equity Institute organizers will use stories and data to present the findings that racism is fundamentally structural in nature. The presenters will examine modern day characteristics of racial inequity and focus on the nature and impact of systemic racism. The program begins at 7 pm in the Chagrin Falls United Methodist Church. Tickets for a single evening are $20-$25 for adults, and $5 for students 25 years and younger. To subscribe to the entire lecture series, tickets run between $72 and $92. Tickets may be purchased through phone at 440-247-9700 or online at

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Chagrin Falls High School Band Concert Highlights April 18, 2018 Photos courtesy of Jean Kanzinger

32 | May 2018

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Chagrin Falls High School Choir Concert Highlights April 23, 2018

Chagrin Falls High School Orchestra Concert Highlights April 27, 2018

34 | May 2018

Chagrin Falls Middle School Athletic Director Todd Thombs Selected as Middle School Athletic Director of the Year Chagrin Falls Middle School Athletic Director has been chosen by the Northeast Ohio Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NEOIAAA) as the recipient of the Middle School Athletic Director of the Year Award. This award is given to an association member in recognition of service, leadership, and involvement at the local level as a middle school athletic administrator. Thombs was nominated by an association member and selected by the awards committee. Thombs has been the Athletic Director for CFMS since 1999. During his time at CFMS, he has been the Head Middle School Football Coach from 1996-1998 and 2009-present; Head Middle School Track Coach (1998, 1999, & 2006-Present); Assistant Middle School Wrestling Coach (2015-Present); Assistant High School Varsity Track Coach (1995-1997); and Assistant High School Varsity Football Coach (1995). From 1993-1995, he was the Assistant Varsity Track Coach at Riverside High School and acted as the Assistant Varsity Football Coach from 1992-1994. During his time at John R. Williams Jr. High, he was the Assistant Middle School Track Coach in 1992 and the Assistant Middle School Football Coach in 1991. While acting as the assistant football coach at John R. Williams, Thombs was also the Assistant Varsity Track Coach at Marlington High School. In 1990, he began his coaching career as the Assistant Middle School Basketball Coach at Stanton Jr. High in Alliance. Between coaching and playing, he has been involved in 46 athletic seasons. While Thombs attended college at Mount Union College, he was a Varsity Football Letterman in 1990, a student assistant coach in 1989, and a football team member in 1987 and 1988. He received his B.S. in Mathematics from Mount Union in 1991, and his M.S. in Education from John Carroll University in 1999. In 2017, he received his Gifted Endorsement from Ashland University. Thombs has taught at Chagrin Falls Middle School since 1995. Prior to that, he was a teacher at John R. Williams Junior High in Painesville from 1991-1999.

His achievements have not gone unnoticed as he was named a Martha Holden Jennings Scholar in 2000, and in 2008 was the Chagrin Falls’ Rotary “Today’s Teacher Award” recipient. In 2010 he was named “Outstanding Middle School Math Educator for the Northeast District by the Greater Cleveland Council of Teachers of Mathematics and in 2011-2012, Thombs was recognized as the “Teacher of the Year.” Thombs will be celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary in June with his wife, Danielle. Together they have four children–Hannah, a senior Chemical Engineering Major at the University of Pittsburgh; Johnny, a senior Accounting Major at the University of Mount Union; Emma, a sophomore Exercise Physiology Major at the University of Mount Union; and Lydia, a current junior at Chagrin Falls High School. In his free time, he enjoys cycling, working in the yard, hiking, camping, and spending time with family. Thombs attended the NEOIAAA Annual Awards Banquet on April 15 at the Sheraton Suites Hotel in Cuyahoga Falls.

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Chagrin Falls Schools Spring Art Show Highlights The Chagrin Falls Schools' Spring Art Show featured artwork from students in grades 7-12 from April 19-22 in the Hamlet Village atrium. Congratulations to all those artists who were recognized: VALLEY ART CENTER AWARD - Paul Cantlay CLEVELAND PRINT ROOM BLACK & WHITE FILM AWARD - Grace Lowe HAMLET BEST IN SHOW - Lindy Cunnington HAMLET HIGH SCHOOL GOLD - Margaret Sobota HAMLET HIGH SCHOOL SILVER - Alice Patton BOARD OF EDUCATION AWARD - Reagan Dowling DADS’ CLUB AWARDS - Matthew Leibold, Will Holle, Che Sinclair

36 | May 2018



THANK YOU! PTO ART SHOW COMMITTEE Marianne Gallagher, Carrie Hawk, Jackie Kruyne, Chris Kukla, Colleen Mahoney, Jerrel Mattson, Loren Winans ART INSTRUCTORS Dawn Serazin, Art Department Chairperson Art Teacher – High School Jill Eisert, Art Teacher – High School Libby Harrold, Art Teacher – High School Amy Fenton, Art Teacher – Middle School and all of our talented musicians!

Margaux Augier Libby Galicki Bethany Bacus Livi Harmat Robin Barth Matthew Keiper Devon Blanks (2) Riley Kirkpatrick Ruby Castellani Elise Kosmides (3) Lorenzo Conte Charlie Kukla Francesca Demes Eliza Larkin Brandon Denton Grace Lowe Jillian Diedrich Clay Luce Reagan Dowling Mackenzie Lurch Kate Flynt Mary Frances Mahoney Jake Fritz

Sadie Nachtwey Emily Owens Alice Patton Anna Sevich Mackenzie Shanklin Che Sinclair Margaret Sobota Maddie Stapulionis Lily Subel Christy Welder Lily Winans Kelly Wynveen (3)

MIDDLE SCHOOL: Ella Angel Genevieve Armstrong Sophia Avery (4) Aleeta Cowan Aubree Daugherty Victoria Fields Liliana Hernandez (2) Ali Holtz

Emma Jones Matthew Leibold Madeleine Pulte Claire Stinson Julia Stotter Jennie Wouters (2) Boyd Zeiler-Courtwright Super News | 37

Chagrin Falls Schools Spring Art Show Highlights

38 | May 2018

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District All Calls Our district uses an automated calling system to send out important messages such as school closings, school delays, or other valuable information when necessary. This service is only for the parents of district students. Parents will be eligible to receive these calls when they enroll their students. If you are a parent in the district and you are not receiving the automated calls, or if you need to change the number that these calls go to, please contact Pupil Services at (440) 247-4564. Stay Connected Would you like to be notified via email of what’s happening in the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village School District? Register to receive emails through Constant Contact. Go to the homepage, In the upper right hand corner, click the “Stay Connected” icon to sign up. 40 | May 2018

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Super News May 2018  

Super News is the digital magazine of the Chagrin Falls Schools

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Super News is the digital magazine of the Chagrin Falls Schools