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August 2016



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Message from Our Superintendent On behalf of the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village School District's Board of Education and 275 district employees, I would like to welcome back our students, parents and community for the 2016-17 school year. This will be an exciting year as we implement the third year of our strategic plan that is focused on personalizing the educational experience for every student within the district. Last spring, the district conducted a comprehensive survey to evaluate progress on this plan. This data was evaluated by the district leadership team and modifications to the plan were made based on these results. There will be many visible signs of this work throughout the school year. The most recent evidence includes the opening of the Chagrin Falls Innovation Lab for students on the 7-12 campus. It will provide flexible space to support an array of programming on this campus. We will also be implementing a Science Technology Education and Math (STEM) program in grades K-8 providing our students with problem-based activities that will challenge them to think critically and work collaboratively on rigorous content. An informational brochure on this program can be accessed here: http://bit. ly/Chagrin_ProjectLeadtheWay. All of this has been made possible through the efforts of the Chagrin Falls Education Foundation as they have led a successful campaign to fund not only the creation of the Innovation Lab, but programming throughout the district. This is just one example of how fortunate our district is to have strong support organizations. There are countless examples of their impact both academically and athletically throughout the district. From a new scoreboard at Harris Stadium to supporting gifted certification of teachers these organizations serve as our value added. They promote innovation and we encourage every parent in our community to consider being involved. Information on each of our support organizations can be found on the


August 2016

district website,, under the "Parent" tab. This will also be an important year for our longterm stability as a district. Currently, the Chagrin Falls Board of Education is working to finalize details on a ballot issue that will be brought forward in May of 2017. This will be critical to the continued operations of our district, as well as address our most pressing facility need, Chagrin Falls Intermediate School. We anticipate finalizing these decisions early this fall and will shortly thereafter begin to share details with the community on the importance of this issue. As many of you know, the district was able to obtain $600,000 in the state capital budget to offset the local burden on the facility portion of this endeavor. In addition, the district has been working with a core facility committee made up of experts in the field to drive down cost to ensure we bring forward the best educational option at the lowest possible cost. More information on this can be found in the "Board Briefs" section of this publication. There has been a significant amount of research done on quality schools. It is my intention to review our district through the lens of this research in upcoming publications of Super News. For now, I will just share that two of the fundamental pillars of quality schools are a clear and shared focus and a high level of community involvement and support. This year we continue our work with a clear understanding of our focus, to personalize learning so each student can maximize his/ her potential. We will continue to utilize the theme of RealizeU as a daily reminder of this work. However, success in this endeavor lies in a strong partnership in education with parents and community. We feel very fortunate to work in a district in which this exists. Have a wonderful school year! Robert W. Hunt Superintendent Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools 440-247-4363 @Hunt_Edleader U


A Review of the July/August Board of Education Meetings “Board Briefs” The start of a new school year is an exciting time for everyone, and it doesn’t happen without a lot of thoughtful preparation and planning during the summer months. The Board of Education wants to formally recognize and thank the teachers, staff members, administrators, parents and students who invested time over the last few months preparing for an amazing year – by expanding skills, planning lessons, reflecting on progress and setting goals, completing summer assignments and even for searching high and low for the evasive 8-pocket accordion folder and other school supplies! Like you, the Board of Education has been hard at work this summer. We updated board policies and improved information transparency. Look for board policies and meeting agendas and minutes with accompanying attachments and presentations to be accessible and searchable on the district webpage later this school year. The Board has also been monitoring progress toward goals and determining how to best address financial challenges facing the district. We received updates from the Facilities Committee in July and the sub-committee for Permanent Improvement (PI) in August. Led by Frank Aucremanne (Executive Director of Buildings and Properties at the Cleveland Clinic), Phil Rankin (President of Triad Capital Group and Even MixTM) and Pete Snavely (President of Snavely Construction and Real Estate), the PI presentation assessed our current methodology for budgeting and prioritizing facilities maintenance and concluded that our annual budget of $400,000 limits our ability to fund larger capital projects (like roof replacements); results in growing deferred maintenance; and is not sustainable. Using several best-practice industry standards, the PI committee concluded an appropriate capital budget lies well in excess of $1 million and as high as $2.4 million annually, not including funds to address a backlog. These are big numbers and the challenge of taking care of our immediate and pressing facility needs as well as the current backlog is one that will take time, planning, diligence and community support. Our district is fortunate to have experts in the community willing to serve as consultants and the board is very appreciative for the work that is being done by this group. We also received a Health Care insurance renewal update. The rising costs of healthcare impact both our

district budget and the pocketbooks of our teachers and staff. The district’s Cost Containment Committee brings together our health care broker, classified and certified staff representatives, administration and board members who are in the process of evaluating options in order to make recommendations to the unions and the board on how to address rising health care costs while providing a competitive benefits package to employees. The Chagrin Falls Schools anticipates being on the ballot in May of 2017. The facility process over the last three years has identified a significant need to address Chagrin Falls Intermediate School located on Philomethian Street and a need to increase the funds allocated annually to adequately maintain our buildings. In addition, our current operating cycle has already been extended an additional year, so at this time a levy is needed to address our next operating cycle. The Board of Education is evaluating all of these needs, as well as the impact this decision has on taxpayers. The decision has been made to place a combination operating and capital improvement levy on the ballot which will at a minimum provide funds for the day-to-day operations of educating our students and provide funding to address the Intermediate School. The Board of Education is evaluating a three or four-year operating cycle combined with capital improvement dollars to address the Chagrin Falls Intermediate School for a combined ballot issue. We anticipate a decision in September. With many challenges and no easy answers, the board remains dedicated to serving the community and supporting the mission of the Chagrin Falls Schools. President: Mary Kay O’Toole (440) 338-8636 Vice President: Rob Weber (440) 665-4104 Members: Michael Hogan (440) 543-5280 Chagrin Falls Exempted VillageSchools

Board of Education

Kathryn Garvey (216) 401-7735 Sharon Broz (440) 715-0326



Chagrin Falls Schools’ Speech-Language Pathologist Visits Capitol Hill Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools’ SpeechLanguage Pathologist (SLP) Tracie Guggenheim has been busy working to help other SLPs, as well as students with communication disorders, achieve academic success. On June 8, Guggenheim hosted a workshop and professional development session for 53 area speechlanguage pathologists. The focus of the workshop was on narrative language skills and strategies to help children improve these skills to succeed in school and life. These skills impact a person’s ability to retell a personal experience and/or retell a story. Without these skills, basic verbal communication, reading and writing are difficult. Besides helping students and other SLPs in the area, Guggenheim sits on a committee for the American Speech Language and Hearing Association (ASHA).

For the next two years, she will try to help solve issues that school based SLPs face while trying to help students with communication disorders succeed. She traveled to Washington D.C. this past summer where she met with staff members from Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown and Representative Marcia Fudge’s office. Accompanied by Neil Snyder, ASHA lobbyist and Erik Lazdins, ASHA Grassroots Coordinator, Guggenheim discussed Alternatives to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy for students with autism, recruitment and retention of SLPs in schools and paperwork requirements in special education. “It was a very rewarding experience,” said Guggenheim. “I want to make sure these students are set up for success and I will continue to do what I can to ensure that.”

Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools' Speech-Language Pathologist Tracie Guggenheim spent time speaking with David Joyce, U Representative, Ohio's 14th District


August 2016


Number of Google Certified Educators Continues to Rise at Chagrin Falls Schools In January of this year, Superintendent Robert Hunt challenged all of his certified staff and administrators to obtain their Google Educator Level 1 certification. The certification aligns perfectly with two of the major technology initiatives in the district. The first initiative is to move to 1:1 computing with Chromebooks and utilize Google Apps in all grade levels in the 2016-17 school year. The second initiative is the district’s plan to move to Gmail and Google Drive for email communications and file storing needs in December 2016. “This move further down the Google “path” will provide additional features and accessibility to staff without any additional costs,” said Technology Director Mike Daugherty. “In fact, we will save money by not replacing aging servers and by using Google’s free tools for email filtering and archiving. Achieving the Google Educator Level 1 certification ensures that the district’s staff will have the skills needed to be successful in this new environment.” The Google Educator Level 1 certification is an accurate assessment of a teacher’s ability to use the Google Apps for Education suite of tools. The exam is a combination of traditional multiple-choice questions and eleven simulations where test takers are required to perform tasks such as building a playlist or sharing a file with students. Participants have three hours to complete the exam. Teachers have three options when it comes to preparing for the exam. Most teachers have elected to do a series of eight weekly study sessions with Tech Integration and Instructional Coach Nancy Kevern where teachers are grouped by grade level or content area. This route provides the teachers the opportunity to get one hour of credit through Ashland Univerity as well, for a fee. A second option is a day-and-a-half boot camp. Day one is a review of the material followed by taking the exam on the second day. The third option is to simply take the exam on their own. “We provide those folks with access to the study material and they can take the exam when it fits their schedule,” said Kevern.

As of August 24, the district has more than 100 teachers who are certified Level 1 Google Educators. In the fall, similar options will be available to those teachers who have not yet completed the exam. According to sources at Google, Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools is only one of two school districts in the country that has mandated this training. “The staff could not be more pleased as they see direct benefits to their students,” said Kevern. “It is extraordinary how our staff embraces change and sees it as an opportunity for amazing growth.” Two years ago, the district only had Chromebooks in sixth grade. Two years later, the educators in Chagrin Falls have incorporated so seamlessly this technology. “The growth is incredible and now our students in grades 2-12 are learning with their own Chromebook. Several classrooms of kindergartners and first graders just completed a pilot year with Chromebooks,” said Daugherty. Chromebooks provide an efficient, affordable, and effective avenue for students and teachers to keep pace with how technology is rapidly changing public education.



MEET THE TEAMS NIGHT On Sunday, August 21, the Chagrin Falls Booster Club held a “Meet the Teams” night at Harris Stadium. The evening began with a welcome from Athletic Director Charlie Barch, as well as Principal Steve Ast, Assistant Superintendent Lisa Shannon and Chagrin Falls Middle School Principal Laila Discenza. There also was a welcome by Chagrin Falls Booster Club President Laura Fricke. Next, Band Director Kathy Shoenfelt introduced the Chagrin Falls High School Marching Band who shared a sneak preview of the songs they will be performing this football season. After the band performance, the coaches and following teams were introduced: cheerleaders; boys and girls golf; boys and girls soccer; girls tennis; boys and girls cross country, volleyball, and football. A special thank you to the individuals in our community who sponsored the Tiger Tunnel through which the cheerleaders and football team will enter the field every Friday. Keep track of all the district’s athletic teams throughout the year at The site contains updated schedules and results, coaches information, online athletic form instructions, email alerts, news and notes, and helpful links. Questions can be directed to the athletic department direct line at (440) 247-2890.


August 2016



Chagrin Falls High School Students Attend AP Seminar Bootcamp Chagrin Falls high school students enrolled in AP Seminar for the upcoming school year were able to attend a free three-day boot camp, June 13, 15 and 17, to prepare for the year. The camp was designed to help alleviate pressure that both instructors and students face during the school year. The AP Seminar class is structured so the students have the first 18 weeks to learn the material and the last 18 weeks to work on their College Board performance tasks without their teacher’s assistance. “Students can feel a lot of pressure, especially those coming from ninth grade,” said AP Seminar Instructor Dr. Shannon Beach. “This boot camp teaches the students the basic skills they will need to succeed during the year.” Day 1 taught the students AP Seminar argument terms, explained how to annotate, and introduced them to SOAPSTone (Speaker, Occasion, Audience, Purpose, Subject, Tone - an acronym for a literary analysis technique using a series of questions that students must first ask themselves, and then answer, as they begin to plan their compositions) and the RAVEN (Reputation, Ability to Observe, Vested Interest, Expertise, and Neutrality - an acronym for a technique which presents a series of lenses through which the credibility of sources can be evaluated); Day 2 taught students how to argue effectively, how to use research databases and how to cite correctly; and Day 3 taught students how to write effective arguments and helped students begin their miniresearch paper which was due on the first day of school. “These three days have been amazing,” said Beach. “We haven’t quite conquered the world, but we sure did try. I have felt the anxiety lifted from the students just by being here.” The camp was not required, however, most of the students enrolled in AP Seminar participated in the boot camp. The AP Seminar Boot Camp program was supported by Director of Curriculum and Instruction Becky Quinn, as well as central office.


August 2016

“We haven’t quite conquered the world, but we sure did try. I have felt the anxiety lifted from the students just by being here.” ~ Dr. Shannon Beach AP Seminar Instructor

Chagrin Falls Board of Education Hires Laila Discenza as New Middle School Principal On May 20, at a special meeting of the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools, Laila Discenza was hired as the new Chagrin Falls Middle School principal. She replaced Mr. David Wessel who is serving as the Director of Operations for True Freedom Ministries. “As your new middle school principal, the community of Chagrin Falls can expect dedication, responsiveness and excellence,” said Discenza. “Students will continue to receive the high-quality, well-rounded education they deserve. Your children will be safe and will be provided opportunities to grow academically, socially and emotionally. My commitment to empowering students, teachers and families as a community of learners will be evident.” Discenza first gained her educational experience and knowledge in Brunswick City Schools as a middle school teacher, coach and leader. After 10 years in the classroom, she became an administrator, where she spent four years as an assistant principal at Mayfield High School. Discenza received her Administrative Licensure and Masters of Arts in Education from Baldwin-Wallace College. She received her Bachelor of Education from the University of Toledo.

“What impresses me the most about Mrs. Discenza is she believes in building a community of learners where students are provided engaging, meaningful instruction with high academic and civic expectations,” said Robert Hunt, Superintendent of Chagrin Falls Schools. “The selection process was extensive and we had highly qualified candidates. Mrs. Discenza rose to the top by demonstrating an understanding of instructional best practice, collaborative leadership style and ability to put students at the center of decisions.” Discenza was part of a teaching team that received the Ohio Middle Level Association Team of the Year in 2010 and also was a presenter on “Teaming” at the state conference. She is a member of the Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators. She has served on a number of curriculum, technology, safety, report card, and building and district leadership committees. Discenza is married to Roberto and they have a twoyear-old daughter, Gemma. They reside in Parma.

Food Services Department Begins to use Infinite Campus Chagrin Falls Exempted Village School District has switched to the Infinite Campus Food Service Program for the 2016-17 school year. Infinite Campus has been used by parents to access their student’s grades and assignments but now they are able to monitor their student’s lunch account as well, with the same log-in information. With this new program, parents are able to access their student’s lunch accounts to make online payments, view their purchase history, set low-balance notifications and

complete Free and Reduced-Price Meal Applications online. “We are so excited to add this program for students this year,” said Chagrin Falls Food Services Supervisor, Marti Jacobson. “This will be so convenient for busy parents to update and monitor their student’s accounts on a platform they already use.” SUPER NEWS



to the TEAM! Administration

High School

Laila Discenza

Steven Hass-Hill

Laila joins Chagrin Falls Schools as Principal of Chagrin Falls Middle School. She comes from Mayfield City Schools where she was the Assistant Principal - Curriculum, Instruction and Staff Development. Laila earned her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Toledo and her Master’s Degree from Baldwin Wallace University.

Steve, a Chagrin Falls resident, joins the high school’s math department. He comes from Beaumont School where he was a teacher. Steve earned his Bachelor’s Degree and MBA from Washington University in Saint Louis and his Master’s Degree in Education from Ursuline College.

Laurie McCormack Laurie joins Chagrin Falls Schools as the Director of Community Relations. She has resided in Chagrin Falls for 22 years. Laurie has served as a PTO volunteer as well as on levy and strategic planning committees. Laurie earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Middlebury College and her MBA from New York University.

Lori Zeitman Lori will join the high school staff as a long-term substitute Intervention Specialist. She recently moved to the Cleveland area from Grand Rapids, Michigan where she was employed as a Special Education Resource Room Teacher for 10 years. Lori earned her Bachelor of Science Degree from Buffalo State College and her Master of Science from Canisius College.


August 2016

Middle School

Gurney Elementary

Emily Moore

Stephanie Cohen

Emily joins Chagrin Falls Middle School as a science teacher. She comes to us after working for the Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park as a Field Instructor. Emily is a 2015 Graduate of Hiram College.

Stephanie joins Gurney Elementary as an Occupational Therapist (OT). She has several years of experience working as an OT for the Geauga County Educational Service Center and Monarch Center for Autism. Stephanie earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana University and her Master’s Degree from Cleveland State University.

New Classified Staff Central Office Adrian Rus, Systems Support Technician Gurney School Carrey Nielsen, Educational Aide, Preschool Intermediate School Karey Bernotas, Food Service Worker Middle School Beth Sonnhalter, Educational Aide


Christopher Englehart Christopher joins Gurney Elementary as a Spanish teacher after serving as a long-term substitute for Chagrin Falls Schools last year. Christopher earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Kent State University.

Sarah Meikle Sarah, a Chagrin Falls resident, joins Gurney Elementary as a Speech-Language Pathologist. She is currently employed by the Geauga County Educational Service Center. Her Bachelor’s Degree was earned from Washington University and her Master’s Degree from Kent State University.



Kathryn Garvey (board member), Robert Hunt (superintendent), Rep. Marlene Anielski, Rob Weber (board vice president), Mary Kay O’Toole (board president), Michael Hogan (board member) Sharon Broz (board member)

Chagrin Falls Board of Education Recognizes State Representative Marlene Anielski At the August 15 Chagrin Falls Board of Education meeting, State Representative Marlene Anielski (Ohio’s 6th House District) was recognized for her exemplary support and advocacy for public education, including the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools. The number of projects and partnerships between Representative Anielski and the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools has continued to increase each year. Just recently, she introduced legislation that passed, creating an additional funding source for the school district of Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools through the sale of specialty license plates. With the purchase of these plates, the district will receive additional funding that will be designated to assist in the emotional and mental well-being of the students.


August 2016

This past spring, Representative Anielski voted in support of Senate Bill 310, legislation that helps fund various community improvement projects, including The Chagrin Falls Center for Community Arts project, which received $600,000 in funding. This allows the school district to engage the local community in a two year process, creating a facility master plan that meets 21st century educational needs, honors the value and tradition of a school within the village, and creates synergistic partnerships to grow the arts community, resulting in continued economic growth. One of the most impactful partnerships the district has had with Representative Anielski is the Ski Box/Guardian Angel program. Locked wooden boxes, visibly placed in the schools, are designed for students to anonymously place written notes in the box when there is a concern about themselves or

others. An employee checks the boxes daily for notes and seeks appropriate guidance. HB543The Jason Flatt Act-in memory of Joseph Anielski requires school districts, community schools, STEM schools and educational service centers to train teachers and certain other staff for free in youth suicide awareness and prevention. Chagrin Falls Middle/High School was the first school in Northeast Ohio to achieve the “Heart Safe School Accreditation” from the Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndomes (SADS) Foundation. Representative Anielski played a significant role in promoting this accreditation process where schools participate in a program consisting of seven elements aimed at raising awareness and preventing cardiac arrest. The district will receive a banner and recognition from Representative Anielski at an upcoming community event this fall. “Representative Anielski has a long track record of supporting public schools in a variety of arenas, from being an advocate for the social and emotional needs of children to being a key player in helping to solve issues related to testing, per pupil fair funding, and tangible personal property (TTP) tax that impacts our district,” said Chagrin Falls Schools’ Superintendent Robert Hunt. “We

value our positive working relationship with Representative Anielski and appreciate her bringing key players together to solve issues impacting school districts.” Representative Anielski received a certificate of appreciation from the board. “We thank Representative Anielski for all of her efforts where she advocates for students. She not only responds to concerns brought to her attention from schools within her district, but she proactively seeks input from school district administrators when she anticipates that legislation may be coming that may potentially impact public education,” said Chagrin Falls Board of Education President Mary Kay O’Toole. “The success of the projects with the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village School District is a direct result of a team effort,” said Representative Anielski. “For example, the capital funding would not have been possible without the vision and hard work of the administration and staff of the school district.  I appreciate the meetings and open communication that took place to ensure the highest chance of success.  All of these projects will benefit so many lives throughout the region and I am thrilled that our hard work paid off.”

“Representative Anielski has a long track record of supporting public schools in a variety of arenas, from being an advocate for the social and emotional needs of children to being a key player in helping to solve issues related to testing, per pupil fair funding, and tangible personal property (TTP) tax that impacts our district,” said Chagrin Falls Schools’ Superintendent Robert Hunt. “We value our positive working relationship with Representative Anielski and appreciate her bringing key players together to solve issues impacting school districts.” SUPER NEWS


Chagrin Falls Schools Convocation Day Highlights - August 18, 2016 On August 18, the staff of Chagrin Falls Schools convened for the start of the 2016-17 school year. After a delicious breakfast was served by the Food Services Department in the Middle School cafeteria, the morning continued in the Performing Arts Center with the recognition of staff who have been with the district for 20 years. The Ray Markuszka 20-Year Service award was presented to Jeffrey McLean and Andy Spooner. Maggie Kwasny, president of the PTO, gave a warm welcome to the staff as well. Another highlight of the morning was Captain Dennis Flanagan, a retired Naval Aviator and United Airlines pilot, who spoke to the staff about the importance of customer service. His positive attitude and willingness to engage with customers was a lesson all staff could relate to as they focus on the power of connections this new school year.


August 2016





August 2016

INNOVATION CENTER Here is an inside look at the new Innovation Center. Construction is just about complete and a community open house will be scheduled in the next month. Stay tuned for more announcements on a date and time. Thank you to everyone who helped make this dream become a reality.



Chagrin Falls Schools First Day of School Highlights


August 2016



Chagrin Falls Students to Participate in All State Children’s Chorus Eleven Chagrin Falls students, with the coaching of Chagrin Falls Intermediate School Select Choir Director Pat Haynish, have been accepted into the third annual Ohio Musical Education Association’s (OMEA) 2017 All State Children’s Chorus. The concert will be held on Thursday, February 2, 2017 in Cleveland as part of the OMEA Professional Development Conference. Professor of choral music

at Florida State University, Judy Bowers, will be the guest conductor for the evening. The student participants include: Frankie Ashkettle, Annie Bourne, Jillian Bunker, Elena Goodwin, Luke Nelson, Lyndsey Nielsen, Norah Pope, Katherine Quinn, Alexandra Scharpf, James Wilkinson, and Tatum Yanchar.

Chagrin Falls Student Artist Chosen to Display at Be.Gallery A local art gallery has teamed up with the art teachers at Chagrin Falls High School to create opportunities for students to have real gallery exposure for their creations. With inspiration as the deciding factor, Chagrin Falls senior, Natalie Krill, submitted her photography for consideration to be hung at and was selected by gallery owner, Rebecca Gruss, to represent this quarter’s featured piece.

Natalie has received eight awards in the Scholastic Art and Writing Exhibition including a scholarship from the Cleveland Institute of Art.

“Collaborating with the school has been simply wonderful,” says Rebecca Gruss, owner of “Together, we wanted to create an opportunity for students to gain exposure for their work outside of the traditional venues and to share their inspiration with the community.”

More of an ‘art boutique’ than a traditional art gallery or store, is focused entirely on art that inspires by combining inspirational quotes with handmade art and gifts. “Natalie’s photography just jumped off the page to me with a feeling of peace and serenity as well as determination. It’s very powerful,” said Gruss. Natalie’s photo that was displayed at was sold for $100 and Natalie chose to donate the money from the sale to Fieldstone Farm Therapeutic Riding Center. Natalie’s love of horses made the decision to select Fieldstone an easy one.

Natalie has taken a variety of art classes within her time at the high school, such as film photography, computer graphics, digital photography, and jewelry and metalsmithing. She is currently taking AP 2D Portfolio with an emphasis on creating works of mixed media. Although she enjoys all forms of art, her passion lies with digital photography. Whether she is taking photographs for a school assignment or on her own, Natalie always tries to incorporate new and original techniques into her pictures.


August 2016

Chagrin Falls Boosters Annual Tail Gate

September 9th, 2016 Chagrin Football vs. Woodridge

IN REMEMBERANCE OF LENNY MAY The Chagrin Falls Booster Club invites you to a pre-game Tail Gate Party at the High School Campus: 5:00 PM—Kickoff. Cost: Hot Dog Meal $6

Hamburger Meal $8

Includes chips, fruit, cookie & drink Music * Face Painting * Games * Marching Band


May We Remember Lenny May served the Chagrin Falls Schools and its students for over four decades. He was our Athletic Director, baseball and football coach, English teacher, and friend. For many, Lenny was the face of Chagrin athletics – a true champion who pushed our students to do their best on the playing fields and in the classroom. The Booster Club is proud to have supported and partnered with Lenny in these endeavors. Tragically, we lost Lenny and wife Lana in a car accident this past February. To honor Lenny’s legacy and his family’s wishes, we have created a way to help continue Lenny’s work. Our annual Tailgate will be dedicated to him - if you would like to remember Lenny by donating to the Booster Club, simply click on the Lenny May Donation header on our website ( or send a check to the Chagrin Falls Booster Club, PO Box 454, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022. Your donations will go into the Booster Club’s general fund, which supports our students on the fields and in the classrooms, just as Lenny did. Thank you...



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August 2016

District All Calls Our district uses an automated calling system to send out important messages such as school closings, school delays, or other valuable information when necessary. This service is only for the parents of district students. Parents will be eligible to receive these calls when they enroll their students. If you are a parent in the district and you are not receiving the automated calls, or if you need to change the number that these calls go to, please contact Pupil Services at (440) 247-4564.

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