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OUR WORK 1,627

Donors made gifts in FY19


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granted to the community in fy19


Donors Since Inception


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Granted to the community since 1984


To strengthen our community by connecting people who care with causes that matter to improve quality of life in our region. 2


PHILANTHROPY? While each year brings new opportunities, challenges and successes to the Community Foundation, an anniversary year is a chance to look back on the impact we have been able to have on the Lower Eastern Shore. This year marked our 35th anniversary and a record year of grantmaking. Anniversaries call to attention the value we bring to the region and the vision our founders had when they created CFES all those years ago – one of community philanthropy. But what is philanthropy? In its truest sense, the word philanthropy originates from the Greek word philanthropia, or “kindness, humanity, benevolence, love to mankind.” As we reflect on our founding, this origin could not be more fitting for what we embody, as our success would not be possible without the energy each of you pours into this foundation. When you’re in a position to see what happens day to day at the Foundation you see that philanthropy is propelled forward in many ways. As you watch the hard work and dedication our volunteers, donors, and staff bring to all aspects of our work, you begin to understand the thoughtful and disciplined process that guides how the Foundation, and its assets, are managed. There is a truly humbling appreciation in how staff handles each situation with a personal touch, and the pride and commitment that each of our volunteers brings to their work. Above all else, you see our community coming together in philanthropy with their gifts, gifts of financial resources, but also gifts of time and talent. We know that while we are celebrating this year, every year before has had its own hands, heads and hearts come together to create the Community Foundation we are today. We hope you enjoy this year’s annual report recognizing 35 years of impact in our region. We hope it inspires you to think about the ways, large and small, that you are and can make a difference. Most of all, we hope it reinforces all the good that the Community Foundation has allowed us to do together. Because, more than anything, philanthropy is defined by you.

, e d tu ti a r G th i W -Jim & Erica


ica Joseph, Presid

man & Er Jim Thomas, Chair

phi•lan•thro•py noun | /[fə´lanTHrəpē/] c. 1600, from Late Latin philanthropia, from Greek philanthropia “kindliness, humanity, benevolence, love to mankind.” 1

The desire to promote the welfare of others.


An act or gift of time, treasure, or talent, done or made for humanitarian purposes. 3

In 1984 a charitable concept reached the Lower Eastern Shore that would forever change regional philanthropy, strengthen our community, and create a lasting impact.

philanthropy is about


BEGINNINGS It all started with a phone call to Bob Cook, then President of the Greater Salisbury Committee. Cook was invited to the National Conference of Community Foundations, a concept created in 1914 in Cleveland that embraced geographic-based philanthropy while supporting a variety of charitable interests. Rather than a private foundation, community foundations would pool their charitable resources and serve as a place for people to join together in philanthropy. After Cook brought back and shared the concepts he had learned about, the idea quickly picked up speed. The founding board included leaders whose names still loom large in our region today. Leading by example, Dick Henson offered a $1 million challenge that The first office space of the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore was located inside One Plaza East, Salisbury, Maryland.

In the early days, the Foundation was like any fledgling nonprofit and had no paid staff. As time passed, the team grew, departments were created and services expanded. What has always remained constant is our personal commitment to the mission and dedication to meeting the needs of those we serve.

CFES staff at the downtown offices in 1995 4

Past Presidents celebrate at the Foundation’s 30th Anniversary celebration

motivated the board and launched this fledging organization on the path toward success.





Eager to demonstrate impact, the Foundation made two initial grants of $1,000 each, awarded to the Life Crisis Center and Coastal Hospice. These early grants cemented our core focus of strengthening the community through grantmaking. By the early 90s, CFES was granting more than $500,000 annually and creating new endowment funds to meet a wide range of community needs. The board and staff focused on the development of new relationships and spreading the word about the value of endowment. Attorneys, accountants, financial planners, and other local professional partners became steadfast allies in fostering charitable giving and growing the Foundation’s reach. Founding members of the board of directors continued to lead by example, with Oscar Carey transferring his parents' private foundation to CFES in 1996, which significantly boosted the Foundation’s grantmaking abilities and remains the Foundation’s largest gift to date. The establishment of the Legacy Society in 1997 helped to inspire others by illustrating the benefit of planned giving and was an opportunity to celebrate deferred gifts from bequests, life insurance and other planned giving tools. Jim Almand, Chairman of the Board at the time, continued the tradition of leading through action by becoming one of the first members of the Legacy Society. 5

Perhaps nothing was more transformational for the Community Foundation than the Perdue Kresge Challenge. The Kresge Foundation, established by Samuel Kresge, founder of K-Mart, created a unique opportunity for community foundations to build “community capital.” Championed by Emilie Robinson, Virginia Layfield and Marty Neat, and anchored with a generous match of $4 million from Frank and Mitzi Perdue, this multi-phase campaign concluded with $12 million dollars raised in new endowments for 19 nonprofits over a fouryear period. Through the 2000s, the Foundation continued to benefit from the energy and expertise of a diverse and committed group of volunteers and board leadership. Each year as capacity grew, the grants, services, and resources the Foundation provided expanded as well. In 2006, the Community Foundation opened the Eastern Shore Nonprofit Support Center bringing new opportunities to area organizations and the community. By inspiring giving, the Foundation has grown to include over 700 funds, addressing needs across the charitable spectrum, while collective efforts like Giving Tuesday and the Women’s Fund continue to demonstrate that giving can bring a community together.

philanthropy is about



35 Y E A R S Today, the Community Foundation is the single largest grant maker on the Lower Eastern Shore making an excess of $6 million dollars in grants each year. Through the generosity of 9,000+ donors, $84 million dollars has been granted. These gifts ensure critical funding for nonprofits, scholarships for students, and guidance for donors and advisors to carry out charitable wishes and preserve philanthropic intent. In the coming decades The Community Foundation will continue to build nonprofit

capacity, invest in future generations, and celebrate the legacies of those who paved the way. The groundwork laid with every gift will strengthen the Lower Eastern Shore, while remaining steadfast to the core values of our founders. We will continue to lead by example, respond to community needs, and collaborate to strengthen our community. Each new chapter of our story begins when a compassionate, caring person has an idea -- and, it often still starts with a phone call.

How will you turn inspiration into action?


Ignite the For 2019 CFES created the SPARK campaign, matching up to $35,000 in funds to each of the education foundations on the Lower Eastern Shore. By partnering with local education foundations, we invest in the future of our community – our kids!

$105,000 + $105,000 = $210,000

Combined fundraised by education foundations for local education and area students! Combined match By The Community Foundation

In conjunction with the Endow Maryland Tax Credit program CFES made a $1:$1 match for every eligible gift received for a qualified Field of Interest or Community Needs Fund, up to $70,000. By creating a match, donors were able to provide an even bigger impact to local charitable causes!

2019 Results:



philanthropy is A GIFT no matter HOW BIG or small

MAKE A GIFT Anyone with heart and passion can give. Every gift, big or small, be it a one time gift to an existing fund, creating your own fund, or a legacy gift, is a valuable contribution to our regional community.

INVEST & STEWARD Every dollar becomes a transformational gift and creates a ripple of impact. Your gift, turned into a grant changes lives, strengthens our community, and inspires future leaders and difference makers. At CFES we make it easy to make an impact!


We carefully steward gifts to the community through sound investment and effective grant-making, for current needs and future generations. The interest earned grows the pool of available funds.


A NEED & A GRANT As needs arise, nonprofits request grants. Due diligence is performed through an application process, committees, reviews, and reporting. Our grants reach all corners of the community in every focus area.





As your trusted partner in philanthropy, we can accept a wide range of flexible giving options to help you achieve your charitable vision.

Giving is as unique as you! Create your fund, your way with a variety of options. Our services are tailored to your philanthropic goals.

Locally, or around the world, we connect you with causes that matter to you. When you make a charitable gift you unlock a world of opportunity.

Creating a fund or scholarship at CFES ensures you can keep the memory of your loved ones or your legacy alive for generations.


My 100th birthday was special because friends & family donated to my fund, which provides cultural enrichment for underserved youth. The best gift of all is the gift that gives back. Mary Gladys Jones

In 2002, a gift from the estate of Samuel & Evelyn Coffin established the Samuel R. & Evelyn Q. Coffin Memorial Fund with Jack & Ann Callaway & Raymond Shockley as Trustees.

Over the years, this memorial fund has allowed us to provide over $745,000 to support local nonprofits that make our community a better place.

Jack & Ann Calloway

It’s so gratifying to see the children’s faces when they learn that they can pick out and keep books. So far 1,047 books have been purchased by 490 children


1,627 DONORS


Maggie Gallaher


How You Give





philanthropy is about



Within a community there are needs large and small that make the place we call home better for everyone. Community foundations are unique in our ability to make an impact in so many diverse areas of community need. A community foundation is made by the community, for the community and we take this responsibility seriously. We continually gather information about the most pressing local needs. We study the many local organizations and programs working to enhance our communities. We seek ideas that are making a difference. We

stay alert to emerging issues and foster giving and growth in our community. While these needs may change over time, one thing that will never change is our commitment to being a part of what’s good in our region. After school programs, therapy for veterans, arts and cultural programs, environmental education, first responder support, food security for our friends and neighbors, literacy, animal welfare, and the list goes on, because you care, and these causes matter to you.


philanthropy is


GRANT MAKING Our grants expand horizons, transform lives, and meet challenges across the charitable spectrum. With a diverse network of local nonprofits, our annual grant making possibilities are endless. The profound and lasting impact of these grants will improve the quality of life for all citizens on the Lower Eastern Shore.

Our mission, while simple, would not be possible without the generosity, passion, and kindness of our donors. Thanks to you, we have been able to steadily grow our impact year after year. We will continue to set our sights higher, dream larger, and work harder, as we continue growing our grant making with worthy causes that matter to you.










For a complete list of our grant recipients please visit CFES.org

OUR GRANT PROCESS Our multi-stage grant process allows us to respond to worthwhile projects that target pressing needs in our region. We work diligently to ensure that funding is distributed to qualified organizations that will create lasting impact, and ensure that donor dollars are used effectively and efficiently.

IT STARTS WITH A CAUSE As a foundation created by the community, for the community, we serve an ever expanding and diverse group of organizations. While each grant is unique, they all share one common factor - a cause that is important.

GET CONNECTED Submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) to tell CFES about a need or a project and ask for funding, OR respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP) published by CFES informing potential applicants of open grant opportunities that might suit their needs.

APPLICATION Prospective grantees find or are directed to the CFES grant program that best fits their need and eligibility. Through our e-Grants platform, nonprofits can manage their grant applications from start to finish with technical support from our team.

REVIEW CFES carefully verifies an organization’s nonprofit status. Each application is reviewed by staff to ensure that funds will be used for charitable purposes and that the funding criteria has been met. Depending on the specific request, applications are then evaluated by staff and volunteer grant committees who conduct site visits, share feedback, and make funding recommendations.

APPROVAL The last step of the grant application process is approval by the Community Foundation Board of Directors. Applicants are notified of approval.






Lasting community outcomes require great planning and hard work. As funders, it is our duty to ensure grantees are financially healthy and have long term fundraising abilities that can support their missions. In 2018 a pilot of the Jumpstart program was launched by The Community Foundation, the United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore and Network for Good. This program provides fundraising assistance, including coaching, technology, and rightsized development planning to the participating nonprofits.

We provide millions of dollars in grants each year to local nonprofits. By addressing unmet charitable needs and unique program opportunities, we turn inspiration into action in our local community. Through our online e-Grants portal nonprofits can manage their grants from start to finish.

MEETING & CONFERENCE ROOM USE Local nonprofits may reserve our large or small conference rooms to host meetings, seminars, or conferences free of charge. Our space holds up to 40 people and offers audio/ visual capabilities.

NONPROFIT SCHOLARSHIPS Scholarships covering tuition and fees are available for select courses to nonprofit staff and volunteers in partnership with Wor-Wic Community College.

EVENTS & TRAINING SEMINARS Learn, train, and grow with us! We offer numerous free and low-cost events year round for individuals and organizations.

SUPPORT & RESOURCES We provide tools such as online template and policy libraries, research access, how-to guides, and grant resources. We offer access to the Foundation Directory Online, an online database of grantmakers and search tools. Our in-house library contains 250+ publications, a work table, computer, and wifi access. Resources are available free of charge.

RESEARCH & REPORTING CFES seeks to understand and document the needs, impact, and growth of area nonprofits. Through research and reporting, we provide tangible data to advance nonprofit missions and growth.


Thanks to Jumpstart I can do more with the time I have to invest in fundraising, and we are absolutely becoming better fundraisers! Laura Schmader, Outreach Director Chesapeake Housing Mission

philanthropy is


As part of our core mission, we assist local nonprofits to learn, grow, and prosper. We work to help partners achieve their missions through both financial support and capacity building programs. The Nonprofit Resource Center at CFES provides local organizations with access to training, professional development, networking, and capacity-building resources.

Giving Tuesday, held each year on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, is a 24-hour international online giving event. The local campaign, known as The Shore Gives More, is hosted by CFES and assists nonprofits serving the Lower Shore counties with the fundraising effort. By providing an online donation portal, marketing campaigns, and nonprofit support, the campaign is able to make a significant impact through collective philanthropy.


Led by CFES, 99 nonprofits serving the Lower Shore counties joined the local Shore Gives More campaign.


Held annually the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, and is an online international giving movement.

D E L M A R VA G R A N T CONFERENCE In 2019, CFES hosted the first regional grants conference for the Lower Shore. This sold out event, held at Wor-Wic Community College and sponsored by CareFirst BlueChoice, provided opportunities for nonprofits to learn from regional grantmakers, vendors, and presenters on topics such as logic models and program evaluation.


Philanthropy doesn’t require a big checkbook, only a passionate heart! Smallest donation: $10.

1,000 + DONORS

Donors locally and across the country supported Lower Shore nonprofits, to create a big impact!


89 nonprofits received a donation from one or more new donors. Giving Tuesday creates awareness.


Nonprofits earned an additional $10,000 in grant prizes by competing amongst each other!

$171 , 000




SCHOLARSHIPS We believe education is the key to a brighter future. Our scholarship funds are a valuable resource for people who want to help local students attain their educational goals. As one of the area’s major sources of educational support, CFES distributes 400+ scholarships a year, made possible by our generous and caring donors.

Umar Arshad is a University of Virginia senior with a double major in Neuroscience and Economics. He was a 2016 Snow Hill High School graduate and received the 4 year Hancock Family Snow Hill High Scholarship. Umar has future plans to attend medical school and enter the surgical field.

Jeremiah Copeland is a Junior at Salisbury University. He was a 2017 graduate of James M. Bennett High School and was recently awarded the 2019 Community Singers Scholarship at the Salisbury Wicomico Arts Council Annual Meeting Lunch. Left to right: Bettie Messick, Jeremiah Copeland, Dr. Arlene White.


rship lished a l o h c tab nly S eenly es

l in Gr ree G 999 Mr. line High Schoo ble . 1 In . G n o a ti ro m n into ac rs of North Ca nd to an admir ips, Willia r passio h io

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Erin Smith is a Stephen Decatur graduate who is attending Christopher Newport University. Erin received the four year William B. Blank DACA Scholarship for those who intend to pursue a career in agriculture or turf management. Her major is Biology with minors in Business Administration and Leadership Studies.

Grayson Laird is a 2019 graduate of Holly Grove Christian School who is attending Salisbury University, majoring in education with a minor in agriculture. Pictured: Ron Peterman, BJ Summers, and Steve White present the 2019 Purnell D. White Memorial Scholarship to Grayson Laird at Farmers and Planters Too.

philanthropy is I N S P I R I N G T H E F U T U R E


2018 ANNUAL AWARDS The Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore presents four awards annually. These awards honor distinguished nonprofits, volunteers, and humanitarians in the Lower Shore community. Our annual achievements would not be possible without the dedication of our donors, volunteers, nonprofits, and local businesses and we in turn honor their service. Information on the nomination and selection process is available at CFES.org/awards.


The Chairman’s Award was presented to Tony Sarbanes for his outstanding dedication to the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore, his volunteerisim, and philanthropic efforts. He is an unabashed ambassador for the Community Foundation and has served on the Foundation’s Board of Directors for 12 years and grant committees for over 20 years. His service to community, country and public service includes the United Way, Delmarva Council Boy Scouts, Community Foundation, Salisbury Neighborhood Housing, Trinity United Methodist Church where he has served as a Lay Leader for 18 years, as well as his career as an educator and principal.


The Nonprofit Award of Excellence Honoring Richard A. Henson was awarded to Junior Achievement. JA works to inspire and prepare young people to succeed through volunteer led, kindergarten -12th grade programs that foster work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills. This year alone Junior Achievement has touched the lives of over 7,000 children in the three-county region, as well as others on the upper shore. The award is presented annually to a nonprofit organization which has implemented a program or project that has made an outstanding contribution to the well-being of residents of the Lower Eastern Shore. Junior Achievement received $5,000 to support their work.


The Frank H. Morris Humanitarian Award was awarded to Col. Bob Cook. Many organizations have benefited from his leadership, founding membership, fundraising, or resurgence campaigns, including The Community Foundation, The Zoo, Greater Salisbury Committee, Wor-Wic Community College, the Delmarva Council Boy Scouts, the YMCA, The Henson Foundation, and many more. His steadfast commitment to improving the community while empowering others through his leadership is seen throughout the Lower Eastern Shore. The award is presented annually to an individual who exemplifies the qualities of leadership, vision, integrity, compassion, cooperation and generosity of time and talents to our community. Col. Cook received a $1,500 gift for the charity of his choice.


The Mary Gladys Jones Volunteer of the Year Award was awarded to Ed Montgomery. Ed has served on various committees for the Worcester County Local Management Board and for a short time, as a volunteer director. Volunteering with the Jesse Klump Memorial Fund and the Worcester County Health Department, he has worked to reduce the tragedy of suicide and enhance access to mental health care. He is a past board member for Diakonia and for years chaired the Atlantic United Methodist Church “Helping Hands” program, and is often found in the church’s soup kitchen. The award annually honors the sustained and unselfish contributions of volunteers in our community and the diversity of time, talent and expertise they share. Mr. Montgomery received a $1,000 gift to designate to the charity of his choice. 17

Friends of the Foundation JOIN US

Friends of the Foundation bring energy, knowledge and passion to the Community Foundation’s work. Their support allows us to go beyond grant making and empowers the Foundation to serve as a local resource through a variety of programs, services, and the expertise of our dynamic staff. Becoming a member is as easy as making a gift to the Annual Appeal in any amount or establishing an Administrative Endowment Fund at the Foundation. Friends of the Foundation receive special recognition throughout the 18

year and invitations to member-only events and receptions. Join us – we saved you a seat.

ANNUAL APPEAL DONORS Leadership ($5,000+)

The Cole Family Foundation Joan W. Jenkins Foundation Jan & Jim Perdue Beverly Ward Harrison & Sylvia Langeler



Jane & Bob Corcoran Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Marshall



Drs. Jon & Laurie Andes Mrs. Linda Balfany Mr. & Mrs. Edward G. Banks Jr. Nancy Barrett Regina Bell & Associates CPA, PA Barbara Benton David & Susanna Buchanan Dr. & Mrs. Kota L. Chandrasekhara Mr. & Mrs. John Callaway Mark & Patty Engberg Jeff & Gail Greenwood Charles Goslee Richard & Cheryl Holland Andy & Lois Kim Mr. & Mrs. D. Patrick Lemley Mrs. Elsie W. MacMullin Patricia Mannion Mr. & Mrs. P. Curtis Massey Ron & Mary Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Daniel O’Connell II Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Ollinger David & Sally Rivello Bruce & Susan Robson Mark V. Rudnick Scott W. Schoellkopf Richard D. Warren Gayle & Dirk Widdowson Stephanie T. Willey Elizabeth C. Wootten



John & Sharan Allen Spicer & Karen Bell

Art & Billie Cooley Darlene Cole-Culver Bob & Diana Dickey Robin Evans Dr. & Mrs. George Galifianakis Mr. & Mrs. Gordon D. Gladden Mr. & Mrs. John L. Graham III Todd & Jennifer Hershey Mr. Alfred C. Huffer Dr. Carolyn & Mr. William Johnston Jeremy & Erica Joseph Dr. Kent N. Kimmel Betty Lou Lyons Bob & Ginnie Malone Paul R. Montemuro/ Montemuro Law Ernest & Elsa Satchell Bill & Barbara Shockley Ray & Susan Shockley Mr. John J. Snee Ms Elizabeth Thomas Dr. Annette Wallace Dr. & Mrs. George I. Whitehead III Dr. & Mrs. Julius D. Zant Dr. Gunnar Zorn III

Carole & Greg Spurrier John & Dawn Stern Mr. & Mrs. Gregory D. Tawes Tony Tank Tribe #149 Tom & Charlotte Trice


($100 - $249)

James Almand Dot Baker James & Betsy Bergey Jake & Judy Bernstein Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bickerstaff Dewey Blades Mrs. Constance H. Bozman Allen C. Brown Sr. Dr. & Mrs. Michael Buchness Marie Calafiura Geneva G. Cannon Dr. Stephen Capelli Ms. Julie Clayton Coates, Coates & Coates PA Donnie & Debra Cooper Bruce & Barbie Culver Brian & Sarah DelliGatti Cornerstone William & Cecelia Dennis ($250-$499) Bill & Jennifer Doyle Peggy Bradford Virginia A. Dulany, MD Charles Brown Glass Company Dianne W. Dykes Clive Walker & Carlyn Crout Ted & Sallye Eschenburg Sr. Chip & Ruby Dashiell Tom & Maria Evans Janet Dudley-Eshbach & Joseph E. Eshbach JoFran Falcon Granger & Company, P.A. Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Fine Henry & Dara Hanna III Roland & Kim Finger Patrick & Velda Henry Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Fitzgerald Cassandra L. Horner Ms. Heather Gladding Mr. & Mrs. Russell A. Houseal Jean A. Greene Mary Gladys Jones Robert & Sandra Greer William R. & Teresa McCain Drs. Kathleen & John Groutt Kathleen McLain Don & Vanessa Hackett Mr. & Mrs. Charles Meenehan Jennifer G. Hawkins Warren & Charlotte Montgomery Kevin & Diane Hayes Mr. & Mrs. John A. Morris Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Heron Richard & Anne Morris Susan Jackson-Stein Melody & Rick Nelson James P. Jones Marvin & Myra Novick Adrianne & Lewis Kadushin Calvin & Susan Peacock Marilyn Keane Mr. Kenneth W. Pusey Jr. Steven & Kathleen Kevlin Daniel & Loretta Savoy Armin Kuder & Peggy Trosser Louise Smith Vic & Jean Laws

Karen & Walter Lischick Dr. Gary & Joan Luppens Mary Ada Marshall Mr. Dwight W. Marshall Jr. George & Valerie Mason Mr. & Mrs. Ray A. Morris Ms. Linda B. Nelson Patrick F. O’Connor Mildred B. Palmer Mrs. Margaret O. Palmer Anthony & Cathy Pasquariello Ms. Julia A. Paul Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Pearce III Helene F. Perry Cynthia & Ellen Pilchard Ronald & Patricia Pilling Mr. & Mrs. Chris Poole Susan Purnell Mr. & Mrs. William B. Rinnier Sr. Bruce & Joyce Roberts Tony & Billye Sarbanes Raj & Mahay Shrestha Mr. Michael Simcock Mr. Christopher Smack Mr. & Mrs. William H. Smith BJ & Denny Summers Ms. Eka W. Suryadi Lou Taylor Howard W. & Rita H. Taylor Jim & Kaye Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Truitt Jeff & Dottie Turner David & Deborah Vorhis Dr. & Mrs. Henry V. Wagner Jr Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Weisner Mr. & Mrs. George H. White Jane Whitmore Rick & Amy Wootten Mrs. Howard F. Yerges

Pedestal (Up to $99)

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Adelizzi Anonymous Donors Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Giddens Harry & Priscilla Basehart Dr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Berry Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Philip Briggs Ed & Lori Calloway R. Neill & Nancy Carey

Marie Cavallaro Col. Robert W Cook Ret. Mr. William H. Coons Ms. Rachelle Daigneault Lonnie & Janice Dail Sharon Dashiell Orville G. Dryden Jr. Ira & Ruth Epstein Ms. Catherine Patton & Mr. Stephen Farr Ms. Margaret Gallaher Linda Green Louise Hearne Ms. Pamela A. Heying Liz & Doug Hotten Mr. & Mrs. Elisha T. Jones III Mike & Mary Lou Jones Marion Keenan Donna Messick Mr. Stephan Miller Mary Lynn Deckert Dr. Michael L. Murdock Ms. Grace F. Murdock Dr. Susan North Mrs. Phyllis H. Oldham David & Ashlee Plotts PrimeLending Lynn Ransley Mr. Matthew Record Mrs. Kaye H. Records Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Riehl Ms. Martha Roe Bruce W. Ruark Ms. Betsy Schmickley Mr. Greg Shockley Ms. Patricia Smith Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Smoak Jr. Gregory E. Spriggs Mr. & Mrs. George G. Strott Jr. Lauren Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Todd Robert & Bonnie Travis Joseph Welch Dr. Arlene F. White Mrs. Louise E. Whittington Dennis Williams

A D M I N I S T R AT I V E ENDOWMENT FUNDS Carol Williamson Endowment Fund Community Foundation Endowment Fund Donald A. Hall, Sr. Fund France and Mary Lou Smith Fund Freedom H. Ainsworth Fund George and Helen Chandler Fund

Margaret Morris Fund Oscar L. and Harriet C. Carey Fund Reginald Schneider Memorial Fund Victor and Eunice Laws Fund Virginia B. Layfield Fund Walter R. Holloway Family Fund




philanthropy is about


and prosper


We l c o m i n g O u r N E W F U N D S Anna Downing Memorial Fund

Salisbury Medical Foundation Fund

Billy Wayne Truitt Memorial Scholarship

Salisbury Medical Field of Interest Fund

Boyd & Barbara Whitney Jr. Endowment Fund

Somerset SPARK Fund

Boyd & Barbara Whitney Jr. Veterans Fund

St. Philip's Cemetery Fund

Christian Shelter Endowment Fund

Theresa Kapusinski Scholarship Fund

Dyer Donor Advised Fund

Veterans Mental Health Support Fund

Frances H. Olsen Memorial Fund

Wicomico Goes Purple Designated Fund

Jackson-Humphreys Parson's Cemetery Fund

Wicomico High School Class of 1958

Jacqueline Gordon Donor Advised Fund

Wicomico High School Class of 1967

Josh & Tommy Memorial Scholarship

Wicomico SPARK Fund

Kacie & Kalie Sprankle Scholarship Fund

Worcester SPARK Fund

Matt O'Hare Memorial Fund

Wor-Wic Elinor Cubbage Honors & Arts Fund

Pocomoke Area Health Care Scholarship

Wor-Wic Food for Students Fund

Richard Allen Memorial Scholarship Fund

Wor-Wic George E. Miles Scholarship Fund

Roland E. "Fish" Powell Memorial Fund


philanthropy is

The Christian Shelter Endowment Fund Supporting our local nonprofits has always been important in my life, and partnering with the Community Foundation in my charitable endeavors has been a very good fit. The Christian Shelter provides for those in our community with the greatest needs, and through this fund I can provide annual financial assistance to benefit their mission.

- Barbara Benton

The Kacie & Kalie Sprankle Scholarship Mardela High School provided us with educational opportunities, leadership experiences, and multi-sport athletic competitions that spanned from local to state levels. We decided to pay it forward by establishing a scholarship benefiting a deserving senior at Mardela High School. We were always taught the importance of giving back and CFES helped make the process easy yet rewarding.

- Kacie & Kalie Sprankle

Anna Downing Memorial Fund My Aunt Anna never married, so she did not have a family to carry on her legacy. She loved all of her nieces and nephews very much and included us in her will. I decided to use some of her bequest to establish a fund that would carry on her name and memory for generations to come.

- Beth Hershey

Billy Wayne Truitt Memorial Scholarship After my husband’s passing, a student told me “Mr. Truitt not only taught us HVAC, he taught us about life.” I wanted a permanent legacy for the man who impacted his students in such a positive way, every day. By creating a scholarship in his memory, Billy will continue to make a difference in the lives of students.

- Linda Truitt

AC T I O N & I N T E N T 23

Legacy Society THE

Legacy Society members have declared in writing their intent to make a deferred gift to the Foundation by will, trust, life insurance, or other financial instrument. These gifts create a lasting legacy which benefits the community beyond their lifetime.


Flo Mabe

Flo Mabe provided early leadership to CFES as a member of the Board of Directors. Along with her husband, Don, their commitment to meeting basic human needs in our region will continue forever. She joined the Board of Directors in 1989 and served as treasurer from 1992 - 1994. CFES is proud to carry on the charitable wishes of Flo and her husband Don.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Abercrombie, Sr. Major Gen. James & Mary Anne Adkins Mrs. Nancy J. Adkins Mr. & Mrs. James W. Almand Mrs. Jane R. Apson Mr. & Mrs. Barry Beach Dr. & Mrs. Spicer Bell Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Berry, Sr. Mrs. Marian Bickerstaff Ms. Deborah Bishop Mrs. Ann Burns Dr. & Mrs. Larry Campbell Ms. Anne L. Collins Colonel Robert W. Cook Ret. Mr. & Mrs. Arthur M. Cooley Ms. Fredericka E. Danielus Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Dashiell, Jr. Dr. Carolyn J. Elmore Mr. & Mrs. Robert Elwell Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Engberg Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Fahey Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Farina Ms. Jacqueline Fowler Mr. Edward Galyon, Jr. Mr. Charles G. Goslee Mr. & Mrs. John L. Graham, III Mr. William G. Greenly Drs. John & Kathleen Groutt

Mr. & Mrs. W. Thomas Hershey Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Hickman Mr. & Mrs. Peter Hutchinson Mr. & Mrs. James S. Johnson Ms. Jean D. Johnson Dr. Kent N. Kimmel Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. La Porte Mr. & Mrs. Harrison J. Langeler Mrs. Margaret Lankford Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Larmore Dr. & Mrs. C. Rodney Layton, Jr. Mr. Don Mabe Mrs. Elsie W. MacMullin Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Malone, Jr. Mrs. Patricia M. Mannion Mr. & Mrs. P. Curtis Massey Mr. & Mrs. William R. McCain Mr. & Mrs. John A. Morris Mrs. Eleanor W. Mulligan Mr. & Mrs. Martin T. Neat Ms. Ruth Nichols Drs. Arthur & Susan North Mr. & Mrs. James A. Perdue Mrs. Bonnie Powell Mrs. Cheryl Aaron & Mr. Richard Polin Ms. Susan Kuhn Purnell Mr. & Mrs. John P. Rankin Mrs. Emilie W. Robinson

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Robinson Dr. & Mrs. George C. Rubenson Mr. & Mrs. Louis W. Shockley, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Raymond C. Shockley Mrs. Louise Smith Mr. & Mrs. Macky Stansell, Jr. Mrs. Jean Stephanides Mr. & Mrs. Donald K. Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Robert Taylor Mr. & Mrs. James C. Theiss Mr. & Mrs. James R. Thomas, Jr. Mrs. Sidne L. Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Todd Mr. & Mrs. Jon B. Tremellen, II Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Truitt Mr. & Mrs. David Vorhis Ms. Beverly Ward Ms. Sonya Whited Dr. & Mrs. George I. Whitehead, III Mr. & Mrs. Dirk W. Widdowson Mr. & Mrs. Fred Wierman Ms. Stephanie T. Willey Mr. & Mrs. Wojciechowski Mrs. Elizabeth Wootten Mrs. Cathaleen Yow We Remember:

Dr. Robert Adkins

Ms. Bobbi Biron Mr. Donald Booth Mrs. Sarah Evans Mrs. Mildred Gassman Mrs. Gladys Goslee Mrs. Elizabeth Hall Mr. James (Jay) Hancock Mrs. Jane M. Hershey Mr. & Mrs. W. Richard Holloway, Sr. Mrs. Virginia H. Korff Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Laws Mrs. Virginia B. Layfield Ms. Alice Lincoln Mrs. Florabel Mabe Mrs. Susanne S. Morris Ms. Mariuna Morrison Mr. Henry Nielsen Mr. Thomas Roe Mrs. Emma C. Roe Mr. & Mrs. Samuel W. Seidel Mr. France E. Smith Dr. Mark Stephanides Mr. James Trader Ms. Amelia Gordon Ward Ms. Myrtle M. Wheatly Dr. Carol Williamson Mr. Richard S. Wootten, Sr. Mr. Raymond Yow


Women’s Fund THE

Since 2011, The Women’s Fund at the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore has grown to more than 280 members and has granted over $227,000 to area nonprofits. By serving on the Women’s Fund grants committee, members have an opportunity to see first hand what needs exist in our community and identify ways their fund can make a difference.

Empowering Women, Inspiring Girls

The Women’s Fund of the Eastern Shore was created through the power of collective philanthropy. Members work together to help change the lives of local women and girls. By pooling financial resources, members increase the impact of local programs serving girls in foster care, mothers in crisis, young women seeking job-readiness or leadership skills, and others who need a hand-up to be stronger, more self-sufficient forces for positive change in our community.

philanthropy is about


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CFES is a trusted investment partner for nonprofit agencies throughout the region. By establishing an endowment, nonprofit organizations create a source of future income with lower fees than other investment options. Since the fund is part of the CFES portfolio, the organization benefits from our highly diversified and strategic approach. In our first year, CFES provided grants to Coastal Hospice and Life Crisis Center - just two awards. Thirty five years later more than 532 organizations receive grants, but these first two organizations remain steadfast partners. Through their agency funds, these organizations have demonstrated a commitment to long-range financial planning and taken advantage of the Community Foundation’s financial management, administrative resources, and technical support.

The Daily Times (Salisbury, Maryland) · 22 Dec 1985, Sun · Page 40 Downloaded on Sep 10, 2019

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COMMUNITIES The Impact of the Nonprofit Sector on Maryland’s Lower Eastern Shore

The Lower Shore Nonprofit Economic and Social Impact Study was convened in 2018 to explore and highlight the significant role nonprofits play in the region’s economy and quality of life. This first-ever study provides a detailed look at the nonprofit sector in four counties on the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland: Dorchester, Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester.

The nonprofit sector is a vital part of the Lower Shore’s economic and social environment. It provides a myriad of services to the community in health care, human services, education, arts and culture, and more. Nonprofits provide thousands of jobs, rally countless volunteers, and generate millions of dollars for the local economy. Each charitable dollar donated directly and indirectly reaches more than 84,000 individuals and families in the region. The integral role of local nonprofits has an astounding ripple effect on the qualityof-life of Lower Shore families and their future generations.

Strengthening Communities Report partners: Heather Mahler, Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore; Greg Padgham, Tri County Council; Mike Dunn, Greater Salisbury Committee; Erica Joseph, Community Foundation; Bill Chambers, Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce; Kathryn Gordon, Worcester County Economic Development; Sarah Guy, BEACON at Salisbury University; Heather Iliff, Maryland Nonprofits; Pam Gregory, United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore.

Nonprofits on the Lower Eastern Shore have a total economic impact of over $695 million annually.

Each charitable dollar donated directly and indirectly reaches more than 84,000 individuals and families in the region.

Approximately 1 in 3 Lower Shore neighbors are served directly and indirectly by local nonprofits.

The nonprofit sector supports over 9,200 jobs on the Lower Eastern Shore.

Lower Shore nonprofits contributed over 14% of the region’s total wages.

Nonprofit employment on the Lower Shore grew 29% between 2006 & 2017.

To view the complete report visit LowerShoreNPimpact.org



philanthropy is about

P L A N N I N G FO R T H E F U T U R E C O R P O R AT E PHILANTHROPY Since our founding, the Community Foundation has been supported by the generosity, vision, expertise and commitment of our local corporate community. Throughout our region, charitable causes depend on the support of people who care, but also businesses that recognize the value of investing in our community. We are proud to collaborate with the philanthropic endeavors of

2019 Professional Partners Conference

many local businesses to maximize their impact through our flexible giving options. While more than 31 businesses hold funds at the Foundation, we also benefit from the skill and perspective shared by business leaders who serve on our board and committees to help carry out the day to day work of CFES. Like many nonprofits, we benefit annually from financial contributions and in-kind support, ensuring our continued success. Together, the Community Foundation and area businesses create full-circle partnerships that give back to our local communities and improve the region we call home.

PROFESSIONAL ADVISORS Attorneys, CPAs, financial planners, trust officers, and other professionals are valued partners in charitable giving. Together we can develop client-focused giving strategies that meet specific financial goals and philanthropic interests. Maximum Tax Benefits: As a tax-exempt public charity, CFES offers giving solutions that maximize benefits to donors. ​​Lasting Legacy: The impact of a charitable gift will grow over time. Under the stewardship of CFES, a gift supports philanthropic priorities forever. ​Personalized Recognition: A CFES fund can bear the donor’s name or that of family, or a loved one. Or, if anonymity is preferred, we can ensure that too. Flexibility: CFES is able to process gifts of marketable securities, closely held stock, retirement funds, real estate, and more. Donors can give the gift outright or structure it to produce a lifetime of income. ​​Local Insight: We are your feet on the street. CFES staff members frequently visit local nonprofits and participate in community conversations. We are happy to share our

Founding board members and local business partners 28

knowledge and experience.

FRANCES H. OLSEN MEMORIAL FUND Frances provided guidance in her will to create this fund to benefit nonprofit organizations in and around central and southern Worcester County. Frances lived most of her 100 years on a small farm near Box Iron in Worcester County. Originally from Hamburg, Germany, she was rescued by her late husband, Thomas S. Olsen, a U.S. Merchant Marine Captain, after WWII. A proud American, she desired that her estate benefit her adopted community in Worcester County.

MATT O’HARE MEMORIAL FUND Matt O’Hare, the former Athletic Director for Worcester County/ Preparatory School, was passionate about the athletic program and theater arts program. He took every opportunity to support as many games and performances as possible. His son, Dan, along with family & friends, established this fund to provide an annual scholarship to a Worcester Preparatory School student who excels in Performing Arts and Athletics.



A memorial fund provides an opportunity for friends and family to commemorate the life of a loved one through the creation of a new fund or by making gifts to an existing fund. The knowledge that a loved one’s legacy will live on and have a permanent impact in the community can provide comfort during a difficult time. Inspiring philanthropy in others is a never ending legacy.

ST. PHILIP’S CEMETERY FUND The St. Philip’s Cemetery Fund was created to honor the life of James Andrew “Andy” Phillips, Jr. Andy was a lifetime member of St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in Quantico. He was born and raised in Salisbury and is remembered as an inventor, successful local business owner, and loving family man. Gifts made to his memorial fund will be used to maintain the cemetery.

ROLAND E. “FISH” POWELL MEMORIAL FUND Fish Powell was born and raised in Ocean City. His legacy of service included 65 years as an active member of the Ocean City Volunteer Fire Company – nine as Chief, City Council President, Worcester County Commissioner, and Mayor. He is remembered for his laid-back nature and sense of humor and this memorial fund, created by his family and friends, will honor him and his lifetime of commitment to community.

JOSH & TOMMY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP The Josh & Tommy Memorial Scholarship was created to honor the lives of fallen officers PFC Joshua Dale Adickes & Officer Thomas James Geoghegan, Jr. With gifts from friends and family, this fund will support scholarships for graduates of the OCPD seasonal police academy who are pursuing a college degree in Criminal Justice, Emergency Management, or any other Public Safety degree. 29



Sharon Dickson, CPA

Heather Mahler

Heather Trader

Pam Heying

David Plotts

Lauren Zarin

Erica Joseph

Patt Strausburg

Benjamin Law

Finance Director

Gifts & Grants Administrator President

Victoria Kent Marketing Officer

Program Director Controller

Office Administrator

BJ Summers

Director of Development & Donor Relations

Donor Relations Officer Program Administrator Intern

SPECIAL CO N T R I B UTOR S We thank these contributors who have supported the Community Foundation’s special activities and projects.

47 ABC

Lens-Ar t of S al i sbur y

a .s.a.p.r. Inte grate d Marketing

Lower S hore Enter pr i s e s

BB&T Bank

M i c rosof t

BE ACON at Salis b ury Unive rs ity

Nel son Insurance Ag en cy

CareF irs t Blue Choice

PAC 1 4

Comcas t Sp otlight

Pocom oke H i g h S c hoo l

Delmarva Dis cove ry Mus e um

Peni nsul a Pr i nt i ng

Dove Po inte

Perdue Fam i ly Fund

Gil A llen, Alle n & Alle n, Chtd.

Pohanka of S al i sbur y

Ja ckies Flowe rs and Mo re

S al i sbur y U ni ver si t y Foun d atio n

J ulian Sadur

Stephen D ec at ur H i g h S c h o o l

Goo gle

Sy m antec

Hershey Family Fund

Tenabl e

Ma ui Ja ck's Is land Wate rp ark

Ward M useum

CO MMI T TEE VOLUN TEERS James Almand Regina Bell James Bergey, Jr. Jacqueline Cassidy Sharon Clark Bob Cook Jane Corcoran Cecelia Dennis Annemarie Dickerson

Michael Dunn Dr. Carolyn Elmore Mark Engberg Pat Farina Bill Ferguson Kim Gillis Nancy Goldsmith Jim Hartstein Earle Hatton

W. Thomas Hershey Michele Hughes Dean Lewis Ivonne Lomax Dr. Ani Mathers James Morris Sharon Morris Martin Neat Joseph Ollinger

Susan Peacock Susan Purnell Susan Pusey Robbie Raffish Victoria Rasmussen Carrie Samis Anthony Sarbanes Stephanie Shockley John Stern

Ashley Stern Don Taylor Sydney Tilman Diane Turner Jeffrey Turner Juanita Warren Sonya Whited Barbara Whitehead 31

philanthropy is

LEADING by example

James R. Thomas, Jr., Chairman

Michael P. Truitt, Vice Chairman

Dr. Julius D. Zant, Secretary

David A. Vorhis, Treasurer

John J. Allen, Jr.

Allen C. Brown, Jr.

Thomas K. Coates

Velda E. Henry

W. Todd Hershey

Dr. Carolyn S. Johnston

Daniel M. O’Connell

Janice M. Perdue

Ernest R. Satchell

Thank You

John Allen Thomas Coates Melody Nelson

for your years of service




James P. Jones

Andy Kim

Gregory D. Tawes

Lauren C. Taylor

Ginnie Malone

Dwight W. Marshall, Jr.

Kathleen G. McLain

Melody S. Nelson

Dr. Annette E. Wallace Dr. George I. Whitehead, III

Gayle H. Widdowson

Stephanie T. Willey


fund LIST A. Asbury Parks & Donna Morgan Parks Scholarship Fund Albert J. Bailey Wicomico County Endowment Fund Alfred & Clara May Truitt Memorial Fund Alice Lincoln Fund Alice Parsons Davis Memorial Scholarship Fund Allen Harim Legacy Scholarship Alvin Travitz Fund Amelia G. Ward Donor Advised Fund Anderson Generations Family Fund Andrew W. & Marilyn G. Booth Donor Advised Fund Anna Downing Memorial Fund Anna G. Seidel Memorial Book Collection Endowment Fund Anne Almand Donor Advised Fund Anthony Sarbanes Parkside High School Spirit of the Ram Award Anthony T. Olive Scholarship Fund Antioch United Methodist Church Music Ministry Fund Art Institute & Gallery Designated Endowment Fund Art League of Ocean City Endowment Fund Art League of Ocean City Non-Endowed Agency Fund Arthur & Billie Cooley Fund for Community Needs Arthur M. & Billie G. Cooley Fund Arthur M. Cooley, Jr. Memorial Fund Arthur V. Wilson Memorial Fund for Cancer Treatment Arts & Abilities Fund Assateague Coastal Trust Founders’ Endowment Assateague Coastal Trust Robert L. Dwight Memorial Fund Atlantic Club Endowment Fund Atlantic General Hospital Foundation Endowment Fund Avery Hall Insurance Group DA Nonendowment Fund Avery W. Hall Memorial DA Endowment Trust Fund Baja, Inc. Fund Bank of Delmarva Community Needs Fund Barbara Benton Donor Advised Fund Barbara Rogers Hall Scholarship Barren Creek Springs Church Fund Barry & Donna Beach Endowment Fund Ben’s Red Swings Designated Endowment Fund Ben’s Red Swings Fund Bergey & Company, P.A. Donor-Advised Endowment Fund Beth Israel - Albert & Dorothy Segal Memorial Endowment Fund Beth Israel - Samuel W. & Marilyn C. Seidel Memorial E Fund Beth Israel General Endowment Fund Bethel Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund Bethesda United Methodist Church Eleanor Beulah V. Riley Snow Hill Library Fund Beulah V. Riley Worcester County Humane Society Fund Billie M. Cooper Memorial Fund Billie R. Laws Masonic Fund of Sinepuxent Lodge #193 Billy Wayne Truitt Memorial Scholarship 34

Since 1984, the following funds have been created. We are proud to list them in this Anniversary edition.

Blanche T. Purnell Memorial Fund Bo Ruggerio Memorial Fund Bob & Janice Cook Donor Advised Fund Bobbi Biron Fund for Saint Peter’s Church Bobbi Biron Fund for the Salisbury Zoo Education Fund Bobbi Biron Fund for Wicomico County Needs Bounds Ministerial Scholarship Boy Scouts of America Fund Boyd & Barbara Whitney Jr. Endowment Fund Boyd & Barbara Whitney Jr. Veterans Fund Brooke Mulford Memorial Fund Brown Pelican Fund Bruce W. Oldham Memorial Scholarship C & P Telephone Fund C.W. Larry George Worcester County Endowment Fund Calvin & Susan Peacock Family Endowment Fund Cancer Support - Community Fund Caring Hearts Fund Carol Steffy Spirit of Esther Fund Carol Williamson Administrative Endowment Fund Carol Williamson Community Needs Fund Carolyn Mears Elmore Scholarship Catherine Holloway Tilghman Fund for Community Needs Catherine R. Thorsten Donor Advised Fund Cato, Inc. Donor Advised Fund CATO, Inc. Scholarship Fund Causey Fund for Mt. Vernon Cemetery Charles & Gladys Goslee Youth Help Fund Charles & Gladys Goslee Donor Advised Endowment Fund Charles Berry Memorial Fund Charles E. Bounds Community Needs Fund Charles Elmer Wharton, Jr. Memorial Unrestricted Fund Charles L. Marshall Hotel Management Scholarship Charles R. & Ruby B. Dashiell Donor Advised Fund Chesapeake Bay Girl Scouts Council Endowment Fund Children’s Fund Children’s Fund in Memory of Shane & Aaron Stein Children’s Theater of Delmarva Endowment Fund Chipman Foundation Fund Christian Center of Nanticoke Designated Fund Christian Shelter Designated Endowment Fund Coastal Hospice Endowment Fund Coastal Realtors Foundation Comcast Community Needs Fund Community Foundation Endowment Fund Community Foundation Fund Community Needs Endowment Fund Community Singers Scholarship Fund Cpt. Adam G. Mooney Scholarship Fund

Craig A. Evans Memorial Fund Cricket Center, Inc. Endowment Fund Crisfield Heritage Foundation Agency Endowment Fund Dad & Daughter Donor Advised Fund Dan Prengaman Memorial Fund for the Arts Dara & Henry Hanna III Community Needs Fund Darlene Cole-Culver Endowment Fund Dave & Lenny Downes Scholarship Fund David A. Grier Memorial Endowment Fund David & Deborah Vorhis Donor Advised Fund David Larmore Memorial Fund David Russell Kline Memorial Fund David W. Snee Memorial Fund David Whitby Memorial Donor Advised Fund Deaf Independent Living Association Endowment Fund Debbie & Michael Wessels Fund Deer’s Head Center Foundation Endowment Delmar Alumni Scholarship Foundation Fund Del-Mar-Va Council, Boy Scouts of America Endowment Fund Del-Mar-Va Council, Boy Scouts of America Maintenance Endowment Fund Delmarva Discovery Center & Museum Fund Delmarva Discovery Center Fund Delmarva Education Foundation Fund Delmarva Peninsula Golf Association Scholarship Delmarva Power Fund for Community Needs Delmarva Shorebirds Fly Together Fund Diakonia Endowment Fund Diakonia Pearls of Service Fund Diane Oberholtzer Memorial Scholarship Fund Dick & Betty Wootten Fund for Community Needs Dick & Pat Hazel Fund for Community Needs Dick & Betty Wootten Fund Dick & Lou Marshall Family Donor-Advised Fund Disaster Relief Fund Don & Lynn Taylor Donor Advised Fund Donald A. Hall, Sr. Administrative Endowment Fund Donald A. Luckhurst Memorial Fund Donald & Barbara Cummins Fund for the Wico. Co. Free Library Donald Bartlett/Goldsboro VFD Scholarship Fund Donald Lee Schul, Jr. Scholarship Fund Doris Gay Calcott Memorial Scholarship Dove Pointe Endowment Fund Dr. Alfred & Ruth Beattie Family Endowment Fund Dr. Alfred & Ruth Beattie Healthcare Careers Scholarship Fund Dr. Christopher & Betty Conyers Community Needs Fund Dr. Douglas I. Smith Memorial Fund Dr. Frederick E. Pfaff, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Dr. Jack K. Williams Fund for Community Needs

Dr. Jon M. Andes Worcester County Teacher Scholarship Fund Dr. Joseph Z. Badros Scholarship Fund Dr. Julius & Linda Zant Donor Advised Fund Dr. Kent Kimmel Designated Endowment Fund Dr. Kent N. Kimmel Donor Advised Fund Dr. Paul W. Vineyard Scholarship Fund of E.S. Dental Association Dr. Robert & Jane Corcoran Fund for Community Needs Dr. Spicer Bell Fund for Community Needs Dr. Stedman Smith Fund for Community Needs Drew Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund Duane V. Perdue Memorial Scholarship Fund Dyer Donor Advised Fund Dykes, Elliott, Pryor Memorial Fund for Community Needs Easterseals Delaware & Maryland’s Eastern Shore Endow Fund Eastern Shore Association of Municipalities Endowment Fund Eastern Shore Baseball Hall of Fame Endowment Fund Eastern Shore Endowment Fund Eastern Shore Mission of Mercy Fund Eastern Shore Pastoral Scholarship Fund Eastern Shore Running Club Scholarship Edward F. “Babe” Pierce Memorial Fund Edward L. & Dorothy Jean Outten Designated Endowment Fund Edward L. & Dorothy Jean Outten Fund for Community Needs Elias S. Adamopoulos Memorial Fund Elijah Bradford Memorial Designated Endowment Fund Elizabeth Brittingham Pusey Scholarship Emilie Robinson Fund for Community Needs Emilie W. Robinson Donor Advised Fund Erin Drew Memorial Fund Ernest & Mae Porter Agricultural Scholarship Esther M. Smith Scholarship Fund Ethel Berry Memorial Fund Evelyn Blose Holman Scholarship Fund Everline Memorial Scholarship Fund Ewell Methodist Perpetual Care Fund Farmers Bank of Willards Community Needs Fund Federalsburg Rotary Club Scholarship Fund First Shore Federal DA Endowment Fund First Shore Federal S&L David F. Rodgers Memorial Fund First Shore Federal/ David F. Rodgers Memorial Fund for Community Needs France & Mary Lou Smith Administrative Endowment Fund France & Mary Lou Smith Fund for Community Needs France & Mary Lou Smith Family Donor-Advised Fund Frances & M.W. Tilghman for Community Needs Fund Frances H. Olsen Memorial Fund Frank & Mitzi Perdue Community Needs Fund Frank & Nancy Hanna Fund for Community Needs Frank & Sue Morris “Leaders in Giving” Fund Frank B. Hanna Donor Advised Fund Frank H. & Ora Belle A. Henson Fund for Community Needs Frank H. Morris Humanitarian Award Fund Frank Perdue Memorial Fund Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie #4503 Scholarship Fund Fred & Pam Wierman Charitable Gift Annuity Freedom H. Ainsworth Administrative Endowment Fund Friends of the Salisbury Elks 817 Fund Frost Designated Endowment Fund

Frost St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Endowment Fund Fruitland Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Fund Fruitland Community Center, Inc. Agency Endowment Fund FSFS - W. Leonard Brown Scholarship Fund for the Environment Furnace Town Agency Fund Furnace Town Foundation Fund G. Charles Pennewell Memorial Fund Gale Huntington Yerges Endowment Fund Gamma Theta BoulΘ of Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity Fund Garrett & Liz Layton DA Fund Garrett S. & Elizabeth T. Layton Fund for Community Needs Gassman Art Appreciation & Education Fund Gassman Fund for Wicomico Presbyterian Church George & Helen Chandler Administrative Endowment Fund George & Helen Chandler Designated Fund George & Helen Chandler Fund for Community Needs George & Carol Galifianakis Donor Advised Fund George & Gerry Bower Scholarship Fund George & Marie Vickers Donor Advised Fund George W. Ossman Fund for Community Needs Gilkerson Donor-Advised Fund Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay Council, Inc. Fund Gladys Martha Allen Fund for Education Grants Gladys Martha Allen Scholarship Fund Go-Glass of Delmarva Community Needs Fund Gordon D & Mary Sue Gladden Donor Advised Fund Green Hill Methodist Cemetery Endowment Fund Green Hill Yacht & Country Club Scholarship Fund Greg L. & Patricia B. Stein Fund for Community Needs Gregory A. Taylor, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund Gruwell Endowment Fund Habitat for Humanity of Wicomico County HALO - Hope & Life Outreach Endowment Fund Hancock Family Millennium Prize Harold Genvert Science Endowment Fund Harrison & Sylvia Langeler Donor-Advised Fund Hebron Savings Bank Community Needs Fund Hebron Savings Bank Donor-Advised Fund Help Your Neighbor Fund Henry P. Nielsen Memorial Endowment Fund Henry Vinyard Jr. Memorial Fund Herb & Ann Fincher Memorial Scholarship Fund Herbert D. Brent Arts Scholarship Fund Herman H. & Eunice Q. Sorin Fund for Ocean City Public Art Hershey Family Fund Hershey Family Fund for Community Needs Holloway Funeral Home Fund for Community Needs Holly Community Endowment Fund Holly Darrow Memorial Fund Holly Grove Christian School Endowment Fund Homer & Martha Gudelsky Family Fund for Community Needs Horace M. & Kathryn C. Hill Designated Endowment Fund Horizons Salisbury Endowment Fund Horner Friends Donor Advised Endowment Fund Howard & Edna Hambury Historical Trust Howard L. Gordy III Trust Designated Fund Hunt Galyon Memorial Fund

Hunter Hudson Scholarship Fund Hunter Wright Spina Bifida Fund Hunter’s Ride Donor Advised Fund Irene Culver Collins & Louis Franklin Collins Educational Fund Jack & Ann Purnell Fund for Community Needs Fund Jack & Martha Graham Donor Advised Fund Jack Edward Morris Memorial Fund Jackson-Humphreys Fund for Parson’s Cemetery Jacqueline Fowler Donor Advised Non-Endowed Fund Jacqueline Gordon Donor Advised Fund Jacqueline R. Cassidy Designated Endowment Fund James & Annemarie Dickerson Fund James & Paula Morris Donor Advised Fund James G. & Nancy W. Barrett Scholarship Fund James G. Barrett -- Worcester County Endowment Fund James M. Bennett Class of ‘66 Scholarship James M. Bennett Memorial Gardens Endowment Fund James Russell Trader Memorial Fund James Russell Trader Scholarship Fund James S. Donohoe Scholarship Fund James S. Dudley Music Scholarship James W. Hancock III Scholarship Jane Bailey Art Education Fund Jane Rahl Apson Endowment Fund Jane W. Bailey Fund for Community Needs Jean Johnson Fund Jeffrey Morris Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund Jeffrey Peter Marx Memorial Fund Jill & Christopher Wood Unrestricted Fund for Community Needs Jim & Jan Perdue & Family for Community Needs Fund Jim Almand Donor Advised Fund John & Kathleen Groutt Endowment Fund John & Elizabeth Morris Memorial Fund for Community Needs John & Hannah Handy Scholarship Fund John & Harriet Lerch DA Non Endowment Fund John & Marian Snee Donor Advised Non-Endowment Fund John Custis Crawford Scholarship Fund John Gehrig Family Fund John H. Dulany Memorial Designated Endowment Fund John H. Dulany Memorial Scholarship Fund John Patrick Reeves Scholarship Fund John Stephanos AHEPA Scholarship John T. & Hannah Handy Crisfield Improvement Fund John W. Causey Memorial Fund Joseph R. & Pamela L. Ollinger Donor Advised Fund Joseph R. & Pamela L. Ollinger Community Needs Fund Josh and Tommy Memorial Scholarship Joyce Benjamin Youth Fund Judge & Mrs. E. McMaster Duer Fund for Community Needs Judy & Jon Tremellen Fund Julia A. Purnell Museum Endowment Fund Katherine Ellen Brown Community Fund Katherine Ellen Brown Scholarship Fund Kathryn Washburn Donor Advised Fund Kenneth D. & Sharon A. Wolf Charitable Fund Kent & Robin English Memorial Fund for the Arts Kids of Honor Endowment Fund Korryn P. Whited Memorial Scholarship 35

Kota & Bina Chandrasekhara Fund Kresge Challenge Unrestricted Endowment Fund Kresge III Challenge Unrestricted Fund Kuhn’s Jewelers Donor Advised Fund La Merced Charitable Fund Lana Kaye Rinehart Memorial Scholarship Fund Larry Dennis Designated Endowment Fund Lee Levis Fun Fund Lester D. Shockley Family Fund Life Crisis Center Capital Fund Links, Inc. Princess Anne Chapter Fund LJT & Associates Charities Fund LLLR Memorial Endowment Fund Local Owner Restaurant Association Scholarship Fund Lois J. Rodgers Memorial Fund Louise Smith Scholarship Fund Louise Vaughan Morgan Scholarship Fund Lowell E. Hoprich Athletic Scholarship Fund Lower Eastern Shore Heritage Council Endowment Fund Lower Shore Endowment for the Arts Lower Shore Enterprises, Inc. Agency Endowment Fund Lower Shore Enterprises, Inc. Endowment Fund Lower Shore Fund for Community Needs Lower Shore Land Preservation Fund Lower Shore Land Trust, Inc. Endowment Fund Lynn Seidel Kids of Honor Fund Lynn Seidel Women of Achievement Endowment Fund M&T Bank Fund for Community Needs M. George Cahall Memorial Research Endowment Fund M. William & Frances J. Tilghman Donor-Advised Fund M. William & Frances J. Tilghman Educational Scholarship Fund M.W. & Barrie Tilghman, Jr. Donor Advised Fund M.W. & Frances J. Tilghman Donor-Advised Fund Mabes DA Fund for Basic Human Needs MAC Pearls of Service Fund Mac Wessels Memorial Fund MAC, Inc. Endowment Fund Madeline G. Perdue Fund for Community Needs MAGI Fund, Inc. Endowment Fund Magi Fund, Inc. Fund Mannion Endowment Fund Maple Shade Youth & Family Services Endowment Fund Marcus & Jean Stephanides Endowment Fund Margaret Ann Merrill Memorial Fund Margaret Morris Administrative Endowment Fund Margaret Palmer Donor Advised Fund Margaret Twilley Jordan for Community Marge & Jack Duer Designated Endowment Fund Marge & Jack Duer Endowment Fund Marian Bickerstaff Donor Advised Fund Marian Gregoriussen Snee Memorial Fund - Wor-Wic Marian Gregoriussen Snee Memorial Scholarship Marion Keenan Endowment for the Education of Coastal Hospice Staff & Volunteers Mark & Patricia Engberg Endowed Donor Advised Fund Mark & Patricia Engberg Non-Endowed Donor Advised Fund Martin F. Buell MD Memorial Library Fund Martin S. Kane Memorial Scholarship Fund 36

Martin T. & Marilyn B. Neat Endowment Fund Mary Gay Calcott Memorial Fund Mary Gladys Jones Fund for Cultural Enrichment Mary Lou Burbage Smith Memorial Fund Mary Spencer, Megan Spencer, & Marcia Puente Fund Maryland Building Industry Assoc., Eastern Shore Chapter Fund Maryland Coastal Bays Foundation Maryland Correctional Administrators Assoc. Scholarship Fund Maryland Volunteer Center Association Fund Mason Family Endowment Fund Massey Family Donor Advised Endowment Fund Massey Family Fund for Community Needs Matt O’Hare Memorial Fund Max Cooley Memorial Scholarship McCready Foundation Endowment Fund Memorial Endowment Fund Mercantile Peninsula Bank Fund for Community Needs Metropolitan Magazine Fund for Community Needs Michael G. & Joanna C. Abercrombie Fund Michael G. Mann Memorial Scholarship Fund Michael Golnick Endowment Fund Michael J. Hynes Memorial Endowment Fund Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra Endowment Fund Mid-Delmarva YMCA Endowment Fund Mildred Holland Smith Memorial Fund Mildred Lappe Arts Fund Naleppa Family Healthcare Scholarship Nancy & George Rubenson Endowment Fund Nancy & Robert Allen Music Education Fund Nathaniel O. & Margaret G. Adkins Austin Fund Needs Unrestricted Endowment Fund Nellie G. Allen Faculty Endowment Fund Nina Wright Wildman Memorial Scholarship Fund Norman H. Conway Scholarship Fund Ocean City - Berlin Optimist Youth Foundation Scholarship Fund Ocean City Museum Society Fund Ocean City Parrot Head - Linda & Don Risso Scholarship Fund Olin J. Shockley & Mildred J. Shockley Memorial Fund Oscar Carey Fund for Community Needs Oscar L. & Harriet C. Carey Endowment Fund PAC 14 Endowment Fund Page Insley-Austin Donor Advised Fund Pairo/Krebs Ocean City Paramedic Foundation Endowment Pam & Walter “Macky” Stansell, Jr. Donor Advised Fund Pam & Macky Stansell Community Needs Fund Parsons Cemetery Perpetual Care Endowment Fund Pat Briscoe Award Fund Patricia M. Hazel Fund for Community Needs Paul A. Hishmeh Memorial Fund Paul & Geraldine Martin Scholarship Fund Paul Rendine Disabilities Advocates Scholarship Paul S. McCabe Masonic & Eastern Star Scholarship Fund Pemberton Hall Foundation Endowment Fund Peninsula Regional Medical Center Foundation, Inc. Pepsi-Cola Fund for Community Needs Fund Perdue Family Donor Advised Fund Peter & Linda Hutchinson Donor Advised Endowment Fund Peter & Linda Hutchinson Fund for Community Needs

Phillip C. & Dorothy L. Cooper Memorial Fund Phoebe Bowers & Anna Barkley Memorial Fund Phoebe Bowers Memorial Fund Phyllis Vinyard Donor Advised Fund Pine Bluff Village Fund Planned Giving Program Fund Pocomoke Area Health Care Scholarship Pocomoke City Rotary Club J. Dawson Clarke Mem. Scholarship Pocomoke High School Class of 1964 Mem. Scholarship Fund Pocomoke Ruritan Club Fund Poplar Hill Mansion Endowment Fund Preservation Trust of Wicomico County Endowment Fund Professor A. L. Fleming Memorial Scholarship Fund Progress Lane Scholarship Fund Purnell D. White Memorial Scholarship Fund Purnell Family Fund for Women Quantico Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund Queen Nerd Scholarship & Support Fund in Memory of Jamey Lee Griswold Landon Quota’s Women & Children Fund Rackliffe House Trust, Inc. Endowment Fund Raymond C. & Susan B. Shockley Charitable Gift Annuity Recovery Resource Center Nonprofit Partner Fund Red, White, & Boom Endowment Fund Red, White, & Boom Fund Reginald Schneider Memorial Administrative Endowment Fund Renew the Zoo Fund Richard A. Henson Endowment Fund Richard A. Henson Memorial Fund Richard Allen Memorial Scholarship Fund Richard & Patricia Hazel Charitable Fund Richard & Patricia Hazel Minority Scholarship Fund Richard Hazel Endowment for Youth Richard M. & Margaretta J. Cooley Mem. Fund for Comm. Needs Richard M. Laws Sr. & Ruth W. Laws Endowment Fund Rick & Amy Wootten Fund Rider Historic Cemetery Endowment Fund Robert & Ann R. Burns Scholarship Fund Robert & Dorothy Beer Endowment Fund Robert & Jane Corcoran Donor Advised Fund Robert B. Koontz Mountaineer Scholarship Fund Robert Lee Smith Memorial Fund Robert T. & Nancy J. Adkins Designated Endowment Fund Robertson Family Donor Advised Fund Rodgers-Gouldman Memorial Trust Endowment Fund Rodney & Patricia Layton CGA - Ben’s Red Swings Rodney & Patricia Layton CGA - Reading Forever Roland E. “Fish” Powell Memorial Fund Ronald & Christine LaPorte Endowment Fund Ronald & Susan Wilkins Endowment Fund Ronald B. & Mary L. Nelson Donor Advised Fund Rotary Club of Salisbury - Charles Whitmore Memorial Scholarship Fund Rotary Club of Salisbury Foundation Endowment Fund Rotary Club of Salisbury Helen C. Wootton Memorial Scholarship Fund Rotary Club of Salisbury Nonprofit Partner Fund Rotary Club of Wicomico County Fund

Ruth Donaway Fund for Community Needs Salem United Methodist Church Iris Hitchens Memorial Scholarship Fund Salisbury Area Beautification Endowment Fund Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation Fund Salisbury Area Prayer Breakfast Designated Endowment Fund Salisbury Award Fund Salisbury Fire Dept, Inc. Volunteers Nonprofit Partner Fund Salisbury High School Association Fund Salisbury Lions Club Endowment Fund Salisbury Medical Foundation Endowment Fund Salisbury Medical Foundation Field of Interest Fund Salisbury Neighborhood Housing Service Endowment Fund Salisbury Neighborhood Housing Services Fund Salisbury Park Bandstand & Bridge Endowment Fund Salisbury Police Depart. Future Officer Recruits Scholarship Fund Salisbury Police Department K-9 & Mounted Unit Fund Salisbury School, Inc. Endowment Fund Salisbury School/ Penny Jarman Teacher Enrichment Fund Salisbury Sunrise Rotary Club Fund Salisbury University Foundation, Inc. Fund Salisbury Volunteer Fire Companies Endowment Fund Salisbury Wicomico Lion’s Club Endowment Fund Salisbury Zoo Fun(d) for Kids Salisbury’s Promise Donor Advised Non-Endowment Fund Salisbury’s Promise Scholarship Fund Salisbury-Wicomico Arts Council/Paul S. Hyde Scholarship Fund Sally Adkins & Bill Bostian Family Fund Salvation Army Endowment Fund Sam & Charlotte Goldman Fund for Community Needs Samuel R. & Evelyn Q. Coffin Memorial Donor Advised Fund Samuel W. & Marilyn C. Seidel - Beth Israel Congregation Fund - Donor Advised Fund - Salisbury Salvation Army Fund - Scholarship at Wor-Wic Community College - United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore Fund - 2100 Fund - 2200 Fund Samuel W. Seidel Athletic Fund Samuel W. Seidel Memorial Reading Forever Endowment Fund Sarah Demetrowitz Fund for Community Needs Sarbanes Scholarship Fund Saul Ewing, LLP Fund in Memory of Frank Perdue Scholarship Fund of the Rotary Club of Salisbury Seton Center Pearls of Service Fund Sheldon Lewis Endowment Fund Shore Distributors DA Non Endowment Fund Showell Family Fund for Community Needs Sinepuxent Lodge 193 AF & AM Fund Sisters of Charity Fund Snee Fund for the Wicomico County War Veterans Memorial Snee Memorial Scholarship Fund Snow Hill Christian Nursery School Fund Somerset County Children’s Fund Somerset County Fund Somerset County Library System Endowment Fund Somerset SPARK Fund

Spence Baptist Church, Inc. Memorial Fund Spencer Lubben Memorial Fund Spicer & Karen Bell Donor Advised Fund Sprankle Scholarship Fund SSgt. Ralph Smith Memorial Endowment Fund St. Francis de Sales Parish Endowment St. Francis de Sales School Fund St. James AME Zion Church Endowment Fund St. Peter’s Episcopal Church Endowment Fund St. Philip’s Cemetery Fund St. Stephens United Methodist Church Fund Stein Family Endowment Fund for Community Needs Stephanie Willey Donor-Advised Fund Steven Edward White Memorial Scholarship Fund Stu & Kathy Barr Donor Advised Fund Sue C. & Phil W. Stephenson Fund Sue Morris Fund for Community Needs Supporting Children’s Success Fund Susan & Raymond Shockley Fund for Community Needs Susan & Arthur North Donor Advised Non Endowment Fund Susan & Arthur North Fund Susan Lee Todd Memorial Fund SVN/Miller Commercial Real Estate Donor Advised Fund Tawes Memorial Designated Endowment Fund Teackle Mansion - Julia Ford Endowment Fund TFC Edward A. Plank, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund Theresa Kapusinski Scholarship Fund Thomas C. & Emma S. Roe Memorial Endowment Fund Thomas R. Dodd Donor Advised Fund Tilghman Fund for Joseph House Center Tilghman Humane Society Capital Improvement Fund Toadvine Historic Cemetery Fund Tom & Beth Hershey Designated Endowment Fund Tom & Susan Robinson Endowment for the Christ UMC Tom & Susan Robinson Endowment for the Community Players Tom & Susan Robinson Endowment for the Salisbury School Tomorrow Fund for Wicomico County Tony Sterling Memorial Fund Trinity Music Fund Trinity Sterile, Inc. - Michael Viner Memorial Fund Trinity United Methodist Church - Rev. George R. Patterson Scholarship Fund Trinity United Methodist Church Endowment Fund Trinity United Methodist Church Scholarship Fund United Needs & Abilities Endowment Fund United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore Fund USS Leon Designated Endowment Fund V. Lynn & Winnie N. Wootten Endowment Memorial Fund Veterans Appreciation Fund Veterans Mental Health Support Fund Veterans of Foreign Wars Scholarship Fund VFW Eastside Mem. Post 2996 Scholarship Endowment Fund VFW Post #194 Field of Interest Fund Victor & Eunice Laws Administrative Endowment Fund Village of Hope, Inc. Endowment Fund Viren & Rekha Sharma Scholarship Fund Virginia B. Layfield Administrative Endowment Fund Virginia B. Layfield Endowment Fund

Virginia B. Layfield Fund for Community Needs Fund Virginia B. Layfield Memorial Endowment Fund Virginia H. Korff Donor Advised Endowment Fund Wade & Helen Sue Ward Memorial Scholarship Fund Wade Family Endowment Fund Walter R. Holloway Family Fund Walter ‘Trae’ Cohee Memorial Fund Wanda Parks Milbourne Scholarship Fund Ward Foundation Endowment Fund Ward Museum of Wildlife Art Endowment Fund Warren L. Allen, Sr. Charitable Gift Annuity Wayne R. Powell Endowment Fund Wells Family Memorial Fund Wesley Theological Seminary Westside Historical Society Fund White Family Scholarship Fund Whitehaven Church Endowment Fund Whitehead Family Donor Advised Non-Endowment Fund Whittington Memorial Scholarship Wicomico County Economic Impact Endowed Scholarship Fund Wicomico County Economic Impact Scholarship Fund Wicomico County Endowment for the Arts Wicomico County Free Library Nonendowed Fund Wicomico County Humane Society Agency Endowment Fund Wicomico County Medical Society - Alvarado Health Fund Wicomico County Ministerial Alliance Scholarship Fund Wicomico County War Veterans Memorial Endowment Fund Wicomico Goes Purple Designated Fund Wicomico High School Class of 1939 Award Fund Wicomico High School Class of 1955 Scholarship Fund Wicomico High School Class of 1958 Wicomico High School Class of 1967 Wicomico Historical Society Agency Fund Wicomico Historical Society Designated Fund Wicomico Mentoring Project Endowment Fund Wicomico Performing Arts Center Fund Wicomico Public Library Endowment Fund Wicomico Retired Educational Personnel Endowment Fund Wicomico Senior High School Class of 1961 Scholarship Fund Wicomico Senior High School Class of 63 Scholarship Fund Wicomico SPARK Fund Wil Engle Memorial Scholarship Wildy-Quillin Donor Advised Fund William & Carolyn Johnston Donor Advised Fund William & Sarah Evans Family Memorial Fund William B. Blank DACA Scholarship William G. Greenly Scholarship Fund William P. & Marjorie H. Fleming Scholarship Fund William R. & Teresa McCain Donor Advised Endowed Fund William R. Bowen Scholarship Fund William T. Burbage Family Memorial Scholarship Fund Women Supporting Women Endowment Fund Women’s Fund Wonderland of Lights Fund Worcester County Arts Council Scholarship Fund Worcester County Bar Association Thanksgiving Fund Worcester County Educational Foundation Agency Fund Worcester County G.O.L.D. Endowment Fund 37

Worcester County G.O.L.D. Non-Endowed Fund Worcester County Humane Society Fund Worcester County Swimming Fund Worcester Preparatory School Endowment Fund Worcester SPARK Fund Worcester Youth & Family Counseling Services Carolyn Cordial Living Legacy Fund Wor-Wic Almon-Gray Scholarship Fund Wor-Wic Anna Mae Perdue Vincent Endowed Scholarship Wor-Wic Arnold H. Maner Endowed Scholarship Fund Wor-Wic Brian K. Heller Memorial Scholarship Fund Wor-Wic Child Development Center Endowment Wor-Wic Claudell Bowdle Endowed Scholarship Wor-Wic Community College - Nursing Endowment Fund Wor-Wic Community College Anne K. Smith Scholarship Fund Wor-Wic Community College General Endowment Fund Wor-Wic Dorothy Warwick Smith Endowed Scholarship Wor-Wic Draper Family Endowed Scholarship Fund Wor-Wic Easton Elks Endowed Scholarship Fund Wor-Wic Electronics Employers EndowedScholarship Fund Wor-Wic Elinor Cubbage Honors & Arts Endowment Fund Wor-Wic Eric D. Monk Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund Wor-Wic Faculty Honors Endowed Scholarship Wor-Wic Food for Students Endowment Fund Wor-Wic Garland & Vivian Bull Endowed Scholarship Fund Wor-Wic George E. Miles Endowed Scholarship Fund Wor-Wic George N. Brous Endowed Scholarship Fund Wor-Wic Harry W. Kelley Endowed Scholarship Fund Wor-Wic Henry Lee Vinyard Jr. Endowed Scholarship Wor-Wic Henry S. & Nellie T. Parker Endowed Scholarship Fund Wor-Wic Hospitality Careers Scholarship Fund Wor-Wic James W. Hancock III Scholarship Wor-Wic Jim Dryden Endowed Scholarship Fund Wor-Wic Julia S. Martin Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund Wor-Wic Kathleen & Michael Abercrombie, Jr. Scholarship Wor-Wic Kristin Rendine Scholarship Fund Wor-Wic Lois E. Brunkhorst, RN Endowed Scholarship Fund Wor-Wic Marilyn G. & Andrew W. Booth Scholarship Fund Wor-Wic Marilyn J. Baker Endowed Scholarship Fund Wor-Wic Mark & Lucille Rudnick Scholarship Fund Wor-Wic Maureen D. Capelli Endowed Scholarship Wor-Wic Michael McMullen Memorial Scholarship Fund Wor-Wic Milton L. & Thelma C. Conner Mem. Scholarship Fund Wor-Wic Porter-Rinnier Endowed Scholarship Fund Wor-Wic Ray & Donna Hoy Endowed Scholarship Fund Wor-Wic Richard A. Henson Fund for Tomorrow Wor-Wic Ruth R. Langeler Memorial Scholarship Fund Wor-Wic Shore Distributors Scholarship Fund Wor-Wic Sons of Italy Scholarship Fund Wor-Wic Stephen L. Capelli Scholarship Fund Wor-Wic Technology Endowment Fund Wor-Wic Thomas G. Hanley Endowment Scholarship Wor-Wic Virginia H. Nicoll, RN Scholarship Fund Youth Foundation Fund






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Total Liabilities



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Accounts payable & accrued expenses

Total Liabilities and Net Assets




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Other income Total Support and Revenue


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All funds established at the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore, Inc. are managed as provided by the Investment Policy Statement approved by the Board of Directors. The Investment Committee oversees the process and selects and monitors investment managers through its consultant, Mason Investment Advisory Services, LLC. We provide a Quarterly Investment Report to all fundholders with their statement. Data presented as of June 30, 2019 unless otherwise indicated.

A copy of the current financial statement of The Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore, Inc. is available by writing 1324 Belmont Ave Ste 401, Salisbury, MD 21804 or by calling (410) 742-9911. Financial Statements are also available at CFES. org. Documents and information submitted under the Maryland Solicitations Act are also available, for the cost of postage and copies, from the Maryland Secretary of State, State House, Annapolis MD 21401, (410) 974-5534.

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