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Once again, auditors, compliance officers, antifraud professionals from the private and public sectors will exchange ideas on evolving fraud issues. Join them as they explore the techniques and strategies being employed to combat these new twists to financial risk. The 2009 Annual CSI Systemic Risk Conference will be in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on 26th May 2009.

Dear Friends, As the Program Chair for the 3rd CSI World Headquarters Regional Conference in Kuala Lumpur, I'd like to welcome you to this conference that brings together a variety of professional finance teams from government, commercial, and academic organizations worldwide to foster cooperation and coordination in financial risk prevention, to prompt rapid reaction to financial crisis and incidents, and to promote information sharing among members and the financial community at large. As always, we also extend a warm welcome to all our colleagues in other industry who share our interest in improving financial information protection. If you or your organization are interested in creating a sound financial management team or are responsible for the coordination of financial risk management whether as a system administrator, network administrator, management, law enforcement, or vendor, you should attend this conference. I also have some excellent news to share with you. In this conference, we will introduce the CSIBLACK BELT in Credit Risk Management, Financial Analysis Masterclass which is a mandatory requirement for all new CSIs. This conference program is an exciting combination of technology as well as management sessions. Our key note speakers include Mr. Tony Reyes, the HTCIA Chairperson from New York and Mr. Phill Russo, the Australian, CIA solution provider on Digital Forensics. Both of them have indicated that they will be conducting their respective Masterclass immediately after the Conference. You are encouraged to sign up for any of the Masterclass and enjoy all the benefits as a Conference delegate. I hope to see you in Malaysia! Sincerely, Tommy Seah, Chairperson. CSI World Headquarters












CIALLY DEVELOPED FOR THE CSI BY RECOGNIZED CERTIFIED FRAUD EXAMINERS, INTERNAL AUDIT AND IT PROFESSIONALS. With “ everyone a CSIâ€? approach, this conference will provide you with tools and techniques to assist you in understanding your organization’s systemic risk challenges whether you are delving into audit, IT or Fraud examination for the first time or are already savvy in Fraud Examination and system appraisal. ‡/HDUQKRZWRLQWHJUDWH&6,LQWRWKHLQWHUQDODXGLWLQJSURFHVV ‡8QGHUVWDQGWKHLPSDFWRI&6,DVDSURIHVVLRQRQWRGD\¡VULVNV ‡)LQGRXWKRZEHLQJD&6,DQGHPHUJLQJWHFKQRORJLHVFDQLPSDFW\RXURUJDQL]DWLRQ ‡([SORUH&6,WHFKQLTXHVIRUERWKRSHUDWLRQDOILQDQFLDODQG,7DXGLWLQJ ‡'LVFRYHUKRZWRVHFXUH\RXURUJDQL]DWLRQ¡VDVVHWVWKURXJK&6, The CSI World Headquarters Annual Investigation, Fraud, Systemic Risk Management Conference will feature four unique tracks that cater to all experience levels so you get the most out of your learning experience. Stay ahead of the technology curve and register today!








‡+HDUILUVWKDQGDFFRXQWVRQWKHJOREDOILJKWDJDLQVWIUDXGIURPThe Number 1 Fraud Buster in Asia Pacific ‡/HDUQIURPWKHOnly Regent Emeritus from this part of the world ‡*HW´KDQGVRQ¾SUDFWLFDOVROXWLRQVIURPWKHH[WHQGHGFDVHVWXG\VHVVLRQV ‡'LUHFWDFFHVVWRDVSHDNHUIDFXOW\IURPERWKSXEOLFDQGSULYDWHVHFWRUKHDUWKH latest secrets, tactics and developments on Risk Assessment, Fraud Prevention, ,QYHVWLJDWLRQV )RUHQVLFV&RPEDWLQJ,')UDXGDQG+LJK7HFK&ULPHIURPWKH leading international and domestic practitioners ‡ Take advantage of a programme that has EHHQ researched and developed with the VXSSRUWRIWKH$VLD¡VEXVLQHVVFRPPXQLW\





BE A CSI and STOP the ROT The Financial Crisis towards the end of 2008 is a plain and simple case poor regulatory supervisison, failure in compliance and internal audit and mismanagement of the banks.

In order for Financial Institutions to hide as much in liabilities as they wanted, all these firms had to do was to create various types of special purpose entities (SPEs) in which they did not have a controlling interest. In other words, if Bradley-Bingly and Lehman Brothers create a company in which they each take a 50% interest, neither company, technically, has a controlling interest. Since the mortgage-backed securities that these companies created or bought were sold to investors, in many instances these SPEs were extremely lax in their underwriting standards. Subprime, Alt-A, interestonly and adjustable mortgages with very low teaser rates were given to unqualified home buyers, then packaged and sold to unwary investors. Let the buyer beware. Meanwhile, these SPEs were sending profits up to their joint owners, and executives at these companies were making big bonuses based on spectacular reported earnings. But as the orgy of lending got so out of hand that buyers of securitized mortgages began to balk, the plans went awry. The execs in big banks couldn't stand to let the orgy end; so, they started guaranteeing the securities in order to get them sold. These guarantees eliminated their protection from the blowback of securities gone bad. Now the liabilities could end up on their balance sheets. Not surprisingly, many did. That's how we got here. That's why investors will take hits in the hundreds of billions of dollars, and why taxpayers will pay in higher taxes or higher inflation or both. A few top executives will get fired, but they’re not giving back their bonus money, even though all the profits the bonuses were based on have evaporated along with billions of dollars of market capitalization. YOU can stop this from happening again. Be a CSI.

> Why Become a CSI ?

> What is CSI (Certified System Investigator)? In most cases, a CSI is someone who has completed a programme of study and practical trainings in the CSI, passed the Uniform CSI Examinations and obtained high standard of professional work experience in the field. Due to the high standard of this certifying programme, it is becoming a much sought after benchmark in the financial market. This is an industrial recognition that CPAs, CFEs, CFAs, etc. seek to be certified. three critical body ok knowledge. Namely, t Black Belt in Financial Analysis t Black Belt in SEATA t Black Belt in Data Analytics and Digital Forensics Enthusiastic internal and external auditors - and IT auditors - are using the knowledge from this certification programme to bring value-added services to their clients and corporations.Financial and IT institutions operate within global markets, where change and competitive pressures are constant. One key corporate strategy is to build up internal business competencies. Having people with the right competencies (the right knowledge, skills and attitude to perform specific job functions) who understand the markets and the operations, and can navigate through the intricacies of the market place is fundamental for financial institutions to ensure their long-term growth and success. Our objective is to increase the existing pool of competent industrial practitioners who can perform to international standards through a series of structured software training programmes.

CSI World Headquarters 2009 Annual Conference Agenda

Who Should Attend

PROGRAMME FOR 26 MAY 2009 (Day 1) 0800 – Complimentary Breakfast (For first day only) 0900 – Registration 0930 – Conference starts

0930-1000 - Welcome note and opening speech By Tommy Seah, Chairperson Emeritus, CSI World Headquarters An introduction CSI World HQ • Seeing risk as an opportunity • What is a Certified System Investigator? - How is it different from other risk guides? • How the standard fits with other management systems/standards • International developments • Opportunities and benefits of being a CS I

1000 – 1030 – Morning Break 1030 – 1100 – Second Session Topic: Managing your client base: Controlling reputational risk while driving your business   By Rolf van der Pol Head, Regional Due Diligence Royal Bank of Scotland ‐

How to bring KYC for all your clients up to a complete and accurate level  o ‘clean the house’ 

‐ ‐

How to build an organisation to maintain KYC up to the required level  o ‘keep the house clean’  How to drive your business while doing this  o ‘drive your business’ 

Describing ‐ ‐ ‐

Experiences from ABN AMRO Bank  Lessons learned  Key success factors 

1100 – 1130 – Third Session Fraud Risk Assessment By Tommy Seah, Chairperson Emeritus, CSI World Headquarters CFE, CSI, FCPA, FAIA, ACIB, MSID, CSOXP

Building a Fraud Audit Framework discusses the fraud risk audit program as it pertains to fraud risk at the mega - risk level.

1130 – 1200 – Fourth Session Topic: Risk Management for Internal Auditors By Partner, Consultancy Firm (To be announced) ‐

1200 – 1230 – Fifth Session Topic: Investigative Profiling for Fraud Risk Management By Stanley Chia, Vice Chairperson, CSI World Headquarters CFE, CSI, CAMS, BEcons, MCom (Business Law)

How is fraud risk affecting corporations

What is investigative profiling

How can we use profiling to mitigate fraud risk

Prevention is better than cause.

1230-0200 – Lunch Break and Exhibition 0200–0230 –Sixth Session

Topic: Forensic Techniques for Risk Management By Director of Forensic Services of one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms (To be announced)

0230 – 0300 – Seventh Session Topic: Business Continuity Planning By Josephine Low, Head, Internal Audit, Tan Cheong Motor; Vice- President, IIA Malaysia 0300 – 0330 – Afternoon Break 0330 – 0400 – Eighth Session Topic: IT Security and Risk Management By Anthony Rayes, Chairperson, HT CIA IT security awareness is at an all-time high, And organizations are spending and hiring in record numbers. Legislation and regulations are proliferating. Yet, for all this e_ort, nearly every statistical measure of IT security performance — from the number of incidents and vulnerabilities to the cost and impact of a security breach —is bad news. In what other endeavor would so much investment be permitted with such poor results? The potential for disruption from malicious or accidental threats is growing, yet our ability to manage risk has never been more uncertain. Throwing more money at IT security will not close the gap.

0400-0430 –Ninth Session Topic: Using Digital Forensic for Risk Management By Phil Russo, CIA Forensics ACE AccessData Certi_ed Examiner ACI AccessData Certi_ed Instructor CFE Certi_ed Fraud Examiner CPDE Certi_ed ProDiscover Examiner Grad Cert Computer Security CompTIA A+,CCNA, GIAC GSec Gold Cert IV IT IM, Cert IV IT Support, Cert IV Training Cert III Investigative Services

Computer forensics the basic ingredients -Either you are or your not – no half way -Its all about times and dates -We do it so we don’t need to go to court •Write Blockers

-What are they -Why are they needed -Hardware Write blockers -Software Write blockers -Manual Windows Registry changes -Hardware Vs Software Pros and Cons -Validation Process •Images - What’s in an image anyway? -What is an image -Raw mirror or embed -Logical or Physical acquisition -Imaging Location

0430 – 0500 – Closing Session By Tommy Seah, Chairperson Emeritus, CSI World Headquarters ‐ ‐ ‐

Master Class Briefing Token of Appreciation Presentation to Speakers Photo Session

PROGRAMME FOR 27 MAY 2009 (Day 2) 0900 – Administration for Master Classes 0930 – Master Classes Start 1030 – 1100 – Morning Break 1230 – 0200 – Lunch Break & Exhibition 0200 – Master Classes resume 0330 – 0400 – Afternoon Break 0500 – Master Class ends 0500 – 0530 – Certificates Presentation & Photo Session

CSI 2009 Conference YOU get to Choose the one that suit you most


27th May 2009


Chart a course to better business results.

TRACK A Financial tools to help you

do your job better.

CSI’s Black Belt Masterclass

Financial Instruments Fraud • • •

Improve your company’s picture Help boost shareholder value Increase your own value to your organization Learn the practical techniques you need to succeed in today’s fast-paced, we-needa-decision-now business environment. Find out how to more accurately determine if an investment is going to pay

(or if your company might take a bath),

evaluate acquisitions to gain a competitive edge, true

, forecast cash

between cash and

w, keep top management up to speed and much more.

I wish I had taken this course years ago!” —Private Banker

Exceeded my expectations in terms of content and leader quality.” —Risk Manager

CS i



Fundamentals of Financial Instruments FRAUD Give us eight hours—we’ll help you conquer your ial fear of instruments.



CAN YOU SPEAK THE LANGUAGE? Assets. Futures. Capitalization. Debt and equity Arbitrage. Present value index. When you hear these words tossed about by coworkers, do you cringe and feel totally out of their league? DO YOUR EYES GLAZE OVER? Your boss shares the P&L and balance sheet with you. Do you understand what the numbers are saying? Do you know what to look for to evaluate the hedging strategy of your operations? Can you use the data to develop future strategies? Or, are the instruments all but meaningless to you? DO YOU FEEL CONFIDENT ASKING FOR MONEY? You need more money for your department and you’re meeting with the people. Do you feel secure enough to deal with the “professionals”? Can you give them a well-thought-out budget...or quantify your team’s contributions to the company to justify the increase?

Don’t let fear of

you back.

In today’s uncertain economy, when every manager is being held accountable for the bottom line, you have to be y.” You’ve got to know how to justify a request…quantify your contributions to the drains immediately. Because no company…spot pr matter how e ective your management style or how innovative your ideas, your performance will be measured in dollars and cents. This seminar o ers exactly what you need to further your career and build your future. From SWAPS to OPTIONS to receivables and payables, this course shows you the concepts, tools and techniques that can help you make each decision pay o on the job and on the bottom line.

How You Will


• • Gain gr

FACULTY SPOTLIGHT He is the elected Vice Chairman 2006/07 of the Association of of Regents based in Texas, USA. CFE is a post graduate recognized by the FBI and USA Central Intelligence Agency in it’s recruitment of auditors for combating fraud. His services in providing technical training is much sought after by numerous banks in the region, including Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Philippines and Taiwan. Tommy's previous work experience includes systems based auditing in an American International Bank, where he was the Senior Regional

Who Should Attend

• Lear • Cultivate proactive working r professionals and enhance your value to your organization • Understand the business dynamics of dollars and cents— and take initiatives that meet short- and long-term goals • Take the guesswork out of your decision making and deliver a better bottom line • Expand your professional expertise—and your career opportunities

CSI World Conference Masterclass

This program is designed for managers in every functional area of responsibility, in all industries. NOTE: Please bring a calculator and a copy of your annual report (if available).



tools to help you

do your job better.

CSI’s Black Belt Masterclass

Profiling for Investigation and Fraud Risk Management Introduction to profiling -What is profiling? -Can everyone be a profiler? -Principles of profiling -Relevance and accuracy of profiling I wish I had learn this from Mr. Stanley CHIA years ago ! — CSI Chief Examiner

Exceeded my expectations in terms of content and leader quality.” — Chief Bottling Plant Inspector

CS i



and Fraud Risk ManagementCome and learn from the Master



Give us eight hours—we’ll help you conquer your fear in conducting


He is well versed in financial products knowledge, fraud examination techniques and compliance methodologies. Stanley is often invited to speak at conferences and seminars in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Shanghai where he taught fraud investigation, investigative interviewing techniques, profiling techniques and internal control. He has also co-authored a series of pocket size guide book for auditors published by CSI World Headquarters. He is currently writing a book on Interviewing & profiling techniques – ISBN 978-981-08-0599-9.

Do Not Let Fear of Embarassment Prevent YOU from getting to the TRUTH Effective profiling


Stanley is both the Director & Principal Consultant of CFE Strategic Alliances, the training arm of CFE-In-Practice group of companies and also the Managing Director of CFE International Consulting Group Pte Ltd, a think tank company that provide multiconsultancy solutions to companies worldwide.

-Knowing the different types of profiling General, Fraud Management, Investigative -General Dos and Don’ts for profiling -Deciding on the need to do profiling -The “OBSERVER” Method - Opening Case –Subject/Background Analysis - Brain Storming - Information Gathering techniques and has handled numerous cases for both - Summary and Preliminary Profiling - Evaluation -Meeting with the “subject” Stanley is also the current Honorary Director, Research & Publication of CSI World Headquarters, an international Dos and Don’ts accreditation body for Computer Digital Forensics. Questions and Observations - Review Preliminary Profiling - Verify the findings Stanley has the following professional credentials: - Encapsulation of findings Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners - Report (ACFE) – Writing the Profiling Report. Certified Member (CAMS) with Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) – Certified System Investigator (CSI) with the CSI World Headquarters – Member of Australasian Compliance Institute (ACI) – Member of GRC Group New York – Member of International Compliance Association – He also holds a Master of Commerce, specializing in Business Law from The University of New South Wales. He obtained his Bachelor of Economics, majoring in Money & Banking and Accounting in 2001 from The University of Western Australia.

CSI World Conference Masterclass


TRACK C Battle Fraud - The Black Arts of IT Security and Digital Forensics for IT Managers and Professionals By the Number One Digital Forensic Expert from Australia Mr. Phill Russo

CSI’s Black Belt Masterclass Start with IT Security Basics - The common threats – Malware (viruses, worms, Trojans and rootkits) - External threats - The internal threat – fact or fiction - Your Privacy act - Monitoring Network Traffic – The good the bad and the useless - Policies Procedures – where to get them from - Wireless Networks Security - Phising and Pharming scams same game different media - Take down a Phising site Who’s in control - IT Governance does it help you control your business or does it control your business - A fresh approach - Welcome to the zoo Keeping your company secrets ……. secret - Formatting Vs Forensic data Wiping - Unwanted recovery of data - Recovery of passwords, banking and internet details and history - Encryption …. What is and what is not protection - Laptops cameras and other security worries - Mobile phone forensics - Intellectual Property Leakage - Identity theft - A look at Email analysis

Map the journey to be a with the latest

tools and strategies.

Driving Organic Growth: How to Maximize All of Your Company’s Assets Get cutting-edge tactics and strategies to successfully drive Organic Growth— an approach many companies have found to be the most reliable avenue to ongoing, long-term success. (Visit for detailed course outline)

Real World Financial Decision Making: Applying the Tools of Corporate Finance Apply targeted nancial tools that drive smarter business decisions. (Visit for detailed course description.)

CFE’s Financial Statement Workshop Drill down—and discover what the numbers on those

statements really mean.

(Visit for detailed course description.)

Minimizing Financial Risks When Growing Internationally Acquire essential insights and strategies for cross-border operations.

handling the complexities of

CFE’s Insurance and Risk Management Workshop Enhance the well-being of your organization—stay in control of its insurance program and risk management strategies. (Visit for detailed course description.)

To register call +65 9106 9872 or visit

Chart a Course for the CSI Professional Recognition CSI’s Black Belt Cer



Financial Instruments FRAUD PROFILING Techniques TRACK B Digital Forensics TRACK C Special Discounts Available

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CSI World Headquarters Annual Fraud and Systemic Risk Conference (Malaysia)  
CSI World Headquarters Annual Fraud and Systemic Risk Conference (Malaysia)  

Auditors, compliance officers, antifraud professionals from the private and public sectors will exchange ideas on evolving fraud issues. Joi...