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Chicago Foundation

f o 足足r E d u c a t i o n Serving Teachers and Students in Chicago Public Schools

2008 2009 Program Report




Educational quality, innovation, improvement and integrity.

•P  ublic education is an essential element of a democratic society.

As members of the greater Chicago community, CFE supports and assists teachers in developing both the intellectual capacity and the character of our children. We do this by:

•E  very Chicago public school child deserves a world-class education, based on acquiring fundamental skills and rich with a variety of opportunities for learning and personal growth. •T  he development of a child’s character should be integrated into all aspects of public education.

• Fostering teacher quality. • Encouraging curricular innovation. •E  ngaging teachers in support networks to replicate effective instruction. •D  eveloping the leadership of exemplary teachers to mentor their peers. •P  romoting teacher-developed strategies that address the social-emotional needs of students.

SINCE 1985


CPS Classrooms assisted


Students directly benefiting from CFE programs

Chicago Foundation

f o r E d u c at i o n

Serving Teachers and Students in Chicago Public Schools

“Chicago Public Schools deeply values the continued support that the Chicago Foundation for Education (CFE) has provided to our teachers and students over the past two decades. Because of the valuable resources they provide, CFE has strengthened even further our teachers in their quest to consistently foster student achievement in creative and innovative ways. We truly appreciate the dedication CFE has shown to the Chicago Public Schools and the city of Chicago as a whole.” - Ron Huberman, Chief Executive Officer, Chicago Public Schools

MISSION The Chicago Foundation for Education is dedicated to improving and enhancing the educational experiences provided to Chicago’s public school children by supporting the educators who serve, guide, and teach them.

­­­Table of contents Letter from the Chairman / Board Members


CFE Program Overview


CFE Grant Programs Small Grants


Study Group Grants

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Teachers Network Leadership Institute (TNLI) Fund for Teachers (FFT)


Character Education Bonus Grants


Grant Recipient Schools

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Outreach Efforts Volunteer Program Coordinators Volunteer Corps

Contributors Financial Highlights


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2008-2009 Chicago Foundation for Education 2

letter from the chairman / Board of Directors

I am honored to be writing this letter as the new Chairperson of the Chicago Foundation for Education’s Board of Directors. Since 1985, CFE has been enriching the educational experience of Chicago Public School students by investing in the professional development of their teachers. To date, CFE’s programs have impacted nearly 30.000 teachers and more than 1 million students. Reading through this Annual Program Report, you will notice that our core programs are stronger than ever and our impact continues to grow.  Even through a challenging financial period, we were able to continue supporting those teachers responsible for developing the intellectual capacity and character of Chicago Public School children without any major programmatic cutbacks.  By conserving administrative resources and relying on a wonderful corps of nearly 200 volunteers, 88% of our operating income went directly to program activities. In addition to our grant programs, CFE significantly increased our outreach via the utilization of technology. We expanded the number of grant-winning curricular projects and teaching strategies available via our free online Lesson Plan Database. We also enhanced our online grant application process, and teachers have thanked us for “making it easier to apply for much-needed support”. Finally, we increased circulation of our e-newsletter by 39%, and now reach more than 5,000 Chicago public school teachers each month.  As we look forward to the 2009-10 school year, I am excited to announce the appointment of CFE’s new Executive Director, Amy B. Sheren.  Amy comes to us with a tremendous record of success in both the education and business realms.  We hope you will continue to support CFE’s efforts as we approach our 25th year anniversary.  With school budgets remaining tight, teachers need our support more than ever as they strive to meet the academic and social-emotional needs of their students. Sincerely, C. Graham Gerst Chairperson

Founder Joyce Rumsfeld

Vice Presidents, Development Shirley H. Jaffee Deborah R. Jannotta

Board Members Mark Anderson GTCR

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Executive Committee Chairperson C. Graham Gerst

Secretary Carole Pyle

Judith S. Block


Treasurer Louanne Holland Members at Large

Nancy Daley

Wiley N. Caldwell

Murrell J. Duster

Phyllis Chambers

Ruth Edelman

Robert D. Horne Dodge Capital, LLC

Jennifer B. Gwilliam

Jeannine W. James

Edgar D. Jannotta William Blair and Company

Mary Beth Canfield President Robert J. Gariano Robert Gariano Associates, LLC Vice President Stephen R. Wilson CF Industries, Inc.

Shirley Ryan Pathways Center for Children

3 2008-2009 Chicago Foundation for Education

Jeremy M. Baskin The Northern Trust Company Deborah H. Baughman James A. Cosme Chicago Public Schools

Patricia S. Hagenah

Frederick A. Krehbiel Molex, Inc.

Alex Washington Wind Point Partners

Donald G. Lubin Sonnenschein Nath and Rosenthal

Life Directors

Karen McCracken

John B. Foster

Arthur C. Nielsen, Jr. A.C. Nielsen Company

Mary Galvin

Christopher Santiago NASDAQ

Newton Minow

Lisa Scruggs Jenner and Block, LLP Marjorie Smagacz Franklin Fine Arts Center Elementary School Harrison I. Steans Steans Family Foundation

­Josephine B. Minow Joyce Rumsfeld

CFE offers four grant-based bonus programs to provide teachers with the financial resources, collaborative networks, and ongoing professional support needed to strengthen academic achievement. CFE programs meet the specific instructional needs of today’s educators, nurturing their intellectual curiosity and leadership potential through every stage of their career. In addition to these four programs, CFE offers several Character Education bonus programs. These bonuses promote the development of innovative strategies to meet the social and emotional needs of students, as well as their academic needs.

IN 2008-09


Grants and Fellowships

Small Grants bring learning to life by funding the resources necessary for implementing innovative, self-designed classroom and school-wide curricular projects. STUDY GROUP GRANTS provide ongoing opportunities for teachers from schools across the city to collaborate, learn, and implement effective teaching strategies. Each year, exceptional CPS educators are selected to facilitate CFE Study Groups based on teaching methods they have successfully implemented. FUND FOR TEACHERS FELLOWSHIPS enrich the personal and professional growth of experienced teachers by supporting them as they identify and pursue opportunities that will have tangible impact on their practice, the academic lives of their students, and on their greater school communities.

1078 Teachers impacted


schools assisted

TEACHERS NETWORK LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE (TNLI) cultivates the intellectual and leadership potential of Chicago’s most accomplished teachers. TNLI Fellowships assist teachers in conducting action research in their schools and provides them with opportunities to share recommendations for improving student achievement across Chicago and into the education community beyond. OUTREACH EFFORTS are integral to CFE’s promotion and replication of effective teaching practice. 2009 marked CFE’s 20th Annual Teachers as Leaders and Learners Workshop, continued development of our successful Teacher Liaison and Teacher-to-Teacher initiatives, and unprecedented utilization of our online Lesson Plan Database.


Students directly benefited



2008-2009 Chicago Foundation for Education 4


For twenty-four years, the Chicago Foundation for Education has worked in partnership with Chicago’s public school teachers to transform learning in classrooms across the city. Founded by Joyce Rumsfeld and a small group of concerned citizens, CFE has made it our mission to improve the quality of instruction for Chicago’s public school students by providing steadfast support for the educators who serve, guide, and teach them.

Small Grants

began demonstrating an increased understanding of the lifecycle of a silkworm, “asMywellstudents as a marked improvement in their literacy and research skills. ”

– Kari Jo Bank Wagner, North River Elementary, Albany Park

Kari Jo Bank Wagner integrated science, language arts, and fine arts into her 2nd grade classroom by engaging her students in a project focused on the life cycle of a silkworm. Thanks to a grant from CFE, Kari was able to purchase the living silkworm larvae that her students observed on a daily basis. Furthermore, she was able to procure applicable classroom texts and secondary resources. “My students began demonstrating an increased understanding of the lifecycle of a silkworm, as well as a marked improvement in their literacy and research skills,” reported Kari.

opportunity to engage in projects utilizing a wide array of resources, materials, and activities. Given the success of her Small Grant project, Kari says she feels more confident adapting other units of study to include not only the basic content areas, but also various components of literacy and the arts: “Successfully developing a Small Grant, implementing it in my classroom, and ultimately observing its impact on my students has encouraged me to execute crosscurricular, differentiated strategies throughout my lesson plans.”

“By working collaboratively in small groups, we created a stronger sense of community and group responsibility in the classroom.” Kari has found that her students are now more motivated and excited, since they have been given the


$500 Small Grants


$100 Character Education Bonus Grants

5 2008-2009 Chicago Foundation for Education


of teachers “Agreed or Strongly Agreed” that there is evidence that the project significantly impacted student learning.


of teachers “Agreed or Strongly Agreed” that the project actively engaged students in learning.

SMALL GRANTS The Chicago Foundation for Education’s Small Grants Program was one of the first Chicago-based initiatives to honor the professional expertise of CPS teachers, while also providing the financial support needed to bring learning to life. Nearly twenty-five years later, CFE’s Small Grants continue to inspire instructional innovation by encouraging teachers to design enriching interdisciplinary projects and actively engage students in learning. As teachers are increasingly challenged to ensure that their instruction transcends basic skills, CFE’s Small Grants provide professional and monetary incentives to enable

teachers to tailor their instruction to the specific academic and social-emotional needs and interests of their students. Over the past year, Small Grant recipients dedicated nearly 15,000 hours of instructional time to implementing standards-based projects that ranged from studying decomposition with a project entitled “The Worms Did WHAT to My Food?” to studying personal history through a “Living Memoirs” project.

Last fall, CFE awarded Small Grants of up to $600 dollars to more than 300 Pre-K through 8th Grade Chicago Public School teachers. CFE Small Grant winners have the unique opportunity to widely disseminate their effective curricular ideas by submitting their projects to our award-winning online Lesson Plan Database, presenting at our annual teacher symposium, and participating in the CFE Study Group Program.


of teachers “Agreed or Strongly Agreed” that students would not have been able to learn as effectively without this grant.

2008-2009 Chicago Foundation for Education 6


Through their assorted experiences with student-led conferences, [team members] discovered a boost in parental participation, a flood of prideful students, and a positive impact on school community overall. – Sarah Groth, Namaste Charter School, McKinley Park

Sarah Groth first encountered student-led conferences while teaching at the American School in Mexico City several years ago. When she returned to Chicago and began teaching Kindergarten at Namaste Charter School, Sarah was determined to implement a similar strategy in her new classroom.

Her experiences validated that student-led conferences are a meaningful, significant way for students to share their portfolio work with their family members. Sarah wanted to share this strategy with other teachers, and help them understand the value of this alternative method of conducting periodic conferences. She applied for a CFE Study Group Coach Grant, and used a portion of her funds to purchase a camcorder to document conferences and model the strategy for other teachers.

Sarah explained that student-led conferences include students in end-of-term parent-teacher meetings: “Not only does this strategy help me to develop relationships with parents and family members, but it also allows the families and students to develop a connection between life at home and life at school.”


$1,000 Coach Grants


$300 Team Member Grants

7 2008-2009 Chicago Foundation for Education


of teachers “Agreed or Strongly Agreed” that their Study Group strategy significantly impacted student learning.

Cherianne Barry was one of Sarah Groth’s Study Group Team Members, and she considered her participation in the Study Group Program to be incredibly rewarding. By offering student-led conferences in her classroom, “students were engaged throughout the year in portfolio making, goal setting, reflection, and self-assessment.” Cherianne recalls parents and other family members being “beyond thrilled to see their children showcase learning” in that fashion.


of teachers “Agreed or Strongly Agreed” that their Study Group Grant increased their enthusiasm for teaching.

such a wonderful experience that I [will be] sharing this strategy with teacher-colleagues outside “of Iourhadinitial Study Group. ” – Cherianne Barry, Ariel Elementary Community Academy, Bronzeville


She appreciated that her CFE Study Group provided an opportunity for her to collaborate with colleagues, receive feedback, and share words of encouragement. “Working with a group of expert teachers,” she says, “is empowering in this profession. At the end of each meeting, I can indisputably say that I felt revived and ready to take on the next day. In fact, I had such a wonderful experience that I formed a partnership with my former Coach… we’re sharing this strategy with teachercolleagues outside of our original Study Group.”


of teachers “Agreed or Strongly Agreed” that their Study Group Grant impacted their professional growth.

STUDY GROUPS Six years ago, CFE successfully pioneered Chicago’s first teacher Study Group program. The program continues to be the only cross-curricular initiative of its kind to leverage the expertise of exceptional, highlyskilled teacher leaders to offer intensive professional development focused on the specific instructional needs of teachers and their students. CFE Study Groups offer experienced educators the opportunity to facilitate twelve hours of highly-structured, interactive Study Group meetings based on a teaching method they have successfully implemented. This program also provides participating Team Members with the monetary incentives, professional recognition, and ongoing support needed to realize heightened instructional effectiveness. This year marked a record number of applicants and an 18% increase over the previous year. To accommodate this growing interest, we expanded the program by 10%. 31 teams of six to eight teachers each explored topics such as “Using Graphic Novels to reach Struggling, Resistant, and ESL Learners,” “Collaboration for Effective Inclusion,” and “Song-Experience Games for the Brain-Compatible Classroom”.

2008-2009 Chicago Foundation for Education 8

Teachers Network Leadership Institute (TNLI)

TNLI encouraged me to think critically about my practice. The structured format of collecting and analyzing data not only gave me the opportunity to reflect, but also helped to focus my work on the generation of clear, functional results. – Beth Wilson, Chicago International Charter School – Basil Campus, Englewood

As a new Team Leader at the Chicago International Charter School’s Basil Campus, Beth Wilson was expected to facilitate professional development opportunities for a group of her colleagues. As one of twelve teachers selected to participate in CFE’s 2008-09 MetLife Teachers Network Leadership Institute (TNLI) Fellowship Program, Beth used the CFE action research process to evaluate how her own practices impacted the development of others. She collected data via four main sources: pre- and post-surveys of teacher book club sessions, classroom observations, videotaped debriefs of teachers, and a journal in which she recorded notes about her progress. Three main conclusions emerged from Beth’s action research. First, Beth found that teachers who self-selected their professional development


$1,250 TNLI Fellowships


$200 Character Education Bonus Grants

9 2008-2009 Chicago Foundation for Education


were more invested in the process and more likely to implement their newfound knowledge. Secondly, teachers benefited from collaboration with their colleagues. Videotaped observations proved to be very powerful for her teachers and led to many of the shared strategies being immediately and effectively replicated. Finally, her action research study identified the critical need for a coach or team leader to help mentor newer teachers. Beth noted, “TNLI encouraged me to think critically about my practice. The structured format of collecting and analyzing data not only gave me the opportunity to reflect, but also helped to focus my work on the generation of clear, functional results.”

of teachers “Agreed or Strongly Agreed” that their TNLI experience increased their effectiveness and informed instructional decisions.


of teachers “Agreed or Strongly Agreed” that their TNLI experience allowed them to hone their leadership skills.

nearly 25 years, the Chicago “For Foundation for Education’s programs have impacted student learning by consistently providing Chicago’s public school teachers with valuable opportunities to develop innovative instruction and collaborate with colleagues.

Diane Zendejas Chief Officer, Office of Language and Cultural Education, Chicago Public Schools

Teachers Network Leadership Institute (TNLI) Chicago Foundation for Education is a charter member of the Teachers Network Leadership Institute (TNLI), a national cohort comprised of 14 urban affiliates and hundreds of teacher-leaders. The TNLI experience is frequently hailed by TNLI Fellows as “the best professional development [they] have ever had”. TNLI MetLife Fellows meet monthly over the course of a year and receive more than 45 hours of direct support from a CFE staff member and a university advisor. Fellows learn to conduct successful action research studies, analyze the effectiveness of specific instructional practices, and ultimately improve student achievement. TNLI Fellows publish and present their findings, with their data-backed expertise often influencing educational decisions district-wide. In 2008-09, two Senior Fellows worked in partnership with the Chicago Public School’s Office of Language and Cultural Education to update system standards. Fellows were also published in the Teachers College Record and Voices of Practitioners, and they presented at conferences such as the “National Board for Professional Teaching Standards: New Voices, New Visions” (Atlanta) and the “Eighth Annual Practitioner Research Forum at NationalLouis University” (Chicago).

2008-2009 Chicago Foundation for Education 10

Fund for Teachers

“ As a result, I find [my students] are more engaged and committed to the discipline of science.”

– Aaron Reedy, Thomas Kelly High School, Brighton Park

During the summer of 2008, high school biology teacher Aaron Reedy embarked upon his Fund for Teachers (FFT) journey by kayaking more than 1,000 miles along the Mississippi River. Along the way, he conducted experiments on water chemistry and nutrient pollution. “Conducting such a large-scale scientific study was a unique opportunity that challenged me in ways that even my upper-level university chemistry classes had not,” Aaron said. “Development of my FFT research methodology and the experience of collecting large volumes of primary data changed the way that I teach science to my students.” Upon his return to the classroom in the fall of 2008, Aaron used his experience as a model for his students, teaching them how to use the scientific process in order to answer authentic questions. His in-class unit was followed by a field trip, during which students conducted nutrient pollution research in the Chicago River. Using Aaron’s FFT experience as an example, the students were able to adapt


Fund for Teacher Fellowships


Continents visited

11 2008-2009 Chicago Foundation for Education


Countries visited

scientific methods they had learned in the classroom to their work with the river water running through their own neighborhoods. “The biggest benefit of my FFT fellowship,” Aaron surmised, “was that it translated into meaningful classroom activities. As a result, I find they are more engaged and committed to the discipline of science.” In the year since Aaron explored the Mississippi River system, he has produced various graphical representations of the collected data, as well as a documentary film of his entire expedition. With these new resources, Aaron believes that his water chemistry unit will be even more effective as time passes: “I expect that I will be using the materials and knowledge gained from my CFE Fund for Teachers Fellowship for many years to come.”


of teachers “Agreed or Strongly Agreed” that their FFT Fellowship led to improved instructional effectiveness.

“The Chicago Fund for Teachers Fellowships have a profoundly positive impact on teaching practice and academic achievement. We are proud to support the Chicago Foundation for Education and these exemplary educators in their pursuit of life-altering and career-changing experiences.”  - Karen Kovach-Webb, Fund for Teachers

­­ FUND FOR TEACHERS CFE Fund for Teachers Fellowships honor Chicago’s most talented teachers by providing them with powerful opportunities for professional renewal and growth, while simultaneously allowing them the chance to work towards increasing academic achievement, global awareness, and cultural sensitivity in students. At the end of the 2008-09 school year, CFE awarded 23 Fund for Teacher Fellowships to 36 Pre-K through 12th Grade Chicago Public School teachers, in partnership with the national Fund for Teachers organization.


of teachers “Agreed or Strongly Agreed” that their FFT Fellowship resulted in the use of new strategies that motivate students to learn.

Teachers with three or more years of classroom experience submit proposals detailing how a Fellowship would ultimately benefit their students, curricula, and school environment. 200809 Fellowships varied from participation in Taiko drumming workshops in Japan to that in the esteemed Teacher’s College Readers and Writers Workshop in New York City. These FFT grant-winners will spread their newly-acquired expertise by developing innovative schoolwide programs, presenting at state-wide conferences, assisting colleagues in adopting effective teaching strategies through CFE Study Groups, and sharing new curricular ideas through CFE’s annual teacher conference and online Lesson Plan Database.

2008-2009 Chicago Foundation for Education 12


we have community members who respect, support, and encourage one another, students “When of that community are able to learn more effectively. ” - Carmelita Reeves,

Brian Piccolo Specialty School, West Humboldt Park


At Brian Piccolo Specialty School, 30 Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade students, their parents, and community volunteers gather each month for the Saturday Sunshine Club. This literacy support program was developed by Consuelo Gaines and Carmelita Reaves, both teachers and CFE Small Grant Character Education Bonus Winners. The Saturday Sunshine Club has made a noticeable difference; students who regularly attended are now reading at grade level and beyond. “Students love it and are so excited to come,” reports Carmelita, “They remember the stories from the previous month and love experiencing their personal writing growth throughout the year.”


$100 Character Education Bonus Grants, including three $200 TNLI Bonuses

Integral to the program’s success are the lessons dedicated to Character Education. Each month, students learn skills such as turn-taking, sharing, conflict resolution, and active listening. These skills are then reinforced with each subsequent literacy activity. “The club’s success would not be possible without the Character Education component. When we have community members who respect, support, and encourage one another, students of that community are able to learn more effectively,” adds Carmelita. STUDY GROUPS BONUS Study Group Coaches Sheila Barrett and Traci Grant, both teachers at John C. Coonley Elementary School, were awarded a Character Education Bonus to share ideas for cultivating the social and emotional development of students with disabilities. Their Study Group program, dubbed “Clear it Up! Visual Strategies to Promote Communication”, introduced cutting-edge teaching strategies to support students with

118 29%


disabilities. Sheila explains: “These approaches enable students with disabilities gain skills similar to those held by their peers, lessening the social and academic differences that students with disabilities often feel in the general education setting.” Team Members reported that their students showed increased independence and motivation, and ultimately exhibited an enhanced level of self-confidence. “The CFE Study Group went above and beyond my expectations,” said Mariluz Gonazalez-Guerrero, a Team Member and 4th Grade Special Education teacher. “The Study Group Team Members all contributed ideas of different visuals and strategies they used in their classrooms. I particularly appreciated the ideas for how to implement Character Education into the curriculum.”

Teachers of implementing Character CFE Lesson Plan DatabaseStudents projects directly with benefited EducationCharacter through Education these grants focus

13 2008-2009 Chicago Foundation for Education

TEACHERS NETWORK LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE FELLOWSHIP (TNLI) BONUS After 18 years with Chicago Public School central offices, Dr. Dorothy “Drew” Pandel returned to the classroom of a CPS “turnaround” school. Robert Fulton Elementary implemented school-wide character development programs and incentives in an effort to overhaul the school’s poor academic record and often violent school atmosphere. Drew wanted to evaluate the impact these incentives had on student behaviors in her fifth grade classroom. She was awarded a Teachers Network Leadership Institute (TNLI) Fellowship to conduct intensive action research, and received the structure and guidance to observe and develop thoughtful conclusions about her classroom situation. “This action research opportunity has allowed me to look far beyond the words on the behavior charts,” she reflected. “By surveying and talking to my students about their impressions of the new rules, consequences, rewards, and our common training on all aspects of them, I have shed the blinders of my own perceptions and am better able to observe our new school through student lenses.”

­­ CHARACTER EDUCATION BONUS The Chicago Foundation for Education has always recognized the importance of social and emotional stability for students to learn. Today, CFE encourages teachers to incorporate Character Education principles into their instruction by offering $100 and $200 Character Education Bonuses to our Small Grant, Study Group Coach Grant, and TNLI Fellowship winners. For the fifth year in a row, nearly half of all CFE applicants applied for Character Education Bonuses. This statistic demonstrates the desire teachers have to learn and implement curricula that address the whole child. Character Education Bonuses support the development of instructional approaches that encourage responsible decisionmaking, promote the use of conflict-resolution skills, develop social-consciousness, and emphasize the need for teamwork, respect, and tolerance in the classroom.

2008-2009 Chicago Foundation for Education 14

Grant Recipient Schools

Academy for Global Citizenship Agassiz Elementary Al Raby School for Community and Environment Alain Locke Charter Academy Albany Park Multicultural Elementary Ames Middle School Hans Christian Andersen Community Elementary Armour Anderson Elementary Armstrong International Studies Elementary Ashburn Community Elementary Audubon Elementary Barton School Bateman Elementary Beard Elementary Beidler Elementary Belding Elementary Bell Elementary Belmont-Cragin Community Area Elementary Bennett Elementary Robert A. Black Magnet Elementary James G. Blaine Elementary Bogan Computer Technical High School Bond Elementary Boone Elementary Brentano Math & Science Academy Bridge Elementary Bronzeville Blue Gargoyle (Alternative) Brownell Elementary Burke Elementary Burley Elementary Byrne Elementary Cameron Elementary Canty Elementary Cardenas Elementary Carroll-Rosenwald Specialty Elementary Carson Elementary Chase Elementary Chavez Multicultural Academic Center Chicago Academy Elementary School Chicago Academy High School Christopher Elementary

15 2008-2009 Chicago Foundation for Education

CICS - Avalon CICS - Basil CICS - Bucktown CICS - Irving Park CICS - Prairie CICS - West Belden Claremont Academy Elementary Clark Elementary Clay Elementary Cleveland Elementary Clissold Elementary Colemon Elementary Columbia Explorers Elementary Coonley Elementary Crown Community Academy Darwin Elementary de Diego Elementary DePriest Elementary Dett Elementary Dever Elementary Dirksen Elementary Disney Magnet Elementary University of Chicago-Donoghue Dulles Elementary Dvorak Math, Science, & Technology Academy Eberhart Elementary Edgebrook Elementary Edison Park Elementary Edison Regional Gifted Center Emmet Elementary Ericson Elementary Everett Elementary Evergreen Academy Falconer Elementary Faraday Elementary Farnsworth Elementary Fermi Elementary Fiske Elementary Fort Dearborn Elementary Franklin Elementary Frazier Preparatory Academy Magnet School

Melville W. Fuller Elementary Fulton Elementary Galapagos Charter School Galileo Math & Science Scholastic Academy Gallistel Elementary Language Academy Garvey Elementary Gary Elementary Gillespie Elementary Goethe Elementary Goldblatt Elementary Gompers Fine Arts Options Elementary Goodlow Magnet School Gray Elementary Gresham Elementary Gunsaulus Scholastic Academy Haines Elementary Hampton Fine and Performing Arts Elementary Harte Elementary Hawthorne Scholastic Academy Hayt Elementary Healy Elementary Hearst Elementary Hedges Elementary Herbert Elementary Herzl Elementary Hibbard School Hitch Elementary Howe Elementary Hoyne Elementary Hurley Elementary Jackson Language Academy Jefferson Alternative School Jenner Academy of the Arts Jordan Community School Jungman Elementary Kanoon Magnet School Kilmer Elementary Kinzie Elementary Kohn Elementary Lafayette Elementary Lane Tech High School

Agustin Lara Academy LaSalle Language Academy Lathrop Elementary Lawndale L.E.A.R.N. Charter School Legacy Charter School Libby Elementary Lincoln Elementary Lindblom College Prep High School Lloyd Elementary Locke Elementary Locke Charter Academy Lowell Elementary Lyon Elementary Mann Elementary Marquette Elementary Marsh Elementary Marshall Middle School May Community Academy Mays Academy McCutcheon Main Elementary McKinley Park Elementary McPherson Elementary Medill Elementary Metcalfe Math & Science Community Academy Mireles Elementary Academy Mitchell Elementary Monroe Elementary Montifiore Special Elementary Moos Elementary Donald L. Morrill Math & Science Elementary School Mozart Elementary Mozart Annex Mt. Greenwood Elementary Mt. Vernon Elementary Multicultural Arts School-Little Village Campus Murphy Elementary Murray Language Academy Namaste Charter School National Teachers Elementary Academy Neil Elementary

Nettelhorst Elementary Nicholson Math and Science Elementary Nightingale Elementary North River Elementary Northwest Middle School Norwood Park Elementary Oglesby Elementary O'Keeffe Elementary Onahan Elementary Oriole Park Elementary Ortiz Elementary Otis Elementary Owens Community Academy Palmer Elementary Passages Charter School Peabody Elementary Peck Elementary School Peirce School of International Studies Perez Annex Pershing East Magnet School Pershing West Middle School Perspectives Charter School-Loop Campus Peterson Elementary Piccolo Specialty School Pickard Elementary Pirie Elementary Polaris Charter Academy at Morse Portage Park Elementary Powell Elementary Prescott Elementary Pritzker Elementary Prosser Career Academy Prussing Elementary Ravenswood Elementary Ray Elementary Reilly Elementary Reinberg Elementary Revere Elementary Rickover Navy Academy High School Robinson Elementary Roosevelt High School

Rosenwald Branch Rosenwald-Carroll Annex Ruiz Elementary Ryerson Elementary Sabin Magnet School Salazar Bilingual Education Center Saucedo Scholastic Academy Sauganash Elementary School Sayre Language Academy Scammon Elementary Schiller Middle School Sherman School of Excellence Shields Elementary School Skinner School Smyser Elementary Solomon Elementary Spencer Math & Science Academy Stagg Elementary Stewart Elementary Stock Elementary Stockton Specialty School Stone Scholastic Academy Stowe Elementary Sullivan High School Sumner Math & Science Community Academy Sutherland Elementary Talcott Elementary Tarkington School of Excellence Taylor Elementary Ole A. Thorp Scholastic Academy Tilton Elementary Tonti Branch Vick Early Childhood & Family Center Volta Elementary Wadsworth Elementary James Ward Elementary George Washington Elementary Harold Washington Elementary West Pullman Elementary Eli Whitney Elementary Whittier Elementary

Wildwood Elementary Woods Academy Yates Elementary Zapata Academy

Belmont Avenue

Kinzie Street

Cermak Road

55th Street

83rd Street

2008-2009 Chicago Foundation for Education 16

Outreach efforts

Teachers as Leaders and Learners Annual Workshop

Teacher-toTeacher Initiative

Teacher Liaisons

Each year, the Chicago Foundation for Education showcases the expertise of our grant-winning teachers at the Teachers as Leaders and Learners Workshop. September 27, 2008 marked our 20th annual symposium, and featured presentations of more than 60 curricular projects and teaching strategies. Keynote speaker Dr. Judy Willis, a nationallyrecognized author, neurologist, and teacher, shared effective classroom practices backed by data from her own research. The event also provided resources from local organizations and special workshop sessions focused on grant-writing. More than 366 teachers attended, to the benefit of nearly 20,000 students.

Twelve outstanding past CFE grant winners were selected to participate in our Teacher-toTeacher Initiative Program this past year. These accomplished teacher-leaders promoted CFE grant programs, facilitated 15 grant-writing workshops, and touched more than 450 teachers new to CFE programs.

CFE Teacher Liaisons are Chicago Public School teachers who have previously been involved in our programs and who voluntarily agree to help promote CFE grants and events within their schools. They have proven to be a tremendous resource by providing a direct link to the teachers whom we are striving to serve. There are currently 62 CFE Teacher Liaisons throughout the city.


Teachers participated in CFE Workshop

17 2008-2009 Chicago Foundation for Education


Schools represented at CFE Annual Workshop

Lesson Plan Database


CFE Lesson Plan Database Projects

CFE’s online Lesson Plan Database (LPD), winner of the 2008 Lumity Technology Leadership Award, allows educators anywhere to freely download step-by-step instructions for implementing CFE grant-winning curricular projects and teaching strategies in their classrooms. Searchable by grade level and subject area, each implementation guide aligns with Illinois Academic Standards and lists its project objectives, implementation time, and associated learning activities. Additionally, each lesson plan includes a special denotation if it was awarded a CFE Character Education Bonus. To date, approximately 170 Pre-K through 12th Grade curricular projects and teaching strategies are available on our Lesson Plan Database. CFE’s LPD has dramatically improved our organization’s efforts to disseminate innovative best practice, as it experienced over 14,000 visits in 2008-09 alone. With a recently-implemented requirement for all Small Grant, Study Group Coach, and Fund for Teacher participants to submit lesson plans to CFE for LPD consideration, we expect the number of curricular projects and teaching strategies on our database to grow exponentially in the coming years.


visits to CFE’s Lesson Plan Database

STUDY GROUPS: Coach Chairperson Carole Pyle

Small Grant Subject Area Review Coordinators Mary Jane Boris Michele Buttermore Mary Beth Canfield Louanne Holland Shirley Jaffee Karen McCracken Michal Miller Susan Nelson Angela Pilgrim Susan Rohrman Nancy Saladino Laura Watson

Team Member Chairperson Katie Kennicott

Observation Coordinators Mary Jane Boris Jennifer Gwilliam Judy Harmon Pam Hay Eloise Neidhardt Nancy Saladino Daila Shefner

Study Group Liaisons Stephanie Bartell Renee Bearak Mary Beth Canfield Phyllis Chambers Connie Goddard Robert Hartfield Lee Herbst Louanne Holland Brenda Kaye-Jordan Mishawna Manning Karen McCracken Coretta Mills Fred Rakowsky Tabita Sherfinski David Shin Lisbeth Stone Laura Watson

OTHER GRANTS: TNLI Chairperson Phyllis Chambers Fund For Teachers Chairperson Deborah Baughman Character Education Chairperson Louanne Holland WORKSHOP COMMITTEE: Thomas McKiernan Zenia Mehta Katherine Menendez Shaun Smiles Jean Spencer Nicole Zumpano

CFE Staff: Program Director Sarah Rossi Director of Operations and Development Claudia G. Martinez Grants Coordinator Nedranae Hunt Program and Outreach Coordinator Sarah Hoppe

2008-2009 Chicago Foundation for Education 18

Volunteer Program Coordinators

SMALL GRANTS: Small Grants Chairperson Patricia Hagenah

JULY 1, 2008 – JUNE 30, 2009


Diana Aixala Sonya Anderson* Ann Andino Jan Bail Patricia Ball Nafisa Bandukwala Deborah Baughman* Jim Baughman* Barbara Baumhardt Renee Bearak James Bertsch Martina Bertsch Heidi Black Anne Blanton* Rhea Boldman* Jennifer Borders* Mary Jane Boris Lauren Boylan Demi Brand* Cassie Brooks Maryam Brown* Trudy Bunge Michele Buttermore Mary Beth Canfield Mary Pat Carr Richard Carr Julie Casarez Ingrid Castro Eryn Cech Georgeanne Chalmers Phyllis Chambers Jie-Qi Chen* Albert Chilenskas Jeff Chiles Stephanie Chu

Jennifer Cofsky Karen Jaffee Cofsky Adrian Collins Ann Collins Marilyn Cushing Cathy Davis Vera Davis Helga de Bontin Zaida Del Rosario Jennifer Didier Mary Dojnik Clair Durkes* Polly Eldringhoff April Ervin* Kristen Evans Patti Eylar Marianne Flanagan Briana Foley Heidi Foreman Anne Gardner* Charles Gardner Nancy Garfien Robert J. Gariano Carla Garner Leslie George Graham Gerst* Ethel Gofen Irene Goldfarb Charlotte Goldwater Suzie Golub Wallace Goode* Lisa Gregg Will Gunlicks* Jennifer Gunning Jennifer Gwilliam

19 2008-2009 Chicago Foundation for Education

Tricia Hagenah David Hannsberry Judy Harmon Gloria Harper* Renada Harrison Robert Hartfield Pamela Hay Cheryl Heads Louanne Holland Ryan Holzhueter Bob Horne* Kathleen Hull Paul G. Hull Angelique Jackson Shirley Jaffee Jeannie James Barbara Kariotis Javaras Rachel Jew Walter Jonas Dawn Lynne Kacer Bern Kachinsky* Colleen Kamin Karie Katz Brenda Kaye-Jordan Katie Kennicott Joanne Kiewicz Arline Kingwill Drew Kipfer Jean Klasovsky Timothy Knight Debbie Labinger Julie Land Robin Lavin* Linda Lenz* Mishawna Manning

Melissa Marquino-Peterson Margo Martin* Lynn Mathias Edith McGovern Cedric McCay Julie McClure Karen McCracken JoAnne McDonald Lisa McIntyre Catherine McRae Knox* Karen Miller Katie Miller Sheila Mitchell Denise Moberly* Caroline Moellering Michael Mols Ryan Murphy Marsha Nathan Eloise Neidhardt Stacy Neier Susan Nelson Vicky Nelson Laverne Nickson Edith Njuguna* Nicole Norfles* Minna Novick Paul O'Keefe* Kathy Olson Ted Oppenheimer Luis Oviedo Kyle Palazzolo* Cathy Palivos Tom Parcella Sherri Pickett Paulette Pierre

Angela Pilgrim Mary Pohl Jorja Porter* Yvette Powe* Kim Powell Aileen Primack Becky Provencher* Betsey Puth Carole Pyle Gretchen Quinn Carol Rakowsky Fred Rakowsky* Shaka Rawls Merrilee Redmond Aaron Reedy* Matt Reilein* Matt Renfree Helen Richardson Christopher Rohn* Susan Rohrman Laurie Rose Kiley Russell Shabnum Saghvi Michael Saladino Nancy Saladino Sarah Saladino Chris Santiago Arline Sax Marianne Schenker Iris Schrey Daila Shefner Maxine Simmons Christina Smith Erica Smith Pauline Smith

Margo Sorgman Jean Spencer Elaine Steiner Lisbeth Stone Gayle Sundt Jean Sweeney Jane Thain Nancy Tramutola Barbara Traverso Richard Turner* Susan Van Hooser Holly Wallace Jean Waller Joe Walsh Alex Washington* Dan Waters* Laura Watson Jill Wayne Emily Weaver Laurie Whitmer Scott Wicks Erin Williamson Linnea Wilson Sally Wing Lorianne Zaimi-Cuevas* Zaneta Zak Edie Zerebiny

$5000+ Anonymous Foley Family Foundation Kaplan Foundation Fund Alexandra and John Nichols The Warwick Foundation $2500+ Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Block III Wiley and Jo Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. William Holland The Charles Jacob Foundation Robert D. and Phyllis A. Jaffee Mr. and Mrs. Archibald McClure Mr. Arthur C. Nielsen, Jr. Beverly E. Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Harrison I. Steans $1000+ Anonymous Mr. Mark Anderson Vernon Armour Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Bacon Deborah and James Baughman Barbara Bere Sheila and Bob Berner Mr. and Mrs. James R. Boris Lois Brennan Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Chambers Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Conant

$750+ Mr. and Mrs. George H. Bodeen Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Hill Heidi and Dan Jaffee Kelly McGrail and Jeff Goulette $500+ Bill Bartholomay Foundation

Leslie Bluhm Karen and Tom Cofsky Steve and Kitty Cole Marge and Lew Collens Dottie and Jim Currie Mr. and Mrs. Henry De Vogue Mr. and Mrs. Byram Dickes Peter and Connie Dickinson Cam Avery and Lynn Donaldson Jean H. Downey Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Edelman Enivar Charitable Fund Paul J. Finnegan Ethel and Bill Gofen Douglas C. Grissom Mrs. Margaret S. Hart Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Horne Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Hummer Judy and Verne Istock Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Keiser Koldyke Family Foundation Andrew W. McGhee Jane and Bruce McLagan Samuel M. Mencoff Mr. and Mrs. Newton N. Minow Mr. and Mrs. R. Douglas Petrie Cindy Pritzker Diana and Bruce Rauner Terry and Celeste Robbins Chris Santiago Robin P. Selati Suzanne T. Smart Shaun Smiles Harold B. and Denise G. Smith Liz Stiffel Timothy P. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Q Sylvester III Pam and Mel Washburn Lynne and David B. Weinberg Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Weiss

Joyce Bottum Susan Bowey Anne L. Bryant Mr. and Mrs. Jay Case Stacey and Christopher Caywood Mr. and Mrs. Edward Davis Patty Eylar and Charles Gardner Joan and Robert Feitler Brian Douglas Finerty Sally and Jack Foster Barbara E. Franke Richard and Mary L. Gray Mr. and Mrs. William S. Gray Mr. Chris Hehmeyer Mrs. Robert L. Heidrick Robert F. Hirsch Ms. Nancy E. Jaffee and Mr. William T. Patterson Mr. and Mrs. David Katz Marcia and Silas Keehn Chris and Sheila Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lillard John and Ann McDermott Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. McKenna Alan and Ruthie McNally Mesirow Financial Louise and Jack Mills Dr. and Mrs. David L. Nahrwold Mr. and Mrs. John M. Richman Ms. Margaret Robson Harry B. and Adrienne G. Rosenberg Madeline and Michael Rosenberg Marianne Schenker Marion Schmidt Carol and Gordon Segal Mrs. Berta Shapiro John R. Siragusa Mrs. Carl S. Stanley Joan W. Ward Richard Watt

$250+ Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Bade Donna and Jeremy Baskin

$100+ Anonymous (2) Julia Ford Backer

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barrett Mrs. Edwin A. Bergman Mr. and Mrs. James Bernhart The Bobins Foundation Carney Family Foundation Ms. Mary Pat Carr Georgeanne Chalmers Liz and Skip Coggin Eric and Stacey Cohen Tom and Connie Cole Mr. and Mrs. James Cosme Mrs. Edwin W. Darby Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Darnall Mr. William J. Devers, Jr. Sharon P. Dixon Robert E. Don Sara and Tom Donahoe Jean H. Downey Ray and Jane Drexler Anne and Dwight Fawcett Mr. and Mrs. David W. Fox Raymond E. George, Jr. Robert B. Hartfield Ann and David Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Hull Sheila and Robert Hulseman Ms. Rosemary Isono Jerry James and Kitty Bliss Mr. and Mrs. Ross H. Jannotta Connie and Dennis Keller Harrison and Katie Kennicott Patricia N. Kilduff Mr. and Mrs. Edmund King, II Bob and Jan Kuramoto Bill and Blair Lawlor Mr. and Mrs. John G. Levi Mary Lou Linnen Mr. Ed Magnus Mary H. Marks Mrs. Corinne McGrail Jay W. McGreevy Sheila and Harvey Medvin Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Nadherny Dick and Eloise Neidhardt

2008-2009 Chicago Foundation for Education 20

JULY 1, 2008 – JUNE 30, 2009

$10,000+ Ann and Richard Carr Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hagenah Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Jaffee Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. James Mr. and Mrs. Edgar D. Jannotta Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. E. David Coolidge III Nancy and Michael Daley Kent and Liz Dauten James and Catherine Denny Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gariano Virginia and Gary Gerst Graham Gerst Mr. and Mrs. James J. Glasser Scott and Jennifer Gwilliam Mr. and Mrs. Robert Horne Jaffee Family Foundation Joe and Gina Jannotta The Jannotta-Pearsall Family Fund Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. King Mr. and Mrs. Lester B. Knight W. Mitchell LaMotte Gift Fund Mr. and Mrs. John S. Lillard Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lubin Mr. and Mrs. John D. Mabie Mr. and Mrs. John W. Madigan Mr. and Mrs. Larry McCracken Alexandra and John Nichols Katherine and Norman Olson Cathy and Bill Osborn Mr. and Mrs. John S. Palmer Jane and Henry Pearsall Sandra and Michael Perlow Marlene Welsh Phillips Mrs. Carole Pyle Colin and Lil Roche John W. Rogers, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick G. Ryan, Jr. Sagalyn Family Fund Alex and Devanee Washington Laura and Bob Watson


$20,000+ Phil and Mary Beth Canfield Joyce and Don Rumsfeld Steve and Sue Wilson

JULY 1, 2008 – JUNE 30, 2009


Mrs. James Otis Tom and Nancy Pardo Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Perkins The Perlman Family Foundation Mr. David D. Peterson Mr. Charles Pounian Gretchen and Vincent Quinn Fred and Carol Rakowsky Alan and Joan Ramsay Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Redmond Tom and Dede Reedy John H. and Ann. W. Roberts Kathy and Tom Rutherford John and Lois Sachs Barbara and Wally Scott Daila Shefner Joyce and Roy Skoog Margie D. Smagacz Patricia Smietana Don and Isobel Stewart Tria and Carson Thomas Glen and Nancy Traylor Mr. and Mrs. John D. Twiname Draga Vesselinovitch Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wasserman Bob and Roz Wattel Nathalie Weil Mrs. Edward A. Wheeler Mrs. William T. White, Jr. Arnold and Ann Wolff Joan and Bob Zabel David and Suzanne Zesmer Mrs. Gilbert Zitin

Under $100 Anonymous Sudha Arunachalam Rick and Jan Bail Renee Bearak Lindi Butler-Walton Michele D. Buttermore Richard and Shoushig Dagdigian Rachel Dose Mary Drinan Kristen and Rick Evans Joan B. Friedberg Irene Goldfarb Ethel Frank Goldsmith Ray and Beth Grady Jennifer Gray Dr. and Mrs. Frank Guthrie Judy and George Harmon Elizabeth P. Hoban Mr. and Mrs. Jon R. Lind Ann E. MacDiarmid Barbara and Lyman Missimer Sheila and John Mitchell Ms. Gail Riggs Gloria and Sheldon Rosing Dorothie Shah Barbara Slivnick Anne E. Smith Doug and Carrie Stone Mary M. Walther Ralph and Charlotte Westfall Rev. Linnea B. Wilson

CORPORATE AND FOUNDATION CONTRIBUTIONS $25,000+ Circle of Service Foundation Fund for Teachers Oil-Dri Corporation Polk Bros. Foundation $10,000+ Aon Foundation Arie & Ida Crown Memorial Bears Care Dr. Scholl Foundation GTCR Helen Brach Foundation Malott Family Foundation Mayer and Morris Kaplan Family Foundation Peoples Energy TCF Bank The Teachers Network Washington Mutual $5,000+ Anonymous Kenilworth Union Church Madison Dearborn Partners, LLC Molex Inc. Sage Foundation Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company Foundation $1,000+ Ariel Mutual Funds Blue Cross Blue Shield IL Chicago Board Options Exchange Cole Taylor Bank William Blair & Company

21 2008-2009 Chicago Foundation for Education

INKIND DONATIONS Angelina Villanueva Design Bell's Brewery, Inc. Chicago White Sox Cinco Puntos Press fullline printing, inc. It's a Sign Kennicott Brothers Lee and Eddie's Catering Martin Lescht Oil-Dri Corporation Panera Bread Potbelly Sandwich Works School Specialty Southwest Airlines Steppenwolf Theater StoryStudio Chicago Target Corporation

Your gifts and support make all CFE programs possible. We would like to thank our dedicated office staff, our committed volunteers, and our generous contributors for all they bring to the Chicago Foundation for Education.


JULY 1, 2008 – JUNE 30, 2009

$294,078 $366,194 $107,200 $9,226 $776,698


38% Individual and Family Foundations Foundations

Income Sources Individual and Family Foundations Foundations Corporations Investment Income/ Misc Expenses Small Grants Fund for Teachers Study Group Grants Teachers Network Leadership Institute Administrative/Fundraising Total Expenses

38% 47% 14% 1%

$233,354 $198,451 $198,110 $71,118 $96,265 $797,299

Expenses Program Expenses Administrative/Fundraising

Corporations Investment Income/Misc.



Program Expenses Administrative/Fundraising

88% 12%


Income Sources Individual and Family Foundations Foundations Corporations Investment Income / Misc Total Income


*Does not include beginning balance of $97,248 Based on unaudited financial reports for fiscal year ending June 30, 2009.

2008-2009 Chicago Foundation for Education 22

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