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Offering Broker/Dealer services since 1990

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Offering Registered Investment Adviser services since 1982 • 2

Toll Free: 800.745.7776 • Phone: 765.453.9600 • Fax: 765.864.4080

It’s not about us...It’s about you! Joined cfd Investments in August, 1990 Why cfd Investments? I continue to work with cfd Investments because they are leading edge. The officers attend several conferences every year. They not only know what is currently working and the trends this year...they know what the trends will be in 5 years. The goal of cfd Investments is to grow with the adviser.

Terry May, ChFC, CLU

Registered Representative

Greenville, Ohio

Joined cfd Investments in January, 2001 Many years ago we spent three hours with Mick and Brent Owens and decided that cfd Investments was the place for us. It has been the BEST career move of my life. What a pleasure it is to be involved with a company that ALWAYS puts you first. A company that is always REACHING out to help you in anyway they can. A company that is QUICK to respond to any need or question that we might have to HELP us serve our clients in the very best way possible. Thanks you Guys; You’re the GREATEST.

Gene Griffin, CFP®, RFC

Registered Representative

Terre Haute, Indiana

Joined cfd Investments in July, 2002 As a Certified Financial Planner® practitioner, the ability to offer our clients independent advice is critical. We must be able to access information and financial products quickly and easily. Our clients expect exemplary service and we are able to deliver it because of our relationship with cfd Investments. Change is all around us and we believe we are leaders as a result of our affiliation with cfd Investments, Inc.

Bill Gettings, CFP®, CLU, ChFC Registered Representative Lafayette, Indiana

Joined cfd Investments in February, 2001 My practice philosophy is to use the best options the industry has to offer. Many BD’s claim to put you in that position, cfd truly delivers. Additionally, Brent Owens is one of the most sincere and genuine individuals I have ever known. It is for that reason I consistently turn down promises and offers from other BD’s on a regular basis. I can foresee nothing that could sway me from cfd.

Edward Camp, CFP®, CLU,® ChFC® Registered Representative Mishawaka, Indiana

Joined cfd Investments in November, 2007 As fast as this industry is changing with regards to regulations and technology, cfd has always been and I believe will continue to be at the forefront of these changes with the goal of doing what’s in the best interests of our clients. I always say we do what’s right for our clients and everything else takes care of itself, and cfd shares that philosophy. You are not a number here, but part of a genuine family of high-quality individuals with a service attitude that is infectious. They will listen to our concerns and make changes where appropriate promptly. As we provide peace of mind to our clients in their financial life, cfd does the same for us for our business.

Jim Guyot, CFP®

Registered Representative

Lenexa, Kansas

Our Philosophy

cfd is committed to serving advisers in a Christ-like manner, believing you cannot push someone to the top of the mountain without getting there yourself.

The “cfd” Companies are committed to helping Registered Representatives, Life Insurance Agents, and Investment Adviser Representatives become trusted advisers who are committed to the financial planning process in such a way that they can serve their clients in a professional manner without being either “captive” to an insurance company and its broker/dealer or an isolated individual trying to be totally independent.

Our belief is that clients’ planning needs are best served by an Independent Financial Adviser they can trust and with whom they can develop friendships.

We Believe • Everyone needs a financial plan. • Good sales people should be sitting in front of people - not a computer developing financial plans. • There should be a marketing system to reach your desired market, systematized to the point that appointments are automatic.

• The initial consultation and data-gathering meeting should be highly structured to motivate prospective clients to proceed with the planning process.

• A well organized planning department should be available to develop customized comprehensive financial plans for the adviser’s clients.

• Technical support must be available to meet the needs of your clients. • A monitoring system should be utilized to keep you abreast of the impact that market trends, tax changes, and product performance have on the goals of your clients and your ability to serve them.

• Representatives should not be dependent nor independent, but interdependent with an organization committed to serving them and their clients.

We Are Committed To Our Industry. We are Proud Members of: • Financial Services Institute • Financial Planning Association • The National Association of Christian Financial Consultants • The National Association of Independent Broker/Dealers • Kingdom Advisors • National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors

Matthew 16:26 For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?


"You Gotta Have A Plan!"

Creative Financial Designs, Inc. REGISTERED INVESTMENT ADVISORY SERVICES Your Next RIA Creative Financial Designs, Inc. is the Registered Investment Advisory arm of the cfd Companies with a goal to provide our valued advisers with all the products and services they need to serve all their clients investment management, advisory, and financial planning needs. Founded in 1982, we not only continue to manage with our firms values in mind, but we also develop new and innovative products and strategies based on the client needs and our advisers feedback. We look forward to continuing to be this innovative and creative company in offering all the advisory services our advisers and their clients need to meet their financial goals.


inancial Designs

Our Mission is to provide unique and valuable investment services to all clients while honoring our Kingdom Values in guiding our work and lives.

Financial Planning Services Comprehensive Plans Business Financial Plans Personal Financial Plans Modular Plans Accumulation Analysis Budget Analysis Education Analysis Estate Analysis Income Funding Investment Analysis Medicaid Planning Retirement Analysis Tax Analysis

Investment Advisory Services In-House Services Brokerage Management Self-Directed Retirement Advisory Variable Annuity Management Third Party Services Custodial Agreements Direct Agreements Adviser Services Adviser Discretionary Management Fee-in-Lieu

Ask the Questions...and Go Deeper with Your Clients! • • • • • •

 o you think your clients know what they are really invested in? D Do you think they would be upset if they did know what their investments supported? Do you think your clients what to invest in products and/or services that they personally would not want to support? Do you think they would be upset with their financial adviser if they did know? Do you think clients would respect you more for offering additional options that potentially fit their lifestyle? Do you think prospective clients would be more apt to join you if they knew you offered a cleaner option?

Want to know how clean your clients' investments are? Our firm can help you compare and be ready for your next meeting. We also offer many additional resources to help you build your practice the way you feel led.



cfd Investments, Inc. t


In v e s


cfd Investments, Inc., our Registered Broker/Dealer, Member FINRA & SIPC, provides quality investment products for specific financial objectives! Our philosophy is that investments should be made to achieve specific goals and objectives. Therefore, we believe that not only are there good and bad investments, but also there are right and wrong investments. We strive to provide quality investments that are right to achieve the specific goals and objectives of your clients. As a Broker/Dealer, we are committed to providing quality investments to suitable investors through a network of fairly compensated Financial Advisers. We also intend to operate our firm with a fair profit. We have teamed with various entities in order to provide you with quality clearing relationships, quality research, proper compliance procedures, and cash management accounts. National Financial Services, LLC, a Fidelity Investments Company, allow us to provide you with Wall Street benefits and Main Street character, while offering you a variety of comprehensive programs designed to help you grow. We recognize that no one company can be all things to all people. However, cfd Investments, Inc. is part of the “cfd” Family of Companies which was formed to give advisers a single resource to fulfill all their clients’ needs. With the “cfd” Companies you can pick and choose which company fits your clients’ needs best, allowing you to design the perfect product and service mix.


Transition Team

Our Focus Is On Serving You.

Complete Transition Assistance Back office team to assist you with: • Registration • Technology Training • Transferring book of business • Continuously monitoring entire transition process


Kelly Kourtney


The Adviser Fastlane is intended to help Advisers get onboarded and producing as quickly as possible. • Initial Set Up Information • Technology Training • Meet Team cfd • Compliance and Marketing


Payout Structure Dealer Concession


Effective Payout

$49,999 $50,000 - $99,999 $100,000 - $149,999 $150,000 - $249,999 $250,000 - $499,999 $500,000 - $999,999 > $1,000,000 -

75% 80% 85% 88% 90% 91%* 92%*

Payout schedule is established based on trailing 12 month gross dealer consession. * All Advisers will start the year off at 75-90%, and payout percentages are not retroactive to Dollar One. As a result, only concessions exceeding the $500,000 threshold will be paid out at the higher percentage rate.

We have one of the highest payouts available We offer one of the highest available payouts in the Financial Services Industry. All of our Advisers start off at 75â&#x20AC;&#x201C;90% on the Broker/Dealer side, 90% on the Fixed Insurance/Annuity side, and up to 90â&#x20AC;&#x201C;100% on the Registered Investment Adviser side. If a representative is coming into our Broker/Dealer under a Registered Principal who is recruiting new Advisers, that Registered Principal may receive a 5% to 25% override on the Advisers in his/her office. As an Independent Representative, you may choose to place your Fixed Insurance and Annuity business away from our firm. However, we will pay 90% of the Street Level and GA Override on all Fixed business, plus combine the overall production with your Broker/Dealer and fee based business to arrive at your B/D Bonus Level, resulting in a potentially higher overall payout. Along with one of the highest payouts, we strive to make tracking and obtaining your commissions as easy as possible. cfd Investments accomplishes this through electronic deposits, paying commissions weekly, online commission statements, and online production reports. The chart above shows you how you can maximize your contract with a 92% payout.

Presidential Adviser Trip The Top 25 Advisers have the opportunity to attend the annual cfd Investments Presidential Advisers Conference. Our conference has been held at such exotic locations as Aruba, Bahamas, Cancun, Jamaica, Cabo San Lucas, St. Thomas, Grand Cayman, Belize, Cozumel, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, Playa Del Carmen, and Puerto Vallarta.




250 /month

cfd Investments, Inc. strives to be on the cutting edge with the technology provided for its representatives. Our technology provides Wall Street Benefits at Main Street Cost with Heartland Integrity. Our website, www., is a very valuable tool for your business. By integrating portions of our “content” into your personal website, the opportunity exists to dramatically enhance your practice.

Redtail is an integrated technology company, the answer to making a financial professional’s office become more efficient and streamlined. There is no longer the need to worry about not seeing notes for clients, seeing when the last interaction with the client was or knowing when the staff has time free for a meeting. With Redtail, everything is in one spot to keep your business running like a well-oiled machine. Albridge Wealth Reporting is more than just a portfolio management and performance reporting solution because it manages your data collection and reconciliation as well. Albridge Data Aggregation vastly expands the data source landscape to nearly 10,000 financial websites. Docupace Technologies’ state-of-the-art document management and workflow service simplifies the process of capturing, storing, centralizing, organizing, and accessing information- delivering what you need whenever and more importantly, wherever you need it. Laser App Anywhere is an easy to use, interactive form system for the independent financial adviser. Laser App Anywhere uses your broker, rep, and client data to assist you in filling out the tedious and redundant fields in securities and annuity forms. Simply choose an application from the program’s menu and the form appears on your computer screen with client, rep, and broker information already inserted. The entire form can be easily edited right from your computer screen.

The Annuity Intelligence Report™

The Annuity Intelligence Report helps advisors build confidence while handling annuities. With the Annuity Intelligence Report you now have access to a valuable new resource for variable annuity research information. This easy-to-use, comprehensive tool you can use to understand, sell and title variable annuities. You now have the most accurate, up-to-date, plain-English variable annuity information available anywhere.

Microsoft Office 365 Outlook Web Access Whether using Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, or Outlook Web Access, the email system provided by cfd Investments will allow you to maintain calendars, contacts, and email from any electronic device. No matter where you are, your email and calendar will be accessible and updated in real time.

ALA CARTE Ala carte items are available outside the normal technology fee. Many additional ala carte services are available within our technology suite. Ask your onboarding representative about our ala carte technology options.


* (Ala Carte)

* (Ala Carte)

Wealthscape is a Web Portal that provides access to integrated brokerage account information, enabling cfd and its representatives the opportunity to work smartâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;conduct business faster, reduce errors, lower costs, and streamline operations. Designed to simplify life throughout a firm, Wealthscape is a powerful workstation that offers the flexibility to evolve as a business grows. In addition to a robust research offering, the capabilities of many respected firms have been integrated into Wealthscape to drive growth, create efficiency, and manage risk: Bond Trader Pro (no additional cost). Fetter Logic*, Finetre*, Morningstar*, EISI, Reuters*, Standard & Poors*, SunGard*, and Xtiva Financial Systems*.

Fiserv is a provider of financial account aggregation services to brokerages, wealth management firms and financial advisors. These services are highly secure and provide a holistic view of a client's financial picture, including held-away assets, facilitating better financial guidance and creating the opportunity to increase assets under management.

Commission Dashboard This dashboard is the web portal into cfdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s back office commission system. You can view data as it is entered in from the back office. Create current and pending commission reports and blotters ad-hoc using current data. View your adviser information. View, add, and update customer information. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Resources to Market Your Practice Ala Carte Technology Services Designed to Help You…  Market Your Practice • Brand Your Business • Serve Your Clients

Faulkner Websites FMG Suite: The most effective digital marketing tools available today for financial professionals. With leading technology, vibrant design and strong content, FMG Suite will showcase you and your message and help fill your pipeline with eager prospects. FMG’s management team has a combined total of more than 75 years of creating compliance-oriented marketing tools that work together seamlessly to make your marketing easy. And because they’re all digital, we can offer our entire suite at an amazing value.

Emerald Websites • • •

Personalized website for financial professionals Large library of articles related to the six key areas of financial management and newsletter index with more than 70 rotating articles 33 financial calculators for client’s use and delayed-time stock quote feature

AutoMark • •

AutoMark allows advisers to provide content to their clients and prospects as their specific needs dictate. All AutoMark deliverables are personalized with the adviser’s information and photo. The deliverables can be set against a variety of color themes to meet a wide array of design tastes.

Peter Montoya • • • •

The world’s largest library of compliance-reviewed materials Download content and send out marketing materials instantly Delivered automatically by email or direct mail with MarketingPro Keep in contact with clients and prospects in a compliance-friendly application

E-Relationship E-Relationship was the first client and prospect e-connection tool in the insurance and banking sector in the United States and Canada. Today, it is indisputably the largest and most robust! Agent testimonials attest to the system’s effectiveness with increased appointments, increased sales, increased client loyalty and increased agent confidence. The effect of staying in touch with clients and connecting frequently with prospects has multiple advantages all positive in their effect on production, retention and satisfaction.


Tools to Increase Your Knowledge The “cfd” Companies are committed to helping Registered Representatives, Life Insurance Agents, and Investment Adviser Representatives in the growth of a healthy practice. We help you to obtain the education needed in order to establish the best plans for your clients while meeting all the regulatory requirements placed on our industry. The more efficient and educated you are, the better you can serve your clients. cfd Investments will continue to bring you new and updated tools that will aid you in this process.

Training & Education

Practice Development

• Spring Conference (technology focus and practice

• Online Webinars

Web-Based Videos for: • technology training • website training • compliance issues • marketing • use of design templates Powerpoint Presentations for: • money management • various financial planning topics

Knowledge Portal

Team cfd

This is an area of the Adviser website that is full of useful information, reference material, resources, manuals, and continuing education.

At cfd, no adviser is an island. Every cfd adviser is part of a registered principal-led team of like-minded professionals that meets quarterly. The purpose of Team CFD is to communicate, educate, inform, and idea-share, thus building valuable relationships both with peers and with the cfd home office staff.

management focus)

• Fall Education & Compliance Meeting • In-House Training • cfd Virtual Campus • Presidential Advisers Conference/Trip

cfd Virtual Campus The cfd Investments Virtual Campus allows you to complete the FINRA Firm Element from the comfort of your office. It also offers you the opportunity to complete your individual state insurance CE for Insurance Agents as well as your CPA CE for Accountants along with your CFP® CE for Certified Financial Planners™, using technology which enables our advisers to maximize their potential. That is what cfd is all about. 11

Adviser Benefits & Perks

From modern Mediterranean architecture overlooking flawlessly landscaped grounds to a shimmering sea and horizon beyond, Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort is an elegant oasis in the high desert that you’ll never want to leave behind.

St. Thomas

Employee Benefits for Independent Contractors • • • •

Cabo San Lucas

Banking Services Qualified Retirement Deposits Flexible Spending Account Health Savings Account

Puerto Rico Errors and Omissions Insurance DRIP - Deductible Reduction Insurance Program

All 375 luxurious suites and rooms provide every guest with a private balcony and spectacular sea view. It’s an awesome vision by glorious day or starlit evening.


St. Maarten

Presidential Advisers Trip

Puerto Vallarta Insurance Service Incentive Program* • Pay for E & O • Sponsored Client Appreciation

Grand Cayman

*See ISIP Brochure


Playa del Carmen

Corporate Sponsors A Special Thanks Goes Out To Our Following Sponsors



S ILVER B R O NZE inspire Low Cost High Impact Investing

Mutual Funds AIM Funds Alger Funds Alliance Bernstein American Century American Funds API Trust Automatic Data Processing Ave Maria Funds Black Rock Bright Start Bright Directions Calamos Funds Calvert CollegeAccess 529 College Choice 529 College Accounts 529

Columbia Davis Funds Delaware Group Dreyfus Eaton Vance Eventide Evergreen Federated Fidelity Advisors First American Funds First Eagle Funds First Trust Portfolios Flex Funds Forward Funds Franklin Templeton Future Scholar 529 GE Funds

Goldman Sachs GuideStone Hartford Mutual Funds Ivy Funds IXIS Advisor Funds John Hancock Funds JP Morgan Kemper Lord Abbett Mainstay Funds Managers MFS Funds Mid Atlantic - Sungard Praxis MSCS Financial/403(b) ASP Munder Funds N­ationwide

Most 529 Adviser Plan Nuveen Oppenheimer Pacific Funds Phoenix Funds PIMCO Pioneer Principal Funds Prudential Funds Putnam Pyxis Funds Riversource RS Investments Rydex Distributors Sammons Retirement Scudder Selected Funds

Sentinel Steward Sunamerica Thornburg Timothy Plan Touchstone Funds Transamerica IDEX Van Eck Van Kampen Virtus Funds Voya Funds Waddell & Reed Wells Fargo Funds

Variable Annuities/Life AIG Allianz Allstate American United Life Ameritas Annuity Investors AXA Brighthouse Commonwealth Equitable Life

Genworth Global Atlantic Great West Guardian Hartford Life Integrity Life Jackson National Jefferson National Life John Hancock

Kemper Lincoln Financial Group Mass Mutual Midland National Minnesota Life Mony Life Nationwide New England New York Life

Ohio National Pacific Life Penn Mutual Life Phoenix Principal Life Protective Prudential Life Riversource Sammons Security Benefit

Sun Life Sunamerica Touchstone Variable Transamerica Voya Western Reserve Life

Our Corporate Sponsors are Indicated in Bold

REIT’s & Limited Partnerships We understand the value in alternative investments for a portion of a client’s accounts. We do have alternative investments available and can conduct a review of additional offerings at your request.


*This is not our complete selling agreement list.

Fixed Products cfd Insurance Planners, Inc., our Licensed Insurance Agency provides quality insurance products for specific insurance needs. We believe most individuals and businesses are grossly under insured due to the fact that much misinformation and confusion exists to the point that people will not take any action, fearing that they will take the wrong action. Our goal is to adequately insure everyone with quality products, positioned to solve insurable problems with affordable premiums. Further, though, we believe we must educate the public to the problems and possible insurance alternatives. We believe that people are not really opposed to insurance . . . they just do not want to pay for it. We attempt to find dollars to solve these problems so that no lifestyle changes are necessary.

Life AIG/American General Allianz Allstate Life of NY American Continental American National Ameritas

Assurity Life Athene AVIVA Life Athene Bankers Life of NY Banner Life Companion Life of NY

Fidelity Genworth Gleaner Guarantee Trust Life Illinois Mutual John Hancock Lafayette Life

Life Ins. Co. of the Southwest Lincoln MetLife Investors Minnesota Life Nationwide New York Life North American

Phoenix Life Presidential Life Principal Protective Life Prudential Life SBLI Security Mutual of NY Transamerica

United of Omaha US Life of NY Voya Western Reserve William Penn of NY Zurich

Midland National Mutual of Omaha Nationwide North American Presidential Life

Principal Protective Life Reliance Standard Sammons Standard Insurance

State Life United of Omaha Voya

Fixed/Indexed Annuities AIG Allianz American Annexus Athene AVIVA

BTS Brighthouse EquiTrust Genworth Gleaner Global Atlantic

Great American Integrity Life Jackson Life Ins. Co. of the Southwest Lincoln

Long Term Care & Disability Assurity Life Fidelity Security Genworth LTC John Hancock Illinois Mutual

MassMutual MetLife DI Mutual of Omaha New York Life Petersen International

Principal DI State Life Transamerica LTC United of Omaha

Our National Partner INSURANCE SERVICES powered by

We strive for our Financial Advisers to have independence. Even with that being the case, in addition to products available through cfd Insurance Planners, we offer first class Fixed Products through our national account relationships. This gives an added benefit to our Advisers by counting the Fixed Production towards overall Gross Dealer Concession. We pay 90% of national account level on all Fixed Business.


Brokerage Accounts Services Our clearing services are provided by Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions (FCCS)—the division of Fidelity Investments® that provides clearing, custody and investment management products to registered investment advisors and broker-dealers, which was formerly known as National Financial Services (NFS). They now offer broker-dealers a comprehensive suite of investment products and solutions which enables them to efficiently evaluate and incorporate these investments into their clients’ portfolios.

Fidelity Wealthscape is a Web Portal that provides access to integrated brokerage account information, enabling cfd and its Representatives the opportunity to work smart, conduct business faster, reduce errors, lower costs, and streamline operations. Designed to simplify life throughout a firm, Wealthscape is a powerful workstation that offers the flexibility to evolve as a business grows. In addition to a robust research offering, the capabilities of many respected firms have been integrated into Wealthscape to drive growth, create efficiency, and manage risk: BondDesk, Fetter Logic, Finetre, Morningstar, EISI, Reuters, Standard & Poors, SunGard, and Xtiva Financial Systems.

Breakdown of Research, Tools, & Technology Wealth Management Resources World Class Research Tools & Technology Account Protection Argus Corporation Client Weblink Cash Management Credit Suisse First Boston Confirms/1099’s Equities Morningstar Workstation Intranet Investor Connect Fee Based Products S&P MarketScope® NFS Wealthscape Fixed Income Wall Street on Demand® Managed Account Services Weiss Research Online Statements Mutual Funds Online Research Retirement Accounts Quote System Wealthscape Investor - Clients Workstation Tools

Asset-Based Pricing & Brokerage Clearing Costs The flagships of the cfd Companies, cfd Investments and Creative Financial Designs, work with our valued custodians to provide the best products and services at a fair price. cfd Investments on the broker dealer side likely offers all the investment options you’re looking for. Transaction charges vary on the security, the amount of purchase, etc. so check with the staff based on what your clients desire to purchase. As it pertains to the RIA and Creative Financial Designs, the firm uses an Asset-Based Pricing (ABP) model to cover transaction fees. So no ‘nickel and diming’ for trading on advisory accounts no matter the platform being managed or advised under. The ABP fees also vary upon the value of the clients account and householding may be available depending on the size of the account/household.



Mick Owens, CFP®

Brent Owens

Kris Hale



President/Director of Operations Vice President Founder Registered Financial Principal Registered Principal 765.553.3002 765.553.3007 765.553.3008

Tony Burnett

Director of Accounting 765.553.3029 tony.burnett@

Tonya Goodier

Steve Bulloff

HR Director 765.553.4045 tonya.goodier@

Compliance Director Registered Principal 765.553.3052 steve.bulloff@

Jim Gibson

Kourtney Shawhan

Russell Maynard

IT Director 765.553.3015 jim.gibson@

Director of Processing Registered Principal 765.553.3044 kourtney.shawhan@

Chan Collins

Chennel Lindsay

Project Manager 765.553.3057 russell.maynard@

Eva Marr

Assistant to Mick Owens Assistant to Mick Owens Assistant to Mick Owens and Chris Rockey and Chris Rockey and Chris Rockey 765.553.3041 765.553.3002 765.553.3003

Kregg Rooze

VP of Creative Financial Designs 765.553.3018 kregg.rooze@

Lee Bargerhuff

Assistant Compliance Director 765.553.3011 lee.bargerhuff@

Greg Smith

CPA 765.553.3026 greg.smith@

Brigit Braun

Administrative Assistant to Brent Owens 765.553.3007 brigit.sabrina@

Chris Rockey, ChFC® Matthew Bahrenburg Chief Compliance Officer In-House Counsel Registered Principal 765.553.3030 matthew.bahrenburg@

Financial Adviser 765.553.3046

Eric Grzegorski

Brooke Rockey

In-House Counsel Attorney At Law 765.553.3004 Assistant Compliance Director Corporate Secretary Registered Principal 765.553.4091 eric.grzegorski@

Jerry Cronenwett VP Talent Acquisition 765.553.3033 jerry.cronenwett@

Alice Howe, CFP®

Financial Planner 765.553.3042 alice.howe@

Sabrina Edwards

Administrative Assistant to Brent Owens 765.553.3007 brigit.sabrina@

Vanessa Bliss

Administrative Assistant to Brent Owens 765.553.3058 vanessa.owen@

Sandra Hlebasko Brokerage Account Coordinator Registered Principal 765.553.3009 sandra.hlebasko@

Karen Wooten Commission Specialist 765.553.3010 karen.wooten@

Carrie Kuhns Managed Accounts Assistant 765.553.3013 carrie.kuhns@

Matt Powlen Managed Accounts Registered Principal 765.553.3042 matt.powlen@

Wayne Albright Tax Preparation 765.553.3024 wayne.albright@

Cynthia Rodman

Vinita Williams

Securities Principal Registered Principal 765.553.3051 jamie.barber@

Processing 765.553.3014 cynthia.rodman@

Processing 765.553.3034 vinita.williams@

Cerise Reed

John Dean

Tammy McKay

Christine Trine

Brent Anderson

Insurance Processing Administrator 765.553.3005 cerise.reed@

Managed Accounts / Trade Specialist Registered Principal 765.553.3040 john.dean@

Managed Accounts 765.553.3056 tammy.mckay@

Managed Accounts 765.553.3043 christine.trine@

Managed Accounts Assistant 765.553.3021 brent.anderson@

Jamie Barber

Jodie Hutchins Processing / Distributions 765.553.3055 jodie.hutchins@

Trenton Brazel Managed Accounts 765.553.3053 trenton.brazel@

Teresa Parnell Accounting 765.553.3024

Justin Alter Alter & Rockey Associates at Law 765.553.3048

Kyle Smith

Nancy Hurt Managed Accounts Research Analyst 765.553.3050 nancy.hurt@

Liz Carson

Jennifer Mayberry

Kelly Stockberger

Accounting 765.553.3025

Graphic Designer 765.553.3013 jennifer.mayberry@

Compliance Specialist Registered Principal 765.553.3016 kelly.stockberger@

Financial Planner 765.553.3019 rod.carroll@

Zach McComas IT Support 765.553.3037 zach.mccomas@

Processing 765.864-4089 felicia.king@

Ian Reed

Financial Planner 765.553.3061 kyle.smith@

Rod Carroll, CFPÂŽ

Felicia King

Christin Clark

Registered Principal Managed Accounts 765.553.3042 Portfolio Manager christin.clark@ 765.553.3039 ian.reed@

Craig Malson IT Support 765.553.3020 craig.malson@

Connie Wenisch Receptionist 765.453.9600 connie.wenisch@

Cassy Malson Compliance Assistant 765.553.3012 cassy.malson@

Kathy Owens Real Estate Principal Broker 765.553.3601

Welcome home!







We are here to serve you! In v e s

Alter & Rockey

Associates at Law



cfd Investments is a Broker/Dealer dedicated to providing Financial Advisers with the necessary support, tools, techniques, quality financial products, and technologies for the achievement of their clients’ goals and objectives through a team of home office personnel committed to serving advisers in a Christ-like manner, believing you cannot push someone to the top of the mountain without getting there yourself.



In v e s

Adviser Focused | Technology Leaders | Values Driven • Toll Free: 800.745.7776 • Phone: 765.453.9600 • Fax: 765.860.4080 2704 South Goyer Road • Kokomo, Indiana 46902 Located in the Creative Financial Centre®

Advisory services are provided through Creative Financial Designs, Inc., Registered Investment Adviser, and securities are offered through cfd Investments, Inc., a registered Broker/Dealer. Member FINRA & SIPC © Copyright 2017

w w w.c fd i nve stment s .com

How To Become Registered With cfd Investments, Inc. Our “Transition Team” is Ready to HELP You Make the MOVE.

Start the Process. Register Today!

Please complete all enclosed paper work. (Fillable forms available online at

New Prospective Adviser Kit - cfd Investments, Creative Financial Designs  

This folder is for prospective advisers to learn about CFD, our philosophies, our history, our relationship with our advisers, and our team.

New Prospective Adviser Kit - cfd Investments, Creative Financial Designs  

This folder is for prospective advisers to learn about CFD, our philosophies, our history, our relationship with our advisers, and our team.