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Offering Registered Investment Adviser services since 1982

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Creative Financial Designs, Inc. Founded in 1982, Creative Financial Designs, Inc. is an Registered Investment Adviser registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Headquartered in Kokomo, Indiana, the firm represents the best of “Midwest Values” putting client’s needs and goals front and center. We strive to provide you with all the services and products that serve those needs and goals. Check out our website at www.creativefinancialdesigns.com to learn more and continue reading.

“YOU GOTTA HAVE A PLAN!” Creative Financial Designs, Inc. strives not only to provide those services that are appropriate and necessary, but also unique, custom, and exceptional products and services. We know that every client has circumstances that create different needs. That is why we provide custom planning and investment management services for all our valued clients.

Building Trust One Client at a Time Our firm understands that trust is earned and not given. That is why we strive to do what is right from day one. Our firm has been working with adviser’s clients for over 35 years, building thousands of financial plans in a tax-wise manner and managing thousands of investment accounts. We believe every person should have available to them an adviser and a company that provides them the quality financial advice and products to help them meet their specific financial goals.

Home of the Independent IAR


Why IAR & Not RIA Our firm understands that going from RIA or registered rep hybrid to an Investment Adviser Representative (IAR) of Creative Financial Designs, Inc. (CFD) is an important and significant long-term decision for your business. This decision will determine how you choose to serve your clients financial needs for years to come. Each area of financial service brings its own pros and cons. We are here to help provide you our insight in what is best for you and your client. Listed below are some reasons why becoming an IAR of CFD might be right for you. • • • •

Business development issues taking away your time Direct contracting ° Custodians ° Other RIA’s (outside money managers) ° Technology platforms Less compliance responsibility ° Development of client contracts and forms ° ADV updates ° Legal and other professional fees ° WSP ° Code of Ethics ° Privacy Policies Large range of services including: ° Expert teams to provide client services ° Expert teams to assist the growth of your practice ° Broader contracting power with third parties ° Compliance support You get all this while maintaining the brand “YOU.”

We understand it is not all or none, and it is definitely not you and us; it’s all about serving your clients to the fullest! 4


Investment Management Services All clients are different and that is why our firm provides you an abounding number of options when it comes to investment management and advisory services. Fundamentally, our firm believes clients are best served by advisers that are spending time with their clients and prospective clients and not focusing on administrative functions. That said, we also know some advisers want to be involved in the investment selection. Creative Financial Designs not only offers a very large amount of In-House management services and strategies, but also adviser discretionary, adviser non-discretionary, direct third-party asset managers, and a very large number of third party managers through clearing firm arrangements. So no matter how you want to serve your clients for investment management and advisory services, Creative Financial Designs offers a solution.

Our firm allows you to serve your clients how you want to structure your business. Want a team? We are here! Want to provide services yourself? We’ve got you!

Financial Planning Services The firm allows you to set up your practice how you want to run your services. Similar to the investment management services, you also have the opportunity to provide several different levels of financial planning services. Qualified Investment Adviser Representatives can offer financial planning directly to the client, use a planning technology software with the client, have our planning team provide services of data input and/or recommendations based on your software, or have our planning team offer a full blown and modular financial plans with the assistance of presenting them. It really is your choice and based on the work you want to put into it. Either way, our team stands ready to assist you.

Home of the Independent IAR



Payouts, Fees, and Technology Creative Financial Designs understands offering everything comes with a hefty price and likely a large amount of waste. That is why our firm attempts to keep the costs low and allows you to purchase the additional tools and resources you need and use for your firm. Below are the basic costs and payouts to be an Investment Advisor Representative only with our RIA.

Payouts Payouts are determined by the services you provide your client. Listed below is a quick breakdown of the payouts associated with the most popular investment management and planning services. Additional information in the following pages give a more descriptive cost and payout of each service.

Investment Management & Advisory: • • • •

In-House Investment Management Services: 100% net payout TPAM Investment Management Services: 90% of net fees received Advisor Discretionary Investment Management Services: 90% of fees received, minimums apply Fee-in-Lieu Advisory Services: 90% of fees received, minimums apply

Planning: • Adviser Custom Services: 90% of fees received • In-House Planning Services: 100% over ADV minimums



Fees & Standard Technology • E&O Insurance required through the firm: $1,500 annually (‘DRIP’ available for additional fee) • Technology Package: $150 a month, includes: ° Docupace, the firms imaging, workflow, and paperwork submission system ° eMail, your required email service. Set up your advisor name or company how you want to be seen ° NRS - Fiserve ° RedTail, your CRM ° LaserApp, your portal to online paperwork including digital signature • State Registrations and Renewal Fees Our firm also has many additional free services for your use. For our In-House investment management services, you will have access to client approved items and tools: Designs Wealth Reporting, marketing items, a host of brochures and marketing summaries, client approved PowerPoints, recordings, and hypotheticals to compare for clients. You will also have access to our Investment Strategy Architecture which includes the historical and current numbers you need to compare and show your client, our Financial Advisory Roadmap that helps advisers look at their practice and see how they can perhaps improve, grow, and learn, and also our PathFinder Suite that includes several calculators and questionnaires to help take a prospect to client in no time. Finally, our firm takes electronic paperwork and signatures to a level of no paper. You and your client will be able to fill out the forms digitally, sign electronically, and upload into the workflow and imagining system for a completely paperless solution.

Ala-Carte Technology Ala-Carte technology is not included in your standard technology package, however, the firm wants you to use, and have access to, the additional resources you need and want to assist you with your provided client services. At times, the firm has relationships and perhaps discounts for many tools. Let us know what you are looking for. Some of our more frequently used outside technologies include: eMoney, RightCapital, Money Guide Pro, RiskAlyze, Morningstar, etc.

Home of the Independent IAR


Your Teams are Ready for You When it comes to providing services, we are here to keep ensuring that your needs always come first and are provided in a Kingdom Class manner. Our company develops quality services from the ground up building from years of experience in the industry. Our teams listed below work with our valued advisors to bring you all the services your clients deserve and need.

Financial Planning Department Team The financial planning department’s responsibility is to build and assist in building financial plans. Whether it is a personal comprehensive financial plan, a business plan, or a modular plan, this team continually stays current with issues affecting taxes, estates, investments and other matters that may involve a client’s personal or business needs. They are also up-to date on the necessary and elite software, etc. to make sure they are bringing your clients the best plan based on their current and future needs.

Investment Management Team The Investment Management Team is responsible for developing, monitoring, allocating, and trading managed investment account(s) tailored to client’s specific requests. This highly trained and educated team is made up of members that specifically handle all aspects of the investment management services. Our firm takes great pride in offering all the investment strategies and services needed to reach client goals.

Investment Committee The Investment Committee is made up of six individuals that have over a combined 150 years of financial service industry experience. They have been through the ups, the downs, and everything in between. It is their job to provide insight into the changing political, economical, and financial landscape, which is used to help shape the investment philosophy and strategies of the firm’s managed accounts.

Investment Management Team



Overview of Investment Advisory Services Creative Financial Designs, Inc. (Designs) knows all advisers and clients are different and our firm has provided many unique services along with the standard advisory services since 1982. We are constantly evaluating what we offer and how we can better help advisers and clients reach their investment goals and potential. We provide four advisory ‘programs’ that likely provide all the investment advisory services one can envision and need.

Investment Advisory Programs: • In-House Investment Management • Third-Party Asset Management (TPAM) • Fee-In-Lieu (FIL) Advisory • Advisor Discretionary Management (ADM)

Providing all the innovative, high quality, and needed advisory services for our advisers to serve their clients investing needs.

Home of the Independent IAR


In-House Investment Management The team at Creative Financial Designs, Inc., has developed three In-House investment management “platforms” to possibly manage all of your clients variable investment assets. We offer management of brokerage accounts, variable annuities, and within any companies retirement plans. You likely never have to say ‘no’ again to a client when talking about investment management services.

Brokerage Management Platform

Variable Annuity Management Platform

Investment Solutions

Creative Designs

Client Focused

Client Focused

Risk Monitored


Investment Solutions

Investment Solutions

Client Focused

Research Driven

Self-Directed Management Platform

Risk Monitored

Risk Monitored

Research Driven

Investing Made Simple

Professional Investment Management for all your investment needs and goals


inancial Designs


Research Driven

Investing Made Simple

Professional Investment Management for all your investment needs and goals


inancial Designs


Investing Made Simple

Professional Investment Management for all your investment needs and goals


Services & Fees On top of providing clients premium investment management services for nearly all investors, the In-House managed accounts programs also give you the adviser access to many types of free marketing, reporting, informational items, comparisons, newsletters, etc. You can also find client approved emails, PowerPoints, letters, brochures, webinars and recordings to help you service and grow your practice. Payouts are dependent on the previous listed platforms and strategies. Fees are dependent on the internal investment and an annual advisory fee of up to 2.00% annually is allowed. Below is a general summary of such payouts:

Brokerage & Variable Annuity Management

Self-Directed Retirement Advisory Management

Designs Payout: 100% net payout Most Designs Management Fee Charges: • 33 bps for households > $500k • 50 bps for households < $500k • Some strategies with lower management fees

Designs Payout: 100% net payout Designs Management Fee Charges: • Active: 50% of assigned monthly fee • Passive: 50% of first $45 of agreed upon fee and 25% above first $45

Other fees such as internal investment expenses, custodial fees, variable annuity fees, plan fees, etc. may apply Changes in fees may occur at any time without notice.



Third-Party Asset Management (TPAM’s) Creative Financial Designs, Inc. has contracted directly with several third party vendors as-well-as many TPAM’s through our respective custodians. Our firm looks to partner with such TPAM’s to help you serve all your client needs. In the event our In-House management team doesn’t have what you are looking for, there is a good chance within the TPAM’s options you will find it.

Services & Fees TPAM providers likely supply various tools and services directly from the respective companies. Contact them directly for more information on such tools, resources, costs, fees, etc. Advisory fee limits and minimums are dependent on each respective TPAM.

TPAM’s offered through: • Direct Agreements • NFS

TPAM Payout: Designs Payout: 90% of fees received by the RIA Other fees such as internal investment expenses, custodial fees, management fees, payout fees, etc. may apply

Offering you all the advisory and investment management services you need to make your clients’ financial goals and needs come true!

Home of the Independent IAR


Adviser Directed Solutions Fee-in-Lieu (FIL) Creative Financial Designs, Inc. offers a FIL program for advisers looking to provide non-discretionary investment advice with an advisory fee charge. Clients and advisers likely work together (could however be client only) to build their investment account through one of our custodians or insurance providers for an on-going advisory fee. For brokerage accounts, all types of investment options that are typical of a brokerage account are likely available through this program. Designs offers this service for select advisory only insurance products as well.

Services & Fees Services, marketing, and information would likely come from the adviser in providing such FIL services. Fees are also dependent on the internal investment(s) and an advisory fee of up to 2.00% annually is allowed.

Adviser Discretionary Management (ADM) Creative Financial Designs, Inc. offers the ADM program for advisers looking to provide discretionary investment management with an advisory fee charge. Approved advisers are required to follow the procedures and guidelines enacted within the firm to provide an investment portfolio dependent on the clients portfolio objective. Most types of investment options that are typical of a brokerage account are likely available through this program.

Services & Fees Services, marketing, and information would likely come from the adviser in providing such ADM services. Fees are also dependent on the internal investment(s) and an advisory fee of up to 2.00% annually is allowed.

FIL & ADM Payout: Designs Payout:  90% of fees received,10 bps minimum to Designs* *Per account minimum fee to Designs $15 quarterly Other fees such as internal investment expenses, custodial fees, management fees, etc. may apply




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Planning Tools & Technology The firm allows advisers to work with the planning software and/or tools they believe are best for their practice. The firm works with several companies so let us know if you have questions, want guidance, or want to see if the firm has a relationship with the tools you find valuable.

Additional Planning Resources The firm offers a standard type of planning fee structure, i.e. charge for a financial plan, and also hourly and retainer fee options. Advisers have the ability to use one or mix and match these options to best suit each and every client.

Firm Financial Planning Creative Financial Designs offers a client to advisers desk solution also for those advisers wanting to spend time in front of more clients. This relatively lost cost solution allows you to limit your business cost and more importantly keeps you in front of clients and not in front of computers. Planning solutions:

• Comprehensive Plans

° Personal Financial Plans ° Business Financial Plans

• Modular Plans

° ° ° ° ° ° °

Budget Analysis Investment Analysis Education, Accumulation, & Income Analysis Retirement Analysis Tax Analysis Medicaid Planning Estate Analysis Home of the Independent IAR



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MISSION Our Mission is to provide unique and valuable investment services to all clients while honoring our Kingdom Values in guiding our work and lives.

Team Focused | Service Driven | Technology Emphasis

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Advisory services are provided through Creative Financial Designs, Inc., Registered Investment Adviser, and securities are offered through cfd Investments, Inc., a registered Broker/Dealer. Member FINRA & SIPC © Copyright 2019

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