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Conventional computing (the predecessor of cloud computing) usually means buying the most powerful computer that you can afford because it will need to do everything that you want it to do. Many applications rely more on your computer's brute power instead of the speed of your network's connection. Cloud computing, on the other hand, relies more on the speed and reliability of a network connection and less on the speed of your computer, as most of the computing that will be done is via a central IT framework that is collectively called "the cloud". Here are the top three advantages of cloud computing that makes it look as promising as most people purport it to be.

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First, cloud computing requires little to no hardware on the end-user's part. Today, connecting to the internet does not only mean buying an ISP subscription. It also entails purchasing a computer that is often more than ten times expensive than the subscription itself. To make matters worse, these computers eventually get obsolete as newer programs require more advanced hardware.

With cloud computing, things work differently. Since most of the power needed to calculate and render output is supplied remotely by the cloud, end-user computers will only need minimal hardware requirements - in short, tech becomes much, much cheaper. Second, cloud computing allows people to get more functionality. Today, when a new software application is released in the market, subscriber would often have to pay for the whole software package even if they will use only a fifth of all the functionality. Just imaging having to buy Ms Excel, Ms Word, and Ms Access when all you will do is word processing.

With cloud computing, this changes. With the proposed model of data-on-demand, you only pay for information and programs that you actually use, as they are stored in the central cloud anyway. Because of this software updates can more easily be applied because companies can modify the cloud itself, instead of waiting for you to manually download large updates, which sometimes take hours if not days to finish. Lastly, cloud computing offers greater processing power. Since all the processing is done within the central cloud, and the central cloud is composed of bunches of supercomputers, there is a big possibility that programs will work faster than they do today. Just imagine opening a 100mb spreadsheet file - it takes hours to open and the computer gets sluggish while manipulating the file. This is because your PC is alone in processing data for the computer screen, the input, and everything else that is happening. In cloud computing, the cloud takes care of all of that.

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Advantages of cloud computing  
Advantages of cloud computing  

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