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James & Helen Hubbell/Harriet Houx Hubbell Charitable Fund James & Helen Hubbell/Michael & Deborah Hubbell Charitable Fund Tamara & David Hubler Charitable Fund G. David Hurd Fund Phyllis & Joe E. Hutchinson Family Endowment In His Name Fund Iowa Business Growth Endowment Jay & Julie Jacobi Family Fund Jay & Julie Jacobi Family Fund II Richard O. Jacobson Charitable Fund Richard O. Jacobson Fund The Jane Fund in Memory of Jane Jansen DeVolder Bev & Brad Jensen Family Fund J.L.J. Family Fund Johannsen Family Fund Bruce & Lori Johnson Foundation Fund Scott Johnson & Julia Lawler Charitable Fund Scott Johnson & Julia Lawler Endow Iowa Fund Arthur & Julia Jones Charitable Fund Matt & Amber Juffer Family Charitable Fund Harvey & Mary Kadlec Charitable Fund Lori & Sam Kalainov Fund KCM Fund Ed & Sue Kenny Charitable Fund Dave & Lola Kenworthy Family Foundation Fund David & Lola Kenworthy Endow Iowa Family Foundation Fund Lisa & John Kenworthy Family Foundation Fund Gerald M. & Joan B. Kirke Fund William C. Knapp Endowment Mary & Steve Knutson Family Fund Linda & Tom Koehn Endow Iowa Fund Thomas & Linda Koehn Family Fund Kevin & Mary Krause Family Charitable Fund Kyle & Sharon Krause Fund Kum & Go Charitable Fund Lacy Family Fund Bob & Nancy Landess Charitable Fund Lauridsen Family Endowment Lauridsen Sand Family Fund Robert A. & Elizabeth C. Lee Foundation Fund Madelyn Levitt Fund The Littlefield Family Charitable Fund Bill & Karla Lowe Family Fund Nancy & Dennis Lowman Family Charitable Endowment Kaye & Richard Lozier Charitable Fund Luhrs Family Fund Kenneth P. & Helen I. MacDonald Memorial Fund Mary & Keith Madison Charitable Fund Craig & Michelle Mahoney Charitable Fund Mannheimer Family Foundation Fund

Terry Martin & Marcia Warning Martin Family Fund Virgil A. Maxwell Family Fund Tom & Lorraine May Family Charitable Fund James C. McCarl Charitable Fund McCollum Waveland Tennis Complex Fund McConnell Family Fund McCoy Family Fund MCG Fund Gary & Jeanie McPhail Endowment Mendenhall Speers Charitable Fund Nicola J. Mendenhall & Wendell C. Speers Fund E.T. & Katherine Meredith Fund David & Loree Miles Fund Todd Millang Fund Miller Family Fund Robert J. & Mary K. Miller Fund Wilbur C. Miller Family Fund Minor Family Foundation Fund Miro Family Fund Frank Mokosak & Shelly Burkhart Family Charitable Fund Mosqueda Family Foundation Fund Stephen G. Moyer Fund Myers Family Fund Linda & Chris Nelson Charitable Trust Fund Nesbit-Campbell Family Fund Gerard & Mary Louise Neugent Fund M.L. & G. Neugent Endowment Richard & Patricia Noyce Fund Shelley L. & James W. Noyce Endow Iowa Fund Shelley L. & James W. Noyce Fund Obrecht Family Fund Josie & Jim O’Halloran Fund O’Keefe-Nall Charitable Fund O’Keefe-Nall Endowment Richard & Cleojean Olson Family Charitable Fund Richard & Cleojean Olson Family Endowment Jill & Mark Oman Iowa Foundation Fund Lynsey L. Oster Endowment Timothy & Angela Otten Family Fund Charles & Karen Palmer Fund John & Shari Paule Family Charitable Fund John & Shari Paule Family Endowment Ardis Peterson-Carlton Peterson Fund Ardis Peterson-Georgianne Schreiber Fund Matthew & Irene Pillsbury Charitable Fund Brian & Mary Porter Charitable Family Fund Camille & J. Edward Power Endowment Camille & J. Edward Power Fund Press Family Endowment Kevin & Kathi Prien Charitable Fund Radia Family Fund Linda Railsback, M.D. Fund Raridon Family Fund Rasmussen Foundation Fund Rasmussen Group Endowment Ray Family Fund Judith C. Reel Fund

Reichardt Family Fund Rich Family Fund Riley Family Endowment Riley Family Fund Joe & Sarah Riley Family Fund Rinderknecht Family Fund Steve & Pam Robins Family Endowment Bill & Jackie Romp Family Fund Roots to Wings Fund Frank J. Ross Memorial Fund Ruan Family Foundation Fund Mark A. Rupprecht Family Charitable Fund RyTon Fund Sabbag Family Endowment Sally Jane Fund Doug & Val Saltsgaver Charitable Fund Ernest & Florence Sargent Family Foundation Fund Paul & Claudia Schickler Endow Iowa Fund Paul & Claudia Schickler Family Fund Harriet G. Schoeller Charitable Fund Schoen Family Charitable Fund Schwartz Family Foundation Fund Sehgal Family Fund Stanley & Mary Seidler Fund Jim & Joyce Shaffer Fund Shaff-Jayne Charitable Fund Shaff-Jayne Endow Iowa Fund Shah Family Charitable Fund E.K. & Nancy Shaw Family Foundation Fund Kathleen & James Simmons Charitable Fund Kathleen & James Simmons Family Foundation Fund Luke Altmix Simmons Charitable Giving Fund Simonson Charitable Fund Bernard L. Spaeth Fund Larry P. Stelter Family Foundation Fund Storey Kenworthy/Workspace Charitable Fund Studebaker Scholarship Endowment Theresa Swalwell Miracle of Music (MOM) Fund Richard Swanson & Mathilde Brown Swanson Charitable Fund Edna & Jimmy Talbott Fund Kathy & Jerry Thompson Charitable Fund Thurston Family Charitable Fund TLG Foundation Fund Wayne & Priscilla Van Heuvelen Fund Van Meter Industrial Fund Vasquez Catholic Education Endowment Vavra Charitable Fund Venter Family Endowment Stanley & Virginia Ver Ploeg Fund Vratsinas Foundation Fund Wendy & Lou Waugaman Fund Steven & Kimberly Weber Family Endowment Wheeler Family Fund

2013 Annual Report | Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines


Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines 2013 Annual Report