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Vol 1. Issue 3, September 2010


Discovering Christ within Gabz Reyes, Angelica Fajardo

Photography by Len Lara

In the past month, two Clusters around NSW have experienced the grace of God through the YFC Discovery Camp. Two inspired members from the Blacktown and Hawkesbury Cluster share what God has revealed to them...


iscovery camp was the most remarkable, uplifting experience I’ve had this year by far. I am surprised how everything turned out considering my attitudes leading up to the camp. Before discovery, I had already been hearing talks about this camp and I already

knew I had no intention of going. Two weeks leading up to camp I was actually asked if I could serve in the general service team and lead band workshop. Knowing that I didn’t want to go, I made excuses such as “I have no money”, “It’s late notice” and so on. I was so out of it, I had been spiritually dry and I was so over YFC. The week before camp, I ended up changing my mind and deciding to go, after all, I did tell myself that this was going to be my last YFC camp ever. On the day of camp, I had actually forgotten that it was camp, that’s how insignificant this event was to me. I went to the campsite a bit early, to help

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set up and stuff. When the program had actually started, my mood started to change, there were a lot of yfc-ers from our cluster there, and the whole atmosphere was amazing. The worshi p was amazing; the talks were amazing, and the people there were amazing. After the first night had gone past, I knew the rest of the camp was going to be good. The next two days was definitely more than I had hoped for. Leading band workshop was a success, and although I had thought we were well unprepared, we were able to pull it off during our performance and I’m proud of each and every member who was a part of

CFC Youth For Christ

this workshop. Saturday night’s worshi p was perhaps the highest point of the camp for me and it was definitely a memorable life experience. It was led by one of my closest friends and it was so inspiring to have watched him grow up since we were little kids. It made me realize how much I needed God in my life, and no matter how much I tried to push him away, he is still going to love me unconditionally. I was beyond doubt able to lift everything up to him and surrender myself; I had felt something I had never felt before, and it was certainly a feeling I would still be able to experience if I continue to keep Christ in my life. The amount of tears that came out of my eyes was immeasurable, and I cherished every moment of it. Discovery’10 was the best camp I’ve ever been to in my 4 years in YFC. Even though I’ve been to a discovery camp previously, it’s a whole different perspective when you’re able to serve those who are experiencing this camp for their first time. Now that I’ve matured, I was able to understand the talks more clearly, relate to it, and apply it to my own life. Since I haven’t been active in YFC for a while, it was so inspiring to watch my fellow Plumpton members grow up so in their faith and service since I was last with them, and I’m proud of each and every one of them. I myself was able to spiritually grow as a person, and from this discovery, I have learnt so much about myself and knowing this, I’m certain this isn’t the end of YFC for me, and I pray that I am able to continue my service to Plumpton and to God as best I can. I would like

to thank everyone who worked hard to put this camp together, it was such an unforgettable experience, Blacktown Deanery is a wonderful group of people, and although I wasn’t able to meet every one of them, I know that I love them all very much. by Gabz Reyes, Plumpton


iscovery camp was one of our most amazing and indescribable experiences throughout this year. Discovery camp being our second Hawkesbury camp we definitely took this opportunity to bond and get to know each other even more. For some of us, it was a new experience where I already having been to a discovery camp discovered new things myself. I personally felt that the different workshops that was held at the camp, enhanced the my talent and ability and also the other members. The talks at this camp surely reminded me of who I really was, what I'm a part of and who I chose to be. It was inspiring to see so many members opening up and sharing their experiences they endured and the advice they wanted to give. After the love talk, it reminded not only me but also the sisters that we are all "Precious" and "Beautiful" and should be treated right, as the sisters learnt to "Love and Honour" and where the brothers are to "Serve and Protect." During the sister's forum, never in my life have I had felt more comfortable sharing my experience and thoughts about certain aspects in life. This sisterly bonding moved me so much, I felt

each sister's pain and happiness through everyone's sharing, as I do hope that the other sisters felt that too. Even those who I've never seen open up, shared about they're experiences in life which allowed us to grow and strengthen our unity as sisters and a cluster. The brothers and their gesture serenading us and giving us flowers definitely made me and the sisters feel precious and beautiful. In the end, I left that amazing and inspiring weekend with more knowledge about life and faith in God.

by Angelica Fajardo, Kellyville

Random Msg: A Will for the Flock “Be shepherds of God's flock that is under your care, serving as overseers—not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be; eager to serve; not lording it over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock. And when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the crown of glory that will never fade away.” -- 1 Peter 5:2-4

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Vol 1. Issue 3, September 2010

Let Your Light Shine Gospel Reading & Reflection (Monday, 20th September, 2010)

Luke 18 : 16 - 18 Jesus said to the crowd: "No one who lights a lamp conceals it with a vessel or sets it under a bed; rather, he places it on a lampstand so that those who enter may see the light. For there is nothing hidden that will not become visible,and nothing

In life we are drawn to and feel protected by light. Light reveals the shape, the identity and the colour of that which surrounds us. When the dawning sun bathes the landscape in light we see emerge what the darkness of night kept hidden. Light is truth. Light is faith. Everytime I go to week day Mass, there

secret that will not be known and come to light. Take care, then, how you hear. To anyone who has, more will be given, and from the one who has not, even what he seems to have will be taken away."

is an old lady who, during the "peace be with you" greeting, has the biggest smile on her face. She turns to each person and gives a heartfelt wave, as if she truly wants peace for every person present. There is no doubt that God is in her heart, and through her radiating smile, she brings His peace and love.




o elb

So today, smile! God loves you! And that's how you can let everyone know and feel it too. Continue to be the light of Jesus to everyone we meet today - be it our closest neighbour or a stranger we encounter... may the light that He put in our heart shine bright, so that others may see the goodness of our God in us. - CG

The past couple of months have seen many new and exciting opportunities arise for YFC Melbourne. I am proud and honoured to say that we have finally ventured into the world of Campus Based, working hand in hand with the chaplaincy at La Trobe University! Our Echo Conference, held at La Trobe, was incredibly inspiring for the members who weren't able to make it to OLC, as well as for the 11 of us that were there. Our E-Day for the September Entry Camp was in the form of an 'amazinGrace' around the city, with a crazy range of tasks from the Wasabi and Cinammon Challenge to Maccas Soft Serve Cone Servant Evangelisation. Along with all these activities, we've also seen members who were previously quiet and shy transform into inspiring and convicted leaders. God truly is great with all the blessings He's poured onto our community!

Lianne Bernardo,

Chapter head of Melbourne

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CFC Youth For Christ

PRAYERS & PRAISE * For all the Year 12 students about to take their HSC exams - that they may walk with God by their side and rely on Him for their strength.


You're amazing just the way you are. Close your eyes. Hear the heartbeat that belongs to you alone. Feel your chest rise and fall in a rhythm uniquely yours. Open your eyes and examine your hands. Hands lovingly carved and traced exclusively for you. Look in the mirror and see the details in your eyes. The intricate weaving of different shades and colours. God planned every last detail of you into existence. He knows every line, every freckle, every mark, every bulge, and He loves it all, because you are His. Never doubt that you are amazing just the way you are. You are made in the image and likeness of God. Made for excellence. Made for love. Remember each person's value and worth, along with your own. Treat others with the dignity and respect they deserve, even those we find it difficult to love, because they too are God's creation.

by Chai Gange, HSB Program Head

* For all the camp leaders stepping up - Praise God! * For the success of all upcoming camps around NSW doing God's work: Campus Suburban Cluster Entry Camp, Kellyville Entry Camp, Quakers Hill Entry Camp, KFC Australia Kids Village, HSC Students Pray Over, Rooty Hil Entry Camp. * For the success of the past camps - Hawkesbury & Blacktown Discovery Camps, Sydney West Entry Day, Mt Druitt Entry Camp, and Campus City Entry Camp Praise God! * For all inactive members who are not experiencing the great love of God within this community - that they may find their way back to Him. * For the love and support of our families, both blood and in Christ - Praise God! * For all the sick in our community, especially - Godelio Gomez, Bay Musa, Nick Tenorio, we humbly ask that the Lord heal them physically, emotionally and spiritually. Let us pray for one another! Send prayer requests to 0415 167 682 OR

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Vol 1. Issue 3, September 2010


SHOUTBOX Shout out to Terra HSB for doing so well with meetings. - Anon

We are seeking young artists to submit their work to us and give God glory through their talents. You don't have to have an SLR to be a photographer just a vision. If your photo gets chosen, you will receive two free movie tickets.

Shout-outs to the new family members of Sydney West HSB! Good luck with exams, hang these holidays! - Edmund Graduating soon ! *tears* PG and congrats to all! - getting older

Got something to say? A thank you? A clean joke?

Photos must be at least 600 x 400 (72dpi). Email entries to

TXT ur msg & ur name to 0415167682 Got a testimony of God's love? An inspiring video to share? Or an awesome website?

Email (shoutouts can also be emailed) I have just seen the biggest most beautiful rainbow. two


of them in fact. one encircling the other. thank you Lord for reminding me you never never break your promises.

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CFC Youth For Christ

What's On?

Blacktown October 15 Rooty Hill Entry Camp

Hawkesbury September 24 - 26 Kellyville Entry Camp Quakers Hill Entry Camp

Nepean October 23 - 24 Glenmore Park Entry Camp

Sydney East No events listed at time of publishing.

Sydney West No events listed at time of publishing.

NSW September 25

September 24 - 26

HSC Prayover

KFC Australian Kids Village

Hosted by Sydney East & West / Campus Based

October 1 - 3

October 3

Handmaids (HOLD) Conference

HSB Conference

October 10 October 9

Campus Based

CFC Family Min

ALIVE Leaders Assembly

The Christian and HER emotions

September 24 - 26 Suburban Entry Camp

October 5 USYD Praisefest

If you would like to know more about any of these events, e-mail

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Vol 1. Issue 3, September 2010

The power of ONE: YFC Coordinators Retreat

The power of ONE”. This for me is the resounding message of last weekend’s YFC coordinators’ retreat held in Wollongong. Whilst it was seemingly intended to be a coordinators’ training (in fact the first talks tackled technical stuffs like conducting a house hold meeting and the YFC Formation track) the best part for me was seeing how husband-wife relationshi ps were rekindled in the 23 couples who attended. The weekend was not only about the CFC mission for the YFCs but also rediscovering God’s gift of having a mission partner to help us fulfil the work. When husband and wife remains ONE in spirit and purpose to love and serve God, together we can be instruments of bringing forth greater things. There were endless honouring from the husbands for their wives who fill the gaps of what their manly nature lacks. Especially when dealing with the youth and their many activities, the wife usually “tones down” the husband when it comes to imposing disci pline and provides the unspoken language of love that bridge openness and respect. The husbands surprised the wives with the sweet gesture of serenading them (with matching roses) during the variety night. The wives on the other hand… simply indulged (LOL). I mean, I’m sure that was exactly what the husbands wanted us to do. As the YFC ministry is like a family with the couple coordinator as the parents, it is also crucial that our youths see ONENESS

in their coordinators. When they see that there is unity in the couple, authority is easily acknowledged. The youth hone their ideals of raising a Christian family in the future from the love, respect, service and faithfulness that they see in their coordinators. This power of ONE secures that CFC mission of building the church of the home and the church of the poor is passed on to the next generation.


Marie Teriana, Libby Montilla


Roslyn Mangulabnan, Michy Mercado, Denzel Lacanlale


Vincent Caspe

12 Nick Vargas, Kevin Flores, Paolo Calanno 13 Juan Ferriols

Finally, it was a “power of ONE” weekend as partici pants bared their own vulnerabilities. The open sharing in the end leading to the final worshi p was so touching. Tears were shed as we invoked one another’s help. For we are all wounded warriors of God Struggling to serve faithfully despite our weaknesses, ailments, financial woes, non-eloquence, and other limitations. But as long as we are rooted in Christ who is the source of all blessings, any burden is light—for we are ONE in prayer, ONE in loving, ONE in serving, ONE in building up a Christian character for our youths.

14 Aimee Ong

It was truly a very joyful, fruitful and victorious weekend. And, as in the priest’s homily relating the Sunday’s gospel to Mary’s humility, I was basking in God’s goodness thinking, “who am I that such blessing should come to me?”


by Cynthia Argana, Sydney West Cluster Coordinator

15 Joshua Velarde, Benedict Cortez 16 Taylah Contemplacion 17 Christina Truchamowicz 19 Dorothy Leones, Larry Miranda 20 Tina Pham 21 Krystle Cassar 25 Anna Do, Justin Oblefias 26 Werner Torres 27 Mara Mangente


17 Ariel and Faye Demagante 21 Dex and Aimee Ong

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