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“No eye has seen, no ear has heard No mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love him.” — 1 Corinthians 2:9

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rs and opened n and movie series drew in thousands of new visito The summer was filled with comedy, suspense, actio reds of people films the door for people to get connected. Hund adventure. At the Movies brought our favorite Hollywood not have come thing made decisions for Christ who otherwise would to life with a biblical perspective. God can teach us some for some ready get to church. It was our first movie series, but -ticket incredible through our favorite movies. From the movie the new features this summer. 4 invitations to creative sets, to photo ops with the characters,





Action-packed movies


Madison, 14, poses as Elsa. “We built sets, popped and bagged popcorn, and the kids dressed up as characters on Sundays. Every part of it was fun. Grayson was a park ranger character with the Jeep from Jurassic Park. Madison was Elsa. It was really fun to serve with my husband making sets too, especially making the snowflakes for Elsa’s mountain and tons of paper maché minions. At first, we didn’t know anybody. I was thinking, ‘It’s just too big.’ After At the Movies, the church is not so big anymore. It feels good that I know people I can chat with, and my kids have their group of friends. My husband loves it. It was the best thing we could’ve ever done as a family. Now we’re all volunteering in different parts of the church.” — Lisa


Interactive movie sets

Highest summer attendance ever in one weekend


Increase in CFKids attendance

10,914 Total volunteers



God is using “our church” to bring together “The Church” in South Florida. Church United is a partnership of local churches across denominations joining together to transform our region. Pastors and staff gather several times a year, and fast and pray together every month. In 2015, churches came together to preach a sermon series on relationships called, “Mouth to Mouth.” This year we are working to help children in the foster care system, and we are all part of what God is doing through His church — united.

“Church United has reinvigorated my passion for the church to meet the needs in our community. Now I’m not alone trying to accomplish this great mission, but have many people that God has given this same vision and passion to, and I know we can do it together.” ­— Pastor Craig, The Crossing Church in Port St. Lucie

UNITED NATIONS Pastors Todd and Tom Mullins spoke at the United Nations in New York City in April about the increasing persecution of Christians throughout the world and how we as the church must respond. Our church gathered and sent supplies for the Syrian refugees and helped to relocate Christian families under persecution.


“We must unite our voice with your voices and the voice of the global church so that together we not only lift up our voice but we work together, hand in hand, arm in arm, heart in heart for religious freedom for all people.” – Tom Mullins

2015 A YEAR LIKE NO OTHER The Contender

Ghost Stories


Mouth to Mouth

Yo Bro!

At the Movies

The Mix

Made for Mondays


Take Your Step

‘Tis the Season



By hosting games at community events and bringing in a petting zoo and children's entertainers, we are reaching more families than ever before.





Monthly events for families as they gather, shop and eat at CityPlace

Family-friendly event at Boynton Beach Mall October 31


Parents dedicated their children

80% 10

More children attending at Okeechobee

Juggling performer who shares the love of God

Highest attendance ever with 2,096 children


10% increase from last year


CHILDREN in Starting Line baptism class


For the first time ever, the Fall Festival was at every campus and included a high-energy church experience with the CFKids choir, games and a Bible story that related to kids and adults. Children got to pose with characters and filled up their candy bags during the Trunk ‘O Treat.

1,474 new visitors connected with the church

22,000 people attended the Fall Festival

8,000 pounds of candy handed out to kids

7 locations welcoming the community

“Our kids have been able to grow spiritually here. There’s nothing better than to see your kids grow up with a love for Jesus.” — Eric and Kellie After their children got connected to CFKids, Eric and Kellie are now leaders in CFKids regularly volunteering. The entire family is going on a mission trip to Haiti this summer.



Every week we're seeing students transformed through Wednesday night gatherings, life groups, and by serving together throughout the church. STEVE is a high school student who connects his love of music to his love of God. He’s the captain of his high school marching band and invites classmates to church to see him play on the platform and have fun in a high-energy party experience. Steve takes time to practice music with students and encourages them. His goal is to be a worship pastor. “There is no doubt in my mind that even beyond his graduation, we will feel the ripple effects of his leadership and influence in our student ministry and in his school.” ­ — CF Students Pastor Danny Mejia

“What God did in my life, through friends and church, was too good for me to not tell anyone else. I just wanted them to experience joy & hope in Christ like I did.” ­— Steve 12

AN UNLIKELY YEAR God uses the unlikely. It was a theme all throughout 2015 in our student ministries. Students were reminded that God often chooses the most unlikely people to accomplish the most unbelievable things! David was just a shepherd boy but he saved a nation. Rahab was a prostitute but God used her to usher in the Messiah. And the disciples were a bunch of

average fishermen, and they turned the world upside down. Our students are turning their world upside down. From taking back their school campuses to transforming Belle Glade ... to going on mission trips around the globe ... the students of our church are impacting their world with the love and message of Jesus Christ.

Belle Glade week got


774 students. 25% increase from last year

Spring Break got


100 students baptized in one beach party

Not So Silent Night got


2,038 highest attendance ever 149 said yes to Jesus


“Don’t hide in the baggage of your past when God is calling you to the blessing of your future.” — Shaun Blakeney


The CF Young Adults ministry pumps up the volume on Tuesday nights. People ages 18 to late 20s get together in life groups at each campus every week. Once a month everyone comes together for a high-energy worship service.

WAKE The first big Young Adults special event filled the church to worship Jesus and hear a message from Rich Wilkerson Jr.


“You are not secluded. You are surrounded. Heaven’s got your back.” — Rich Wilkerson Jr.

Young Adults took the lead launching the Section Host team that sets the tone during church by encouraging people, bringing them together and creating an environment for people to worship passionately and freely.

Be a part of the story No matter where you are in your faith, we want you to take your next step. The Journey is an introduction to the church, our beliefs and the many ways we put our faith into action through missions, serving and doing life together. The Journey is offered at the beginning of every month.

THE JOURNEY Sign up today at

Apply today at $9,320 Cost of tuition $3,000 FRAG (Florida Residence Access Grant) $1,000 Scholarships and Grants (Other Possible Federal Aid) ————————————————————————————————— $5,320 Total cost to student

OKEECHOBEE CELEBRATES ONE YEAR In September, we celebrated one year of building church in Okeechobee. More than 600 people gathered that Sunday for services and an afternoon party. We have so much to celebrate as hundreds

of people are finding their home in God’s house. Families are being restored, bodies are being healed and people are finding hope — all because of Jesus. And we’re just getting started.


to do something big for Jesus. As Liberty prepared to launch its fourth campus, we felt God call us to partner together to do something great in this region, to form one church.This partnership allows the seed we planted to be watered and flourish with life with Liberty in the next season.

Two years ago we planted a church in the heart of New York City. We have seen many people who have never walked into a church in their life, step into a relationship with Jesus Christ. As we began to build relationships in the city, we connected with Liberty Church, and an amazing opportunity came for us

“So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. The one who plants and the one who waters have one purpose.” 1 Corinthians 3: 7-8

“Being part of church and following the Lord the best way we can, my relationship with my husband has never been better. That is because we walked through the doors at Christ Fellowship. Without my church, I would still be walking around lost and empty not knowing any better. We have never felt closer to God and we will continue to grow and be an active part of this church.” — Marly


CUTTING THE RIBBON IN STUART After seven years of meeting in local high schools, we opened the doors to our new church home on 321 acres in Martin County. Thousands of people gathered for the opening weekend and the altars were flooded with people giving their lives to Christ. Every time we open a new campus, we see new people come to Jesus.


People on opening weekend


45% Attendance increase since moving into the new building

277 Students attended Not So Silent Night at Stuart campus Twice as many as last year

PORT ST. LUCIE COMING SOON For the last few years, Pastors Todd and Julie knew God was calling our church to the city of Port St. Lucie, and we took a step of faith to bring Jesus to that community. In July, we purchased Tradition Studios (the former Digital Domain building) in the heart of Port St. Lucie. City officials are welcoming us to their city and look forward to partnering with Christ Fellowship through our many outreach initiatives. “I think this is a source of great news, and I think it’s a source of great pride for the community,” Port St. Lucie City Manager Jeff Bremer said as he handed over keys to the building to go from the city’s ownership to Christ Fellowship. Campus connects are already happening.



Population projected to increase 80% in 10 years

Bennie and Vivian were part of the original 40 people meeting in the Mullins' living room. You can find them at the 8:30am service at the Gardens campus every weekend, always in the same seats on the second row. “I told Pastor Tom that this is a lot different than sitting in your living room. We never dreamed it would get this big.” — Bennie, with his wife, Vivian, at the Port St. Lucie key ceremony.


SQ FT With renovations for a worship center and children’s area




TRAVIS O’NEAL thought his dream job was working as a financial advisor. Straight out of college, Travis seemed to strike gold: a rare opportunity at a big-time financial group. He went home ecstatic to tell his wife, Jenni. But something was nagging at him. “I felt like the Lord had something different for me,” Travis said. “The guy who offered me the job was baffled that I said no. I didn’t really understand it either, but knew I must be obedient to the Lord’s leading.” Unemployed, he took a position at a golf club working the cart barn. His wife did odd cleaning and babysitting jobs. It was hard to imagine then that they had made the right decision. But two months later, they

found their calling while looking over the weekly highlight at Christ Fellowship. It was an opportunity to be cottage parents for six teenage boys at Place of Hope. “That’s when we realized what God had for us,” Travis said. After eight years of caring for foster children, Travis' heart was turned to a new role. He became a discipleship pastor at the Gardens campus, then helped to build church at the Stuart campus. When God began to lead Christ Fellowship to Port St. Lucie, God gave Travis and his family the heart to be part of it. Travis will be the campus pastor in Port St. Lucie. By saying yes to God, Travis and his family are stepping into far more than they ever dreamed.

About Travis

“Because of the number of people that can be impacted for eternity if they hear and respond to the gospel, I view this as the opportunity of a lifetime to be a part of something that is so much bigger than myself.” — Travis O'Neal

WIFE Jenni CHILDREN Malia, Madeline, Micah & Maeley EDUCATION Business Management Degree from Taylor University Masters in Biblical Leadership from Liberty University Kaléo graduate in 2014 FIRST CHRIST FELLOWSHIP LIFE GROUP 2003 HOBBIES All things Texas


CROSS EQUALS LOVE These symbols, spread around the world by Hillsong Church, are used to remind people of the true meaning of Easter. Christ Fellowship is one of a dozen churches in the Hillsong Family, dedicated to developing and strengthening each other to find wisdom, encouragement, and spiritual support.

"And He said to them, 'Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.'" — Mark 16:15



First sunrise service


including Good Friday and Sunday sunrise service

52,287 Total Attendance

The last Easter service of the weekend featuring Christian rap artists Surf Gang was designed for a Young Adult crowd: louder, wilder and covered in confetti. But that didn’t stop 102-year-old Pearl, a concentration camp survivor who has been seeking to know more about Jesus. She connected with the message on a deep level. After the service, she came forward to accept Jesus into her heart. She has been attending church regularly ever since.

“It’s never too late, and God will carry you through to get you to the place where you can open your heart to Him.” — Pastor Rex, who prayed with Pearl at the altar. 23

A THRILL OF HOPE At Christmas, we saw our highest attendance ever, with captivating creative elements from a light show spectacular to an intimate reading of the Christmas story.


Decisions for Christ

58,598 Total attendance

“It’s all about you and Jesus and the relationship He came to give you.” — Pastor Todd

The CF Films team wrote, shot and produced its first short film, A Thrill of Hope. The reviews are in:

“Stunning movie” “Awesome way to share the gospel” “The best video I’ve seen in church”



Children at Family Fun Night



1,000 + people on mission trips to Bolivia, Colombia, El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, India, New York City, Belle Glade & Kenya 295,152 meals prepared with 10,000 volunteers 78,081 Thanksgiving meals with Big Heart Brigade 66,240 volunteer hours at the Belle Glade Life Center 12,000 students learned about human trafficking awareness 6,000 children fed in Haiti 2,000 orphans receiving care in India



LOVE NEVER GIVES UP A STORY FULL OF GRACE, REDEMPTION & LOVE Three years after Shelby and Crystal got divorced, they sat side by side on the platform at church during a Young Adults event, looking out at a sea of faces. They wanted to share their divorce story, and they had a surprise. They talked about how being married was a struggle. Friends outside the church advised them to get divorced if they weren’t happy, and they did. They endured a lot of pain and they rarely talked in the years to follow, but the Holy Spirit was working on their hearts and prompted them to reconnect.

And then the surprise — they stood up and announced they were getting remarried. Right then. Pastor Shaun Blakeney officiated the ceremony. The Lord reconciled their hearts, healed broken chains and mended their relationship. Shelby explained it like this: “Trust in the Lord and follow where He leads you. I had lost hope in ever reconciling with Crystal but I continued to grow stronger in His glory each day. I focused on doing His work by serving at church consistently, getting in His Word, and surrounding myself with godly people. Yes, God did a miracle in my life by restoring our marriage. He may not have the same plan for everyone, but I want to use this to encourage other people that God may have something even greater for them.” _____________________________________ “We both knew we had to follow God’s prompting this time.” — Crystal


WE ARE AMAZING Amazing is an event to equip women of all generations to step into their God-given purpose and confidently run the race God has called them to run. Combined with the first Propel Lead event, women came together to grow in faith and stand strong as leaders at home, in the community, and in the church. Amazing is helping every generation of women and girls come together in community around God’s Word. Zing, a smaller gathering held at individual campuses, helps women to continue to build relationships and call out God’s design for their lives.

“Being in an atmosphere where women are so excited about Christ reinforces my desire and need to fellowship with godly women throughout the year with my life group." — Pam 28

“Amazing. There is no other word to describe what happened here. We really believe God did an amazing work that is going to catalyze a movement that will transform the region for Christ.” — Julie Mullins

$200,000 Raised for victims of human trafficking


Sold out events

10,000 seats filled



In 2015, over 4,000 men came to Diesel, our two-night men’s event featuring Pastor Carl Lentz from Hillsong Church NYC. He called on men to change the environment around them and turn to Jesus in the beginning, middle and the end of every challenging situation. He called for men to open up their eyes to God during troubling times.


Ramped up nights


Men went back to their homes and businesses with a renewed passion for God. They made changes in their lives and many stepped into leading a life group or a dream team at church.

4,000 Men


Food Trucks

“Be conscious of the theme of your soul. It will quickly become the theme of your life.” — Carl Lentz Hillsong Church NYC


KALÉO SCHOOL OF BIBLICAL LEADERSHIP Kaléo is a 14-month biblical leadership training for people in our church family who want to expand their influence and abilities for Christ. Our senior leadership equips students with innovative teaching in the areas of theology, leadership and practical ministry skills. People from

all walks of life apply for Kaléo at the beginning of every year — ­ dedicating one night a week to growing themselves into the leaders God has called them to be. This year, we’ve added a location in Stuart which is helping to equip leaders for our campus in Port St. Lucie.

And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others. — 2 Timothy 2:2


“It has been incredible to see the momentum of Kaléo take off over the last five years. When I visit our Christ Fellowship campuses, I see Kaléo grads everywhere ­— teaching the Journey, leading life groups and coordinating our social media team. Kaléo grads are also in every sector of our community demonstrating what it means to follow Jesus as teachers, police officers, parents, business owners and plumbers.” — Kadi Cole, director

Building God’s Kingdom

KINGDOM BUILDERS are people in our church who feel called by God to invest financially in building God’s kingdom. Everyone who gives generously above their tithe, is invited to be part of this group. For more information about Kingdom Builders, contact Betsy Lonsberry at

Building People Investing in future leaders to advance the church

Building Places

Launching new campuses in both permanent and rental facilities

Building Partnerships

Investing in other ministries both locally and globally that will expand God’s Kingdom

Giving made easy

SmartGive (powered by Pushpay) makes giving easy, secure, and convenient. We accept all bank cards, but giving from your bank account (ACH) provides the greatest benefit to the church. Set up a one-time gift or recurring payment.

Visit or the Christ Fellowship App on your smartphone If you have any questions or need assistance please call 561.776.3380

#FREETOBE Financial Peace University was just the beginning of our church family finding financial freedom by managing money God’s way. People are taking care of their future and being generous through a new partnership with Financial Planning Ministry. When people gain freedom, they can do amazing things. _______ Heather’s approach to money was fairly typical for a college student: “I need to go to school. I need to have a car. I’ll deal with it later.” But, of course, it wasn’t easy to deal with it later. Heather married Andrew after college, and with both of their student loans, they were drowning in debt. By going through Financial Peace University at Christ Fellowship and sticking to a plan, they’ve paid off $75,000 in two years. Tithing kept them focused on getting the debt paid because it kept God first. Now they are free to be generous beyond their tithe through Kingdom Builders.

“If we can do it, anybody can do it. How bad do you want to be free? You can find freedom, too.” — Heather “We realized everything is God’s. When we put Him first, we can experience the blessing and we can be generous as God leads us to give.” — Andrew

$75,000 of debt paid off



Infuse is a time to honor volunteers from every location with epic fun events. Every few months, we come together to celebrate all that God has done in and through our church, and Pastors Todd and Julie cast vision for what’s ahead. Popcorn and movie night! Leadership workshops! Comedy skits! Infuse has it all. Don't miss out on all the fun and excitement at the next Infuse. Be a part of what God is doing through our church.


“God is using all of us, and we all have a role welcoming people into our spiritual family.” — Todd Mullins



“God is building a home. He’s using us all—irrespective of how we got here—in what he is building. He used the apostles and prophets for the foundation. Now he’s using you, fitting you in brick by brick, stone by stone, with Christ Jesus

2,350 Volunteers per weekend in 2015

as the cornerstone that holds all the parts together. We see it taking shape day after day—a holy temple built by God, all of us built into it, a temple in which God is quite at home.” ­— Ephesians 2:20-22 (MSG)

12,165 Decisions for Christ

1,532 Total baptisms


TAKE YOUR NE T STEP “Those that are planted in the house of the Lord, they will flourish in the courts of our God.” — Psalm 92:13



people took The Journey to discover their purpose, determine their next step and live out the mission God has for their future.

1.4 38

MILLION PEOPLE in the region

Over the last 32 years, God has directed our steps and given us opportunities to reach more and more people. According to Barna Research, the area from West Palm Beach to Fort Pierce is the most unchurched region in the country.

The research found 17 percent of people in our communities have never been to church. We are shining a light in dark places to reach the 1.4 million people in our region who do not know Jesus.

Greater things are still to come Last year was awesome! We have so much to thank God for, but we believe that the best is yet to come! In Isaiah 43:18 God says, “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?” He goes on to talk about making new roads in the wilderness and bringing new rivers in the desert — new roads that will lead us into a new land. He will bring us to new provision - new life - new hope! We believe that this word is not only for our church collectively but for your life as well. God is going to bring you and your family into a new season of new life and provision this year. He is going to make a way in the wilderness for you!

As a church we know God wants to use us to help others who are stuck in their “wilderness” – people in our region that are lost and alone – find a home in God. What God is calling us to do takes all of us together. We as a church can’t do what we’re called to do without you. If you haven’t jumped in yet – now is the time. If you haven’t found “your place” – this is it. You belong here … in God’s family … in our family. We love you, Todd & Julie Mullins Senior Pastors


Without you, we’ve got nothing.


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Annual Report 2015  

Christ Fellowship Annual Report 2015

Annual Report 2015  

Christ Fellowship Annual Report 2015