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grow lead share “Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.� 1 Corinthians 11:1

2012 diocese of orlando

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, As I begin my second year I greet you and thank you again for your faithfulness to the Lord and His people. Since we first began Our Catholic Appeal thirty-four years ago, more ministries have been added to meet the needs of our growing Diocese. We offer these services on behalf of the 800,000 Catholics in our Diocese and for all those we serve in Jesus’ name. In St. Mark’s Gospel, a leper comes to Jesus and kneels down before him in submission, begging Jesus to make him clean. And Jesus, moved with pity, stretches out his hand, touches him and says, “I do will it. Be made clean.” As is the Jewish custom, he becomes a part of the leper…he is considered unclean and outcast. Jesus makes this sacrifice so the leper becomes whole. This sacrifice is a precursor to the ultimate sacrifice Jesus makes for each one of us as he suffered and died on the Cross. We are made clean or whole again. Many deep wounds lie upon the skin of our world today: the wounds of poverty, violence, indifference, or prejudice. As Christ in our world, we are called to offer our healing touch to those in need and help them to become whole again. The funds collected through Our Catholic Appeal help us to do just that. I invite you to ponder Jesus’ sacrifice when you consider your own gift, a gift from your heart and based on love. May your response be as sacrificial as that of Jesus’ as you speak in His name, “I do will it. Be made clean.”

Most Rev. John Noonan Bishop of Orlando

Vision As witnesses to hope alive in Christ, all members of Christ’s faithful are called to be a people who commit to

grow, lead and share our living faith in Him.

Mission With gratitude, our passionate response to this call is to grow our personal relationship with Jesus, to lead God’s people to an abundant life in Christ and to share our resources in proportion to God’s blessings to us, giving selflessly in a spirit of love for the Lord and for others.

Prayer for Our Catholic Appeal Oh Lord, we praise you for the many gifts you give us each day; from the moment we were a presence in our mother’s womb to the grace-filled rise of the sun to the blessing of Sacrament to the night which ushers us rest. Help us to grow in our living faith. Guide us to serve as leaders to bring about holiness. Bring us to share ourselves selflessly in all things in a spirit of love of You. In the Eucharistic banquet, You give Yourself completely and entirely to us. We give you our return, oh Lord, with gratitude knowing there is no measure to the gift of the Cross which brings us resurrection.

Corpus Christi Society

represents those faithful of the Diocese of Orlando who have generously contributed $10,000 or more to Our Catholic Appeal 2011.

Anonymous (2) Mrs. Karen Agnew Mr. Joseph Amrhein, Sr. Selim & Huguette Ayoub Joe & Carol Bert Harry & Sharon Brandt Michael & Jet Broom Patrick & Beth Brown Ken & Mary Pat Burke Mr. Andrew P. Caneza Claudio & Angela Cellucci Mrs. Jean Corr Ralph & Elizabeth Creitoff Mr. James A. Croson Mr. John Dearhammer Mr. Nicholas Degel Ms. Mary Demetree Mrs. Sara Demetree David & Lynda Dennis Jim & Deborah Doyle Gregory & Cathy Engelman Ernest & Tina Euler Mike & Pam Gilardi Dave & Joanne Halloran Andrew & Linda Hannigan Mr. Richard Harrington Ron & Celeste Henkelman Jerry & Peggy Hilbrich Eric & Diane Holm Brian & Jennifer Jurbala Michael & Aimee Kakos Allan & Linda Keen Mark & Cindy Keenan Troy & Christy King Chip & Ann Landon Mrs. Bernadine Lanzano Richard & Frieda Licursi John & Carolyn Lord Brian & Janet Lower

Mrs. Frances Marino Stephen & Jennifer Markowich Harvey & Carol Massey James & Tara McCahill Ms. Kelly McCarthy Bob & Carol Metzger Tom & Jeanne Moran Mr. Thomas J. Myers David & Deborah Myler Mike & Mary Jo Nocero* Tony & Linda Nolan Bill & Jody Orosz Randy & Thelma Perdue Randy & Kathleen Poliner Mrs. Frances Pope Thomas & Elaine Pouliot Terry & Jeanne Quigley Pat & Louise Rainey Jose & Pearl Ramirez Miss Catherine Roth Dwight & Lisa Saathoff Derrik & Susan Sandberg Mrs. Diane Schneider Mrs. Marilyn Sciortino Richard & Dolores Shantz Todd & Lisa South Donald & Peggy Strube Donald & Joan Strube Rick & Marlys Strube Steve & Cindy Strube Tim & Jen Strube Tom & Nona Strube Tom & Cairn Ustler Jerry & Maria Vaxmonsky Tom Winters & Rebecca Moroose Steve & Lori Zepf Robert & Renda Zielke Victor & Jackie Zollo

*May God grant eternal rest to Mary Jo Nocero, a faithful friend of the Church. She is greatly missed.

Bishop’s Office • Liturgy/Music • Faith Formation Canonical Affairs • Vicar for Religious • San Pedro Center


• Clergy Clergy Services Services •• Diaconate Diaconate •• Office Office of of Schools Schools •• Marriage Marriage Tribunal Tribunal • Vocations • Youth and Young Adult Ministry • Campus Ministry

Newly sealed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, Angel Socarras recalls how his seventh grade catechist made Christ’s love fully present to him during the Confirmation preparation process. “My teacher always brought two to three bags of visual aids,” said Angel, who was confirmed at All Souls Parish in Sanford. “She would bring posters, a Bible, a cross and even a crown of thorns—that really brought it home for me what Jesus did for us.” Watching her children grow in their Catholic faith helped Angel’s mother Fedora Socarras see her own faith journey in a new light, and she was also confirmed by Bishop John Noonan at the same Mass as her son. “Confirmation is what defines us as being more mature in our faith,” said Fedora. “It gives us the power of the Holy Spirit so holiness can be in us.”


in the Holy Spirit through the Sacrament of Confirmation

The Office of Faith Formation receives funding from Our Catholic Appeal to provide training and program support to catechists and parish leaders. They prepare people of all ages for the sacraments of initiation such as Confirmation, and help each of us to grow in our personal, living relationship with Jesus Christ. “Confirmation is an opportunity to meditate on the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit; it is a time to grow closer in a relationship with Jesus Christ and to strive toward the fullness of grace and discipleship,” explained Dennis Johnson, Jr., Senior Director of the Office of Faith Formation.


Communications • Family Life • Pastoral Care • Lay Ministry Human Resources • Advocacy & Justice • Hispanic Ministry

• Finance & Accounting • Media Center • IT • The Florida Catholic • Buena Nueva FM

There is no question that God Himself brought Keith and Becky Beriswill together. The two met at Sunday Mass while students at the University of Central Florida. “I just happened to be sitting behind Becky and the friend I was with happened to know her,” said Keith, who noted that “Mass dates” were an important part of courtship while he and Becky were students and involved with Campus Ministry. As their relationship progressed, Keith and Becky wanted to keep God at the center of their lives. They chose to be married in the Church and receive the Sacrament of Marriage. The Diocese of Orlando Office of Family Life prepares couples for this Sacrament by planning and facilitating marriage preparation programs, including weekend retreats at San Pedro Spiritual Development Center. “During the retreat, we help them understand what the Sacrament of Marriage represents and how they witness Christ’s love for his Church by how they live their life together,” said Gigi Santiago, Co-Manager of Family Life. For the Beriswills, marriage preparation was an enlightening experience. “The whole process points back to what marriage truly is and the step that you are taking,” said Becky. Keeping young people and families Christ-centered is the goal of programs and ministries offered through the Office of Family Life, Campus Ministry and San Pedro Center, which are funded through Our Catholic Appeal.


our Catholic families through the Sacrament of Marriage

Catholic Charities of Central Florida • Tourism Ministry • Farmworker


Ministry • Propagation of the Faith • Bishop Grady Villas • Mission Office

Long thought of as a Sacrament reserved for the end of life, Anointing of the Sick is one Sacrament that Catholics can avail themselves of anytime they are in a state of disease or dis-ease. “I’ve noticed that people will come to me and say, ‘Father, will you anoint me after Mass because I am having surgery this week?’” explained Father Kent Walker, pastor of St. Thomas Aquinas Parish in St. Cloud. “They walk away with that feeling of ‘I’ve been prayed over, I’ve been anointed, I know I’m in God’s hands.” After receiving this Sacrament as a patient of St. Thomas Aquinas Medical Clinic in St. Cloud, Rita Delgado felt a similar sense of relief and spiritual healing. “I have faith that I am going to get better,” she said in Spanish. On several occasions Delgado, a parishioner of St. Catherine of Siena in Kissimmee, has relied upon the services of this free clinic operated by Catholic Charities of Central Florida. In describing the doctors, nurses and other professionals who share their time and talents with these clinics, Catholic Charities Vice President Karen Beary said, “The medical clinics are a heart-filled ministry. The volunteers come here after a full day of work.”


Anointing of the Sick comforts body & soul

In spite of her physical ailments, Delgado’s spiritual health is reinforced by her faith—the same faith that led her to avail herself of the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. “Faith is what is most important. If you don’t have faith in God you don’t have life,” Delgado said. The programs and ministries offered by Catholic Charities of Central Florida are partially funded through Our Catholic Appeal.

Our Catholic Appeal Grow, Lead & Share – Faith In Action

• Form approximately 50 men and women who are called to serve the Church as Commissioned Lay Ecclesial Ministers.

Through God’s grace and your generous gifts, we are able to lead others to a life of holiness through Christ our Lord. Together, we…

• Assist 185 permanent deacons as they fulfill their ministry of service to the Church.

• Proclaim the gospel message to more than 13,600 students at our 42 Catholic schools and freestanding preschools.

• Share more than 4,000 essential resources with our people and parishes through our Media Center.

• Care for more than 2,700 medically underserved people with the help of Catholic Charities.

• Inspire the faithful to spiritually adopt 1,900 unborn infants who are at risk for abortion.

• Minister to 40 men and women who are discerning the call to priesthood or religious life.

• Offer spiritual renewal and formation to more than 13,000 people a year through San Pedro Center.

• Share our faith by offering continuing education to more than 1,800 people who are involved in catechetical ministries. • Carry out the healing work of Christ by providing ongoing training for 4,000 Ministers to the Sick and 1,600 Bereavement Ministers. • Engage 800 college students in the life of the Church through Catholic Campus Ministry. • Serve more than 24,000 children and youth in parish Faith Formation programs.

allocation of Our Catholic Appeal



1. Clergy, Religious and Seminarians 18.1%

2. Schools and Religious Education  3. San Pedro Center

14.9% 7.4%

4. Pastoral Ministry and Campus Ministry 5.4% 5. Bishop’s Office and Programs


6. Marriage Tribunal


7. Liturgy


share lead

8. Finance, IT, HR, Construction & Administration Services


9. Evangelization and Communication 6.9% 10. Catholic Charities including Bishop Grady Villas


11. Fundraising and Conference Fees


12. Farmworker Ministry

1.8% 12.


grow lead share



Total Goal: $12,500,000 9. 2.

We are called to share our treasure in proportion to God’s blessings to us, giving selflessly in a spirit of love for the Lord.

8. 3. 7. 6.



2012 diocese of orlando

grow lead share

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2012 Our Catholic Appeal brochure  

2012 Our Catholic Appeal brochure for the Diocese of Orlando.

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