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My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, As Catholics, we are bound by the sacred covenant between God and His people, revealed through the ages. As the Father’s Son came to live upon this earth, we are asked to follow the example of Christ; to live a life through, with, and in God. What does this mean? We are called to share the Gospel in every moment of our daily living.  Sharing the Gospel includes an invitation to participate in the Sacraments and enkindle a deeper faith in the hearts of our youngest to our oldest through faith formation programs and other spiritual enrichment; form leaders in Christ through an understanding of service to all whom we encounter; and to harmonize our efforts to the Church’s mission of evangelization. My sisters and brothers in Christ, I encounter your faithfulness at every visit with you and I am grateful for this blessing in the Diocese of Orlando. Today, I ask that you consider how the ministries funded through Our Catholic Appeal might assist in creating a world as Christ asks of each one of us. We are then able to open eyes and ears by revealing God’s love to the heart of His people.  Pray with me for our success. May our gifts for Our Catholic Appeal, for our people, our ministries, our future be revealed through our faithfulness and come from Christ’s unitive love. Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Rev. John Noonan Bishop of Orlando

OUR MISSION AND VISION In Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter 5, Jesus concludes the Beatitudes by telling his disciples: “You are the light of the world.

Your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify our heavenly Father.” We are called to teach and live the Light of Christ toward Goodness, Righteousness and Truth. We respond to this call by enkindling a deeper faith in the hearts and minds of our brothers and sisters; forming leaders in Christ; and harmonizing ministries to the mission of the Catholic Church.


LIVING THE LIGHT Through God’s grace and your generous gifts, we shine the light of Christ upon our Central Florida community as we‌

EMPOWER 4,500 people from underserved communities through Hope CommUnity Center.

SHARE discipleship among 400,000 Catholics through diocesan-wide media.


6.5 million meals to the poor and the hungry through Catholic Charities of Central Florida.

GUIDE 25 seminarians through nine years of spiritual, pastoral, intellectual and human formation.

INSPIRE 1000 young people to consider a vocation to the religious life or priesthood through FOCUS 11 retreats.

13,939 students in an atmosphere of faith.

WELCOME OFFER spiritual renewal and formation to more than 15,000 people who visit San Pedro Center.

415 new Catholics at Easter.

“If you trust in God, you too shall live.”

ENKINDLING A DEEPER FAITH Patrick trusts God to lead him, even possibly to the priesthood.

Sirach 15:15

“I enjoyed talking to priests about their vocation,” Patrick said. “I learned that we are not discerning alone.”

Patrick, age 16, joined 40 other young men to learn more about the priesthood during a Quo Vadis retreat sponsored by the Diocese of Orlando Office of Vocations.

Patrick also attended Focus 11, another diocesan event that helps 11-year-old students and 11th grade students to discover their purpose in life and to be open to God’s call to a priestly or religious vocation. In addition, the Diocese of Orlando offers vocation awareness weekends that give young people the chance to visit seminaries and convents.

“I think, if I’m a priest, it’s my job to help souls get into Heaven. There’s nothing more important than that. If God wants me to become a priest, that is what I will do,” Patrick said.

“It is essential that we support these young men and women who are discerning a call to priesthood and religious life in their early stages of formation,” said Father Jorge Torres, Director of Vocations.

During the retreat, he spent hours in prayer but also spent time with many priests to learn about their faith journey.

Programs like the Quo Vadis retreat, Focus 11, and vocation awareness weekends are made possible through funds from Our Catholic Appeal.

LEADERS IN CHRIST It took more than 60 years for Richard Nelson to seek God with all his heart. At age 65 he was Baptized, Confirmed, and received his first Communion during the Easter Vigil in 2008 at St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church, Summerfield. The search for God started after he accompanied his wife, Judith, to Mass, which sparked a deep curiosity for Christ. After many meetings with a parish deacon, he attended formation sessions to become Catholic. “Everything clicked and fell into place,” Nelson said. “I fell in love with the faith. That’s where I am now, and I’m still learning.” Following his baptism, Richard began participating in the celebration of daily Mass and volunteering at a soup kitchen. He says his conversion to Catholicism changed his life. “It has put me more at ease, at peace with myself and God,” he said.

Our Catholic Appeal funds the work of the Diocese of Orlando Office of Faith Formation, which offers training for parish staff who welcome and form new Catholics. Their ministry is enriched so they can help people prepare for the Sacraments and continue the faith traditions we cherish. The Office of Faith Formation also purchases books, pamphlets, and other materials to help form the faith of believers, regardless of age. A total of 415 people were Baptized, Confirmed and received their first Communion during the Easter Vigil in 2013.

“Blessed are they who … seek Him with all their heart.” Psalms 119:2

“Immense is the wisdom of the LORD.”

HARMONIZING MINISTRIES Heather Wernke is pursuing a double major in space physics and computational mathematics at EmbryRiddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach. She is focused on her rigorous academics but she is also focused on the wisdom of the Lord.

Sirach 15:18 She serves as secretary of the Catholic Student Union ministry board; is an altar server at Sunday Mass; and leads a “Why Catholic?” adult faith formation group. “The people help me grow in my faith,” Wernke said. “Having that support group and being a support for others as well is important.” Gifts to Our Catholic Appeal help Catholic campus ministry programs across the Diocese of Orlando to purchase liturgical supplies as well as books and learning materials. Our Catholic Appeal also provides funding for leadership and faith development opportunities, such as the “Why Catholic?” program, which helps participants to learn more about the Catholic view on biblical justice and morality. The Diocese of Orlando recently created a forum for Catholic student leaders, from universities and colleges like Embry-Riddle, to come together to convey new ideas and help their communities thrive. “The whole goal of Catholic campus ministry is to have students be young disciples and be young Catholic leaders,” said Dennis Johnson Jr., Senior Director of Faith Formation for the Diocese of Orlando. “We’re developing them to be Catholics in the world, mature and engaged in their faith.”

LEADING BY THE LIGHT OF CHRIST CORPUS CHRISTI SOCIETY represents those faithful of the Diocese of Orlando who have generously contributed $10,000 or more to Our Catholic Appeal 2013. Anonymous (2) Mr. Joseph Amrhein, Sr. Selim & Huguette Ayoub Timothy & Anita Behler Albert & Mary Bergeron Joe & Carol Bert Michael & Melissa Bianculli Kevin & Jennie Bowler Harry & Sharon Brandt Michael & Jet Broom Patrick & Beth Brown Ken & Mary Pat Burke Gary & Julie Burkey Mr. Andrew P. Caneza Larry & CeCe Carroll Mrs. Jean Corr Mr. Nicholas Degel Ms. Mary Demetree David & Lynda Dennis Ms. Heather Donovan Mrs. Maria Elena Donovan Jim & Deborah Doyle Michael & Fredrika Erdman Ernest & Tina Euler Mr. Clarence P. Geis Mike & Pam Gilardi Andrew & Linda Hannigan Mrs. Helene A. Harmon Mr. Richard Harrington Ron & Celeste Henkelman Jerry & Peggy Hilbrich Eric & Diane Holm Mark & Roxane Jager

Brian & Jennifer Jurbala Michael & Aimee Kakos Joe & Mary Elaine Kearn Allan & Linda Keen Mark & Cindy Keenan Joseph & Joan Koechler Chip & Ann Landon Mrs. Bernadine Lanzano Richard & Frieda Licursi Ms. Annette Lommerse Ms. Frances Lommerse Ms. Jinny Lommerse John & Carolyn Lord Brian & Janet Lower Mrs. Frances J. Marino Stephen & Jennifer Markowich Harvey & Carol Massey James & Tara McCahill Mrs. Kelly McCarthy Tom & Jeanne Moran John & Ultima Morgan Larry & Lisa Mullinax Mr. Thomas J. Myers David & Deborah Myler Col. Joseph F. Nardo Dr. Michael A. Nocero, Jr. Gerry & Marilyn Ogier William & Jody Orosz Tom & Selby Prince Terry & Jeanne Quigley Pat & Louise Rainey Jose & Pearl Ramirez

Dwight & Lisa Saathoff Derrik & Susan Sandberg Robert & Maureen Sanders Stephen & Kim Sawicki Mrs. Marilyn Sciortino Hanscy & Sandra Seide Richard & Dolores Shantz Don & Joan Strube Donald & Peggy Strube Rick & Marlys Strube Stephen & Cindy Strube Thomas & Nona Strube Tim & Jen Strube

Steven & Jill Thagard Tom & Cairn Ustler Keith & Donna Van Allen Jerry & Maria Vaxmonsky Stephen & Erin Wallace Ms. Barbara Weitekamp Roderick & Mary Whelan Edward & Maria Wickey Tom Winters & Rebecca Moroose Steve & Lori Zepf Robert & Renda Zielke Victor & Jackie Zollo

LUMEN CHRISTI SOCIETY Your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father. Matthew 5:16

Latin for “Light of Christ,” the Lumen Christi Society honors those Catholic friends who, through a gift of $2,500 or more to Our Catholic Appeal, enable our diocesan ministries to bear witness to the light that never dims.

493 individuals and families are founding members of the Lumen Christi Society.




Faith Formation


Clergy & Religious

Catholic Schools, Religious Education, Youth Ministry, San Pedro Center, Campus Ministry

16% 10% 10% 7%

Vocations, Seminarian Education, Clergy Formation, Permanent Diaconate

Services to Parishes Construction & Maintenance, Finance Offices Human Resources, IT, Parish Accounting

Social Outreach Catholic Charities of Central Florida, Farmworker Ministry, Bishop Grady Villas, Mission Office & Sister Diocese

Parish & Diocesan Ministries Bishop’s Office & Programs, Liturgy & Music, Marriage Tribunal, Archives


Advocacy & Justice, Buena Nueva, Communications, Hispanic Ministry, Media Center

7% State and National Outreach 5% Stewardship & Development Parish Development Services, Fundraising

Fees for United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Florida Catholic Conference


Pastoral Ministries

Family Life, Pastoral Care, Haitian Ministry, Tourism Ministry

OUR 2014 GOAL: $13,200,000

Prayer for OUR CATHOLIC APPEAL O Lord, we praise you for the many gifts you give us each day; from the moment we were a presence in our mother’s womb to the grace-filled rise of the sun to the blessing of Sacrament to the night which ushers us rest. Help us to grow in our living faith. Guide us to serve as leaders to bring about holiness. Bring us to share ourselves selflessly in all things in a spirit of love of You. In the Eucharistic banquet, You give Yourself completely and entirely to us. We give you our return, oh Lord, with gratitude knowing there is no measure to the gift of the Cross which brings us resurrection.

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