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GROW • LEAD • SHARE One does not live on bread alone. Luke 4:4


My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, During these past two years serving as your shepherd, I have had the privilege of meeting many of you as I travel throughout our nine counties. I am awestruck by the richness of your faith, in the Lord’s name. Many of you have written or spoken to me about your own understanding of Jesus’ words, “one does not live on bread alone” as you live through, with, and in the Lord, allowing your love of God to extend beyond secular measures of greatness. We begin the season of Lent and through our prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, we accompany Jesus into the desert. Like Jesus in St. Luke’s Gospel, we, too, are tempted to make choices because of personal convenience. As we follow Jesus, we make choices that lead us to the fullness of a life of faith. Each year, during Our Catholic Appeal, you deny yourself in order to share the Good News with others. When I became your bishop, I spoke about three priorities: faith formation, vocations to the priesthood and religious life, and sharing Christ’s love with those in need. Our Catholic Appeal is the singular financial opportunity to address these priorities to the fullest extent. There are so many ways in which Our Catholic Appeal yields the true Bread of Life to a Catholic community of more than 400,000 families. As we journey during these forty days of Lent, let us return to the Lord our firstfruits through our gifts to support the ministries of Our Catholic Appeal. May these sacrificial gifts on behalf of our people, our ministries, our future, come from your heart and be based on love. Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Rev. John Noonan Bishop of Orlando

VISION As witnesses to hope alive in Christ, all members of Christ’s faithful are called to be a people who commit to grow, lead and share our living faith in Him.

MISSION With gratitude, our passionate response to this call is to grow our personal relationship with Jesus, to lead God’s people to an abundant life in Christ and to share our resources in proportion to God’s blessings to us, giving selflessly in a spirit of love for the Lord and for others.

CORPUS CHRISTI SOCIETY represents those faithful of the Diocese of Orlando who have generously contributed $10,000 or more to Our Catholic Appeal 2012. Anonymous (2) Mr. Joseph Amrhein, Sr. Selim and Huguette Ayoub Ms. Catherine Baiamonte Albert and Mary Bergeron Joe and Carol Bert Harry and Sharon Brandt Michael and Jet Broom Patrick and Beth Brown Ken and Mary Pat Burke Mr. Andrew P. Caneza Mrs. Jean Corr Mr. James A. Croson Mr. Nicholas Degel Ms. Mary Demetree David and Lynda Dennis Jim and Deborah Doyle Ernest and Tina Euler Mike and Pam Gilardi Kevin and Kristine Gowen Dave and Joanne Halloran Andrew and Linda Hannigan Mrs. Helene A. Harmon Mr. Richard Harrington Ron and Celeste Henkelman Jerry and Peggy Hilbrich Eric and Diane Holm Brian and Jennifer Jurbala Michael and Aimee Kakos Allan and Linda Keen Mark and Cindy Keenan Troy and Christy King Joseph and Joan Koechler Chip and Ann Landon Richard and Frieda Licursi John and Carolyn Lord Brian and Janet Lower Mrs. Frances Marino Harvey and Carol Massey

James and Tara McCahill Bob and Carol Metzger Matthew and Anita Mick Tom and Jeanne Moran John and Ultima Morgan Mr. Thomas J. Myers David and Deborah Myler Dr. Michael A. Nocero, Jr. Bill and Jody Orosz Mrs. Frances Pope Thomas and Elaine Pouliot Thomas and Selby Prince Terry and Jeanne Quigley Pat and Louise Rainey Jose and Pearl Ramirez Miss Catherine Roth Dwight and Lisa Saathoff Derrik and Susan Sandberg Mrs. Diane Schneider Mrs. Marilyn Sciortino Hanscy and Sandra Seide Richard and Dolores Shantz Todd and Lisa South Don and Joan Strube Donald and Peggy Strube Rick and Marlys Strube Steve and Cindy Strube Thomas and Nona Strube Tim and Jen Strube Tom and Cairn Ustler Jerry and Maria Vaxmonsky Andrew and Helen Wawrzycki Roderick and Mary Whelan Tom Winters and Rebecca Moroose Steve and Lori Zepf Robert and Renda Zielke Victor and Jackie Zollo  In memory and honor


LUMEN CHRISTI SOCIETY Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16

We are light bearers, carrying in our hearts the saving light of Jesus Christ. As the scriptures remind us, this light is not intended to flicker and fade. It is meant to radiate through our words and deeds, so that others might see the love of Christ – and be transformed. The ministries of our Diocese – from Catholic Charities to Catholic education – are a means by which we, the Church, help the light of Jesus Christ to shine more brightly upon our world. Latin for “light of Christ,” the Lumen Christi Society honors those Catholic friends who, through their exceptional generosity, enable our diocesan ministries to bear witness to the light that never dims. You are invited to become a founding member of the Lumen Christi Society with your annual gift of $2,500 or more to Our Catholic Appeal. The Lumen Christi Society will complement the Corpus Christi Society, which recognizes those who support Our Catholic Appeal at the level of $10,000 or more.

GROW • LEAD • SHARE MARY AGNEW SAYS IT IS A BLESSING TO WORK AT MORNING STAR SCHOOL in Orlando, which educates children with special needs. “It’s what I think the Lord wants me to do,” said Agnew. Agnew shares her faith daily with her students. She reads the Bible to them and teaches them how to pray. Many of her lessons and ideas come from catechist formation classes, offered by the Diocese of Orlando, that she and other teachers have taken. “The classes help me talk to the children in terms that they’ll understand,” Agnew said. “It helps them become closer to God. There’s nothing better than hearing them say, ‘Good morning, Jesus,’ when they start praying. The Lord works through me, into them.” Throughout the diocese, funds from Our Catholic Appeal help people who have special needs. The Diocesan Media Center offers materials to help students with special needs learn about Scripture and the Sacraments. At Diocesan-supported Bishop Grady Villas, adults with special needs live and pray in a Christcentered environment, where they benefit from the staff’s commitment to their spiritual, physical and emotional well-being. “Our task as Catholics is to preach the Good News and bring the message of Jesus Christ and God’s love to everyone,” said Dennis Johnson Jr., senior director of faith formation. “Jesus calls us to meet the needs - special and extraordinary - of every person.


GROW • LEAD • SHARE BEFORE ENTERING SEMINARY, Father Thomas Wanitsky attended the Diocese of Orlando Vocations Awareness Weekend, not once, but twice. “That was wonderful. It put a lot of my fears to rest,” said Father Wanitsky, who was ordained last May. Staff from the Diocese of Orlando Vocations Office mentored and guided him during his journey and organized discernment groups and prayer sessions. They also provided tuition and housing for seminary, including health benefits and transportation. As a seminarian he visited the Dominican Republic, where he learned about the importance of bringing God’s Word to the ends of the earth. He also served at Bishop Grady Villas, where God’s love is poured out upon the residents with disabilities. “It was great leading them in evening prayer, having meals with them and just being their friend,” said Father Wanitsky of his time at Bishop Grady Villas. Now as associate pastor of Holy Cross Catholic Church, he leads people to Christ by bringing them the Sacraments. He ministers to young people, brings comfort to seniors at nursing homes and offers Christ’s forgiveness to prisoners through prison ministry. “Just my presence as a priest, as a person sitting in for Christ, has undoubtedly brought a lot more people to Christ,” said Father Wanitsky.


The Office of Vocations, Clergy Services, Mission Office and Bishop Grady Villas all receive funding through the gifts made to Our Catholic Appeal.



THROUGHOUT HER LIFE, DOROTHY KLEIN HAS PUT THE LIVES OF OTHERS BEFORE HER OWN.“I have been so blessed,” said Klein, a parishioner of St. Mary of the Lakes Catholic Church in Eustis. “I have always wanted to give something back.” Two years ago, Klein began volunteering at the St. Luke’s Free Medical and Dental Clinic in Eustis – a partnership between St. Mary of the Lakes; St. Patrick Catholic Church in Mt. Dora; and Catholic Charities of Central Florida. Volunteer doctors and nurses care for uninsured patients at absolutely no cost. Klein helps by scheduling doctor appointments and filling out paperwork. She gave more than 700 hours of her time at St. Luke’s last year. Catholic Charities of Central Florida operates three clinics and two homeless shelters for those who have medical needs. This ministry of the heart touches those

who are suffering in silence. Klein is among the hundreds of volunteers who share their time and talents to help those who are in need of Catholic Charities’ many services. "The core of Jesus' message is love," says Joseph Buranosky, executive director, Catholic Charities of Central Florida. "Charity is at the heart of what we as Catholics profess. Our volunteers are living the Gospel message by their action." The nearly 40 programs and ministries offered by Catholic Charities of Central Florida are partially funded through Our Catholic Appeal.

Grow, Lead & Share –

Faith In Action

Through God’s grace and your generous gifts, we are able to lead others to a life of holiness through Christ our Lord. Together, we… • Challenge more than 13,633 students to be creative and critical thinkers through our Catholic schools. • Tutor 850 youth from economically disadvantaged families through Hope CommUnity Center. • Shelter 60 homeless women and children through Shepherd’s House. • Conduct more than 3,000 patient visits that care for the medically underserved through Catholic Charities. • Assist 4010 Ministers to the Sick as they demonstrate Christ’s love and compassion. • Assist 190 permanent deacons as they fulfil their ministry of service to the Church. • Prepare one million packaged meals for hungry families in West Africa.

• Offer rest, renewal and formation to more than 13,000 people a year through San Pedro Center. • Prepare more than 1,000 engaged couples for the Sacrament of Marriage through Pre-Cana. • Form 26 future priests by providing tuition support for a seminary education.



25% 16% 16% 10% 10% 7% 7% 5% 4%

Faith Formation Catholic Schools, Religious Education, Youth Ministry, San Pedro Center, Campus Ministry

Clergy & Religious Vocations, Seminarian Education, Clergy Formation, Permanent Diaconate

Services to Parishes Construction & Maintenance, Finance Offices Human Resources, IT, Parish Accounting

Social Outreach Catholic Charities of Central Florida, Farmworker Ministry, Bishop Grady Villas, Mission Office & Sister Diocese

Parish & Diocesan Ministries Bishop’s Office & Programs, Liturgy & Music, Marriage Tribunal, Archives

Evangelization Advocacy & Justice, Buena Nueva, Communications, Hispanic Ministry, Media Center

Stewardship & Development Parish Development Services, Fundraising

State and National Outreach Fees for United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Florida Catholic Conference

Pastoral Ministries

Family Life, Pastoral Care, Haitian Ministry, Tourism Ministry

OUR 2013 GOAL: $12,750,000

Prayer for OUR CATHOLIC APPEAL Oh Lord, we praise you for the many gifts you give us each day; from the moment we were a presence in our mother’s womb to the grace-filled rise of the sun to the blessing of Sacrament to the night which ushers us rest. Help us to grow in our living faith. Guide us to serve as leaders to bring about holiness. Bring us to share ourselves selflessly in all things in a spirit of love of You. In the Eucharistic banquet, You give Yourself completely and entirely to us. We give you our return, oh Lord, with gratitude knowing there is no measure to the gift of the Cross which brings us resurrection.

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Fulfilling Great Promise

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2013 Our Catholic Appeal brochure for the Diocese of Orlando

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