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The Realness

This zine was created through participation and collaboration of the Rural Rights Youth Action and Media Project and: Change for Children Association ( Other Voices Publishing Society (

Collaborators: Sydney Cyr, Kaitrin Doll, Sarah Halliday, Courtney Harrison, Jason Leslie, Melissa Milakovic, Trina Moyles, Sabrina Niesman, Tegan Oswald, Haley Schmid Special thanks to: Glyn Hughes and George McDougall High School

N’y pense meme pas By: Erinne Sevigny

We’ve all heard the talks. If you choose to have sex, makes sure it’s safe. Use condoms, birth control, dental dams. We know, and we do. But the stats of STIs and teens are scarier than ever.

Many STIs have no visible symptoms and some can be transmitted even with the use of condoms. Often couples are unaware and accidentally pass along infections to each other. Talk about a mood-killer.

The rates in Canada It’s a big step disproportionately a m o n g m a n y. affects teens and Yo u ’ r e smart young adults. enough to use But if you’re practising safe sex, then condoms, be smart you’re all good – right? ________________________________ about when you’re Worldwide 65% of cases of ready to stop. Get Chlamydia are from people aged 15-24. tested. Until then, _____________________________ don’t even think Many couples in long-term, committed about it. relationships often choose to stop the use of condoms and rely on other forms of birth control. This is a choice every _____________________________ Half of people infected couple can make for themselves, but an important piece of advice seems to have with HIV become infected before the age of 25. been neglected in safe sex campaigns. _____________________________ If you and your partner decide to stop using condoms, get tested first.


Signs of Substance Abuse Among Teens By: Tegan Oswald

By Courtney Harrison Cookie cutter beauty Is not something I believe in Everyone is beautiful No matter what jean size you fit in. Since when do people have the right To say this is how you should look Not everyone wants to be like that Not the thickness of a book. So looking at a mannequin Or at a fashion show I wonder why we’re pressured To make our weight so low. All women are beautiful At every age and size If anyone tells you different Now you know that its all lies.


dolescent ages are common for curiosity when it comes to substances such as alcohol, drugs, and smoking tobacco. Dependency and addiction are words many teens face today but don’t recognize the reality. Alcoholism is defined as an excessive consumption of alcohol. Many teens hide the truth about being an alcoholic. Here are warning signs that someone you know may be at risk: • Lying more than usual. • Making excuses. • Becoming verbally or physically abusive towards others. • Constant smell of alcohol on their breath or body. • Unexplainable mood swings and behavior. • Stealing. • Changes in group of friends. Drug addiction is the physiological and psychological reliance on a drug. The following are indicators that a person is a habitual user.

Signs at home: • Loss of interest in family activities. • Being untruthful about where they’re going. • Lies more than usual. • Constant excuses. • Possession of unusual items. (Rolling papers, plastic bags, pipes etc.) Signs at school: Sleeping in class regularly. Sudden decrease in grades. Missing or late for many classes. Poor attitude toward extracurricular activities. Limited attention span. Physical and emotional signs: • Smell of drugs on breath or body. • Anxious, destructive and confused. • Unhappy or depressed. • Over-reacts. • Overly tired or hyperactive. • Sweats excessively. • Has an unnecessary amount of money. • Carelessness in appearance.

Real Bodies By: Courtney Harrison The media puts enormous amounts of pressure on teenage girls to get “the look�. In reality though, that look is not the only look out there. Women have a wide spectrum of looks and not one is the actual one you are supposed to possess. Today, women feel like their physical appearance shapes who they are, and that if they are not physically attractive, they will not succeed in the world. The perfect body has become a status symbol in our society and affects people all around the world. Positive Role Models When looking at Roman statues that were made many years ago, you see the reflection of beauty that was represented before media intervention. The statues were made with curves and symbolized natural beauty. As the years go by, we are slowly changing the definition of beauty. Tyra Banks created a model search competition called Fiercely Real to find a girl between the ages of 13 and 19 with at the very least a size 12 waist to become a model. The competition was a success because it let young girls know that every size is beautiful, and should be accepted and celebrated. In the past, role models for being comfortable in your own skin would include people like Marilyn Monroe, who was a size 12 model and loved her body for how it was. Queen Latifah is a modern day role model who embraces every curve her body has. She admits to being voluptuous and enjoys having a pear-shaped body. In the 1950s, the average woman had a 24-inch waist and was a tiny 119 pounds. Today, the average woman is 140 pounds with a 32-inch waist. The weights of models in the past were 8% below the average weight of the American woman. Today, they are 23% below the average weight. The size and shape of our bodies are as genetically determined as our eye and skin colour.

Male action figures have greatly increased in muscular size since 1973, if GI Joe were human he would have larger biceps than any body builder in history.

Stats Canada reports that 48% of women and 22% of men aged fifteen have eating disorders.

If shop mannequins were real women they would be too thin to menstruate.

Marilyn Monroe, a size 12 model, loved her body for how it was.

Today, women feel like their physical appearance shapes who they are, and that if they are not physically attractive, they will not

Men have just as many weight and appearance insecurities as females do. They are set to the standard made by the media and social figures like celebrities and models. The look that men have is centered on having a flat tummy and bulging biceps. No person has the same muscular build, and the pressure put on people to achieve that perfect look is unfair and oppressive.

Today the weight of models is 23% below the average weight.

70% of 12 graders have used steroids in order to become more muscular.

Emotionally Abusive Relationships By: Sabrina Niesman


buse. When you hear that word what do you think? We all know physical abuse is a major issue within our society. It is present, it is visible, and it is here. What we often do not hear about is an abuse that is often more deadly, being that it can lead to physical abuse, and is easier to hide as well. It is called emotional abuse. Emotional abuse is often oppressive, controlling, and possibly most frightening, silent. It can leave the abused person feeling worthless and alone. They can be left feeling trapped in the relationship, fearing that if they leave no one else would want them.

It is reported that approximately 25% of teens in a relationship have been called names, harassed or put down by their partner though cell phones and texting.

According to, studies show that as many as 96% of American teens claim they have been emotionally and/or psychologically abused by a dating partner. We cannot ignore these statistics. Emotional abuse is real and, in my opinion, at some point present in many of our lives. We need to educate ourselves so we can understand the signs and consequences of emotional abuse. If Regardless of some popular opinion, we know how to recognize it we can young people everywhere deal with begin to put a stop to it. Feel free to use emotional abuse. the survey below to see if you or a friend is currently being abused in his/ her relationship.

Check off any of the following that apply to your relationship. ◊ The person you are with expects you to put your life aside to tend to their needs. ◊ You undergo regular name calling, accusations, blame, threats and commands. ◊ They constantly tell you that you are overreacting to make it seem you are in the ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

wrong, when you know you are not. They may make your emotions sound trivial or unimportant. They are easily angered or show jealous behaviors through controlling your daily life. They’re angry if you go out without them. No matter what you do, it isn’t good enough. All your free time is expected to be devoted to the person you’re in the relationship with. Your partner has threatened to commit suicide in event of you leaving. If you check at least one of these things, you have been emotionally abused in your relationship. You can get help and/or advice at the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 (

N’y pense meme pas

In France, some popular artists came together to create a hip hop video to promote getting tested for STIs before stopping the use of condoms in committed relationships.

Et doudou ça fait bientôt six mois maintenant Donc je pense que nous avons perdu assez de temps Je t’aime tu m’aime pour moi c'est évident Stop le préservatif et prenons du bon temps Cesse de me dire dès que je m’approche de toi " N’y pense même pas" Fais moi confiance abandonne toi à moi "N’y pense même pas" Je sais pas j’hésite Oui Non

To see the video, youtube “N’y pense meme pas”

Tu es tellement belle Je ne veux que ton bonheur Je sais qu’il faut ramer pour être à ta hauteur Entre nous deux c’est sérieux Tu connaîs ma valeur Sans préservatif tu sentiras ma douceur Baby cesse de me dire dés que je m’approche de toi "N’y pense même pas" Fait moi confiance abandonne toi a moi "N’y pense même pas" J'ai mis ma fierté de côté Je m'suis jeté à ses pieds Je pensais qu’elle allait céder Elle m’a répondu "N’y pense même pas" J’lui ai offert des bijoux Je l'ai embrassée dans le cou Hey je devenais fou elle m'a répondu "N’y pense même pas" Eh t'as vu franchement on se marie direct après laisse toi aller qu’est-ce qu'il y a ? Et pourtant c’est vrai il est vraiment séduisant Attentionné, charmant, craquant, élégant Sans préservatif y'aura plus de sentiments Sans préservatif avec lui c’est si tentant Nous sommes ensemble quand même depuis six mois donc pourquoi pas et ci une fois on fesait comme ca . Hey!!! mais sa va pas ou quoi ?« n’y pense même pas » "N’y pense même pas" le préservatif nous protège toi et moi "N’y pense même pas" comment ose-tu me demander cette chose là ? "N’y pense même pas" t'as perdu la tête, t’es pas bien ou quoi ? "N’y pense même pas" d’abord on fait le test et après on verra Ce soir toi et moi sans préservatif ? Non... N’y pense même pas !

The Realness (Youth Zine)  
The Realness (Youth Zine)  

This zine was created through participation and collaboration of the Rural Rights Youth Action and Media Project and: Change for Children As...