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For Good. For Ever.

CommunityMatters ***SPECIAL EDITION***

Issues that Matter M

aking Broward a better place to live demands more than talk. It requires bold leadership that confronts the biggest issues in a community that is home to one in every ten Floridians. As one of the nation’s fastest growing counties, our population of 1.8 million residents is larger than 12 U.S. states. We are also Florida’s most diverse region, with 128 languages spoken in Broward homes. This diversity sparks innovation and development, yet we face deep economic and cultural divides. Our community is known for welcoming older residents, but spends just 2% of county dollars on their care. We have vast natural beauty and a great climate, yet we face the nation’s most difficult environmental challenges. And despite no income tax, we have a higher cost of living and lower wage than the national average.

To capitalize on Broward’s strengths and overcome its challenges, the Foundation will lead partnerships that set audacious goals and commit to their achievement. For the last year, the Community Foundation of Broward asked Fundholders, community leaders, field experts and fellow residents what they see as our most urgent challenges as a community. At the same time, we scrutinized the most recent and reliable local and national research to compare this data with what we heard.

What emerged were ten of the most pressing issues Broward faces. These issues matter to you and so they matter to us. We will focus our grantmaking and community leadership on these Issues that Matter to achieve real and lasting impact. In the next five years, we will invest $50 million to do so.

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Economic Independence

• There is an urgent need for action to improve lives and community vitality

Dignity in Aging



Art of Community

• Increased coordination, resources, awareness and leadership is needed to get the job done

Youth WORK

• The Foundation can make a difference by supporting one or all of the above • Our Fundholders care deeply about these issues

Cancel Cancer Broward Pride Eco Broward

Join us and together we can make this community a beacon of prosperity, equity and harmony. For Good. For Ever.

2030 1.92M

Animal Welfare


Projected Population growth (millions)


School is Cool

None of the issues outlined here have an easy fix. All of them require building consensus and the forging of community partnerships. So why these issues? Our answer is:

B r o wa r d 2020

Winter 2016

2040 1.98M

In the Middle

Ethnic/Race Demographics

Median single-family home cost:

White non-Hispanic



Black non-Hispanic


up 6% from 2014


Current population density:

Median household income:

1,445 residents/sqm


Age Distribution < 18 18-24 25-44 45-64 < 65



Address Service Requested

954.761.9503 |

Fort Lauderdale | Florida | 33301

910 East Las Olas Boulevard, Suite 200

For Good. For Ever.

Cost of living




6 ft above sea level

April 2014 - April 2015

25% Asian


Two or More Races


American Indian and Alaska Native










Work to do

15% of residents live in poverty 1 in 3 residents are overweight or obese

88% of Broward’s coastline is degrading

Average elevation:

Hispanic or Latino of any race

Source: Broward County 2015

There are

128 languages

spoken in Broward County

Community Matters | Issues that Matter | 2016 Winter Special Edition  

Community Foundation of Broward released Issues that Matter - ten areas we will be the focus of our grantmaking and community leadership on...

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