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Spanish Ab Initio year 1 General Description of Course: Ab Initio Spanish is designed for the true beginner. This course is intensive and accelerated as it condenses three years of normal High School Spanish into just two. For this reason, it is ideal for highly motivated students who will work towards intermediate proficiency of the Spanish language during their junior and senior years of high school. This course fulfills the Group 2 requirement of the IB Diploma. Summary of Learning Outcomes: By the end of this course, students will be able to… • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Narrate current events Describe people and things in the present tense Tell time & date Express future plans Express likes and dislikes State preferences & desires Make suggestions Describe the weather Describe their daily routine Express abilities Express obligations & duties Express plans & desires Make comparisons Talk about & report on past actions Identify what they know how to do and what they would like to do

By the end of this course, students will understand… • • •

• •

Noun-adjective agreement Possessive adjectives Present tense of indicative (regular & irregular verbs) Gustar Ir a + infinitive verb (future) Ser & estar Present progressive tense Reflexive verbs in the present tense Tener que + infinitive verb, hay que + infinitive verb Indirect object pronouns Saber & Poder + infinitive verb Demonstrative adjectives Preterit of indicative (regular & irregular verbs Hacer + time expression Conocer vs. saber

• • • •

Places & Activities Daily Life & Holidays Home Life Talking About the Past

• • • • • • • • • •

Topics to Be Addressed: • • • •

School Family & Friends Personal Information Plans & Preferences


Ab Initio 1: 2011/2012

Fazenbaker, C.

Assessment Tools: End of Unit Tests:

At the end of each unit of study, or every 3 to 6 weeks


One or two a week


Assigned each time the class meets, and will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. Homework also includes reviewing vocabulary and grammar topics studied in class.

Oral work:

Different oral projects will be assigned throughout the course and may include, but are not limited to: presentations, interviews, and skits.

Formal exams:

One semester exam & one end of year exam

Grade Breakdown: Informal Assessment • Homework • Class participation • Punctuality • Prepared for class Formal Assessment • Tests 35% • Quizzes 25% • Assignments 40%

Attendance: Regular attendance is essential to the continued development of language proficiency. For this reason, we expect students to attend classes regularly and arrive on time. Absences: As per AISJ policy, students have one school day for each day missed to make up work. •





Student must arrange with the teacher prior to departure all work to be made up. Students must contact teacher via email while away to find out about the missed lesson and work. You must come in the day that you return to turn in assignments or make up any tests or quizzes Students will be required to make up missed work. They will have one school day for each day missed to make up the work. In the case of tests, the student will only receive a maximum score of 75%. Ab Initio 1: 2011/2012

Fazenbaker, C.

Late Work: Assignments are created as a way for students to practice and hone their skills; therefore, students are required to turn in all assigned work without exception. • •

Late work will be accepted at a penalty of 10% off the final score for each passing day after the deadline. Once an assignment is 5 days late, the student will be assigned to detention where he or she will complete the assignment.

Eating/Drinking: • No eating or drinking in class other than water. Cell phones: • Use of cellphones in class will not be permitted unless given permission. Unauthorized cellphone use will result in the collection of the cellphone that students will later pick-up from the principal.

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Ab Initio 1: 2011/2012

Fazenbaker, C.