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Cape Fear A c a d e m y the magazine of cape fear academy

Volume 30, No. 2 • November 2011

We’ve Captured the Energy; The Future Is Fueled Cape Fear Academy did it! We raised $4.2 million dollars in four years and funded facilities, as seen here, as well as program needs. Capture the Energy, Fuel the Future, the Integrated Campaign (Annual Fund + Capital Campaign), began in 2007-2008 and ended June 30, 2011. Now that this important campaign has successfully ended, a sincere “thank you” goes to all the parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty/ staff, former parents and grandparents of alumni, and friends who made it all possible. Thanks to Headmaster John Meehl, the Board of Trustees, the Construction Committee, Facilities Committee, Business Office, and Development Office for all their hard work and dedication. The resulting campus is a source of increasing pride.

Athletic Complex Completed October 2009.

If you have not come on campus and experienced the efficient road system, visited the Athletic Complex across College Road, or toured the latest addition, the Athletic Complex, please come by or if you prefer, schedule a tour with the Development Office. Director of Development Susie Wakild can be reached at 910 791-0287, ext. 2171 or Notification of an open house in January for the Fine Arts Center will be sent in December. We would love to see you and share the excitement that is Cape Fear Academy.

Road System Completed August 2010.

See page 10 as we transition back to an Annual Fund.

Fine Arts Center Scheduled for Completion in December 2011. Athletic Center Completed June 2011. currents

Cape Fear Academy

Twentieth Year for CFA at Outward Bound 20 years and counting….The Senior class trip to the North Carolina Mountains has been a tradition for many, many years. The duffle bags are packed and anticipation awaits each 12th grader. After a long road trip and one last shower, all Seniors break up into their smaller “crews” and meet their Outward Bound instructors. Day one begins with the infamous “duffle shuffle.” So many questions go in and out your mind; Can I take baby wipes? What about bug spray? How will I brush my teeth? Will I make it without my morning Diet Coke? The decisions have been made and everyone gears up for the first long hike of the day. Traveling up the mountains, down the gorge, and in the valleys will make any person wonder what you were thinking when you signed up for the trip of a lifetime. Tom Quarton, Betty Boddie, and Taylor Pasin.

Brody Brown.

“I have attended CFA since kindergarten and have looked forward to taking part in all the traditions, especially Outward Bound. Although class sizes are already small, living in the woods with a smaller group of classmates teaches you to push yourself, appreciate others strengths, and respect their weaknesses.” Julia Lovett ’12

One of the most rewarding experiences during Outward Bound is Solo Night. Setting up your individual tarp for the evening before dark is task one. Task two, make sure if it begins to rain, you will be completely dry in the morning. Task three, cuddle up in your sleeping bag and write a letter to yourself about your experiences on Outward Bound, high school, friends, family, and in general about life. You are finally alone hearing the sounds of the night, hoping your mind does not begin to wander. Reflecting on one piece of paper, alone in the wilderness gives a sense of peace. The letter is closed, sealed, and given to your Outward Bound instructors to receive it in the mail six months from your trip. Over the four-day adventure, all groups hike, rock climb, repel, and enjoy the endless team-building experiences. Through all the adventures each crew becomes its own family, forming supportive and loving bonds that last well beyond high school graduation. Leigh Ann Hodges, Chaperone since 2009.

“My North Carolina Outward Bound School experience definitely had a profound impact on my life and helped sculpt the person I am today. Being in the woods for a week helped me discover and highlight the "4 pillars" Outward Bound teaches (self reliance, craftsmanship, physical fitness, and above all compassion) in myself. After that experience, I chose to go on another Outward Bound trip in Colorado for 2 weeks. These Outward Bound experiences truly changed my life. I went to Salem College for 2 years and transferred to Appalachian State University where I became very active in the Outdoor Program there. I then went on to become an instructor at the North Carolina Outward Bound School and the National Outdoor Leadership School leading backpacking, climbing, rafting, and kayaking trips, and now manage the Outdoor Program at the University of Montana. I truly think my first experience with Outward Bound through Cape Fear Academy was the launching pad for where I am today.” Elizabeth Craig Fricke ’92 Tyson Dodd ’12. currents

2 Cape Fear Academy

Upper School Hosts Fall Festival A Favorite Event for Young and Old!

2011-2012 Student Government Association

Natalie Pressley (3) goes fishing for prizes.

Georgia Parker ’12 (SGA Secretary), Chelsea Rosenberg ’12 (Social Vice-President), Lydia Gabbard ’12 (Treasurer), Carryl Tinsley ’12 (Service Vice-President), Will Young ’12 (Judicial Chair), and Fields Pierce ’12 (President).

Dr. Marr gives Margaret Dill (4) a fake cast.

Raney Webb (2).

Fall Fest encompassed why Cape Fear Academy is such a great institution: the close knit feel between students of all levels and the resilience of the community. This year’s Fall Fest was a roaring success in more ways than one, but the outward and visual symbol of success came with the smiles of the Lower and Middle Schoolers. It is always a great thing when the Upper School can serve those in the same community for fun and fellowship. This close-knit community is coupled with the resilience of the school in adapting to changes. With a new gym and different arrangements, Fall Fest had to have a change of venues for multiple aspects of the night, but these changes turned out to better the feel of the night’s festivities. Hats off to the entire Maintenance crew for helping set up and clean up this wonderful event, along with the advisors of the SGA: Jeffrey McAllister, Jonathan Paschal, and Matthew Baldwin. Also, thank you to the Development and Business Offices for remaining organized in the days and hours before and during the Festival. Thank you so much to everyone who pitched in, whether it was offering up cakes for the cake walk or putting in time during the night. The night could not have been as successful without each and every volunteer! Fields Pierce, SGA President

Ben Barnes ’14 and Christina Williams’14 enjoy serving cotton candy.

Kindergarten students Hayden Austin, Georgia Allen, Delia McFarlane, and Mackenzie Morton.

Seniors stop for a picture before starting the Haunted House tours. currents

3 Cape Fear Academy

Upper School Class Cup SENIORS WIN!

Novice Debate Team Competitive Across the State An all-novice Cape Fear Academy Speech and Debate Team attended the Terry Sanford High School Tournament in October. Four students competed in the LD Debate, Prose/Poetry and Impromptu, Storytelling and Impromptu, and Storytelling. Congratulations to Lazelle Smith for winning a 5th place Trophy in Prose/Poetry. The team is coached by a parent volunteer, Dr. Kavita Persaud.

Senior boys win their division. Lazelle Smith (9).

Upper School Dance - Techno

Georgia Parker ’12, Abbey Hale ’13, and Lindsey Zimmer ’13.

Club Fair Presents Many Choices for Fun Activities

Julia Lovett ’12 and Alex Flohr ’12.

Carryl Tinsley ’12 Receives Governor’s Award for Excellence Carryl Tinsley ’12 has received the Governor’s Student Excellence Award. Given by North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue, and presented to Carryl by Tannis Nelson, the award is only presented to students and recognizes a young person's accomplishments or significant contributions in community service and extracurricular activities. In 2010, Carryl started “Clothed in Love,” a boutique where girls with financial needs can “shop” for gently used, trendy clothes free of charge. In one year, the organization has served over 200 girls and given away over 5600 items of clothing. Forty-six volunteers have provided over 1200 hours of service. Carryl serves as the SGA Service Vice-President. She is also extremely active in her church, St. Andrews Covenant Presbyerian Church, where she has been a Bible Study Leader and mentor for 8th Grade girls for the past 3 years. She has been named to the Leadership Team for the youth group at church. Among their projects is Curbside Cafe, a ministry that serves meals to over 100 homeless men, women, and children. Holding one of the three leadership positions, Carryl serves on the staff with Happening, a studentrun retreat in the Eastern North Carolina Diocese of the Episcopal Church. Carryl has been named a finalist for the Parade Magazine All-American Service Team. In addition, she Carryl Tinsley ’12 receives the Gover- wrote and received a grant from Communities in Schools for $500. nor’s Student Excellence Award from Cape Fear Academy is very proud of Carryl Tinsley! Tannis Nelson. currents

4 Cape Fear Academy

M i d d l e S c h o o l T r i p s B o t h E d u c at e


B o n d C l a ss m a t e s Sixth Grade Trip to Camp McNeill

Lilli Johnson.

Sixth graders at Camp McNeill.

On September 14, 2011, the Sixth Grade class got to sleep in - how great was that? Even better, when they came to school, instead of going to class they boarded a bus and headed for a three-day camping trip! This was a fantastic way to get to know each other and to begin to build lasting friendships. The students went on a hike around the camp grounds, learned to shoot BB guns, climbed a huge climbing wall, took archery lessons, made dream catchers and tee pees, and played games to help them to strengthen communication skills. In the evenings students shared their many talents at an impromptu talent show under the night sky and a few rain drops, while waiting patiently to make s’mores! The students came home with lots of stories and great memories that will last a lifetime.

Tre’ Ricanek

August Mills and Lana Hodgson.

Middle School Faculty member and Chaperone Tracy Kessler

Eighth Grade Trip to Camp Don Lee

Essence Williams.

Rebecca Early.

The 8th graders traveled to Camp Don Lee in September. There were over 13 different activities that engaged the students and put them in the middle of nature. They explored the creatures of the Neuse River, making fossil footprints in the bank of the river, and learned about their survival strategies through interactive games. Nets were used to scoop up guppies, shrimp, jellyfish, and crabs from the water to learn about ecology of the river during the River Study session. Students got a chance to dissect a squid and learn about its anatomy at the invertebrates station. The group paddled in canoes and sampled the water at three different areas to determine the changes in salinity in a tidal creek. Fishing and sailing across the 3.5-mile wide river was among the favorite of activities, along with archery and learning the ways of the pirates. The group also explored the differences between maps and charts and learned how to use charts to navigate on the water. They dug deep into a pile of fossils looking for coral and sharks’ teeth to make necklaces and got a lesson in herpetology as the staff passed around various local turtles and snakes! Students were currents

Madison Owens and Caitlin Cook. challenged to work together in teams to solve complex challenges around their ropes course and enjoyed playing four square during their free time! In the evening, the group participated in a night study, learning how animals use their senses at night to move around, find food, and survive. They took a hayride out of the camp grounds to commune around the campfire, marvel at the night’s sky, and eat s’mores while being frightened by ghost stories. The last night, students got into their groups and created mini skits about their week at camp on the stage at the community center! There was never a moment the students weren't busy interacting, exploring, and learning! Everyone had a great time and made a lot of memories that they will never forget!

Middle School Faculty member and Chaperone Jenn Brokaw

5 Cape Fear Academy

21st Century Learning: Middle School There has been a great deal of discussion about 21st century education lately in the media and in the education community. In this age of light-speed communication and information readily available through our smart phones, application and collaboration have emerged as the priority, rather than memorization and content knowledge. Gone are the days of lecture and repetition. The goal in this new era of instruction is to prepare our students as creative problem solvers through real-world applications. While this may be revelation in many education venues, Cape Fear Academy has long prided itself on the opportunities we provide our students to express themselves and apply their skills and knowledge. With the advent of new technology and applications, these possibilities are now limitless. On any given day in the Middle School, you might find our students journaling on their Wikis in Ms. Reid’s Literature class, creating Prezis in Ms. Weinfeldt’s Science class, or creating “I am” poems in Ms. Mills’ English class. Twenty-first century education is not limited to technology, though. Mr. Gilbert’s class putting Blackbeard on trial and Ms. Loftfield’s teaming for lab work are examples of the collaboration and problem-solving that will make our students leaders and achievers as they move through Upper School, college, and beyond. We are happy to announce that the Middle School will look to take this philosophy to the next level. Be on the lookout for Project Week at the end of January 2012. For an entire week, the Middle School will go without bells or a class schedule. Our students will work in groups to research and solve real world problems and share their findings with the CFA community. Details are still being ironed out and the process is still in the developmental stage, but we believe that our students will have the opportunity to put their knowledge, talent, and creativity on display in a way that excites their passions and encourages teamwork. Please stay in touch for more information as Project Week approaches. We are so excited to show the world what our students can do!

Eighth Graders Jared Lowell and Nicholas Thibault.

Middle School Director Jay Kranchalk

Eighth Graders Eric Kanzinger, Marcus McDaniel, and Ms. Weinfeldt.

Ms. Reid and Libby Sloan (7).

Ms. Mills and Samantha Melin (6).

Mr. Gilbert with Eighth Grade students.

This will begin a series of articles on 21st Century Learning at Cape Fear Academy. Next edition: Lower School. currents

6 Cape Fear Academy

Staying After School in Lower School Is Never a Bad Thing at CFA! Cape Fear Academy has always offered fun activities in Lower School after school – Chess Club, Chorus, Daisy Scouts, Brownies, Junior Scouts, Cub Scouts (all levels), and Girls on the Run. This year two new activites have been added: Physical Fitness and Lego Master Building Academy. Since its inception twelve years ago, the CFA Chess Club has been one of the most highly-attended, after-school activities. Chess Club is offered to K-Grade 5 and generally has 30-45 members. Chess teaches strategic thinking, concentration, problem solving, planning, and decision making – all essential life skills. It introduces children to good sportsmanship – how to win graciously and not give up when encountering defeat. And above all, Chess Club is lots of fun! The Lower School Chorus provides students with a chance to experience choral music beyond what they study in regular music classes. There is a strong emphasis on proper vocal technique as well as listening skills as students strive for overall tone, balance, and blend.

Liza Collie (2) and Kingsley Dunn (2).

Daisy Scout Troop 994 is proud to begin its second year at CFA. Last year 11 Kindergarten girls began their Girl Scout journey, earning Daisy Petals signifying the principles and beliefs of The Girl Scout Law. Throughout the year, the girls completed activities which helped them learn how to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous and strong, and responsible for things they say and do. They also learned how to respect themselves and others, respect authority, use resources wisely, make the world a better place, and be a sister to every Girl Scout. The Fitness Club meets weekly to explore different aspects of physical fitness. Students are given exposure to various types of exercises and games that keep them moving and make them sweat! The CFA Lego Club follows the LEGO Master Builder Academy Curriculum that has been developed by the real master builders of LEGO. The participants will earn a master builder certificate, enjoy playing lego games, and work in groups on larger themed kits such as Alien Conquest and Star Wars. Lower School Chorus.

Johnny Wehner (3) at Lego Club.

Fitness Club. Wilmington Police Officer Carrie Hunter visits the Daisy Scouts at CFA.

Girls on the Run.

Cape Fear Academy Scout group.


7 Cape Fear Academy

L o w e r S c h o o l C l a ss r o o m A ct i v i t i e s

Delilah Hutchins and Harrison McCullough measuring the circumference of their apples for Apple Week in First Grade.

Kindergarteners Sydney Cortina and Sheel Patel with their body parts portraits. Fifth Grade poses for a group shot on their field trip to Ft. Fisher.

Fourth grade classes reenacted the novel “The Lemonade War� by creating their own stands and battling boys vs. girls. The girls won by less than $1.00. The money was donated to the local Humane Society, just as in the book.

Christina King (parent of Aaron King in sixth grade) shares her rock and fossil collection to Third Graders Abigail Stewart, Nelson MacRae, Alex Kaiser, Alena Gianoplus, and Olivia Pasin as part of their study of rocks.


Second Grade learns about the Solar System.

Mrs. Deese, Lower School Music Teacher, in Pre-Kindergarten.

8 Cape Fear Academy

B a n d M e m b e r s P e r f o r m at N C AI S H o n o r B a n d C l i n i c Nineteen Cape Fear Academy Middle School and Upper School students participated in the 2011 NCAIS Honor Band Clinic and Concert OCTOBER 14 - 15 at Campbell University.

Front row: Rebecca Holden, Jenna Flohr, Megan Kanzinger, and Celina Lin. Second row: Mrs. Falor, Thomas Smith, Ira Soltis, and Lee Jackson. Third row: Henry Murtha, Jake Meyers, and Cameron Stephens.

F i r st


William King, Joey Wehner, Andrew Weaver, Billy Purdom, Julia Lensch, Alec Liederbach, Alex Flohr, Chase Weaver, and Mrs. Falor.





S u cc e ss

Cape Fear Academy hosted a business networking event in October. A number of parents and alumni gathered and exchanged information about their respective businesses. The Cape Fear Academy family boasts a rich variety of professionals and service providers. I would encourage each of you, if you have not already done so, to send your information to be listed in this directory to Paula Sneeden at psneeden@ You are encouraged to refer to our CFA family when seeking business professional; this not only supports our network, but ultimately our school. Please be on the lookout for information regarding our next event, scheduled for January. If you have any questions about how you can participate, please contact Teesta Sullivan at (910) 805-5000 or email to CFA Parent Teesta Sullivan, Parent/Alum Katharine Efird Sullivan ’85, Parent/Alum Lee Crouch ’74, Alumni Association President Claire Efird ’81, Alumni Director Paula Sneeden ’76, Alum Renee Walker ’04, Alum Robin Freeman Brooks ’90, Parent Michael Shaheen, and Parent Steve Sullivan.

Parent Teesta Sullivan

The next Networking Mixer will be in January. Watch your email in mid-December for details.

Alum Caroline Roberts ’93, Parent Michael Boggio, and Alum Vaughan Wilson ’95. currents

9 Cape Fear Academy

Funding Special things are happening every day on the CFA campus; both in and out of the classroom. Our 625 students enjoy a unique learning environment where opportunities to explore their interests and develop their strengths are plentiful. Cape Fear Academy is committed to delivering academic excellence; however, the academics are just part of the big picture.

Giving Circles

Recently, the 6th and 8th graders explored their natural surroundings on outdoor education trips, members of the Senior class pushed their limits and discovered strengths on Outward Bound, a group of 2nd grade students Headmaster’s Circle - $1,000 – $2,499 have been building and testing solarLoyalty Circle - $500 – $999 powered vehicles in the Think Lab, and Honors Circle - $250 – $499 some 5th graders used iPads to capture Academy Circle - $100 – $249 images around campus to create a print Circle of Friends - up to $99 ad. Upper School Drama students challenged themselves by writing an original play entitled #highschool to perform at the NCTC Drama Competition and won third place, a Debate Team member received a trophy for prose and poetry, and the CFA athletic teams celebrated a successful, fun-filled season and are gearing up for winter sports. Leadership Club Circle of Excellence - $10,000+ Founders’ Circle - $5,000 – $9,999 Trustees’ Circle - $2,500 – $4,999

There are so many enriching opportunities offered to a CFA student and most are made possible through charitable contributions to the CFA Annual Fund. All members of the CFA community were sent a campaign mailing in October. We hope everyone took the time to enjoy the images of student life on campus and viewed the list of valuable programs supported by the fund. The CFA experience is unique and we invite all to be a partner in supporting the school and our deserving students.

Students use an iPad to snap a shot of Headmaster John Meehl for a print ad.

Our solar-powered vehicles really work!!

Ms. Longstreet (far left) with her Upper School Drama students at the NCTC Drama Competition.

2011-2012 Annual Fund Cabinet

This year, gifts can be designated toward specific areas of interest: • Area of Greatest Need • Financial Aid • Academic Programs • Fine Arts • Athletics • Technology • Faculty Enrichment You may donate online at under the Support CFA tab. If you have any questions or would like to make a gift of securities, please contact Mary Hale at or Susie Wakild at swakild@

Development Committee Chair Jennifer Barnes

Middle School Co-Chairs Alice Baker • Dena Collie

Annual Fund Co-Chairs Stephanie and Fred Meyers

Upper School Co-Chairs Karin Mills • Sarah van Rens

Leadership Gift Co-Chairs Jennifer and Stephen Chiavetta

Grandparent Co-Chairs Betsy and John Leonard

Parent Volunteer Chair Mary High

Alumni Co-Chairs Claire Efird ’81 Katharine Efird Sullivan ’85

Lower School Co-Chairs Cindy Dugan • Laura Leonard Jennifer Waldrop

Faculty & Staff Co-Chairs Trisha Ellison • Dawn Mann • Ani Scuteri

P a r e n t A ss o c i a t i o n Parent Association Opening School Picnic A Fun Tradition

Seniors Fields Pierce and Will Young enjoy chatting with parent Rose Zimmer.

Jack Leonard (PK). currents

Yard Sale a Huge Success

Co-Chair Trish Looney. 10 Cape Fear Academy

F a l l A t h l e t i c T e a m s H av e G r e a t S e a s o n s Varsity Cross Country

Susan Hyman ’12. VARSITY GIRLS 29-2 overall NCISAA Third Place CFIC Champions CFIC All-Conference Maddie Buren Yasmine Henneke Susan Hyman Rachel Lensch Adelyn Massey VARSITY BOYS 17-13 CFIC Third Place CFIC All-Conference Ben Jackson Ryan Leighton Worth Mercer New legs brought new life to an already tough CFA team during the 2011 season. To call the girls’ season a turnaround would be an understatement. Award ceremonies throughout the season were dominated by Vegas gold jerseys as the Hurricanes were brought to life with a deep stack of young talent. Ranked as high as 5th in the state by running websites, the Hurricane girls stepped up during their trip to the State Championship in Charlotte, finishing 3rd overall. The Boys’ team, starting from the loss of three of their top five runners at the beginning of the season, made good on their commitment to continue to improve as a team. Look for huge things from this team that graduates no one in 2012. Coaches Jenn Brokaw and Colin Hackman

Varsity Field Hockey

Caroline Barnes ’12.

Varsity Boys’ Soccer

Jackson Diab ’12.

8-4 overall NCISAA Seventh Seed The CFA Field Hockey teams had a very successful year, culminating with a first in CFA history of having a home game during the first round of the state tournament. This year, the team was led by our four senior captains (Caroline Barnes, Megan Lord, Kacey Patella, and Mariah Woodbury). These young ladies encouraged their teammates by example and enthusiasm.

This win secured the seeding for the tournament. The team hosted Greensboro Day School and came back from a 1-0 deficit, to win 2-1 and proceed to Charlotte Latin for the second round. Unfortunately, last year's state champions were victorious.

11-3 overall, 6-0 CFIC NCISAA Fourth Place CFIC Champions

CFIC All-Conference Jackson Diab Tyson Dodd Alex Gianoplus Will Young

CFIC All-Conference Taylor Brennan Alyx Copley Brooke Graham Annabel Stoehr

NCISAA All-State Jackson Diab

CFIC All-Conference & Player of the Year Tala Goudarzi Coming off a four-year streak of state championships was a tough thing to follow, but this squad began preparing for this season all last spring and summer. With only three players from the top six returning from last year, it was going to be a tough season. BUT, with the addition of foreign exchange student Annabel Stoehr, freshman Alyx Copley, eighth grader Madison Graham, and seventh grader P.J. Middleton in the top 6 singles and 3 doubles, the team had a great season!

Will Young ’12. The Boys’ Soccer team had another successful year this fall. The team earned a #3 seed in the state tournament and finished 15-3-2 on the season. They finished second in the conference and defeated solid squads like Westchester Country Day, St. David's, and Coastal Christian.

For a relatively young team, they concluded their season with a record of great record of 8-3.

Four players earned All-Conference this year. The players are Jackson Diab, Tyson Dodd, Alex Gianoplus, and Will Young. In addition, Dennis Looney, Connor Paul, and Shane Stephens earned Honorable Mention. Jackson Diab was voted All-State.

Coach Susan Tillier

Coach Meade McFarlane currents

Taylor Brennan ’12.

15-6-2 overall, 7-2-1 CFIC NCISAA Third Seed CFIC Runner-Up

This team certainly enjoyed keeping their fans enthralled, particularly as four of their 10 games went into overtime, sudden victory conclusions. Fortunately, they seemed to thrive on this situation. They won all four contests, two of them in penalty strokes! These ladies have put forth a great effort during the season. The last game of the regualar season was easily the most exciting contest of the year. The team traveled to Cary Academy where the defense and strong goalkeeping kept us in the regular-time game. Then after a scoreless double overtime, the team proceeded with 5 penalty strokes, again a tie. Then Senior Megan Lord was able to make the final stroke which gave CFA the victory.

Varsity Girls’ Tennis

11 Cape Fear Academy

In the NCISAA 2A State Tennis Tournament Annabel Stoehr, Taylor Brennan, and Alyx Copley were state semi-finalists, Tala Goudarzi was a state finalist, and Brooke Graham was a state chamption. In doubles all three teams were state semi-finalists. The girls had 6 tie breakers during the championship and lost 5 out of 6 to advance. This year the CFA girls finished in fourth and will probably begin preparing for next year in a few days. Their hard work and dedication is what makes them such a strong team! Coach Beverly Blalock

Varsity Volleyball

Surf Team


3-3-2 overall Michele Whipple ’12. Sixteenth in NCISAA 6-13 overall CFIC As the final whistle blows, there is a sense of pride and vindication for the Varsity Volleyball team. The last and final match of the regular season, won in five, hard-fought games by 8 tough young ladies, was the quintessential finish to our 2011 season, a season characterized by the formidable fifth game. The girls faced a very tough schedule, but went on to take games and hang tough against some of the best. The final record of 6-12 overall and 2-8 in CFIC does little justice for this group of girls. And apparently the seeding committee agreed; they decided that the final victory, along with the close losses to all-state tournament teams, was enough to grant us the 16th seed into the NCISAA State Volleyball Tournament. We were defeated by #1-seeded St. David’s School of Raleigh in the first round. Congratulations are due to all the girls, and to Merritt Cook and Michele Whipple for their All-Conference honorable mention accolades. Good luck to the graduating seniors, Madison, Michele, Becca, Angela, and Alex. Thank you for your commitment to CFA volleyball through the years. And thank you to all the girls who made my first season at CFA so special. Coach KC Allison


Max Smith ’12. The Varsity Surf team competed in two contests this Fall. In September, many CFA surfers were competing in their first contest so it was a challenge. Surf conditions could have been better, with waves only 1-2 feet and inconsistent. Everyone caught waves in their heats and learned what it will take to be able to compete in ESA contests. Standout performances were given by Brandon Mitchell who continues to improve and placed 1st in his Junior Mens’ first heat and then qualified for the semifinals and finals. Grayson Overholt got some nice waves and placed 2nd out of 6 in that heat. Zach Batey and Max Smith competed strongly, but just couldn't get the right waves on a small day. At the NSSA Contest in the Outer Banks in October, CFA had some great results. Contest conditions were windy and cold with 4-5 foot waves. Eight surfers competed in this contest. Sophomore Brandon Mitchell took 1st place in the Open Juniors’ Division, 2nd in Junior Explorer Division, and third in the Open Mens’ where he competed against all ages across the state. Senior Max Smith also competed in several divisions and took second in the tough Mens’ Open Division. Both of these young men are some of the top talent in the state in competitive surfing. Freshman Riley Das took second in Girls’, surfing in very challenging waves in a tough final. A special recognition goes to Seniors Max Smith and John Squire for their years of dedication to the Surf Team.

9-3 overall


2-12 overall, 1-9 CFIC

MIDDLE SCHOOL BOYS’ SOCCER 6-4 overall, SMSL Semi-finalist

MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRLS’ TENNIS 7-0 overall, 7-0 GWTA league


Coach Mark Campbell currents

12 Cape Fear Academy

Alumni News

called The site allows the consumer to find a CPA, read reviews, and then work online together to get taxes prepared or receive financial advice.

Class of 1979 Raiford Trask has been elected for a four-year term to the UNC System Board of Governors by the North Carolina General Assembly. Class of 1980 Hank Miller and wife Maggie Andrews Miller ’97 announce the birth of a son, Henry Eugene Miller IV (Henry), born August 22, 2011. Henry Eugene Miller, IV. Class of 1984 Reggie Shuford is the new executive director of the ACLU of Pennsylvania. Class of 1986 Michael Hilburn lives in Pittsfield, MA, where he is the Business Development Manager of Forest Products at Kuehne and Nagel. Class of 1991 Kirsten Krohn Kell and husband Kevin announce the birth of a second son, Jason Austin Kell, born on July 12, 2011. He joins big brother Ethan Kell. They are all currently enjoying the warm weather and pool at their home in San Carlos, CA. Katherine Carroll Martinez is the Administrative Director for the Construction Industries Division for the Kirsten Krohn Kell ’91 State of New Mexico. and family. Class of 1992 Mandy Chafin Hackler and husband Chip announce the birth of a daughter, Innie Marie Hackler, born June 30, 2011. Class of 1993 Angel Burris married Heith Dallas on June Mandy Chafin Hackler ’92 18, 2011. John Mims works in Washington, and daughters Innie and DC, with FBR Palmer. Capital Markets as the Vice President and Senior Equity Analyst covering the global freight transportation and logistics industry. He and wife Ashby have two sons, John Henry and Roland, ages 3 1/2 and 22 months old. They are living in Georgetown. Caroline Roberts has partnered with Rodan and Fields, the creators of Proactiv, as an executive con- Heith Dallas and Angel sultant for their new anti-aging products. Burris Dallas’93.

Class of 1997 Blanden Chisum is engaged to marry Amy Caudle on April 21, 2012, in Wilmington, NC. Blanden works for SAS in the Americas Marketing Division covering the banking and capital markets sector. Taylor Gebert married Erika Cristina Silva on September 24, 2011. They met while Taylor was in Brazil studying abroad for his MBA. Maggie Andrews Miller and husband Hank Miller ’80 announce the birth of a son, Henry Eugene Miller IV (Henry), born August 22, 2011 (see picture at Class of 1980). John von Rosenberg and wife Mary announce the birth of a daughter, LilyCate, born AuAmy Caudle and Blanden gust 9, 2011. Chisum. Class of 1998 Bob Cherry ex ’98 received his DDS in 2008 from UNC-Chapel Hill and later his MS in Pediatric Dentistry. Bob is practicing with Dr. Bobby Kelly in Wilmington, NC. Rhyne FairErika and Taylor Gebert. ley Jones and husband Chris announce the birth of a son, Jack Christopher Jones, born September 18, 2011. Jesse Minor is working towards a PhD in Geography at the University of Arizona and studies wildfire in the American Southwest. He is teaching a course this semester called “Our Dynamic Landscape,” which covers Rhyne Fairley Jones ’98 and topics ranging from geomorphology to ur- son Jack. ban ecology. Class of 1999 Ryan Wagner married Melissa Gillette on October 8, 2011. Class of 2000 Erica Eckhoff married Michael Spenningsby on September 24, Ryan ’99 and Melissa 2011. They live in Seattle, WA. Wagner. Jessica Rickert Goodson and husband Forrest announce the birth of a daughter, Kate Lillian Goodson, born June 11, 2011. Hugh McManus gradu- Michael and Erica Eckhoff ated from Campbell Law School in May Spenningsby ’00. 2011 and, having passed the July Bar, cont.

Class of 1995 Courtney Dane Beekhuis and husband Justin announce the birth of a son, Connor James Hendrick Beekhuis, born June 30, 2011. Glenn von Rosenburg has started a hardwood flooring business in Charleston, SC. Barefoot Floors specializes in residential and commercial projects. Class of 1996 Connor and Court- Mark King and wife Hollis announce the birth ney Dane Beekhuis of a second son, Paxton Bodie King, born in July, ’95. 2011. Mark has launched a new online business currents

Hugh McManus ’00 is sworn in by Judge Allen Cobb after passing the bar. 13 Cape Fear Academy

Forrest and Jessica Rickert Goodman ’00 with daughter Kate.

was sworn in by Judge Allen Cobb in August. Hugh is working with the firm of Taft, Taft and Haigler. Landon Zimmer attends Duke University in the Fuqua Weekend Executive MBA program where he will graduate with a MBA in December 2012. Landon lives in Wilmington, NC, and is an attorney.

Clark ’01 and Kelly Bain.

Cece Bissette.

Joe Miller ’01 and wife Stephanie.

Nathan West and Laura Fairley ’01.

Matt and Courtney Robinson Jones ’01.

Class of 2001 Clark Bain married Kelly Buhlinger on July 30, 2011. Jennifer Smith Bissette and husband Jay announce the birth of a daughter, Cecelia Rose Bissette, born July 8, 2011. Laura Fairley is engaged to marry Nathan West. A May wedding is planned in Southport, NC. Aaron Joachim is a policy analyst for the Executive Office of the President in the Office of Management and Budget in Washington, DC. He became a member of the Virginia Bar in 2010. Joe Miller married Stephanie Rivenbark on July 16, 2011. Courtney Robinson married Matt Jones on September 24, 2011. Class of 2002 Daneen Furr is engaged to marry Jim Lipscomb. Eleanor Haley is engaged to marry Andrew Shephard. Jenny Kerns McClamroch and husband Charlie announce the birth of a son, Noah Alden McClamroch, Noah McClamroch. born August 9, 2011. Class of 2003 Becky Charlap married Chris Kelley on September 24, 2011. Emory Miller married Jamie Martin on October 22, 2011. Class of 2005 Chris Geatz graduated in May 2011 with a BA in Public & Interpersonal Becky Charlap ’03 and Communication. He is husband Chris Kelley. an intern with Blu Zeus Interactive, a marketing company in Wilmington, NC. Liz Moeller married Chris Godwin on July 16, 2011. Liz teaches at Coopers Elementary School in Elm City, NC. Gracie Smith is engaged Liz Moeller ’05 and to marry Aaron Cote. husband Chris Godwin. currents

Class of 2006 Lana Carrera is engaged to marry Brandon Prince. Brandon graduated from the Kenan Flagler Business School at UNC and works in sales at Lenovo. Lana is the Communications Director at the Chapel Hill Country Club. The wedding will be in Wilmington, NC, on April 28, Brandon Price and Lana 2012. Emily Zimmer Moree is in her first year Carrera ’06. of law school at the Charlotte School of Law. Class of 2007 Ashlee Conti graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a BA in Psychology. She is a school counseling intern with New Hanover Country Schools. Katy Jackson graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a BA in Political Science. Larissa Kaul graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a BA in Studio Art. Jeremie Maitre works in New York as an analyst at Benenson Strategy Group (research and consulting in marketing). Matt Maynard graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a BA in Political Science. Nick Nason graduated from Eckerd College in May 2011 with a BA in Environmental Studies and minors in Biology and Coastal Management. The past two summers, he worked at Outer Banks Hammocks and spent the last four months traveling cross country, from FL to ME, ME to MT, and landed in Park City, Utah, where he currently is doing pottery and planning on spending the winter. He is also looking to work in the National Park Service early next year. Kurt Taylor graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a BS in Business Administration. Emanuel Tishler graduated from US Merchant Marine Academy with a BS in Marine Transportation, an ensign’s commission in the Navy, and a USCG 3rd Mates License. He works as a port relief officer on various cargo ships in Charleston, SC, and Savannah, GA. Class of 2008 Emily Brown, Christina Carrera, Haiden Dodd, and Trey Whiteside made the Dean’s List at North Carolina State University for the spring 2011 semester. Alexis Gainey, Hanna McMurry, and Anna van Rens made the Dean’s List at UNC-Chapel Hill for the spring 2011 semester. Graham Mitchell and Hannah Doody announce the birth of a son, George Cooper Mitchell, born September 17, 2011. Jake Sigler received an accounting degree from NCSU and is currently pursuing his masters. He will be working for Ernst & Young as an assurance associate starting in the fall of 2012. Anna van Rens is a marketing and Graham Mitchell ’08 and son advertising major with a minor in the entreCooper. preneurial program at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. She started her own needlepoint company,, which features two themed designs and outsources production abroad. Evan Wheeler made the Dean’s List at UNC-Chapel Hill for the spring 2011 semester. Class of 2009 Catherine Brown made the Dean’s List at UNC-Chapel Hill for the spring 2011 semester. Victoria Willetts has been accepted to do undergraduate research in Dr. Kate Bruce’s Animal Behavior Lab at UNCW. She will be doing visual span tasks with rats. Class of 2010 Michael Maynard ran in the New York City Marathon on Team JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) on November 6, 2011. Michael Zambrowski was inducted into Phi Eta Sigma, a nationally-recognized scholastic honor society. Membership is the highest academic honor attainable by a rising sophomore at UNC-Wilmington. Genna Zimmer made the Dean’s List at UNC-Chapel Hill for the spring 2011 semester.

14 Cape Fear Academy

Alumni Reunions and Special Events ALUMNI SOCCER GAME

Front: Greg Garner ’03, Andrew Schuett ’10, Derek Schott ’80, Mike Boedeker ’87, Eliot Garner ’04, and Mason Hawfield ’10. Back: Andy Lubanski ’10, Josh Snyder ’08, Wic Conn ’11, Charlie Godwin ’88, Sam Anthony ’87, Ben Currin ’08, Alex Smith ’09, Howard Coupland ex ’87, Connor Coupland ’10, John Boney ’07, Fleming Goolsby ’11, Franklin Boney ’10, and Walter Smith ex ’87.

SAVE THE DATE Alumni Basketball Games Saturday, December 31, 2011 11:00 Girls Noon Boys Followed by Lunch

Three alumni ran with the Varsity Cross Country team prior to heading to college. Pictured: Kav Ellis ’11, J.J. Looney ’11, Colin Hackman (coach), and Matthew Maynard ’11.





OCTOBER 18, 1976 - AUGUST 21, 2011

AUGUST 4, 1988 - SEPTEMBER 20, 2011


15 Cape Fear Academy

Cape Fear Academy 3900 South College Road Wilmington, NC 28412 910-791-0287

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAI D

Wilmington, NC Permit No. 44

Web site: Email:

Change Service Requested Cape Fear Academy welcomes and accepts students of any race, religion, and national or ethnic origin.

John Meehl, Headmaster Susie Wakild, Director of Development Mary Hale, Director of Annual Fund Paula Sneeden, Alumni Director & Currents Editor

Headmaster John Meehl to Retire June 30, 2011 Search for Next Head Nears Completion Headmaster John Meehl is retiring June 30, 2011, following a tenure of ten years at Cape Fear Academy. During that time the Academy has seen many changes, both academically and in the facilities available to enhance our educational programs. A Search Committee was formed during the 2010-2011 school year to begin the process of finding a new Head of School. The Committee hired Dr. Thomas Redmon from the consulting firm of Carney, Sandoe & Associates to help lead this search. Special attention was given to input from members of the CFA community as Dr. Redmon and the committee reviewed the numerous resumes that were received. Semi-finalist candidates were invited to be interviewed by the Search Committee, who then reduced the number to the final three candidates. Information about them follows: Donald Berger has served as Head of Cary Academy (725 students, Grades 6-12) in Cary, NC, for the past fifteen years. Prior to this, Don was Head of Upper School and Dean of Students at the Manlius Pebble Hill School (500 students, Grades K-12) in DeWitt, NY (1985-1996). A graduate of Haverford College, Don holds a BA in Psychology with a concentration in English. He also has an MA in Educational Administration from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Kay Betts served as Head of Episcopal School (1000 students, Grades PK-12) in Baton Rouge, LA, from 2005-2010. From 1998 until 2005, she was Academic Dean at Marist School (1100

students, Grades 7-12) in Atlanta, GA. In the year following her tenure at Episcopal School, Kay founded Bettstrategic Group, an independent school consulting firm, and serves as its Principal Consultant. Kay holds a BA in Fine Arts and English from Centre College in Kentucky as well as an MS in Educational Leadership from Bank Street College in New York. Matthew Walsh currently serves as the Headmaster of LaGrange Academy (200 students, Grades PK-12) in LaGrange, GA, where he has been since 2006. Matt’s other independent school experience includes being Upper School Principal at Visitation Academy (620 students, Grades PK-12) in St. Louis, MO, from 2003 until 2006. He also served as Upper School Principal, Head of Summer School, and Associate Academic Dean at The Bolles School (1700 students, Grades PK-12) in Jacksonville, FL, from 1998 until 2003. A graduate of Georgetown University, Matt holds a BS in French with a minor in English. He also has an MA in Spanish Language and Literature from Middlebury College in Vermont.

If the Academy does not have your email address and you would like to receive the announcement of the new Head of School by email, please send that address to currents

Cape Fear Academy

November 2011 Currents Magazine  

Currents Magazine Issue #2 2011-2012 school year

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