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Volume 3, Issue 4

CFHS annual fall play Radium Girls moves audiences, leaves a lasting impression

Midterms are coming: How to deal with exam week stress a break and stretch or get a snack can optimize study time. Speaking of snacks, choosing the right snacks while studying gives your body and brain the fuel it deserves. Some brain boosting foods include blueberries, pumpkin seeds and carrots. Grabbing a snack is the perfect reason to take a break from studying and give your brain a rest.

With exams coming up, stress can start to build while grades simultaneously come to a close. All of this can be overwhelming, so knowing how to manage time and stress is an important skill to have. Use these tips and tricks to reach your full potential and get the best results of your study time. The cast and crew of CFHS’s 2018 production of Radium Girls.

Every year, Cuyahoga Falls High School’s theater program holds a fall play. For the 2018-2019 school year, “Radium Girls” was performed, and the historical-fiction drama made quite the impact on audience members. The play was a stark contrast to past lighthearted choices such as last year’s “Peter and Wendy” and the comedic mystery “Done to Death” performed the year before that. Focusing on the true misfortunes of the women that worked in radium factories in the early 1900’s, “Radium Girls” managed to evoke emotion and bring to light America’s prioritization of money over health. “It felt really amazing being able to bring all of the Radium Girls’ stories to life,” says Hannah Metzler, who played lead role, Grace Fryer, in the production. Grace is the focal point of the performance, always doing just what she’s told until she begins to get sick and her friends start dying around her. Finally, Grace fights for what she wants, for what’s right. The play shows Grace and the Radium Corporation battling in courthouses and between lawyers. Grace’s character gets stronger and stronger through each scene, and she never gives up. She’s an inspiration to not only the other characters in the play, but audience members as well. “I love this play because it’s the first time I’ve portrayed a real person,” says Metzler. One of the best parts about high school theater is the closeness of the cast and crew. Because of how much they work together, regardless if they know each other outside of the theater or not, they all help each other grow and improve in order to put on the best entertainment possible. This kind of teamwork undoubtedly brings the performance to life. “I feel very honored to have been a part of this show because I love this cast so much and I love [the director and drama teacher] Mrs. Mihalyov. I admire them all like crazy,” says Metzler.

It truly is amazing to see them all hold hands and bow at the end of the play they worked so hard to perfect. The energy is fantastic, and anyone can tell how united they feel in that moment. The end goal of any production is to leave a lasting impression on the audience; to create something that stays with them even after the curtain closes, and it’s safe to say from the emotions and standing ovations that came after this show, CFHS’s “Radium Girls” did just that. Kennedie O’Byrne, ‘19 Senior Contributor

Time management is KEY. Cramming all of the information you need for a test the night before is not as effective as some think. Mapping out when you should study what subject can make it easier to process information and gives you more time to study for each subject. However, spacing out your study times but not staying focused is not effective, so it’s best to cut out all distractions. Turning off your phone is a huge way to prevent distraction and make the most of study time. Another way to cut out distractions is to study somewhere that isn’t your room or house. Those places can be another distraction and are not always a good study area. Better study spaces include the library, classrooms with minimal distractions and sometimes even coffee shops where others can be found working. Another way to prevent cramming is to take regular breaks while studying. Creating a schedule for your study time and planning when to take

Finding the best study method for you can make studying easier. Whether it be flashcards, rewriting notes or studying with friends, each student is different when it comes to studying. However, one thing to make note of is that simply highlighting important facts and rereading does not help retain information. Some things like quizzing yourself and creating visualizations and metaphors for concepts can help retain information better. Exam week can bring a lot of stress and anxiety, so knowing how to manage those feelings can be extremely beneficial. Limiting caffeine is a huge way to prevent and ease stress, as caffeine is a stimulant and can make feelings of already present anxiety worse. Talking to a friend about worries during exam week can help normalize those feelings because your friends are probably feeling the same way. If a friend isn’t available right away then deep breaths, meditation, journaling and exercise can help you ease your mind and feel better. Taking care of your mind and body during stressful times like exam week is vital to getting a good grade and ending the grading period on a high note. Following these tips are just a few ways to keep your mind healthy during exams. Talia Gogel, ‘19 Senior Contributor

Winter Art Show: A “red carpet” affair to showcase Black Tiger talent

TOP: Grace Fryer (Hannah Metzler) and her fiancé Tom Kreider (Max Davis) discuss the future of their relationship after Grace discovers she has radium poisoning. BOTTOM: Arthur Roeder (Dustin Johnson) and C. B. Lee (Zayen Comedy) decide what to do about the government’s reports of the dangers of radium. All photos provided by Mrs. Renee Mihalyov.

CFHS held the opening to the Winter Art Show on Wednesday, Dec. 5. The “red carpet” event took place in the high school’s atrium and showcased artwork made by CFHS students this past semester. A large variety of pieces were on display, such as clay houses, intricate paintings, Photoshop masterpieces and prints that could put even Andy

Warhol to shame. A wide range of hor d’oeuvres was provided, including cheese slices, grapes, apples and cookies. The CFHS Art Club made a record profit selling handmade pieces like glass icicle ornaments and clay “worry stones.” Continued under ART on page 4

IN THIS ISSUE… Fall sports review Students’ Hogwarts houses 2018 in review And more!

Winter 2018

The Tiger Times Newspaper

Go, fight, win! CFHS cheerleaders stole the show at competition at Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School CFHS cheerleaders competed at the Suburban League Cheer Competition on Monday, Nov. 5 at Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School. "I was really excited because it was my last competition and we had worked really hard on our routine," senior varsity cheerleader Madison Bartek said. There were a number of other teams competing in the same division as the cheerleaders, such as Stow, Tallmadge, and Nordonia. "I wasn't super nervous [about the other teams] because I have seen all of them before and it's the same teams that come back every year, but I know that Brecksville and North Royalton always bring the heat so I was nervous about that," Bartek said. There were two divisions competing, the first being the American division and the second being the National division. The American division consisted of Revere, Tallmadge, and Aurora. The National division consisted of Cuyahoga Falls, Twinsburg, Stow, Brecksville-Broadview Heights, Nordonia, Hudson and North Royalton. "The other cheerleaders [from other teams] looked fine, but our cheerleaders look stupendous," senior Jacob Barnes said. CFHS student council planned a superfan bus for students to ride to and from the competition to

support the cheerleaders. Senior Daizhaun Brazile rode the superfan bus. "It was exciting and so full of energy. I feel like the cheerleaders did a great job with the choreography and putting their whole routine together," he said. At the end of the competition, the awards were given. In the American division, Tallmadge won first place, with Revere winning second place, and Aurora placing in third place. In the National division, North Royalton won first place, Brecksville-Broadview Heights won second place, and Stow placed in third place. "I'm pleased with how the Black Tigers performed. My goal for the team at this competition was to surprise our fans and the Suburban League and I think we accomplished that goal. We are still building as a team and I am looking forward to future competitions," varsity coach Miss Katelyn Ferrara said. The CFHS cheerleaders are not backing down, however. The team plans to compete at the AmeriCheer Competition in Alliance, Ohio on Dec. 15. "I'm thankful for the support from our student section and am looking forward to competing our routine one more time," Ferrara said. The cheerleaders are excited to show off what

they've perfected for the future competition and upcoming basketball season. Talia Gogel, ‘19 Senior Contributor

TOP: The competition cheerleaders pose for a photo at the Suburban League Cheer Competition. BOTTOM: The marching band, led by senior Sam Bachtel, creates our beloved “script Falls.”

This year’s changes in CFHS policies and rules With the 2018 school year coming to a close, I thought it would be nice to review some of the new rules implemented during this year and the purpose they serve. First, skipping classes has become a problem among the student body. The staff and administration thought it best to deal with the skipping epidemic by including two new rules. First, a student who is not present in study hall will be marked absent for the entire period. On top of that, a parent or guardian will receive a call informing of what periods the student missed. These rules are obviously in place to try and stop

students from skipping, or at least to better catch the students who are so that they can be punished accordingly. The next noteworthy major change is the change to the lunch doors. Now, all students can only enter through the back door closest to the band hallway. A lot of students are angry about the rule, but not many understand its purpose. To increase safety, the school is taking many precautions to ensure the students are safe by better monitoring how the cafeteria is entered and by whom. This reaches another rule that deals with enter-

ing and exiting the building. Students are not permitted to open building doors for anyone. While this is not a new rule, it is being closely monitored and enforced. These rules are meant to make it more difficult for unknown people to enter the building and more difficult for anyone to just burst into the cafeteria. While some of these rules are not new, they are being upheld and enforced this year. Dalton Husbands, ‘19 Senior Contributor

Page 2 CFHS 2018 fall sports Fall season was a challenge for the Black Tigers, starting with the varsity football team coming to the end of the season with one win against Brecksville. They put up some good fights, like this game and the Norton game. Through it all, they stuck with it and hopefully will do better in the years to come. The marching band isn’t technically a sport; however, they are just as athletic and they represent our school in one of the best ways there is. This year, the marching band’s show was 1967 themed and played music like “Happy Together” and “Nights in White Satin.” They performed very well at band shows like Massillon as well as the Buckeye Invitational at OSU. The band will be going to Disney World and Universal Studios over spring break thanks to the fundraising and hard work they put in. The boys’ and girls’ soccer teams put up a fight for a couple wins this season. The boys’ team won five wins but they lost 12 times. The girls won twice and tied three of their games but ended up losing seven times. The volleyball teams found some success this year. Varsity came in with four wins and 18 losses, and the freshmen team only won once and lost 15 times. Boys’ golf lost all seven of their games, and while the girls’ team struggled also, they found success not through wins, but through their growth over the season. “As a coach, I really enjoyed the team and hope to improve each year,” said coach Yvonne Federonick. The cheer team won first place at cheer camp for the UCA Rally Routing, Game Day and Overall Top Spirit Banana. They sure did put in a lot of work at cheer camp over the summer. The girls’ tennis team had a successful season overall this fall and are sad to see their senior players go. “It was my favorite part of high school and I was blessed to be a part of that program,” said senior captain Madi Horrigan. Finally, girls’ cross country overall had 63 wins and 44 losses in their 2018 season. In the Suburban League, they had one win and suffered 13 losses. Meanwhile, the boys’ cross country team struggled this fall. “At the beginning of the season, we really bonded,” said junior Jack Wilcoxson. “This was a really rough [season, but[ we definitely learned a lot,” he added. Cuyahoga Falls hasn’t had the best year, but our athletes definitely gave it their all on the field or court this season. One thing, however, is certain: we will find more success soon because as everyone knows, we bleed black and gold. Sam Bachtel, ‘19 Senior Contributor

OPINION: Starbucks or Dunkin? STARBUCKS: Good coffee is the answer When you're comparing Starbucks to Dunkin, there can only be one winner. It's Starbucks, no doubt. When you go to Starbucks, it just feels right. The coffee, the food, the merchandise and the environment. The coffee at Starbucks has a very real coffee taste. It is always the right temperature as well. You never have to blow on it to cool it down. Their coffee options are really nice too. They have enough for a variety of options, but not too many that it makes you indecisive and overwhelmed. Plus, their seasonal options are always tasty, with the pumpkin spice latte or the toasted white chocolate frappuccino. A classmate of mine agrees, "I think they have a lighter range of options and they have more vegan options." Does Dunkin have vegan options? The answer is no. The food at Starbucks is also very good. They have sandwiches and desserts such as pastries or cookies. They even have the trendy cake pops in the case. Having a croissant or a cookie with a hot cup of coffee makes it all more enjoyable. The merchandise at Starbucks’ stores is incredi-

bly intricate. Dunkin doesn't have mugs or even French presses. The only thing they really have are just cheap plastic cups. At Starbucks, the tumbler cups, mugs or travel mugs are usually made out of stainless steel, glass or another nice material. They keep your coffee hot or cold, however you prefer it. They make perfect gifts for the holidays or birthdays. They even have ornaments and cups that even represent your home state Ohio. Finally, just like the mugs at Starbucks, Dunkin’s environment does not compete with Starbucks’ at all. Dunkin stores are very orange and look like a child decorated it. Starbucks stores have art and great seating with free WiFi. At Starbucks, the people are very quiet and not loud, so when you decide to dine in you won't be distracted by the people around you. They keep to themselves because most people at Starbucks have things to do, unlike at Dunkin. So if you want delicious coffee in a nice clean environment while getting a pastry and picking out a thoughtful gift for someone you love, then I think we both know where to go. Sam Bachtel, ‘19 Senior Contributor

DUNKIN: America runs on donuts and hash browns Dunkin Donuts, which originated in 1948, is the beloved nemesis of Starbucks. The heated debate between the two coffee joints has been ongoing for years. Dunkin Donuts, however, brings the better part of breakfast. With better breakfast options, cheaper and better coffee and quicker service, Dunkin has never been one to fail. Firstly, donuts. The donuts at Dunkin Donuts alone outshine Starbucks. Even though Starbucks has donuts, they don’t have nearly as many fun flavors of donuts Dunkin has. From chocolate glazed to maple frosted, Dunkin Donuts flavors are far more original than the sad and lonely old-fashioned donut Starbucks decided to add to their overpriced array of baked goods. Another item that Dunkin Donuts has that Starbucks lacks is hash browns. Crispy, fried potatoes are an essential part to fast-food breakfast, so not having them is just a disgrace. Dunkin hash browns are savory and delicious; Starbucks could never match that. Dunkin Donuts is also cheaper, and you get more bang for your buck! For example, a small

16-ounce iced coffee at Dunkin costs $1.59, while a tall size, comparable to a size small, is only 12 ounces and costs $2.25 at Starbucks. Ironically, the Starbucks 16 ounce grande, which is comparable to a size medium, is the same size as a Dunkin small and costs over a dollar more at $2.65. Why pay more for less? Dunkin also charges 10 cents less for a non-dairy milk substitute than Starbucks charges. To conclude, Dunkin is the finer choice for a breakfast and coffee run. Save yourself the pain of lesser quality coffee for a steeper prices. As we all know, America runs on Dunkin. Talia Gogel, ‘19 Senior Contributor

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Winter 2018

IN THE HALLS: Which Hogwarts house are you?

If Cuyahoga Falls High School had its very own sorting hat, which Harry Potter house would you be sorted into? I went to the halls of CFHS to find out. Hogwarts, the magical school in the “Harry Potter” series, is home to four different houses that students are sorted in based on their character: Gryffindor, the house for the brave and chivalrous; Ravenclaw, for those with wisdom and creativity; Hufflepuff for the loyal, kind and dedicated; and lastly, Slytherin for the cunning and ambitious. “People think it’s the smart people, but really, it’s just free thinking,” said Gwen Taylor, a Ravenclaw in 12th grade. Senior Kathryn Keverkamp said, “I see myself in Gryffindor because I’m very passionate about the things I find interesting.” Joe Parianos, a senior said he likes being a Slytherin because “it gives me an excuse to be evil.” Megan Samspel in grade 12 said that she is definitely in Gryffindor by stating, “Yeah, well I’m an Aries, so…” Audrey Larlham, ‘19 Senior Contributor

The Tiger Times Newspaper MOVIE REVIEW: Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald

Image from IMDB.com.

The newest movie to enter the Potter-verse is out: the follow up to 2017’s “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” “Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald” has a PG-13 rating for sequences of fantasy action. As a new addition to the ever expanding series of books and movies that is the Potter-verse, fans were very excited for this to finally come out. Fans and critics alike seem to be disappointed by the movie—it’s currently sitting with a 39% on Rotten Tomatoes. People are criticizing the movie for having messy subplots, fanfavorite characters who take a back seat, and a general lack of the magical elements that people enjoy most about this universe. I went and saw “The Crimes of Grindelwald,” and I’ll be giving my own opinion on how I thought the movie was. I’m going to start with the things about this movie that I liked. First, like how after watching this movie I can see how it’s connected to the main Harry Potter movies. I think putting in a lot of references to your books is a fun way for a writer to give a little nod to the audience who actually has read what made this into a movie series.

I also actually really liked the acting in this movie. Johnny Depp really gave a good effort and has shined in both films in the series. Other than those things, unfortunately I really am drawing a blank on good things, which is sad to say because I really, really wanted to like this movie. Most of its elements, plots and ideas are ambitious, but they fall flat and left me feeling really disappointed. A lot of things in this movie are very “meh” at best, and at their worst they give you a massive headache. For example, one of the things I think is good is a double-edged sword because the nods and references to the original Harry Potter series are cool for longtime fans, but new viewers may get nothing out of them. Here comes the part I was dreading: the bad of this movie. Overall, the movie isn’t necessarily bad; it just isn’t good. I mentioned earlier that I liked how it becomes clearer about how it ties into the main Harry Potter storyline, and that's cool—great, even. The problem lies in the fact that there honestly seems to be a lack of a point in this movie. My brain cannot comprehend why it was made, and especially why it was made the way it was made. The subplots are a huge mess; trying to navigate them and figure out the meaning is like trying to accurately navigate the Bermuda triangle. The story is just a big mess and the big reveal— the twist—left me honestly a little mad. Overall the movie is disappointing. I had hoped it would add a ton of new fun elements and be enjoyable. While it was still somewhat enjoyable, it just doesn’t hold a candle to the first “Fantastic Beasts” movie in my opinion. Overall I’d say give the film a 2.5 out of 5 stars It isn’t completely horrible, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. I do urge you go and watch it for yourself. Hopefully you will be able to find enjoyment or appreciation in an area where I did not. Dalton Husbands, ‘19 Senior Contributor

Page 3 Feeling the 70s vibes: Falls 2018 Homecoming dance On Saturday, Oct. 13 in the CFHS gymnasium, the annual homecoming dance was held. As an experience you only get to have four times in your high school career, it was a night of music, dancing and, all in all, fun. This year's homecoming dance was a disco fever 70s inspired dance with many decorations to fit the time. The decorations and lights had a lot of hard work put into them, and it seemed to pay off with a good amount of student praise. Students who attended the dance seemed to be a part of the majority opinion that the decorations were good and fun this year. "I thought the decorations were pretty good," junior Skye Samuels said. Word has even spread to some people who did not attend this year's dance. Whether it was a work or family complication, or you flat out didn't want to go, those who were not able to attend but were within earshot to hear feedback on it. Senior Samantha Pamfilie did not attend the dance but heard some good things from her friends who did go. "From what I heard, the lights, setup and overall decor were pretty good," she said. The decorations were not the only thing to receive a good amount of praise this year. "The photo booth was a lot of fun," said senior Grace Puin, who was not the only student to say so. Most of the students asked seemed to in one way or another bring up the photo booth and felt it was cool or fun. However, the dance wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. Nothing is perfect, and to expect such is absurd. Across the board, the majority of the student body had one main issue in particular: the DJ. Puin believed the DJ wasn't very good and could have been better. Even those who did not go to the dance heard similar remarks from those who did attend. "The main bad things I heard were DJ complaints, a lot of DJ complaints," Pamfilie said. Overall, students seemed to enjoy the dance besides the main complaint. It was definitely a successful event this year, as the majority of the student body enjoyed their night. Dalton Husbands, ‘19 Senior Contributor

Stuck in the snow? Here’s what to do on a snow day

A snow day is one of those things everyone looks forward to: no school and a whole day to yourself. But, most people probably sit inside on their phones playing video games when there is just so much to do outside.

Snow may remind you of your childhood, and everyone has at least one fun memory of a snowy day. It could be sledding down a hill, or maybe the biggest snowball you ever had. However, these activities don’t have to stop when you're a little kid. Next time there is a snow day, here some ideas of what to do. When the snow falls so effortlessly, it just looks so peaceful. It makes it worth it to go outside for a walk. If the roads aren't too bad, then head to the towpath trail or the nature realm to go on a small hike, and make sure you bring some birdseed for the birds. You can place it in your hands and hold it out for the chickadees to come fly in your hand. It will work 100% of the time. Next, if you want to warm up, or if you just want to stay inside, here is where to go.

One of the best ways to stay warm is to drink a nice cup of coffee. You can get lattes, cappuccinos or even hot chocolate if they have it. Go out with your friends or even spend a relaxing afternoon alone at a coffee bar. Starbucks is always a nice place, but it can get kind of crowded. Nervous Dog is a great coffee bar with plenty of delicious options and delicious bagel sandwiches. My personal favorite spot is about 15 minutes away in Hudson. Open Door Coffee House is a very comfortable coffee bar. It is very calm yet busy. If you're lucky, you can get a table, but make sure you get it before ordering because they will fill fast. They have couches, tables, lounge chairs and even a bar with stools. You can even go for an open mic night. It's an amazing place to grab a cup of coffee with friends. It's a great thing to play in the snow. Have a snow ball fight or even go sledding. Gather up some friends, tell them to stop being lazy and hang out

outside. Go to somewhere with an open field or even woods. It only takes a short amount of time to make a fort, and it can be fun to just throw snow balls at each other. A snow ball fight is a timeless act. It will always be fun, just like sledding. For a sled ride, you don't even have to go to a ski slope—any hill will work. Don't have a sled? Get a laundry basket. My brother and I would get laundry baskets and sled down a pile of snow made by the street snow plow. If you can't find a hill, that's not the last option. One of the most fun place to sled off is the high piles of snow in parking lots. They have giant drops and you go fast too. Then, once you hit the cement, it is icy so you keep sliding on it (but be careful!). So the next time a snow is called, go outside, try something new and have some fun! Sam Bachtel, ‘19 Senior Contributor

Winter 2018

The Tiger Times Newspaper

The 2018 wrap-up Movies are incredibly important when looking back on the year. The quality of film can arguably make or break a year. When looking back, everyone wants to be able to remember productions that changed or impacted them in one way or another, and it’s safe to say 2018 provided a lot of those. Here’s a list of some of the top movies released this past year, some now with Golden Globe Nominations:

         

Avengers: Infinity War Black Panther A Quiet Place Ocean’s 8 The Incredibles 2 Bohemian Rhapsody Crazy Rich Asians Mary Poppins Returns A Star is Born Ralph Breaks the Internet

Next to film in impactfulness is books. The stories that are told can help characterize a year in terms of the messages that most needed to be heard. Here are some of 2018’s books, all with messages the people deserved to hear:

         

TIGER TIMES WORD SEARCH Find the words based on this winter issue of the Tiger Times in the search below.

Finally, music. This was the year for musicians everywhere. So much new content, so many bands coming out of hiatus, and so many people making millions of playlists just to keep track of all of the songs they’ve been loving. Here are some of the top tracks of 2018:

          

No Tears Left to Cry by Ariana Grande God’s Plan by Drake Girls Like You by Maroon 5 I Like It by Cardi B The Middle by Maren Morris This is America by Donald Glover Better Now by Post Malone Back To You by Selena Gomez Youngblood by 5SOS In My Blood by Shawn Mendes Havana by Camila Cabello

All of this content (and more!) was provided in 2018, making it, without a doubt, a year to remember. It can only be imagined what 2019 might bring. Kennedie O’Byrne, ‘19 Senior Contributor

Becoming by Michelle Obama Yes We (Still) Can: Politics in the Age of Obama, Twitter, and Trump by Dan Pfeiffer There There by Tommy Orange Warlight by Michael Ondaatje The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer The Overstory by Richard Powers The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn Girls Burn Brighter by Shobha Rao Severance by Ling Ma Dread Nation by Justina Ireland

THE TIGER TIMES 2018-2019 STAFF Senior Contributors Dalton Husbands Talia Gogel Kennedie O’Byrne Audrey Larlham Sam Bachtel Adviser Mrs, Shaker

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ART — continued from page 1 Live music rocked the show with a performance by J.D. and Ken, a local acoustic band. All around, the show was a huge success for the art department and did a great job of showcasing the amazing student talent here at CFHS. If you missed this show, don’t worry! The AP Studio Art students will be holding another show this February at the Sheraton Hotel on Front Street. We can’t wait to see you there! Audrey Larlham, ‘19 Senior Contributor































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