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May 2018

Senior Issue

Falls annual Art Walk has successful turnout The annual Art Walk here in Cuyahoga Falls was held on Thursday, April 19 and had a successful turnout. Despite the cold weather, many people came to show their support and enjoy the art. The Art Walk took place in many different spots in Cuyahoga Falls. The Walk started at City Hall where visitors could try pin making and see the K12 City Hall framed art display as well as the debut of Dewitt Elementary Mural. The next stop was the Cuyahoga Falls Library. Here, visitors could build a glowing car and partake in a glow room, trophy fun, photo-ops and an art display. The third stop was Harps and Thistles Yarn Emporium. This is where you could participate in a string art mural, and there were also art and window displays. The next stop was Hints of Happiness. Here, you could get a metal stamped necklace or a henna tattoo and view an art display here as well. The next stop on the route was Urban Lace, where CFHS Hot Works sold metal art and displayed their work. At Metropolis Popcorn, visitors could help make a POP! popcorn mural and visit Miss Bogdan, Mrs. Freitag-Geiger, Mayor Don Walters, Noah Spinner, Max Schueneman and a special guest. Visitors also received 25 percent off popcorn sales, which would contribute to the CFCS Art Walk fund. After some Continued under ART on page 3

Spring musical Annie impresses audiences all around On the weekend of April, 13, 14 and 15, the student musical Annie took place in the CFHS auditorium. When the lights went down and the pit orchestra started to play their beautiful music, excitement filled the auditorium. As soon as the show started, everyone was blown away by the talent on the stage. The show lasted about 2 hours, and I thought it was the perfect length, even though I never wanted it to end. The show was a huge success with a grand total of 1,251 guests attending across all three days. On Friday night there were 401 audience members, Saturday had 452 and lastly, closing night had 398 people in attendance. E v er yone involved in the musical did a wonderful job making it all come together each night it was performed. Not only did the actors and stage crew do an amazing job, but the pit orchestra did as well. The orchestra added a special touch to the performance for everyone. Director Mrs. Ford said, “Hands down this has Continued under ANNIE on page 4

Volume 3, Issue 3

A little party never hurt nobody: CFHS prom preview Earlier this year, the seniors decided on what they wanted for the prom theme. Junior executive committee sent out a ballot to the senior homerooms with three options: AdvenEach year, DECA students participate in a competition to design the Awaits, year’s prom tickets. This year’s ticket, shown above, was designed by ture senior Nevin Boland, whose prize was a free ticket to the dance. Roaring 20s and Old Hollywood. When the ballots were returned to the committee, it was decided that Roaring 20s would be the 2018 prom theme. Prom will be held on Saturday, May 12 at University of Akron. The doors for the dance will open at 7 p.m., and the dance itself will take place from 8 to 11 p.m. With the dance theme of the Roaring 20s, there will be a lot of old-school decorations to recreate the feel of the “Gatsby” time period. Tickets for prom cost $30 and will be on sale during all three lunches from April 27 until May 11. Anyone who is not in the building during fourth period will be allowed to purchase the tickets from Mrs. Rogers room in 312. Also, don’t forget—if you’re bringing a outside guest to prom this year, make sure to fill out a guest form and have it signed by a principal before the purchase of your tickets.

Carly Schneiders, ‘19 Reporter

inthisissue… One Acts review Should teachers be armed? New safety procedures at CFHS Powderpuff football Special senior page And much, much more!

May 2018

The Tiger Times Newspaper

Page 2

Letter from the editor: Kagan Kopp

Increasing school safety at CFHS

It’s my last year here at the Cuyahoga Falls High School, and as the editor-inchief for the high school newspaper, it’s been a great honor to serve our readers and staff through the year. Having this newspaper has been a source of joy for me, and having readers to support us has been extremely gratifying. This is our second print article this year, a feat that we were unable to achieve last year, and would not have been able to accomplish without our amazing staff, readers and sponsors.

School safety has always been a huge priority at CFHS; however, as of Feb. 14, 2018, when 14 students and three staff members were killed in a school shooting in Florida, schools around the entire country, including CFHS, began to get more and more strict with their rules and safety procedures. Students were starting to feel concerned about their safety in school, and school administrators had to do something fast. After holding open meetings for students, staff, and community members during and after school, the administration created and implemented a plan to help keep CFHS safe at all times. They came up with a plan to first perform lock-down drills more regularly to help us be more prepared. They also decided to lock every door around the school and limit entry during the day to the main doors, with signs on other doors around the building stating to not let anyone in, even if you know the person. This would limit the possibility

And as this year ends, I would like to wish our seniors good luck as they graduate and move out into the world. I would like to thank all again for giving us this opportunity to bring the news to our high school.


Kagan Kopp Editor in chief

of an intruder coming into the building through an unmonitored area and jeopardizing those inside. Another safety measure that was agreed upon was locking almost every door around the cafeteria except two double-doors. This was to be certain that the two double-doors could be easily locked if there were to be a dangerous situation, instead of having to lock at least six doors. This will keep students in the cafeteria for lunch or study hall safer in case of an emergency. The teachers and principals have downloaded an app on their phones to help keep track of students in emergency situations. Through this app, an emergency notification is sent out to the entire staff, and teachers are able to immediately report attendance of the students in their classes at the time. This way, the police can be notified of who is present and who is not when they arrive. Amiah Blouir, ‘20 Reporter

inthehalls Seniors, what’s your favorite high school memory?

My favorite memory from high school is being here at school and learning new things.

My favorite memory is being a part of Tiger Backers, which built many of my friendships I have today and taught me the leadership skills I know today.

My favorite memory high school memory would be participating in sports and creating the friends I have today through it.

My favorite memory is being a part of the executive committee, being able to plan prom and seeing the hard work pay off at the end of the day. This has built the leadership skills I know today, which will stay with me throughout life.

My favorite memory from high school would be all of the memories I made with all of my best friends.

Paige Lagowski

Jarred Holland

Abi Kubasek

Seth Asbury

Anthony “AJ” Jones

OPINION: Should teachers be armed? YES: Arming teachers keeps students safe Firstly, I want to state that this is an argumentative piece, and is not necessarily how I feel, but for argumentative purposes. This is also a very important topic I decided I wanted to touch on. So, should teachers be able to carry firearms? Many agree that if done properly, yes. There have been 17 school shootings in 2018 alone, and 290 in total since 2013. That is a gut-wrenching number. With the numbers growing higher, peoples’ concerns started growing as well, so much so that it touched the White House. President Donald Trump even began to announce the idea of paying teachers in bonuses for undergoing gun training. State laws related to guns in schools vary from state to state, and although many only apply to college campuses, some states give teachers with concealed carry permits the ability to have guns on the grounds of K12 schools, according to the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. A school district in Kansas has taken

full advantage of this. After Sandy Hook, they decided they wanted to hire a full-time security guard, but could not afford it. Instead ,they trained more than a dozen teachers and staff as armed guards. "Every second that ticks by is a possibility of a life lost. What we've gathered from this is that it can be done, it can be done right," said David Hopkins CNN affiliate KFSM. So the answer to this is yes, with training and care, why shouldn’t teachers be able to carry? Some may argue that instead we should be focusing our efforts on restricting gun laws so school shooters can’t get at guns in the first place. My answer to this is that I agree, but with the added factor of teachers carrying, the likelihood of a school shooting happening is even less. A teacher's job is to create a safe environment for students to learn. Allowing them to carry is doing just that.

Myah White, ‘18 Reporter

NO: More guns in schools is never a solution Two wrongs don’t make a right, and arming teachers prevent violence is a solution that just won’t work. First, in order to carry a gun, individuals need extensive training to attain a license to bear firearms in public spaces. This, of course, costs money. Many school districts have stated that they cannot afford to employ police officers or security guards full time because of the cost, which, logically, means that ongoing training for teachers would fall into the same unaffordable category. The fact of the matter is, schools simply do not have the funds to cover the costs of training staff members to carry guns, let alone the funds to purchase weapons for employees. Let’s, however, imagine that districts did have unlimited funds and could afford training and provide guns. What if that gun, whether intentionally or unintentionally, got into the wrong hands? It’s not unreasonable to imagine that a child might stumble across it at some point while getting some-

thing off a teacher’s desk or rummaging through a drawer looking for a pencil, and accidentally fire it. Who is responsible, the child who accidentally harmed someone, or the teacher who was simply following protocol by having a protective weapon? This is opening a dangerous can of worms. The logical solution to this problem would be to keep the weapon in a safe space, whether locked up in a cabinet or in an administrator’s office. But then teachers are losing valuable time running to a different location to get the gun, or having to unlock a cabinet to access the weapon. In the few moments it takes to do so, serious damage could be done. While those proposing this idea to keep students safe definitely do have good intentions in mind, there are simply too many uncertainties about this solution to adopt it in schools. Do you have an opinion to share? Tweet us at @CF_TigerTimes, or send us an email with your thoughts at cf_tigertimes@cfalls.org!

May 2018

The Tiger Times Newspaper

Senior Page


A letter to the graduates Dear Class of 2018,

I thank you for making a lasting impression at Cuyahoga Falls High School. I am confident that this will not be the last one you make. My hope for this class is to continue your attack on life with the same tenacity, commitment, and passion that I have witnessed so many times in each of you throughout the years. Know that each of your lives matter. Know that each of your journeys will be full of challenges. Know that devotion and drive are the source of change. Know that kindness and empathy makes the world a better place. Know that you will often fail and that is a good thing. Know that people and not positions will bring happiness to your life. Love what you do and most importantly, love who you are. Finally, remember throughout the rest of your journey that you will always hold a piece of the Falls in your heart and that you will forever be a BLACK TIGER. I love you!

Senior Favorites

c Favorite Musi


Favorite TV Show


Favorite Restauran t

Grey’s Anatomy

te Favori



Miss Bogdan CFHS Principal

Senior Superlatives! Best Dressed

Sarah Wyatt & Kevin Werner

Best Smile

Most Likely to Become Famous

Class Clown

Emina Celic & Bronson Luksza

Cutest Couple

Abby Semick & Sam Alvis

Class Flirt

Nicole Bechter & Ben Kinker

Most Artistic

Cora Shane & Cleo Bebber

Most Changed from Freshman to Senior Year

Favorite Movie


Favorit e

Falls Pi z


Olivia Wolfram & Sam Wilson

Most Likely to Become President

Papa Jo h

Katie Rozsa & Noah Spinner

Most Likely to Return to CFHS as a Teacher

Marissa Bowers & Logan Fordyce


Star Wars

Favorite Te a



te Cand Favori

Most School Spirit

Sara Hiland & Kyle Pursley

Teacher’s Pet

Sarah Nichols & Nate Kraudel

Abi Kubasek & Bobby Read

Most Competitive

Worst Case of Senioritis

Kayla Huffman & Dion Davis


Most Dramatic

Chloe Stratton & Chris Landis Emma Hammonds & Saivon Davis

Olive Gard


atch K Sour P

Jillian Perry & Dominic Alexander Mr. Slone

Special thanks to Miss Sivado and the yearbook crew for providing the information featured on this page!

May 2018

The Tiger Times Newspaper

In the news: Headlines in the birth years of the class of 2018 By Myah White, ‘18

The U.S. women’s soccer team wins the

FIFA Women’s World Cup

A tornado hits

I Hate About You

The movie 10 Things

Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial ends

and he is found

The human population

U. S. President

surpasses six billion

is released


Oklahoma, killing 38


Jordan announces his

North Carolina


Floyd hits

Family Guy

not guilty Hurricane retirement from basketball

In Colorado, 15 die

and 24 are injured in the

Columbine massacre

Senior Page

Hats off to you, Seniors! Love, Your Teachers s of 2018: know To the Clas re getting to su ea pl ard to a It has been u in class. Looking forw yo on the ving k ha ar d m an ur u yo yo you make seeing how Good luck in your world. avors. The is future ende on wish so near class of ls es a —Mrs. Nicho nd h and dea 2018 a r espe ppiness to me! B to all cially est of m —Ms . Str y Molly you an auss d ! er

r, lack Tige Once a B ger. Our doors Ti ck la B a to each ALWAYS are always open s . and heart every one of you and arker —Mr. P

.in life Remember.. s, you create ke ta is m e ak you don’t m portunities! learning op tions Congratula !! 18 class of 20 z

go o ut o Don’t be a f yo u new r comf fraid to o t h you ings! rt zone —M all the I wish and t ry rs. M be st. e

—Ms. Ramire

neg os

nd elf a s you rs, a to yours rd and io n a e e h S y tru y, work , sta p head you hap thing :) a k loo ! kes ome t ma make s tulations wha an ra hulm Cong s. Sc —Mr

Bill Gates founder of Microsoft,

2000 the U.S. becomes

lifespan in

The average

but the final outcome is not known

for over a month because of

disputed votes in Florida

Over 5 million acres of land are destroyed

by brush fires in the western U.S.

300 pounds of sludge

in the presidential election,

is released into the

Democratic Vice President Al Gore

Mississippi River,

Republican challenger George W. Bush defeats



I’m go miss a ing ll would of my sen to iors!! touch “I consid their hearts hoped I . ered h would ow th I never ey touch m ine!” —Mr. S lone

n lations o Congratu f a wonderful o ur n o ti le p ps into yo the com e first ste and for th ur own path. , e n o st mile reate yo future. C passions. Think Pursue good. good. Be . Do Good —Mr. Pet

Best o Class f luck to yo of 201 u proud 8! We are of you ! —Mrs. Hoove r


leaves his position as CEO

causing an environmental disaster

77.5 years

Grand Slam in golf Sony releases the PlayStation2


player to win a


becomes the youngest

The Summer Olympics

Tiger Woods

Hillary Clinton is elected to the Senate

civil unions


to legalize same-sex

the state of


New York

Vermont passes

are held in

Eminem releases The Slim Shady LP

La d lo po ifer sib dete le y lo imencia en rmin t ació posible re n Buen de una está en la p a erso s — Se na. ñora uerte!

lass r Times luck c e Good lly our Tig h! ia c e p Mya s e & , a 8 y 1 n of 20 seniors, A iss you! We’ll m nigar e

J —Miss

and con Wishing so much gratulati luck o You are an amazi ns to the class o f 2018 n g gr o A specia l shout o up of young peop . u 2018 Bla t to my favorite le. ck Tiger… Sarah M avis —Mrs. C Wyatt! arlisle

iss uch m o excited n an ery m I will v , but I am s e. It’s bee m 8 . o 1 p u 20 bec ss of u will u grow the cla ple that yo to watch yo change o t e e h the p rivileg nd lig to see onor and p oodness a ever let n g h r d u n o a y , May the world hange your c ght. orld the w ess and li goodn iss Freitag —M

Once a Black Tiger, always a Black Tiger. Best wishes, seniors! —Miss Sivado

For my first year Hea you have m lth and Wellness stud ade me prou ents— d and have my heart. R emember to a lasting place in share your love, empa enthusiasm thy, and with others . —Mrs. Ford

May 2018

The Tiger Times Newspaper

Page 3 ART —continued from page 1

In memory of those who lost their lives in Florida On Feb. 14, 2018, a former student of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Nikolas Cruz, took an Uber car to the high school in Parkland, Fla. He managed to get through the doors with no suspicion. When he reached the school’s building 12, he pulled a rifle out of a black case and pulled the fire alarm to try and get as many students out of their classrooms as possible. Cruz began to shoot in classrooms, hallways and on the stairs. He fired more than 20 shots, killing 14 students and three faculty members. Those who survived are rallying over gun laws and how this tragedy could be prevented in the future. Survivors tweeted President Donald Trump, saying “I was hiding in a closet for 2

hours. It was about guns. You weren't there, you don't know how it felt. Guns give these disgusting people the ability to kill other human beings. This IS about guns and this is about all the people who had their life abruptly ended because of guns.” Another student tweeted, “@realDonaldTrump hello I’m the 16 year old girl who tweeted you that I didn’t want your condolences, I wanted gun control, and went viral because of it. I heard you are coming to my community soon. I would love for you to hear my opinions on gun control in person.” They joined together to flood the Capitol in a march to support their ideas and what they believe is right. Florida, and the rest of the country,

still stands together to remember those who lost their lives. Here is a list of those who will be remembered and missed dearly: Alyssa Alhadess, age 14; Martin Duque Anguiano, age 14; Scott Beigel, age 35; Nicholas Dworet, age 17; Aaron Feis, age 37; Jamie Guttenberg, age 14; Chris Hixon, age 49; Luke Hoyer, age 15; Cara Loughran, age 14; Gina Montalto, age 14; Joaquin Oliver, age 17; Alania Petty, age 14; Meadow Pollack, age 18; Helena Ramsay, age 17; Alex Schachter, age 14; Carmen Schentrup, age 16; and Peter Wang, age 15. Amiah Blouir, ‘20 Reporter

One Acts show, as usual, does not disappoint student, he simply cannot figure out what he could have possibly done. Many students protest to free him and believe what he is doing is right, and he becomes the hero of the school, even though he has no The directors, cast and crew of this year’s One Acts plays. Photo idea why. Later, the principal lets courtesy of Mrs. Renee Mihalyov. him go because One Acts is a theater program that another student confessed. Still, the never fails to impress. This year’s show, principal would not tell the student held on Feb. 1 and 2 in the Little Thea- what he was accused of doing. It was ter, definitely did not disappoint. Featur- very funny and kept the audience woning four student-directed plays with dering what he did wrong. different casts and characters, each of The third play was called “Speed Date” the plays were funny, emotional and and was directed by Katie Frank, ansometimes eye-opening. other senior. A man and a woman go The first play, called “No More Mr. Nice on dates to find their perfect match. It Guy,” was directed by senior Audrey was indicated that both dated each Sondles. The play is about a man who other previously and did not know they lives a community of bad-mannered would see each other at the same people. The man gets in trouble with dating meetup. Each person went on the police for being a good person dates with people who were definitely which, in this community, is against the not a good match. Although neither law. The police introduce him to the person ended up feeling a connection most bad-mannered person in town to with any of the people they went on teach him to be like everyone else. In dates with, they found each other the end, his personality changes and again at the end. It was a very sweet he learns to be a little more of a bad play with a comedic side to it. person. The plot was very funny, and so The fourth and final play was called “4 were the characters. A.M.,” directed by senior Abigail KubaThe second play was called sek, and it was about what goes on a “Confession: Kafka in High School,” four in the morning and the different directed by senior Olivia Wolfram. A thoughts and feelings that are experistudent is pulled from his bed at night enced during this dark time of night. and taken to his high school, where he This play was a bit more emotional, is interrogated by his principal. He has with many different themes throughout absolutely no idea what is going on, nor that sent clear messages to the audiwhat he is being interrogated for. Ironi- ence. The beginning started off funny cally, no one will tell him what he did with two girls having a sleepover. One wrong. His principal wants him to con- wants to sleep, while the other wants fess and apologize, but he does not to stay up and talk. It was four in the know what to apologize for. A model morning and both girls had different

views on how a sleepover was supposed to go. The one who wanted to stay up felt they were supposed to be up late talking about boys and other things, and the other girl just wanted to sleep. They spend their time trying to convince each other of what they wanted and eventually reach a compromise. Next were two boys were also having a sleepover. They seemed bored and were playing a game. At one point, one of them seemed to start having a breakdown, but his friend helped him and got his mind off of it. The next featured character was a girl who was afraid there was a monster under her bed and couldn’t sleep because of it. “Police” eventually came to her home to get the monster out. but she told them not to, explaining that instead of trying to get over your fears, you should embrace them. Another part showed a boy and a girl who have feelings for one another wondering if they should call the other person, and one last part showed a girl who loved running alone in the middle of the night, but eventually makes a friend to run with. All of this took place at four in the morning and seemed to show different people’s thoughts and feelings during this dark time of night. All of the different parts of the play had strong messages and addressed themes that are not always talked about. As always, this year’s One Acts show was a fun and exciting activity to attend. All of the student actors worked hard and played their parts very well, bringing deep emotions out of the audience. The student directors also did an amazing job selecting the actors for their plays and overseeing their individual shows. Congratulations to the CFHS theater students for their hard work that definitely paid off! Anya Hutchison, ‘18 Reporter

mouthwatering popcorn came yummy candy at Yum Yum Sweet Shop. An art display was shown here, and visitors could buy commemorative root beer for sale. A percentage of the sales there also went to the future CFCS Art Walk fund. Next was the Cuyahoga Valley Art Center. A lot of the art was displayed here as well as at the Riverfront Pavilion. Here, visitors could view spray painting by Morgan Frame, visit with artists Jay Croft and Zach Nelson and observe CFHS AP artist’s work on the 2018 Class Tiger. $5 student designed T-shirts were on sale, and $2 print-your-own bandanas were done here. The next stop was Studio 2091, where a cement picture holder station was held. The final stop was the Riverfront Pavilion, where much of the art was displayed. This is where a second photoop, hair beading, pop-up cards and free food were all at. There were also art displays from all the Cuyahoga Falls schools and an art raffle. At this stop, many CFHS student organizations and programs chipped in to help out. The food reception was hosted by CFHS Family Career and Community Leaders of America, or FCCLA, and included ingredients sponsored by Western Reserve Hospital. Banana bread, nachos, mini hot dogs, meatballs and refreshments were served at the Art Walk by FCCLA volunteers, and a competition was held among the volunteers to see who could sell out their food items first. The mini hot dogs were the fan favorite. Hair beading was provided by the Falls High cosmetology program, and many kids loved it. Cosmetology students would either string beads through the kids’ hair or put a feather in their hair. They also decorated mannequin heads with paint and creative hairstyles and had them on display by their beading station. In total, there were ten stops, and if you had a map, you could stamp each stop to reveal a secret message, which was fun for the kids. The art walk proved successful with all the enthusiastic children and artloving attendees, despite the chilly weather. This event will continue to be successful year after year as it showcases all the amazing talent here in Cuyahoga Falls. Anya Hutchison, ‘18 Reporter

May 2018

The Tiger Times Newspaper ANNIE—continued from page 1

Junior girls win annual powderpuff football game The powderpuff football game occurred on April 24, 2018, with the junior girls facing off against the senior girls. The juniors won 14 to 13 with four touchdowns. Quarterback Kathryn Keverkamp said, “Anyone who knows me knows how passionate I am about football. To get the opportunity to compete with my friends and classmates was something which I had been looking forward to and thoroughly enjoyed.” The halftime show consisted of the boy cheerleaders Justin Hinkle, James Bronson, Dylan Ball, and many others, performing multiple acts, including a heart-melting ‘promposal’ by James Bronson, a cheerleader

Page 4

for the seniors, to senior Emina Celic. The other cheerleaders were playing ‘duck, duck, goose.’ When Bronson was picked as the ‘goose.’ he chased his challenger down the field and tackled him, only to recover with flowers and a sign from behind the goalposts that asked Celic to go to prom with him. She responded with a yes, much to everyone’s approval. The game ended on a high note, with the seniors making a touchdown with around two minutes until the game ended, but were still defeated by the juniors who had touchdowns in the first and third quarter. The event was great, and everyone had a great time. Kagan Kopp, ‘19 Editor in chief

been the smoothest run [of a show] we have ever had. [From] start to finish the cast, crew and pit led by example. They wanted to have a top notch performance, and that is what they had. I am incredibly proud and impressed.” Everyone in this year's musical was very well-casted for the parts they played. There were even a few newcomers to the CFHS stage, including sopho-

more Chloe Schneiders who starred as Annie. There has been nothing but positive feedback for the show and it impressed all who saw it. Mrs. Ford said, “It makes me excited to see what we can do in the future, ‘bet your bottom dollar, it will be even better!” I am very excited to see what the theatre program has in store for us next year! Carly Schneiders, ‘19

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