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The Colors of Texas The Artists of Texas 2012

Artists of Texas contemporary fine art

The Lawman 12 x 20 inches Acrylic

by Rebecca Zook

The Colors of Texas

Summer Has Arrived by Texas Artist Liana Yarckin Copyright Š2009 - 2013 The Artists of Texas Each Artist presented in this publication holds their individual copyrights to their work. All Rights Reserved. Printing by Lulu Inc. For more information on the individual artists, please visit the individual artist’s sites listed on their pages. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of each artist as well as permission of Visual Language.

The Artists of Texas 2012

The Many Colors of Texas Fourth Annual Gallery Show Dutch Art Gallery Dallas Texas November and December 2012

Art tells the whole story. For as long as mankind has played a role in this world, artists have recorded that role. Historians and archaeologists study art to learn about past civilizations and the individuals within them. Every era in our history has been recorded, defined, refined, and enhanced by its artists… and today is no exception. Not a moment slips by that isn’t being translated, somewhere, by someone, into a work of art. Every second holds a lifetime of inspiration, and in our fast-paced world this means that capturing the essence of the era requires a veritable army, millions strong and wielding their chosen implements of creation. Right now there are untold numbers of artists channeling their situations, their conflicts, their passions, their grievances—their lives and the lives of those around them— into their work. Transforming their energy into what matters. Using their art to tell the whole story.

Three’s A Crowd by Texas Artist Suzy Pal Powell

The Colors of Texas our Artists Rae Andrews ~ Lee Baggs ~ Dawn Waters Baker Tempy Berg Gilbert ~ Dana Blanchard Tina Bohlman ~ Kristine Byars ~ Connie Chadwell Douglas Clark ~ Carolyn Cobb ~ George Dechiara Melissa Doron ~ David Forks ~ Anthony A. Gonzรกlez Judy Gouge ~ Niki Gulley ~ Vickie Guthrie Barbara Haviland ~ Amy Hillenbrand Vernita Bridges Hoyt ~ Sheri Jones ~ Kristine Kainer Nathalie Kelley ~ Vonnie Kohn ~ Debra Latham Judy Mackey ~ Marie Maines ~ Ray Maines Mark Malone ~ Barbara Mason Rex Miller ~ Carol Morgan ~ Susan Moss Svetlana Novikova ~ Laurie Pace ~ Becky Parks Linda Popple ~ Suzy Pal Powell ~ Shirley Quaid Martie Rains ~ Ann Phifer Reyes ~ Ann Rogers Nancy Standlee ~ Joyce Thomas ~ Melissa Torres Cecy Turner ~ Patsy Walton ~ Bonny C White Kyle Wood ~ Leada Wood ~ Kay Wyne ~ Liana Yarckin Anton Zhou ~ Rebecca Zook Meet additional members on our website

Rae Andrews

Austin, Texas

Australian Expatriate Painter of Color and Movement Australian expatriate, Rae Andrews has a BA in Visual Arts and a Post Graduate degree in Professional Art Studies from the NSW University, in Sydney Australia. A teacher of art for over 35 years, Rae owned a 400 student art school in Australia before moving to Maui, Hawaii in 1991 where she established two art galleries and continued teaching workshops and demonstrating on the island. She travels back to Australia periodically where she conducts workshops and is a guest lecturer at Charles Sturt University in NSW Australia. In 2002 she moved to Austin Texas, where she quickly began her classes and workshops throughout mainland USA. Rae is a published and well collected artist and has won many prizes for her work. A Glass of Wine and Island Time 47 x 19


Rae works in all mediums, watercolor, pastel, oils and acrylics. Her subject matter will vary extensively and she considers herself a colorist, always searching for the drama and excitement in her work. In Austin, Rae is a member of Capitol Art Society, Waterloo Watercolor Group, and Austin Pastel Society. Rae is represented at Griffith Gallery, Salado TX , North Hills Gallery Austin and Stingers Gallery, Georgetown TX.

Escarpment 24 x 48 Acrylic

Fireglow 24 x 48 Acrylic

Lee Baggs

Grand Prairie, Texas

Lee was interested in drawing and studying beautiful art and natural scenery, at six to eight years of age. He has always felt blessed with gifts of awareness, appreciation, and talent that he has striven to improve in to reach the fine art ability. After serving in the U. S. Marine Corps, Lee Baggs became a graduate of the Dallas art institute, Dallas, Texas. He then became a technical illustrator in the aerospace industry.

White Lillies 18 x 14

Feeling strongly for the traditions of fine art, Lee Baggs receives inspiration from American figure artists John Singer Sargent, William Merrit Chase, and contemporary Daniel E. Greene. From Russian figure artists Repin and Kramskoy, inspiration comes from the landscapes of the Hudson River School, Bierstadt, Cole, Moran, and Gifford, as well as contemporary, Clyde Aspevig. Still-life inspiration comes from Sherrie McGraw, David Leffel, Jie-Wei Zhou, and Elizabeth Robbins Pruitt. About There 9 x 12

Lee has received numerous fine art awards including Best of Show, and the Gold Medal. He has been accepted as a member of the Oil painters of America, the Portrait Society of America, and the Outdoor Painters’ Society, as well as the Pastel Society of The Southwest, and Artists of Texas. Recognition has come from The Artist’s and International Artist magazines.

Oriental Vase with Blossoms 20 x 16

Dawn Waters Baker Garland, Texas

Dawn was born and raised a child of missionaries in the Philippines. She grew up there until she came to the U.S. for college. It was during her college years that she came to believe that art was her calling in life. She likes to live a quiet life with her three little girls and her engineer husband but finds that every once in a while it’s nice to share her art with others. Dawn gives an Art Talk to churches, colleges and seminaries about how God can be communicated in art. She finds the greatest fulfillment in sharing her love for art and her love for God. When she’s not giving a talk she’s out sharing the art in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth metroplex. She enjoys Art Fairs such as Cottonwood and Artscape at the Arboretum. Dawn is also a founding board member of Faith Artists.

Texas Plains 20 x 20 Oil on Canvas

Her art is collected by many businesses as well as private owners. Some of which are: Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas Eye Care Associates and Dallas Baptist University. She currently finished five original drawings for the book, “Why, O God?� published by Crossway books and out in August 2011. Dawn is currently affiliated with Mary Tomas Gallery, Dallas, Texas.

Mountain Fog 30 x 30

Sky Fire 24 x 24

She is the Sky 24 x 24

Blue Mountains 20 x 20

Tempy Berg-Gilbert Dallas, Texas

I cannot remember a time when I did not want to be an artist. The act of creating has always been a powerful force in my life. Since I was a child I have always been happiest whenever I was making something. Naturally, this led me to study studio art for my bachelor’s degree, and then art history for my master’s degree at the University of Dallas. Since then I have pursued both teaching as an adjunct professor at Dallas Baptist University, and painting at the easel.

Ready for Tea

As an art history professor, it may seem that teaching the same few courses over and over would get boring, but it does not! Every semester I get to relive the thrill of discovering the greatest works of art ever created through my students. I hope that I share with my students my enthusiasm for seeing the beauty and understanding that an artist can bring out of a subject. I also hope that this is what I do with my own painting. My style is representational, and I mostly paint still life subjects. The things I find around my house are what inspire me the most. That can include anything from toys (lots of those), to teacups, to flowers, to candy (okay, maybe painting candy is just an excuse to have chocolate on hand all the time).

The Unpeeling of Eustace Scrubb

In humble subjects I look for the beauty, and sometimes humor, of the ordinary. Painting allows me to respond to the beauty and joy I see in the world around me, and hopefully bring some of that to everyone who looks at my work. Seeing the beauty of the ordinary helps me to see God in the everyday. That is why I paint, to be drawn close to God, to know the wonder of his presence as he reveals his beauty, goodness, and constancy to me in my daily life.


Dana Blanchard

Flower Mound, Texas

I view my paintings as remembrances of passing moments, not photographic memories As remembrances, they renew the awe of a lasting impression. For me, immersion in art has been lifelong. My artistic potential was cultivated early with private tutoring as a child and progressed through university study. However, with a doctoral degree and subsequent careers in higher education, art became a personal endeavor. In 2002, I became an active career artist marketing my work primarily on the East Coast. In particular, both the Limner Gallery and Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in NYC have given me invaluable exposure through juried competitions and gallery invitations. Now, with Flower Mound as my home, I am very pleased to be a part of the vibrant art world of Texas. For a more complete profile of myself and my work, please view my site:




Tina Bohlman

Waxahachie, Texas

A native Texan, Tina Bohlman has used the state in which she was raised as both the inspiration and the canvas for her art. Mostly a self-taught artist, Bohlman uses watercolor to create her breathtaking plein air paintings and brilliant rural landscapes.  She cultivated her natural artistic talent and her eye for beauty with great dedication and an insatiable desire to learn the techniques and history of the art.  Bohlman has supplemented her independent study with workshops conducted by some of the best artists in the field, including Jan Kuntz, Tom Lynch and Irving Shapiro.   A veteran of numerous competition plein air and “quick draw” events annually, including Plein Air Southwest–Outdoor Painters Society, Sedona Plein Air Festival-Sedona, Arizona, and Paint The Parks-Estes Park, Colorado, she prefers plein air rather than working in the studio: “I’ve been an outdoor painter for most of my art career. Nothing compares for inspiration and capturing light and emotion. Plein Air in watercolor requires strong technical skills and a large measure of intestinal fortitude.  As the light moves across the sky, every stroke must be without hesitation.  It’s a marathon race with the sun; spirited, emotional….and exhausting. I love it!”

Strolling toward the Ft Worth Stock Exchange

Golden Glow

With this dedicated attitude and her skills and talent, Bohlman has made quite an impact in her field. Over the past thirty-five years, she has earned more than 60 awards, including a dozen First Place and four Best in Show titles.  In addition to exhibiting, competition and taking commissions for her work, she is the founder and chairman of the annual “Paint Historic Waxahachie”, a 10 day plein air event that showcases more than 50 artists.  Her work is collected worldwide; Bohlman originals hang in private and corporate collections in 34 States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Republic of Benin, West Africa.   Memberships: Artists Of Texas; Signature Member, Outdoor Painters Society; Associate, Women Artists of the West; International Plein Air Painters; Landscape Artists International; Southwest Watercolor Society; Ellis County Art Association; DeSoto Art League.

South Alley Street

Kristine Byars

Dallas, Texas

Art is a passion I’ve inherited. Born and raised in the Midwest, my parents instilled in me a great love of nature, the outdoors, and all creatures. With a Grandmother that offered loving guidance and encouraged artistic expression, my sisters and I were granted free use of pastels and paints at a very early age. This strong foundation helps me to create unique pieces in a variety of styles.


I love, and take pride in what I do. I have a formal art education, have been recognized nationally with awards, and have participated in both solo and group exhibitions. Employed as a graphic artist most of my adult life with respected design firms and agencies, I’ve returned to my first love of painting. Working primarily in oil on canvas, I use bold color and interesting situations to create paintings that spark warm emotion. My work captures life, and is often coupled with humor. I personally photograph my own subject matter. For me, inspiration is gained through extensive travel, whether it be internationally, to the U.S. National Parks, or to cherished small town America.


My husband and I live in Texas with our horse, Golden Retriever, and “full figured” cat. All live harmoniously and I usually paint with an audience of several critters offering advice. If not painting, most days I can either be found at the barn, or volunteering at the U.S.’s largest animal sanctuary, Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, where I am currently painting large murals in the chimpanzee bedrooms and play yards. My goal as an artist is to capture the personalities, images, and moments that make life wonderful.

Queenie’s Trick

Connie Chadwell Junction, Texas

Portraits and figures have fascinated Connie since childhood. She currently explores the figure in motion - drawing and painting tango, western and jive dancers. Her favorite media includes oil, oil pastel and charcoal and she is constantly experimenting with different surfaces in her work. She is particularly interested in sketching people as they go about their daily lives and can be found with her sketchbook in museums, restaurants, bars, and other places where people congregate. Connie received her art training at the Art League School in Alexandria, Virginia, with additional classes at the Washington Studio School and the Smithsonian Institution, both in Washington, D.C.; she also studied in the graduate art program at the Texas Tech University campus in Junction.

She has received many awards in regional and national juried shows and was a finalist in The American Artist’s Drawing magazine’s cover competition in 2010. Her drawings have been included in two of the Strokes of Genius: The Best of Drawing books, published by North Light Books, and Connie was recently thrilled to learn that some of her work will also appear in the latest book in this series, to be published next year. In October, 2010, Connie and her artwork were featured in The San Angelo Standard-Times newspaper. Her works are in many private collections in the United States and abroad. In addition to being a member of Artists of Texas, she is a member of The Oil Pastel Society, as well as The Portrait Society of America. Connie Chadwell lives in Junction, Texas, where she pursues her art at Hackberry Street Studio. After living for many years in the Washington, D.C. area, she’s delighted to be back home in the Texas Hill Country.

Douglas Clark

Fort Worth, Texas

Douglas B. Clark is a native Texas sculptor and painter who specializes in wildlife art. Doug prefers to work from life and his own photographs and field sketches. He can often be found sketching, painting, and sculpting at the Fort Worth Zoo, Fort Worth Botanical Gardens and at the Fort Worth National Historic District as well as at annual events like the Texas Cutting Horse Futurity and the Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show. His work is also greatly influenced by his extensive travels across the western United States and Canada. His favorite subject matter are the animals of Texas and North America as well as landscapes of this region. His work is in public, private, corporate, and university collections. He has a large scale sculpture installation in Allen, Texas. Doug’s art is in galleries across the west including in Texas the Insight Gallery in Fredericksburg, Prellop Fine Art in Salado, and David Dike Fine Art in Dallas, and out of state in The John B Strong Galleries in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Scottsdale, Arizona and Vertical Peaks Gallery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In addition to creating bronze sculptures and oil paintings he is an art teacher with the Fort Worth Independent School district where he has taught for twenty years. He teaches summer workshops for children in both public and private schools. He has also volunteered to teach workshops for Camp Fire USA and has done demo’s for local art groups and galleries.

Carolyn Cobb

Dallas, Texas

Carolyn Cobb has traveled with her pochade box to many parts of the world including Russia, Italy, Spain and Taos, which remains a favorite place to paint. She has studied with Kim English, Kevin McPhearson, Leslie Rich and Carol Marine. Cobb has been influenced by artist Walt Gonske, Karin Jurick, Maynard Dixon, Sergi Bongart and especially Joaquin Sorolla. It has been said that Cobb has the true “art spirit”.  She is an artist’s artist with an innate sense of composition and color. When painting en plain air and puts paint on canvas, she has been known to quote Bongart,  “sometimes Gott takes my hand”! Currently resides in Dallas, Texas. She is a member of The Bunkhouse Gang at Wenmohs Ranch, Plein air Painters of America, Artists of Texas, and Outdoor Painters Society.

George DeChiara

Arlington, Texas

George De Chiara’s paintings are best described as representational with a heavy dose of impressionism mixed in. Whether it’s in his studio working on a still life or en plein air, George prefers to work directly from life when possible.  He works comfortably in several mediums, but for the last several months has worked almost exclusively in oils.     George’s paintings have been included in many regional, national and international juried exhibitions, such as Watercolor West, Watercolor USA, and the Artists of Texas. His work has been honored with numerous awards, including 1st place at the Visual Art Society of Texas exhibition in watercolor, honorable mention in the Texas and Neighbors Exhibition and The National Society of Artists Exhibition. His paintings are in private collections across North America and Europe.  In 2010, he achieved signature status from the Society of Watercolor Artists with the acceptance of “Beach Buffett” into their national juried show. 

 After graduating high school, George attended The American Academy of Art in Chicago, graduating with a degree in fine arts. While at the academy, George studied under Irving Shapiro, Ted Smuskiewicz and the legendary Bill L. Parks. Immersed in color, form and design, George developed many of the techniques he still uses today. The Academy stressed the importance of studying from life and working daily. George continues to embrace these ethics as he refines and sharpens his vision. After spending time living in Chicago, Colorado and Utah, George finally settled in northern Texas with his wife and rapidly growing family. George finds inspiration in their frequent travels to the Gulf Coast, Hill Country, and Brush Country of South Texas.  You can view more of his work at his website

Melissa Doron

Houston, Texas

Melissa Doron was born in 1976 in Houston, Texas. She studied Art at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey and received her BFA in 2000. Doron is a colorist who celebrates the subtle, natural beauty of ordinary scenes in a way that is both intense and dramatic. She paints in both oil and acrylic and has a diverse portfolio - from brilliant beach and forest landscapes to abstract color works. Doron has travelled extensively internationally and is noted for her bold use of color, the world over. Much in demand for commissioned artwork, Melissa Doron has completed paintings for Luby’s Restaurants, G.S.D. International, and murals for numerous schools and dozens of homes in the Houston Area. Melissa’s paintings sell quickly, appealing to those who love landscapes and of course, her use of color. Doron is also well known for her use of 5 stars in her landscapes, noting one for each member of her family. Melissa Doron is very active in community service and her art has benefited more than a dozen charities and schools which used the art for auctions to benefit the children of Houston. Melissa Doron currently works and lives in the Houston area.

The international award winning Melissa Doron is a member of such fine societies as The Artists of Texas; Contemporary Fine Art International; Oil Painters of America; American Women Artists; The Art League of Houston and The Houston Civic Arts Association.

David Forks Spring, Texas The 6th of 7 children Mr. Forks, was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1957 to a military family. He began a successful career in commercial art shortly after graduating high school. He initially worked and learned production art at River City Studio, owned and operated by San Antonio art legends George Hughey and now notable painter and signature member of PAPA, George Strickland. After River City Studio, he worked as co producer of Southwest Airlines magazine and as illustrator for Concept Enterprises, (the original Koozie company) before venturing off to open his own illustration and design firm. After 20 years self employed, and the revolution of the digital age, Mr. Forks went to work in the printing industry where he continues today. None of these positions however, fulfilled his real desire to paint. He shelved those aspirations for 30 years while he raised a family of 4 boys finding little to no time to paint along the way.  The untimely passing of an older brother to cancer in late 2006 opened his eyes to the fleeting of time and realization that it was time to make his dream a reality. He now paints on a daily basis in oil and acrylics. His style is ever evolving and varies from very loose and fast to tightly worked pieces. Mainly a landscape painter, he finds inspiration in Gods creations everywhere.  Mr. Forks currently resides in Spring, Texas north of Houston.

Hal Gibson

Mount Vernon, Texas

Hal Gibson was born and raised in Dallas Texas. He received his degree in business at SMU. While working for an oil company in Dallas, Hal met his future wife and pottery partner Georgia. When Georgia and her class at the local Junior College began doing Raku pottery firings, Hal volunteered to help. He thought it was fun and was interested in learning more about clay but thought he had no creativity. Just for fun he took a pottery class with Georgia to see what clay was really about. That was in 1998 and he continued to take classes until retiring to Lake Cypress Springs in 2007. During this time Hal has been very fortunate to take classes from nationally and locally known potters who were always willing to share their techniques. Rather than doing production pottery, he would rather change up each piece and make it unique in either construction, glazes or both. His work is mainly thrown on a pottery wheel. Through his creation of ceramic art he finds a connection with nature... Working in clay is a celebration of the natural elements of other God’s earth, water and fire. Hal enjoys the organic look of the clay forms. Spraying glaze is the usual process he uses for glaze application. Some pieces have 4 or more different glazes sprayed in overlapping layers. With the layering of glazes he achieves a rich and varied surface. This layering of glaze sometimes results in the pots having a resemblance to rocks or stone or other natural elements.

After retiring Hal and his wife Georgia moved to their home on Lake Cypress Springs outside of Mt. Vernon, Texas. His work is currently for sale at The Frame Up in Mount Vernon, Texas and The Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas, Texas. Hal also sells and exhibits in local shows including The Winnsboro Fine Art Market, Dallas Artscape, Mount Vernon Mayfest and Wine in the Pines.

Georgia Gibson Mount Vernon, Texas

Georgia is originally from South Dakota and received her undergraduate degree in Fashion Retail and MBA in general business. She worked in the fashion industry both retail and wholesale for 7 years and than began her 25 year career with an oil company. In hindsight the colors and textures of fabric is why she chose the fashion industry. Color and textures are big influences in both her clay and glass work. Georgia’s love of clay started with an art class in high school which included a little clay work. She knew that someday she would return to it. After finishing her MBA she decided to take clay classes. For the next 17 years she continued enrolling in the local community college clay classes and every local workshop she could find. In 2004 her love of color drew her to fused glass which was added to her line of art work. The materials and processes of clay and glass are similar and complementary. In both mediums she enjoys making objects people will want to live with and use and that will also add pleasure to their own surroundings. Georgia loves exploring textures and patterns in both clay and glass. In glass this is accomplished through layering opaque, transparent and dichroic glass and using both full and tack fusing to obtain different levels of glass melt. In clay this is accomplished through texturing and carving in the clay, slip trailing and multiple layers of glaze. And of course, color, color color in both clay and glass.

After taking early retirement Georgia and her husband Hal moved to their home on Lake Cypress Springs outside of Mt. Vernon, Texas where they live with their 2 cats Cody and Sadie. Her work is currently for sale at The Frame Up in Mount Vernon, Texas and The Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas, Texas. Georgia also sells and exhibits in local shows including The Winnsboro Fine Art Market, Dallas Artscape, Mount Vernon Mayfest and Wine in the Pines.

Anthony A. González

Spring Branch, Texas

Anthony A. González, a native of San Antonio, Texas has been painting professionally for the past 30 years. He currently works from his studio located north of San Antonio in the Texas Hill Country. His paintings extend across many traditional subjects in landscape, still life, portraiture and figurative. He works primarily in oils and his work is representational with the female figure as the primary subject matter. His work is focused on the expressions and attitudes of women. The models he hires for his paintings must be able to express these attitudes. Gonzalez says, “Each women has a uniqueness of her own and with the use of form and color my goal is to capture her expression and attitude and convey that to the viewer. Their expressions and attitudes present me with endless creative possibilities and this is what inspires me to paint.”

In addition to his main body of work, Anthony accepts portrait commissions: most notables have been San Antonio mayors, Howard Peak and Nelson Wolff. In his portraits he also strives to capture the personal expressions and attitudes of the individual to make it unique. He is featured in the Best of Portrait Paintings, published by North Light Books. His works are in collections in the United States, England, Europe and Mexico. Viewers of his work often praise the natural expressions captured in his paintings. And the technical skill of his work and his sense of beauty are greatly admired by collectors and fans. Anthony takes every opportunity to expand and develop his skills and personal style. He draws and paints from life often to continually perfect his skills. He attended The Art Institute in Texas and Academia Atrium in Madrid, Spain and taken numerous workshops with nationally know artists although much of his technique is self-taught. Anthony shares his knowledge and skill with other aspiring artists and students by conducting demonstrations in oil, drawing and watercolor. He also puts his energy into conducting workshops in and around San Antonio as well as in Spain and Italy. His mission is to paint and enjoy the passion of painting expressions and attitudes and hope that others will enjoy the results of that passion.

Judy Gouge Sachse, Texas

Judy Gouge is a homegrown Texan with roots in west Texas. She grew up in Dallas, attended Highland Park High School and graduated from North Texas State University with a B.S. degree. She is married and currently lives with her husband, Lanny, on their G77 Ranch in Sachse, Texas. She is a member of the Pastel Society of the Southwest and has been published in the Kennedy Promotions edition of the Best of Artists and Artisans. Her work has been juried into many prestigious exhibitions and shows including those of the Pastel Society of the Southwest, RCAS Regional Art Exhibition, the Texas and Neighbors Regional Art Exhibition, the Eisemann Center. Judy is a self-taught artist who has studied with Ken Gore,Demtri Vail, Bob Tommey, Greg Biolchini and Carrie Ballantyne. Her favorite mediums are pastel and oils. She paints from live models and photographs. She loves painting portraits of people and animals, western and historical themes, sporting events. Her artist friends have laughingly said she loves to paint crowds. She also enjoys painting with a palate knife.

Niki Gulley Dallas, Texas Niki Gulley’s passion for painting began in grade school when she had to draw something as mundane as shoes for art class, and loved every minute of it. Her parents signed her up for private art lessons and she has been hooked ever since. Following her childhood in the Chicago suburbs, Niki relocated to Texas to pursue an art major at SMU and stayed in Dallas after completing her degree. Upon graduating Gulley entered the world of publishing, working as art director for a Dallas Magazine. After a few years, passed by, Niki felt like something was missing. So she started painting again during nights and weekends, and ten years later she segued from advertising to live her life’s dream of being a full-time artist. Gulley strives to capture the vibrant energy and intrinsic beauty of our natural surroundings so as to uplift one’s spirits and suggest childlike wonder. In order to achieve the desired mood for her work, she combines her impressionistic flair for painting, with a sculptor-like-technique by applying paint thickly using palette knives thereby creating multi-dimensional images. The resulitng style acieves a richness of depth that explodes with color, flows with light and evokes an emotional response. It’s from this search for inpsiration that Niki translates onto canvas her passion for the viewer to share.

Gulley’s award-winning artwork is recognized throughout the U.S., with exhibitions at the Dallas Museum of Art, numerous galleries from New York to California and corporations such as Presbyterian Hospital and Baylor Medical center. Gulley currently teaches both privately in Dallas and globally with her husband and photographer, Scott Williams, where they lead painting and photography Art Treks in both Europe and the US.

Vickie Guthrie

Granbury, Texas

Texas artist Vickie Guthrie began studying art twelve years ago and paints in oil as well as pastel. Her work is best described as a loose, impressionistic style. “I love creating lost edges by merging different colors with the same value or by subtly smudging edges with the side of my thumb,” Vickie states. After several years of taking workshops from noted instructors, the artist now exclusively studies with internationally known artist Kaye Franklin. “Kaye’s style and teaching method resonates with me. I have the utmost respect for her ethics and vast knowledge.” The artist’s subject matter varies “but I particularly enjoy painting architecture and still life.” Her still life inspirations come from a closetful of objects, be it personal treasures or treasures found in thrift stores. The artist has a large amount of architectural photo references gathered from all points of the world. “We’ve bicycled throughout the back roads of Europe, stopping along the way to take shots of poppy fields, 15th century churches, abandoned villas and field chapels.” Trips to Mexico have resulted in photos of lush bougainvillea draping villas and bubbling fountains in centuries-old towns as well. While travelling Vickie seeks out museums to visit and study the works of the world masters. “I get as close to the painting as security will allow so I can observe the artist’s brushwork, color usage and style,” says Vickie. Vickie and husband George live in rural Somervell County on acreage full of wildlife and rolling hills as far as the eye can see. Her studio is located in the guest cottage. She teaches weekly lessons locally.

Barbara Haviland

Groves, Texas

Barbara Haviland has been creating fine art for over 37 years. She is mostly a self-taught, raw artist who draws inspiration from the world around her. Dalhart Windberg is her favorite artist. Workshops allow Barbara to further her learning as well as discover new techniques and applications. Usually Barbara paints from her own photos with rich bold bright colors filling her compositions. “I feel satisfied when someone can see the love I have put into the piece that I have created whether it is a landscape, a floral, a portrait, or a seascape. At this stage in my art career, I enjoy painting in Plein Air. It is exciting as well as frustrating. Light changes, and shadows move, but I love it!” A paint brush is Barbara’s favorite tool. A brush allows you to paint anything with a little bit of paint and painting brings out her passion for life. She comparies it to reading a book; you can go anywhere. It is an escape. The problems of the world fade away. For a few moments, she is living in her canvas. “I feel as though I am meant to create art. GOD has blessed me in this way.”

“I create in oils and usually paint on a canvas. I stretch my own canvas. Winsor Newton paints are my personal preference. Everything about painting just makes my day. I never get bored. Now that I am retired, I paint every day. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with an idea and must get it sketched on a canvas. I start with a vision and go from there. It just flows. Painting fills me with joy.� B Haviland

Left Page Bottom: Southern Magnolia Right Top: Winding Road Right: Walker Bayou

Amy Hillenbrand

Austin, Texas

Amy Hillenbrand was born in Racine, Wisconsin and lived in several different states before landing in her current home town of Austin, TX. After receiving her B. S. from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, she began her career in the creative world as an Interior Designer. While living in Indianapolis, Indiana, she owned her own successful commercial interior design and architectural firm for fifteen years. The small boutique design studio grew into the fifth largest design firm in Indiana and one of few that was a certified Women Owned Business Enterprise (WBE). She combined her keen eye for color and composition and paired it with her excellent project management skills to spearhead many large mulit-million dollar projects. Her list of corporate clients included Otis Elevator, Ford Motor Company, The Hartford, Thomson Consumer Electronics, Praxair, Comcast, McDonald’s and Columbia House. She received The Associated Builder and Contractor award for her design of the legal offices for Cinergy, the Public Utility Company serving Indiana and Ohio. Among her many healthcare projects, she is proudest of her work with the Indiana Surgery Centers. She worked closely with the Administrator to create warm, soothing environments primarily focused on the comfort of the patient.

Ann Hoffpauir

Orange, Texas

Ann Hoffpauir is a full-time artist from Orange, Texas where she lives. Ms. Hoffpauir paints in a contemporary realistic style. Major themes in her work in addition to her depiction of the landscape include animals, with an interaction with nature. Her painting style blends with a love of nature and its forms, floral displays, animals and people, with brilliant lights and strong darks. Ms. Hoffpauir finds the spontaneous qualities of watercolors lend it very well to a fresh painterly approach, appearing effortless. The same can be said for her oil paintings. Those qualities show along with her confident and enthusiastic brushwork. It’s not just the brushwork or color, but the painting as a whole, must engage the viewer. The painting should convey a sense of mystery and beauty. She has taught at many local organizations and private schools and has conducted several workshops and teaches weekly art classes at her home studio. Ann has been featured in Western Art Collector, Southwest Art and Art of the West magazines. She was recently featured in Western Art Collector’s – Art of the Horse 2011.

June Holloway

Arlington, Texas

l was born in England and have been painting and drawing all my life and at the age of twelve I received a beautiful box of oil paints. When I became the mother of twin boys my oil painting was curtailed, little boys and oil paints do not mix. My local art supply clerk suggested that I switch to pastels it was love at first sight. At the age of thirty five I moved with my three sons to America I carried one suitcase containing my cloths, and a backpack containing all my art supplies. We settled in Wichita Kansas and I found a wonderful art community there, l joined many of the art groups and I continued my art career. I am a portrait and still life artist and I have had portrait commissions in England, America and Guatemala. My work has won awards in national competitions in Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado and Texas. Although I have worked in all mediums my favorites are still pasteland graphite pencil. I am now at a point in my life when I can do what pteases me. I love to paint and I love to pass on the knowledge that I have garnered through the years. I now have about thirty students who share my passion for painting. My hopes for the future is that I can continue to paint and draw and that my paintings will be enjoyed by my clients and my viewers for many years to come.

Vernita Bridges Hoyt

Spring, Texas

Texas artist Vernita Bridges Hoyt paints with oils, watercolor and pastel. Her paintings have been described as Impressionist with a Texas twist. Hoyt’s lifelong journey as an artist has followed a crooked path through family, real estate brokerage, business management, and the study and practice of Architecture. After designing houses, hotels and medical clinics, she came full circle back to studio art. Her portrait paintings of children won 1st place awards in juried competitions, and she began to support charities helping children with cancer. Hoyt joined with other artists to establish Art Helping Animals, and she expanded her support to animal rescue charities. Today she works independently of group associations but continues to give back through the sale of paintings. Hoyt has painted professionally since 2001 and daily for the past six years. Currently Hoyt is represented by the Garden of the Dragonfly Gallery in Old Town Spring. Her paintings have been exhibited at The Chisholm Trail Heritage Center museum in Duncan, Oklahoma, in galleries in Dallas, Spring, Tomball and by the American Institute of Architects in Houston. Her works have been published in Varve by the University of Houston and in Colour, Obsession, Joy and Torment by the Daily Painters Art Gallery, among others. V Bridges Hoyt paintings are in private collections in America, Canada, Australia and the British Isles. A fifth-generation native Texan, Vernita is deeply entwined in the land and lore and today paints what she calls the “sauce of Texas” ... the animals, wildflowers, people and places of Texas. Architectural elements frequently find a way into her paintings. When asked what is her favorite subject, she answers, “Painting Texas is my passion, but I do especially love the challenge of capturing a personality on canvas as I paint portraits of children and pets.” “I design. I draw. I paint.” — V. Bridges Hoyt (b. 1947)

Sheri Jones Granbury, Texas

I have studied and painted for 30 years, constantly learning from many diverse artists through workshops and classes. I consider myself an impressionist painter and strive to create an accurate but painterly look. I want you to see my brush stroke or wave of my palette knife. My goal is to push boundaries, growing through experimentation, variety and brush mileage. I have grown to love the process of painting from life, whether it be outdoors or from a set up in the studio. Painting in the great outdoors creates an excitement within me that results in a fun dance with the brush or palette knife. Creating still life’s in the studio gives me control over color shape, form and design. My result is an explosion of color and energy. It’s an exhilarating and challenging adventure. I am inspired with the process and my gratitude to God for the artistic ability He has given me. I currently have paintings in Dutch Art Gallery, Dallas, Texas; Rising Star’s Gallery in Mineral Wells, Texas ;the VITAS Inpatient unit at Baylor All Saints Hospital; VITAS Hospice, Dallas office and VITAS Hospice, Ft. Worth office . Original artwork brings beauty and warmth to the sterile environment and provides a nice respite to the staff and patients.

Kristine Kainer

Georgetown, Texas

Artist Kristine Kainer is an East Coast native who earned her B.A. from The College of William and Mary and her M.Ed. from George Mason University. While teaching mathematics, Kristine began painting in 2005 “for fun.” With the encouragement of family, friends, and students, she changed career paths, devoting herself full-time to artistic pursuits. A member of the Artists of Texas and CFAI, Kristine’s work is in both private and public collections throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. She resides with her husband and daughter in Georgetown and Schulenburg, TX. Commissions are welcome.

Nathalie Kelley

Synder, Texas

“It is my hope that my art will inspire you, bless you, encourage you, or just simply make you feel good. Most of the images I have captured, with paint or silk dye, have begged me to paint them because of the colors, the memories, the light, the reflections, or the spiritual significance. When the Lord revealed to me that He had made me creative and that He wanted me to create with Him, I could not resist His invitation. These are the creative expressions of my worship of the Lord. I want to “SHOW forth the praises of Him who called me out of darkness into His marvelous light.” (1 Peter 2:9) “ Nathalie Kelley is a full time, professional artist. She was born into an artistic family in Texas to parents who are professional artists as well as inspiration from her artistic grandparents. Nathalie’s earliest memories are about art. She remembers an early childhood memory at age five of creating paintings and taking them around the neighborhood to sell. To her delight, she sold every piece! She is a versatile artist in her subject and media. Her training in her youth was in oils and primarily landscapes. In the 1990’s she was captivated by the beauty and challenges of watercolors. Her art includes realism in watercolor, prophetic worship art in acrylic on canvas, and hand painted silk worship flags, streamers and scarves. Her art work ranges from the small, tiny pieces to wall-sized murals. Her internationally collected art work graces numerous businesses, homes, offices, and churches. Her commissioned works include various murals for private and corporate collections, portraits, silk flags for worship celebrations and the illustrations for a children’s book “The Little Lamp”. Nathalie lives in Snyder, Texas, where she and her husband, Joe, have made their home. She offers workshops and painting classes to assist others in their own artistic expression

Vonnie Kohn

Weatherford, Texas

Vonnie Kohn is an artist with a rich heritage. The daughter of a saddlemaker in the historical stockyards of Ft. Worth, Tx, Kohn was accustomed early in life to the smell of leather, jingling spurs, and Stetson hats. Her early exposure to ranches and cowboys inspired a love for painting the American West. Extensive travel also brought new inspirations to the variety of her subject matter. She loves to paint Contemporary Western & Native America, portraits, landscapes, and wildlife. Adding experience to her BFA in fine art and studio, she also became a bronze sculptor. An international artist, her paintings are included in collections in Canada, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, England, and Germany. She participates in Plein Air Paintouts, conducts workshops, and teaches art both in her private studio and at Firehouse Art Gallery in Weatherford, Tx. Kohn’s art affiliations include the Oil Painters of America, the American Women Artists and the National Watercolor Society.

Debra Latham

Woodlands, Texas

Debra is a native Texan and much of her inspiration comes from her family farmhouse in the Texas Hill Country. She’s always been somewhat of an artist and designer growing up. Painting was only a hobby until it became an obsession for her. She became more aware of her talent as an oil painter in her 30’s. She is a mother of two college age boys. “I didn’t paint much when the boys were younger because there was just too much going on with school and sports. Now that they are older and I have more free time I have really gone on a painting frenzy. And plus painting just helps me unwind.” Debra says. Debra is a self-taught artist. She studies the work of the old masters and some of the more popular artist of today. Some of her favorite artists are: John Singer Sargent, Rembrandt, Pino, David Leffel, Sherrie McGraw, Nydia Lazano, Daniel Gerhartz and Robert Coombs. “For the most part, I am self taught. However, I am continuously learning from the many artists I study with on a regular basis. My art education will never end as each new painting & experience brings new insight.” Oil is her medium of choice because she loves the richness of the colors that you can only get from oil. She mostly paints from photos she’s taken on her travels. She loves painting people most of all. She recently finished a life size commission for a couple in The Woodlands.

Debbie Lincoln Morgan Mill, Texas

A 30 year resident of Erath County, Texas, Debbie Grayson Lincoln does not have to go far to find inspiration for her paintings. Most are found in her own backyard in Morgan Mill, Texas. RV trips to a Wyoming rendezvous, Yellowstone National Park and Cuchara, Colorado provide further inspiration. But her favorite subjects are the real cowboys and cowgirls who work with livestock on a daily basis in Erath and surrounding counties. A member of the Colorado based “Daily Painters� group since 2007 and a founding member of the Artists of Texas in 2009, Debbie devotes as much time promoting the art of other talented people as she does her own. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, cooking, caring for assorted farm animals (including chickens), playing with her grandbaby, quilting and riding one of the 3 horses that still reside at her farm.

Judy Mackey

Southlake, Texas

I have always been interested in art and took painting lessons as a child growing up in Japan but I entered the world of Fine Art as a Professional Artist in 2005. I paint mostly with a palette knife, with a heavy build-up of paint which gives my paintings a lot of texture. I like working with a limited palette of colors using either Ultramarine blue or Prussian blue for my blues, Cadmium yellow light, Cadmium red medium or Alizarin Crimson for my reds, and Titanium white, and occasionally adding Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre and or Magenta. I love being able to mix and derive new colors with the limited palette of colors. I strive to create beautiful colors and capture the light and shadows along with the textures in every painting. My painting style is impressionistic with simplicity with a touch of abstract. My artwork is in private collections in Europe, Japan, Canada and the United States. I have studied with Linda Stone, Francois Arenas, Judy Gelfert,

Marie Maines

North Richland Hills, Texas I am a retired first grade teacher who has always wanted to be an artist “when I grow up�. I have a B. S. degree from Murray State University at Murray, Kentucky (1959) and an M.A. degree from Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis, Indiana (1988). My art training consists of classes taken at the Indianapolis Art Center, private classes, self-study, workshops and many visits to museums and galleries. I have been participating in juried art fairs and other shows and exhibitions since 1996. Many of my pieces are now in private collections (both national and international) as well as corporate and museum collections.


North Richland Hills, Texas I am a retired commercial photographer with a BS degree in Illustrative Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology. I studied with such instructors as Minor White, Ralph Hattersley and Charles Arnold. After a career in national advertising, editorial and catalogue photography, I have returned to fine art photography. I work primarily in the digital format. Work is done in both black and white and color. While my current work is digital, I also work from film negatives which were produced prior to the time of conversion to digital imaging. They are scanned and utilized digitally. While my finished work is produced in the digital darkroom, all the usual photographic techniques are employed. In addition, some of the images are further manipulated in Photoshop and with other software using techniques only available in a digital format. Finished images are archival giclĂŠe prints which I produce either myself or under my direct supervison. Printing is done with archival pigmented inks. Each image is produced in a limited edition of 100 prints.

Mark Malone

Dallas, Texas

Mark Malone is a native Texan. He became interested in pursuing art many years ago and after several years of study decided to make it his career choice. The inspiration for his work is quite varied. He loves the incomparable beauty of New Mexico and frequently travels there to gather material for his landscapes. Still life, abstracts, florals and wildlife are also represented in his work. He is constantly challenging himself to break out of his comfort zone and his work reflects this in a variety of styles and techniques. He is best known for his bold use of color and often tries to give his paintings a sense of “movement�. He loves to use palette knives and thick rich impasto to provide texture to his canvas. He views art as a constant evolutionary process and says he cannot imagine doing anything else.

Barbara J. Mason

Frisco, Texas

My art is a living testament to the fact that life can be difficult, that God is good, love conquers all, and that friendship sees us through, that kindness persists.... especially, in our day and times. I paint for and from the soul. My intent is to convey an experience, a story or emotion. I enjoy painting in a photo-realistic style, whether I’m using watercolor or pastels. I achieve the vibrancy of depth and rich color of each painting by adding numerous layers of color juxtapose an often darker background. I am blessed to travel and exhibit my artwork nationally and internationally. Bottom: Pink Glow Right Page: Show Stopper

When painting, I want you the viewer to experience the emotions that inspire me. I choose subjects with poise, attitude and uniqueness. I invite you to follow the storyline in each painting and absorb the richness of the colors as they come alive on paper. I have learned that there are no mistakes in painting only new adventures to the process. Each painting is one step in my journey as an artist. Enjoy the vibrant palette of my life!

Pat Meyer

Conroe, Texas

Pat’s work is now praised, and collected, by many prominent art enthusiasts from all around the country. Much of her success has been attributed to the opportunity to study with some very talented artist. She has studied with Master Artist, Robert Johnson, Qiang Haung, Judy Crowe, Daniel Keys and Clayton Beck. Pat feels that their teachings and mentoring in the field of art has played a large influence in her style of paintings. Her main goal is to continue to grow and achieve even higher levels of art by studying and painting on a daily basis. In 2009 I launched N Due Season, greeting card company. In 2012 I received full patent, trademark and copyrights for N Due Season ultrasound recordable greeting cards for expectant mothers and families. As you look deep into the heart of each of Pat’s paintings you will began to understand her desire that the viewer not only see a beautiful piece of art, but also, through it receive a message of hope, and experience peace, joy, and beauty for all that God has blessed our lives with each day.

Rex Miller

Dallas, Texas

Rex concentrates primarily on landscapes and figurative painting and especially enjoys southwest themes. He tries to depict a mood from a setting that he personally embraces and that evokes emotions of serenity and nostalgia. His original interpretation of painting leans toward realistic impressionism. His works are primarily done in acrylic,watercolor and pastels. Rex’s work can be found in private collections in The United States as well as Europe. His work can be seen at The Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas.

Carol Morgan

Dallas, Texas

Carol Morgan is a native Texan as well as a native Dallasite. She graduated from Ursuline Academy (K-12) and went on to Loretto Heights College in Denver, Colorado where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts and an Education Minor. For the past thirty-five years she has been an elementary teacher with the Dallas Independent School District. Carol retired in 2004 and after a friend encouraged her to pursue her painting full time, she became a founding member of Studio Art and Soul. She picked up the brush and hasn’t stopped. Now she is hooked! Her true love is painting portraits of children but she paints landscapes and pets as well, all with a fearless zest that her style reflects. Painting has become her new profession of choice and she paints almost daily. The only time she takes off from painting is when she is substitute teaching at Lakewood Elementary in order to earn enough money to take another class or do something to further her painting career.

Susan Moss Cooper

Dallas, Texas

Susan Moss began painting in oils at a young age under the instruction of her grandmother, Leola Moss, a nationally recognized award-winning painter. A great source of inspiration since childhood, Leola also instilled in Susan her love of the Texas landscape. Susan’s grandmother, Leola began painting in 1938. She studied under early Texas artist Vivian Aunspaugh for 10 years. She also studied with Jessie Davis, Ramon Froman and gave art demonstrations to the Frank Reaugh Art Club. Frank Reaugh and Vivian Aunspaugh are the pioneers in bringing professional art to Dallas during the early 1900’s and Leola played a key role in the Dallas art scene during her career, exhibiting at Joseph Sartor Galleries on several occasions, as well as her own gallery, 3020 McKinney. Susan’s style is heavily influenced by these early Texas artists, especially her grandmother. Like her predecessors, she prefers to experience the landscape first-hand and often paints en plein air (on location). Her focus has been on the Texas Hill Country, as well as landscapes from her travels throughout Europe and the Southwest. “Painting on-site brings so many other elements to a piece. The work is the result of my reaction to what I’m experiencing in the moment – the temperature, the wind, the light, indescribable qualities that come out in the painting. I’m more concerned with capturing the spirit of a place and my response to it rather than the exact color or duplication of what I see.” Her recent interest in figurative work has led her to study with Kim English and Lesley Rich. Other noted artists she has studied with include Jeanette LeGrue, Gordon Fowler and Suzanne Kelly Clark. Susan is an awardwinning painter and is represented in many private collections across the country.

Svetlana Novikova

Austin, Texas

Svetlana Novikova was born in Moscow, Russia and now resides in Austin Texas with her husband and son. She has been drawing and painting since she was a child. Back in Russia, Svetlana studied art at Podolsk Classical Fine Art school. When she was still a teenager, she made a big decision to come to America on her own to pursue an education. It has been a challenging and eventful journey. After Svetlana graduated from University of Maine, she began her career as a free lance artist. Her art work began being sought after, and it has been gaining respect among serious art collectors. Svetlana became known for her unique impressionistic painting style, vibrant color and soulful depiction of people and animals. She also likes to paint other subjects such as landscapes, abstracts, and still lives. Her favorite ways to paint are with watercolors and using palette knives in oils or acrylics. She loves watercolors for their transparency and delicate challenging attributes. And when painting with palette knives, she enjoys a feeling of a raw energy and passion that bold impasto strokes can produce in a painting. Svetlana’s artwork has been featured in variousl publications, and it has received several awards. You can find her art in thousands of private and public collections throughout the world. The value of Novikova’s art will continue to rise with time. Currently, Svetlana teaches at a private school in Texas. She also conducts private and group lessons, workshops and art demos in Austin area. She continues to paint and sell art, and is working on publishing art instruction series. Svetlana is available for commissioned work, art licensing, design and illustration, and art instruction. Please visit her website

Laurie Pace Mount Vernon, Texas As splintering light fractions into thousands of colors, Laurie Pace’s journey has encompassed many careers from runaway model to graphic artist, musician to singer, and teacher to artist. She believes the greatest influence in her life is the beauty God provides. A degree in Art, eight years with an advertising agency and twenty nine years teaching art has come full circle to honors yearly at international art shows. Viewing a Pace painting is a rich experience dripping with color and emotion. Her passionate works are alive with movement, boldly created with a wide brush and a palette knife. She loves working with oils, dramatically carving out the paint and transferring the energy to the canvas and ultimately on to the viewer. Pareidolia is the name for what happens when Ms. Pace gazes at her thickly applied strokes of oil paint and begins to visualize equine forms. It’s the same term used to describe the phenomena of seeing animals in clouds or faces in the moon.

You can find her work in: The Rare Gallery, Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Mirada Fine Art, Denver Colorado; The Dutch Art Gallery, Dallas Texas; Earthworks Art Gallery, New York; SR Gallery, Hong Kong; and Adieb Khadoure Fine Art in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

Becky Parks

Garland, Texas

Becky has always been interested in oil painting, art and architecture, but ‘life’ put her ambitions on hold until recently retiring. Now numerous travels to Europe have enabled her to acquire the true feeling of Provence and Tuscany. Enjoying the same light in the south of France that drew the masters such as Monet, Cezanne, and Renoire, she captures the brightly painted shutters, the lavender fields and the sunflowers of that special area. The medieval villages of St Paul de Vence, Gourdon and Eze to mention a few, offer many architectural opportunities for stunning painting. Had she been born in another time she would have designed the medieval villages of France, but now recreating their distinct beauty on canvas is her way of preserving the past as well as her holiday memories. Being fluent in the French language has been a huge benefit while traveling throughout France and Europe.

Linda Popple

Ft.Worth, Texas

In 2008 began painting landscapes, still lifes and figures using the oil paints she loves. Linda chooses a subject by whatever speaks to her at the time and paints from life or photograph. She enjoys taking ordinary subjects and painting them in an extraordinary way with color and good composition. Linda began her art career after raising her three sons and retiring from her work in business world. She earned a BA from Belmont College in Nashville, Tennessee and a Culinary Arts Degree from Grand Rapids Community College in Michigan. She is a self-taught artist with no formal art education, but has studied through workshops, DVDs, and art books. Linda spends time in museums and is inspired by the paintings and the works of fellow artists. In 2010 she began a blog as a way to document her creative journey, improve her work as a daily painter, receive input from other artists and share her art with others. As her journey continues Linda’s goal is to grow and learn more about art and the spirit of creativity.

Suzy Pal Powell Plains, Texas

Before ever starting to school, Suzy was making and creating things- embroidery and doll clothes. She had always drawn and doodled on everything in the house. She is married to a cotton farmer, lives in West Texas and has 2 children and 4 grandchildren. She paints mainly with watercolor on traditional watercolor paper. She has recently started using some of the different synthetic papers and is also branching off with acrylics and gouache. In 2010 she started doing some torn paper collage in addition to quilting and constructing mosaics. She has been featured in Watercolor Magic Magazine website three times, and Artists Sketchbook Magazine with some of her sketches. She was also featured in North Light Magazine with her Christmas designs and once with a postcard design, and member page. She is included in the book ‘The Artistic Touch 4’, ‘The Artistic Touch 5’ by Chris Unwin, and ‘Best of America Watercolor Artist’, and ‘Best of America’s Landscapes’ by Kennedy Publishing.

Her work was featured on Historical Society of Plains Calendar Cover for 2002, and also the cover for Lea County Electric annual report. She also painted western and Christmas scenes to be used as labels for Coffee City USA in Tyler, TX. She has designed the Yoakum County Connection T-shirt Design for 2002- 2005 and participated in a “One Woman Show� at Barnes and Nobles Bookstore in Lubbock, Texas in both December 2003 and July 2004. She had 2 solo shows at Asbury Gallery in Lubbock in 2005 and a solo show at the Clovis Community College in 2009. She has received her signature status with Wyoming Watercolor Society, as well as Southwestern Watercolor Society, Dallas, TX. Three of her collage images were sold by Kohls department stores. She can be reached at 806-456-3411 and her website address is and blog address is www. Suzy is also a member of Artcolony., and Artists of Texas

Shirley Quaid

Humble, Texas

Shirley Quaid, a Texas artist, moved to the Houston area from Wewoka, Oklahoma. She specializes in figurative and landscape subjects in oils. Shirley is a “people watcher” and often paints because her heart strings have been tugged. She began her art education with Kelly Kirk, an exceptional teacher, at Seminole State College in Seminole, Oklahoma. She furthered her studies with internationally known Expressionist, Bert Seabourn; plein aire specialist, Ken Munzenmayer; Impressionist, Scott Mattlin; figurative artist, William Kalwick, Jr; still life artist, Qiang Huang; landscape artist Steve Parker and master painter Daniel Gerhartz. She is an associate member of Oil Painters of America (OPA), member of Artists of Texas, Contemporary Fine Art International, Daily Painters of Texas, Lone Star Art Guild and Kingwood Art Society. She maintains a studio in Humble, TX . Shirley says, “I can’t imagine a life that did not involve painting. I’m consumed by it. My art education will never end as each painting brings new insights and new joys” Her work is in private collections throughout the United States.

Martie Rains

Granbury, Texas

Martie Rains began painting for the first time October, 2005; however, a trip to Italy was her real inspiration. Upon returning, she began painting Italian scenes, mostly of the beautiful architecture and countryside she had enjoyed in Italy. She loved the antiquity and unique designs of the buildings and the vivid colors of the landscapes. Since then, Martie and her husband Gary have traveled extensively in the U.S., Canada and abroad, providing her with a varied selection of sources for her art. Her preferred medium is oil and she mostly enjoys painting beautiful landscapes and architecture. However, in the last year, Martie has added some still lifes to her collection.

Martie continues improving her artistic skills, having studied under several accomplished and well-known artists such as Kathy Tate, Betty Carr, Chris Saper, and others. She has incorporated all she has learned into her own unique style of painting. Martie’s work has been accepted into several juried shows in Texas and has received awards in several art competitions. Most recently, her art was chosen as one of the 130 pieces juried into the Stars of Texas Show, Brownwood, TX out of over 370 entries. Most recently, Martie also received an award in the LGAA Spring Festival of Art and has art juried into the 2012 Artists of Texas show. In addition, she has been represented by Rising Stars Art Gallery in Mineral Wells and is a member of Artists of Texas and Contemporary Fine Art International. Martie is also active in the Lake Granbury Art Association and Pecan Plantation Art Guild. Martie, a retired teacher and marketing manager, lives in Pecan Plantation near Granbury, Texas.

Ann Phifer Reyes

Lufkin, Texas

“A passion for painting” describes Ann Reyes’ life. Although she sometimes uses other media, oil paint on canvas has always been her favorite. “There’s just something about oil paints that no other medium can equal. I love everything about oils.” Reyes has lived in Texas all her life, although she has traveled throughout North America. She earned bachelors and masters degrees in art from Sam Houston State University and presently paints in her studio and en plein air. Her large landscapes are shown in Harris Gallery in Houston and remain in private and corporate collections across the country. Her smaller works, including plein air landscapes, still life, and figurative paintings, are shown on her website, In addition, she has painted murals and many commissioned portraits. In 2007, Reyes began A Painting a Day and continued for more than a year. She still paints almost every day and regularly posts to her blog.

Ann Rogers

Dallas, Texas

After receiving a BA degree in art from SMU in Dallas, Texas, Ann painted professionally selling her works through the Dallas Decorative Center, museum art shows throughout the state, and accepting commissions from decorators. Also having worked with an interior design firm and a tour and destination management company, Ann still finds painting in oils the most creative career. Subjects, painted in the representational and impressionistic style, range from still lifes to figurative work, landscapes, and most recently, painting en plein air. Continuing to learn and take workshops with artists she admires is an ongoing goal.

Lynn Rushton Dallas, Texas Lynn Noelle Rushton brings the Texas native’s bravado and love of the West to her work. Focusing on work-a-day scenes from daily life, in oil, water media, and the ancient hot wax medium of encaustic, she describes her work as ‘painted stories.’ Drawing on the rich cultural history of the west, she combines the techniques of European post impressionism with subject matter that resonates with the monumental scene painters of the WPA and the 30’s and 40’s. Her new work, “Forces of Nature”, combines the drama of storms and weather with images of lovers. With each aspect of love, there is an image of weather--a tempest, the dawn, or something electric. As much as it defies containment and is unpredictable, the fascination with love is eternal. Looking even deeper in the notion of natural forces, Rushton explores the Newtonian laws with images of flyers. Who can resist the carefree exuberance of a child, the flight of an angel, the movement of a bird? Her use of encaustics allows for a multi dimensional layering of paint, which she carves into to create even deeper symbolism to the pendant images in the series. She earned a BFA from Vanderbilt University and won numerous awards nationally. She has painted plein air in Europe, Asia and South America and paints in Dallas and in Central Texas.

Bob Shepherd

Montgomery, Texas

Shep always loved to draw. At 9 he drew his “Paw Paw” in profile while he was playing dominoes. Nobody believed Bobby drew the portrait until he drew the entire family. Portraits have always been Shep’s greatest joy, with commissions making up the majority of his work in his second career…Oil Painting. Bob Shepherd was an Account Executive for Wrangler Jeans for 30 years, winning Sales Person of the Year five times. After retiring in 2011, he’s devoted his full energies to painting. Geoffrey Laurence of Santa Fe, New Mexico and Tina Szajko of Bellville, Texas have been major influences on his style. Geoff ’s “Painting in the Venetian Tradition” is the basis for Shep’s unique style utilizing many layers and glazes to create amazingly realistic works. Shep has won “Best of Show” in art shows in The Woodlands and Brenham, Texas with his portraits and figurative paintings. He’s also won the Golda Johnson “Best Floral” Award, and H.L.P. Moore Award for “Best Oil Painting” with his floral and landscape works. Bob is the current President of The Brenham Fine Arts League, and is a member of the Portrait Society of America, Artists of Texas, and Contemporary Fine Art International. He gives workshops where he teaches his glazing techniques. Shep works out of the studio at his home in Bentwater on Lake Conroe outside Montgomery, Texas.

Nancy Standlee Arlington, Texas

Pump up the Volume Right Top: Sweet Summer Roses Right Center: Social Gathering, Feel Beautiful Right Bottom Page: Polka Dot

Nancy Johnson Standlee, a native Texan from Arlington, loves working in a variety of mediums and taking art workshops and travel. She has lived in California and Virginia and retired in 2000 from the Keller ISD. Since her retirement she has taken art workshops in Europe, Mexico and the United States in watercolor, acrylic, oil, plein air and collage. Her personal work has evolved to acrylic semi-abstract still life and figurative painting and mixed media paintings with torn paper collage. Nancy uses found papers, magazine pages and hand painted and stamped papers in the collage paintings. She has recently added landscape pieces while painting plein air in New Mexico and California. In January 2012 she traveled to California to take her first oil workshop. Her focus is on bright colors and impressionist techniques in her paintings seen on her blog and website. She is an internationally collected artist and has recently had 3 of her works published in Painting with Mixed Media, Guhin and Greenman, @2012. Nancy’s paintings can be viewed and purchased at her online gallery: Daily Paintworks, She maintains a website and an active art blog and contributes to several other blogs. During the past years she has begun keeping personal and travel journals and enjoys sharing her love of the process with art journal workshops and collage workshops. Nancy paints with a group of 8 artists who paint collaboratively, Canvas by Canvas. Inspiration comes from a library of art books, viewing other artists’ work, painting with friends, art workshops, museums, travel, photos – all that she sees and experiences is a potential for a painting or a journal entry.

Joyce Thomas

Granbury, Texas

Joyce currently lives in Granbury, Texas. Her interest in painting began while living in Abilene, Texas where she studied oil painting under Maisi Sirois-Marshall until she moved to Colorado. Joyce continued her interest in painting and attended Art History and Design classes at Belleville College, Illinois. Joyce and her family moved from Illinois to Ramstein, Germany. Over a three-year period they traveled throughout Europe, Russia, Greece, and Israel. They visited every major fine art museum, along with the great churches and cathedrals. In Germany, Joyce studied oil painting with Herr Boucher. After returning to the United States, while living in Little Rock, Arkansas for a brief period, she attended a Barry Thomas oil painting workshop and was a member of the Amy Hill watercolor group. In 1992 Joyce and her husband moved back to Europe and lived in Kempton, Germany and Herisau, Switzerland where the beautiful museums and the magnificent Alps further inspired her to continue her personal artistic development. Back in the USA, and settling in Texas, she studied and dedicated ten years as a Docent at the Kimbell Art Museum in Ft. Worth. Joyce is an avid student of her pursuit of gaining a sound understanding of the techniques used to build works of art. Presently her painting interest and focus is “en plein air.� Painting studies and workshops include over 20 professional artists. She has taught oil and watercolor classes in her studio to aspiring artists.

Joyce’s work has been shown in many exhibits, and is in private collections around the country. She was invited to participate in the Nomadas Del Arte 2010 National show held at the Southwest Gallery, Dallas, TX. In November, 2010 her paintings were exhibited in the Artists of Texas “Where Texas Finds It’s Color” show at the Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas, TX. Joyce is a Signature member of Plein Air Artists Colorado, a member of Outdoor Painters Society, Bosque Arts Center, Artists of Texas, Contemporary Fine Art International, and Plein air Artists, Lake Granbury Art Association

Melissa Torres

San Antonio, Texas

Melissa A. Torres is registered nurse, originally from Newburgh, NY, with no formal art education. She began taking an acrylic art class in March of 2011, but has been painting and drawing since childhood. Most of her work so far has been commissioned pieces. She loves to transform a photograph of a person’s loved one(s) or pet(s) into a work of art. Sometimes she paints it exactly like the photo, but at times she changes the background or several things to individualize the painting to her style. She is most comfortable working with acrylic, but has done work in water color, pastel, and charcoal, and recently began working with water mixable oil. Melissa finds inspiration in just about anything, but usually nature, people, and pets. Paintings that aren’t commissions are usually as a result of a desire for her to challenge herself and to learn more. Melissa presently lives in San Antonio, TX, and works as an Emergency Room Nurse. She is the girlfriend to a wonderful man, the mother to a lovely son and two dogs, and the grandmother of a little angel. You can see her complete portfolio on her website,

Cecy Turner

Dallas, Texas

A native Dallasite, Cecy Turner received her formal art training at Vanderbilt University and the University of North Texas, followed by workshops by over 50 professional artists from across the nation. She is a Signature Member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, National Watercolor Society, Southwestern Watercolor Society, Women Artists of the West, Outdoor Painters Society, Plein Air Artists Colorado, Associated Creative Artists, American Plains Artists, Texas and Neighbors and a Fellow of the American Artists Professional League. She is currently serving in her second year as president of the national organization, Women Artists of the West. Cecy has been a popular lecturer, teacher, juror and demonstrator since 1976. Versatile in both watercolor and oils, she has designed cards and calendars for numerous national greeting card companies. Cecy’s work has appeared in articles in American Artist Magazine, Watercolor Magic Magazine, North Light Magazine, Southwest Art Magazine (Artist to Watch), Art of the West, Watercolor Artist Magazine (cover artist 2010) and the book, The Best of Flower Painting. During the past several years she has received the Award of Excellence in the Oil Painters of America National Exhibition, the Best Realistic Landscape Award in the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society Exhibition, Landscape Merit Award in the Salon International Juried Exhibition, Irving Art Center $1,000 award in the Texas and Neighbors Five-State Juried Exhibition, as well as awards in the 80th Annual National Watercolor Society Exhibition, Southwestern Watercolor Society, Plano Art Association, Richardson Civic Art Society Regional Exhibition and Best of Show in the Associated Creative Artists Juried Exhibition.

Patsy Walton

Grandbury, Texas

As far back as Patsy can remember, she has had a desire to recreate the beauty around her. While living on a farm as a young child, she was able to observe nature - it’s symmetry, color, playfulness, balance and movement. The lazy days of childhood were enhanced by the excitement of exploring the acres of plant and wildlife, along with the daily freedom to interact with the domestic animals - cats, dogs, chickens, Brahma bulls, jersey cows, and parakeets, among others. These animals continue to crop up in many of Patsy’s paintings. “ I get lost in the process of recreating the beauty that surrounds us in this world, and am convinced that reflecting God’s glory in my painting is what I am called to attempt to do. Whether in watercolor, oils, or acrylics, I find it such a challenge and one I embrace fully. Impressionism is the style that best fits my personality and the avenue I use to portray the world as I choose to view it. I paint not what is actual, but what I wish it to’s my way of editing out the dull and mundane that sometimes clouds the extraordinary. Painting also helps me to relive many wonderful memories I have been blessed to experience. If I can inspire people to perhaps begin their own journey of expressing themselves, and to be more thoughtful of life and the Creator, then I will have succeeded in leaving this world a better place.” The more Patsy paints and studies, the more she agrees with the statement of the great Michelangelo: “If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all.” But she also admits that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life!

Bonny C White Pearsall, Texas

“I strive to capture the beauty that God created in as simple and direct way as I possibly can while maintaining a true representation of my subject. Painting from life refreshes my work in a way that I find hard to achieve from a photo. Learning the craft is just one part of the artistic puzzle, one must also learn to see.” Since 1970 the south Texas painter has studied to achieve the skills and insight she needs to use her God given talent to create her art. Beginning with just a high school art class and then on to a class taught by local artist Marlene Dunkin, Bonny has continued her pursuit of artistic knowledge taking classes and workshops from such great artists as Janice Yow Hindes, Matt Smith, Scott Burdick, Kevin Macpherson, Ron Rencher, Kim English, George Strickland, John Budicin and many others from whom she has learned so much. While Bonny has a passion for plein air landscapes, you can also find her in the studio working on a still life or doing a portrait from time to time. She enjoys dabbling in watercolor for fun, but oil is her medium of choice for her most serious work. Bonny has varied interests and her artwork reflects that.

Bonny has entered many regional art shows, earning several awards including Best of Show. Her works are in many private collections across our nation from Virginia to California. You can view some of her work at Cactus Jack’s in Gruene, TX or on her website at “I find that creating art, though mentally draining, relaxes me and gives me great joy and fulfillment. Having the opportunity to live on a ranch allows me to see God’s hand at work in the spring flowers, fall colors, the birth of a baby calf, among many other gifts He gives us.” Left Page: The Love Song Right Page Top: Morning Blues Right Page Bottom: San Juan Glow

Kyle Wood

Terrell, Texas

Kyle Wood was born in Dallas, Texas, on February 19, 1972. His interest in drawing & painting came at an early age. Initially, he doodled with paint-by-number series, but his Great Aunt, Mildred Stapleton, saw that he had great potential and encouraged him to take art instruction from a professional artist. Kyle’s first instruction came from Calonnie Gragg, who taught children’s and adult art classes at Nichol’s Art & Frame in Mesquite, Texas, and later at Barton on Boystun Gallery in Rockwall, Texas. In the beginning, he took children’s classes learning a variety of mediums, but decided that his passion was oil painting, so he enrolled in the adult oil painting classes. Under Calonnie’s guidance, Kyle learned the basics of color mixing, value, composition, along with a variety of brush & knife techniques. In addition, he has taken several art & architectural classes at Eastfield College and The University of Texas at Arlington, where he holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art (December 1999). In 2003, Kyle had the privilege to study with June Lee, learning a romantic style and palette knife technique of oil painting similar to Dalhart Windberg. More recently, he has taken on a new challenge by participating in yearly plein-air painting events with NETFAA and Ellis County Art Association. As an artist, Kyle’s passion is painting landscapes and historical buildings. He credits much of his painting ability to his keen observation of perspective. Taking photographs while on vacation and at other leisure moments is the primary resource for his oil paintings. Well known Texas Artists, like W.A. Slaughter, Larry Dyke, Dalhart Windberg, and many others have been a major influence, which is highly evident in his bluebonnet landscapes of the Texas Hill Country. Kyle has participated in a number of juried exhibitions locally and nationally, including Texas Wild Bunch Invitational, Texas & Neighbors, Paint America Paint the Parks mini 50, Paint America Top 100 and The State Fair of Texas. He is also a member of The Artists of Texas, Landscape Artists International, and Contemporary Fine Artists International. In addition, he has served as membership chairman and Vice President for Northeast Texas Fine Art Alliance, which meets monthly in Terrell, Texas, to promote fine art. His work is currently being represented by The Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas, Texas, and many of his paintings are finding their way into corporate & private collections throughout America. Kyle and his wife, Lori, currently reside in Terrell, Texas.

Leada Wood

Colorado City, Texas

Leada Wood is a fourth generation Texan, born in Abilene into a creative and loving family of five. She now resides in Colorado City with her husband Don and they have three grown children and 13 grandchildren. Leada owns Studio Twenty, a consignment gallery. It is also the home of her personal studio where friends come together to paint and exchange ideas. Leada also enjoys doing demos, workshops and teaching. Leada is an award winning contemporary artist who loves to experiment with new methods. She enjoys exploring new ideas, layering textures and color, intriguing her viewer to take a closer look. She rises to the challenge of watercolor as well as the creativity of collage and mixed media. Leada is constantly pushing the limits to see where the next painting will take her. She enjoys the process and journey of the painting. She uses symbolism, texture and color to communicate with her viewers. Her works are often noted for their original and unique style, whimsical subject matter, rich textures and vivid colors. Emotions, lingering insights or dreams spark her imagination. Reaching within,- Leada releases her desire to create. She strives to bring a smile to your face and take you into the world she imagines. Fragments of time and pieces of her life go into each creation. Leada hopes her art brightens your day and makes life a little more beautiful. Leada is actively involved with various art groups within the state. You can see her work on the following online galleries: Contemporary Fine Art International, West Texas Watercolor Society, Artists of Texas, Mixed Media International, Caboose Watercolor Society as well as her personal website and blog.

Left Page Top: Earth Wind and Fire Right Page Top Right: Paper Geisha Right Page Top Left: Ranch Dressin Right Page Bottom: Evening Glow

Leada Wood

Kay Wyne

Dallas, Texas

Kay Miller Wyne is a contemporary impressionistic artist living in Dallas, Texas. Kay is a mid-career artist who has developed her own distinctive style of imagery. Loose brushstrokes, bold color palettes and texture are all characteristics found in her paintings. The subject matter for Kay’s paintings varies, as she finds inspiration from not only horses, but aspen trees, cows, roosters, and bird’s nests. She has also created several abstract series, which she uses the palette knife and multiple layers of paint to create depth and texture on the canvas. All of her artwork is expressive, colorful, and contemporary. Kay is an active member of the Artists of Texas, Contemporary Fine Art International, Daily Painters, Oil Painters of America, International Equine Artists, and Palette Knife Painters. Corporate commissions include Taste of the NFL and Omni Hotel Dallas, along with individual collectors. Galleries representing Kay’s artwork are Adieb Khadoure Fine Art of Santa Fe, NM and Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas, TX. Kay Wyne can be contacted through her website at or her blog at to purchase or commission a piece of artwork.

Liana Yarckin Dallas, Texas

From receiving her first set of watercolors from her aunt when she was four to being obsessed with drawing floor plans of homes in her youth, art has always been part of Liana’s life. Liana’s love of drawing and design led her to study architecture at Texas A&M University. There, her passion for art, architecture and life grew, especially, on a study abroad program to Italy. Liana’s career in architecture and interior design have provided her with extensive experience in color, composition and design which she now applies to her art. Due to her husband’s encouragement, Liana rediscovered her love for watercolors and has been painting for the last 15 years. Her love for the beach, architecture and life is evident in her choices of subject matter.  Liana’s watercolors are consistently bright and cheerful with clean color.  She continues to grow as an artist by painting daily, taking a variety of workshops and classes, participating in local art groups and reading about her favorite artists. Liana shows and sells her artwork in galleries and online.  She accepts commissions for children’s portraits and home portraits.  These commissions can be seen collectively on her Facebook page, Liana Yarckin Watercolors or her website,  Additionally, over 50 of her paintings have been printed on greeting cards, which are sold successfully nationwide. Liana would like to recognize the artists that she has studied under:  Jane Jones, Naomi Brotherton, Cecy Turner, Pat Kochan, Ted Nuttal, Andy Evansen and Frank Francese. Liana is currently a member of Southwestern Watercolor Society, Artists of Texas, Highland Park Arts Board and the Texas Women’s Caucus for Art.

Left Page Top: Lobster Rolls at JTs Right Page Top: Regatta Right Page Bottom: Mid Day on Main

Anton Zhou

Houston, Texas

I started my painting career at the age of 7. When I was 4 in pre-school, I brought some artworks home from school, and my parents couldn’t believe that I painted them. My dad, who is a businessman, and also an art lover, started to encourage me to color and draw at home. In 1st grade, I had my first artwork displayed at a school art program (Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo). Then, my parents sent me to Xinsheng Wang’s Art School to learn art and develop a base foundation for my artistic knowledge when I was 7 years old, and that’s when I earned my livelihood as an artist. I didn’t always just look at my artworks. I usually like to compare and contrast my art with others, to improve my skills. Going to museums is another thing I like to do since I get the opportunity to study masterpieces of some of the greatest artists in the world. Experiencing these grand artworks influences me to become a great artist and allows me to explore the world of art into even greater depths. In the summer of 2008, at the age of 9, I went to Beijing, China to participate in “The Green Olympics” with U.S. muralist Robert Wyland. I also participated in the Beijing International Youth Art Contest and won a grand prize. It was a fantastic experience for me. I have also competed in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo School Art Program several times, earning Champion and Reserve Champion of Elementary with my artworks “George Ranch” and “The Golden Field” in 2009 and 2010, respectively. In 2011, my oil painting “Harmony” received a gold medal. This year, I won a gold and silver key for two artworks submitted for the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. There are many other competitions I’ve been in and received various awards from such as PTA Reflections, Houston Young Artist’s Concert and the Angel Art Festival. At school, I am a straight A student. I also participate in math contests and play piano. Not only that, but I love to play basketball, and I am on the school team. Every day, when I come back from school, I watch SpongeBob, because it is in my opinion the best show ever. I wish to become a part- time basketball player and part - time artist. Now, I am 13 years old, and art has always been a major passion for me along with all my other favorite hobbies. Art is my life.

Rebecca Zook Granbury, Texas

Rather than focusing on a specific subject matter, Rebecca relies on a high level of detail and a strong sense of light to tie her work together. Viewers often comment that they feel as if they could step into her paintings; as if the frame was a window to another world. With work appearing in 2011 in an article on the state of the arts in Texas in the national art magazine “Western Art Collector,” and in an “American Art Collector” article on miniature works, Granbury artist, Rebecca Zook, is definitely an artist worth watching. She has several successful solo shows under her belt as well as many local and national level awards. In 2011 she was also granted Signature status in the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society.

Top Left: Jack in January Snow Top Right: Texas Textures Bottom: Late Lunch Right Page: The Lawman

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