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Winter 2011

CFAB helps end child detention


paramount concern and must not be subsumed by immigration concerns.

CFAB were closely involved in the reference group which developed the plans that allowed this announcement to be made. We are satisfied that the plans and procedures that were outlined can lead to a more humane system which has the safeguarding of children as its primary focus.

We want asylum seekers to be allowed to live in and be part of the community, whilst their claim is processed. There is a stark contrast between regular opinion polls telling us that the public thinks immigration is out of control and evidence of communities mobilising to support their neighbours, class mates and friends when families are being deported. This shows that when communities get to know asylum seekers and hear their stories they understand some of the appalling circumstances that have led them to the UK to seek refuge.

December 16th 2010 the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, announced that child detention in the immigration process will end. This is undoubtedly excellent news and long overdue.

However, the announcement is just the start of the process. What is now required is a significant culture change in the way that asylum seeking families are treated, approached and engaged with. This new way of working must have respect for the dignity of each family and a real commitment to their humane treatment at its core. There must also be an acceptance that the safeguarding of these children is the

Locking up children was the result of administrative convenience, as opposed to a concerted decision that detaining children was desirable. It was a way of processing failed asylum applications that gave no thought to the family’s human dignity or the

CFAB is a unique charity, and part of an international network of social welfare agencies. Our mission is to promote and protect the rights and welfare of children, adults and families across international borders.

impact on their children’s emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. In a country which claims to champion that every child matters, this appears not to have applied to these particular children. In order to better engage and involve families in the difficult and emotionally charged process of seeking asylum, caseworkers must adopt an empathic and conciliatory approach. Asylum seekers are largely powerless, the state does not need to employ dawn raids, detention or send uniformed officers in protective clothing into family homes in order for them to understand that they are, literally, at the mercy of the UK. CFAB will be watching closely to see how the plans we helped draw up are implemented. Detaining children was shameful for us all. The system that replaces it must better serve this vulnerable group of children.

CFAB Newsletter 

Winter 2011

Protecting Foreign Prisoners’ Children

long sentences their children are put at a grave risk of poverty and exploitation.

Children of foreign prisoners are a neglected and vulnerable group who are often affected harshly by their mothers punishment. … CFAB has discovered that there is a gap in services provided to safeguard children whose mothers are imprisoned in the UK. The majority of these women are sentenced for drug trafficking offences and can face up to 8 years in prison. What about their children? Typically they are left with a friend or relative, but what if their placement cannot last the full length of their mother’s sentence? As the mothers are often single carers, when they are given


What is your role at CFAB

I am CFAB’s Campaign Appeal Director, responsible for leading the

CFAB works to safeguard these children and promote contact between mothers and children. We contact the country of origin and make the authorities aware of these children, the situation, and advocate for the children, so that their situation is assessed and action taken if the child is at risk. CFAB has also begun to work with Hibiscus, a charity working for the welfare of Female Foreign prisoners. They estimate that over a thousand children are affected in this way.

female prison consisting of 40% UK prisoners and 60% foreign nationals. We had the opportunity to meet with foreign prisoners, many of whom did have concerns regarding their children’s welfare and were interested in our services.

CFAB Young Fundraiser of the Year 2010

Staff Profile

commercial and not-for-profit Hannah Moran sectors, I wanted my next career Campaign Appeal Director step to be in the charitable sector. In terms of selecting CFAB, I find inspiring people I am meeting the breadth of the work the and working with is wonderful, charity covers both fascinating and the diversity my job brings and extremely important, and on a daily basis is fantastic. This the opportunity to have a direct is a very exciting time for the impact on the expansion of this charity, and I am delighted to What work was extremely attractive be part of it! attracted you to me. to this role? or further information about What do you enjoy most the work CFAB does and the I was attracted to about the job? funding required to achieve it, my role for a please get in touch by emailing variety of reasons. Having Working at CFAB is or calling worked previously in both the extremely rewarding. The +44 (0)20 7735 8941




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Winter 2011

Swivel Theatre Company presents ‘OTHELLO’

As you may all be aware CFAB is the official charity partner of Swivel Theatre Company, a newly founded theatre company by CFAB’s Christina Turner. The company will be debuting in London with a modern production of OTHELLO from 1st - 20th February 2011 (excluding Mondays) from 7.30pm at the Barons Court Theatre, West Kensington, London. A percentage of the profits from the show will be donated to CFAB as they have been an incredible support to this project since the beginning.

Through this work, as well as research, networking and engaging with female foreign prisoners, we hope to encourage more referrals in order to safeguard and reunite children and their families.

To promote this work we are making visits to all the female prisons in the UK to promote awareness of the services we can provide amongst prison staff and foreign prisoners to assist the families and safeguard their children. In November we visited HMP Morton Hall which is a

development and implementation of a new fundraising appeal to cover the expansion of CFAB’s services over the next five years. The money raised through this appeal will allow our unique services to be made available to more children, families and vulnerable adults who need them.

CFAB Newsletter 

CFAB is delighted to announce that Celeste Blakey has won Young Fundraiser of the Year 2010. Her efforts in 2010 have been outstanding, raising £700 in the summer by completing a 20km swim and 40 km cycle ride through Switzerland, and £700 selling jewellery. Celeste’s jewellery sale brought together a crowd of school friends, young professionals, foreign students and even the founder of Paint Pots Montessori School who wanted to support her initiative. The event was a huge success selling jewellery which Celeste had made during long winter evenings. As a result of her creativity not only has the charity benefited from the proceeds but new contacts and a new audience has been reached for CFAB.

A special CFAB fundraising night is taking place on 15th Febraury 2011 where tickets are £25, £10 of which will go directly to the charity. If you would like to reserve a seat for this night then please email or call on 020 7735 8941. It promises to be a wonderful evening. To book seats for other nights please call the Box Office Direct on 0208 942 4747. But hurry seats are selling fast! It would mean so much to us if you could come and support CFAB and Swivel.

CFAB is reaching for the summits! A group of 4 CFAB staff are embarking on the adventure of a life time – come October 2011 they will be pushing their mental and physical capabilities to the limits as they begin climbing one of the tallest peaks in the world – Kilimanjaro in Tanzania! Heather, Hannah, Shaziah and Christina will be raising as much money as possible for Children and Families Across Borders. They will be counting on all of your support to reach the top. Anything you can give to support this fantastic cause will make all the difference. The girls are very determined and excited about this adventure. Updates on how training is going will be posted on the CFAB blog and facebook site so do follow their progress. Please support the CFAB team today by donating whatever you can to this amazing cause and challenge. Please visit the link below to visit our just giving page and donate today

A huge thank you from us all. Page 3

CFAB Newsletter 

Winter 2011

Free Training The CFAB Roadshow has kicked off to a flying start with 10 Local Authorities receiving training over the last 4 months. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I very much benefited from attendance on this course which raised my level of understanding of the issues raised. The trainers were very knowledgeable and able to discuss diverse issues Waltham Forest Social Worker The CFAB specialist training touches on all aspects of international social work, including child trafficking and private fostering. It highlights some simple and effective measures professionals can take to safeguard children across borders and ensure, where appropriate, that children in care have the opportunity to be considered to live with family members overseas. By the end of the session we hope professionals will have gained more awareness and confidence when dealing with international cases in their departments. Please get in touch at to be sent more information and details of how to book. We look forward to hearing from you!

Upcoming Events February 15th 2011 - Othello, Barons Court Theatre February 22nd 2011 - 2nd International Spring Fair Coffee Morning, 1 Carlton Gardens March 10th 2011 - ICP Dinner, Italian Ambassador’s Residence March 29th 2011 - CFAB Fashion Show by Akris, Swiss Ambassador’s Residence April 5th 2011 - International Social Work Lecture, Grosvenor House

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May 10th-11th 2011 - CFAB’s 52nd International Spring Fair June 8th 2011 - First Night Party, Art Antiques London

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Winter Newsletter 2011  
Winter Newsletter 2011  

O n December 16th 2010 the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, announced that child detention in the immigration process will end. This is un...