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Winter 2010

Children and Families Across Borders is launched! Welcome to the first edition of the CFAB newsletter! On January 4th 2010 ISS UK changed its name to Children and Families Across Borders. This is a very exciting time as we embark on a new chapter in our charity’s history. As we look back we are and will continue to be very proud of our history as ISS UK. 2009 was a year of genuine progress. Our new CEO Andy Elvin and his PA joined in the summer along with 3 new social work staff and an Operations Manager and an Events Manager. What’s more the Advice and Help Line continues to go from strength to strength with almost every UK authority using it and calls running at 1,500 per year. Our fundraising team, supported by marvellous volunteer committees, enabled us to host some excellent events, including the 50th Anniversary World Market, a hugely successful International Child Protection Dinner, and an evening of warmth and laughter at the Kuwait Ambassador’s Residence in November.

We move forward now, striving to grow our services to even more adults, children and families, and to raise our profile.

abroad which have not been adequately explored. We will work to make sure all options for the child are explored, with the hope that each and every one can enjoy an environment of a loving family wherever possible.

Together we will reunite children and families across borders.

Although our name has changed, what has not changed is the nature of our work and our commitment to seek the best outcomes for children who are separated by international borders from their families, working at all times in the best interests of the child. In the coming year we will be focussing on children in care in the UK who may have extended family overseas who wish to care for them. We believe there are a significant number of children in the UK care system that have family options

CFAB is an unique charity, and is part of an international network of social welfare agencies. Our mission is to promote and protect the rights and welfare of children, adults and families across international borders.

CFAB is proud to offer core services and our team of 8 experienced and qualified social workers offer expertise in the following areas: Child Protection Alerts Child Abduction Child Trafficking Unaccompanied Minors Children in care Welfare Checks Private Fostering Travel Assistance Police and Social Service checks

CFAB Newsletter 

Winter 2010


What motivated you to join CFAB?

Staff Profile

Meena Enawalla Operations Manager


What inspired you to join the CFAB team?

I was inspired to join CFAB because I have always had an interest in doing social worker internationally and CFAB gave me an opportunity to do this in a way that was respectful of other cultural practices. I am excited to be part of a charity that is providing a truly unique and very necessary service. In addition I am thrilled to be working in partnership with ISS Branches and correspondence all over the world whose main objective it to ensure the welfare of children, adults and families.

My work has to be meaningful and rewarding and CFAB has all the components for any employee who is passionate about changing with the times and developing an expertise. More and more children are crossing borders and social workers in the UK will want to be better equipped and confident to deal with these issues. CFAB can offer this and I was motivated to join because of its uniqueness and position to assist with issues transcending borders.


What are you wokring on at the moment?

I am currently working on several cases in partnership with UK local authorities and correspondence in China, Japan, Lithuania, Spain to name a few. Many of these cases involve liaising with authorities in these countries to alert them of child protection concerns.


Do you have any particular areas of interest?

I am interested in learning more about ways of combating the trafficking of


What attracted you to the social work profession?

If you had asked me when I was 16 years old what I wanted to be I would have said a pop star like most of my peers! After leaving university, working as a nursing assistant combined with voluntary work with HIV&Aids services, ChildLine and a women’s project, I became increasingly interested in social issues. I learnt I could advocate on behalf of vulnerable individuals and found it rewarding when my personal skills and knowledge could contribute changes to the lives of others. From then on I decided to train as a

children and adults. Furthermore I am interested in working with cases involving unaccompanied asylum seeking children.


What areas do you hope to work in, in the future?

I look forward to being involved with CFAB training where we have an opportunity to network with Local Authorities in the UK and spreading the word about the important services we provide. I believe it is in the best interest of the clients we are working with, to promote the partnership amongst social services in the UK and abroad.

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social worker specialising in children and families . Thanks to some wonderful professionals and mentors I have stayed in this worthwhile profession.


What is the most interesting aspect of your role?

I have only been at CFAB for a short while but I am finding it extremely rewarding. This is an exciting time for the charity and is very interesting exploring new initiatives and creative ways that can add value to our services. I am confident that our vision and focus is fit for purpose and child centred.

Staff Profile

Heather Solomon-Easton Intercountry Social Worker

CFAB Newsletter 

Winter 2010

A truly remarkable evening On the 12th November 2009 CFAB held an elegant Reception and Dinner at His Excellency the Kuwait Ambassador’s Residence in Kensington. The spectacular venue coupled with the exquisite food helped to make this a wonderful occassion. There was a warm and friendly atmosphere created by the Ambassador, his wife and their team that made all the guests feel relaxed and comfortable. Our Chairman, Douglas Lewis, took the role of auctioneer during the evening, and with the help of some superb auction prizes made the bidding lively and very competitive. Through our guests generous support CFAB raised over £60,000 which will go directly to our ongoing work with vulnerable children all over the world.

Special thanks go to the CFAB Kuwait Dinner Committee and the staff at the Kuwait Embassy and our generous individuals and sponsors that donated prizes for the auction,

CFAB is delighted to launch its new student initiative in January 2010 which will provide 5 first year UK MA social work students placements for 26 weeks, and 1 first year social student from Denmark a placement for 20 weeks.

frequently be working in once they are qualified.

CFAB will be using a model of group practice learning sessions with the students as it carries the potential for more inter placement and inter agency learning. We believe the students will be able to learn more effectively than in one to one sessions. It will also provide a safe opportunity for students to develop reflective practice. The group will be able to break down specialism boundaries, which is crucial when undertaking international casework. In addition, the model will also accurately reflect situations the students will

Built into the the group learning experience will be development sessions for placement supervisors. Qualified social work staff at CFAB will learn from each other, work as a team and augment their leadership and management skills. It is based on the premise that the extent of placement supervisor’s work and involvement with students should be recognized, valued and supported more during student placements. The group work model is not set in stone and at CFAB a ‘systems’ approach and model will be applied to compliment the group practice learning sessions. The central idea of the systems approach is based on the premise that any worker’s

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including Olympic Air, Mrs Zandra Rhodes, Mrs Irene Vasilopoulos, Mr Yannis Zounalis and Mr Gary Lewin.

CFAB welc om stude es nts!

performance is a result of their own skill, and knowledge. The systemic application is the right one for CFAB because of the international nature of our work. We want to better understand and break down our work into systems which fully appreciate the resources to improve

practice and outcomes.

CFAB Newsletter 

Winter 2010

Our work in focus: At just 2 years old little Avon came to the attention of a Local Authority. Avon’s mother had been arrested that Monday morning at a UK airport on suspicion of importing class A drugs into the country. Avon was separated from his mother and immediately placed in a UK foster home, alone, afraid and unable to speak as his home language was not spoken. Avon’s mother was charged and faced 5-8 years in prison. Attention turned to Avon and where he would live now. His mother suggested a family friend who might be able to care for him in The Netherlands. This is where CFAB was able to help. We believe that every child has the right to grow up in a loving environment and work to ensure children are united with those who will love and care for them best.

The Local Authority contacted CFAB, and thanks to our unique global network we were able to work with ISS The Netherlands to ensure the appropriate action was taken for Avon. CFAB worked with ISS The Netherlands to arrange for them to travel over to collect Avon on the Friday, and along with a UK social worker supervise a goodbye visit to his

mother in prison. Assessment of the family friend as a long term carer is being carried out and Avon is now happily settled in a Dutch foster home. Thanks to the speed and ability to work with the appropriate people across borders Avon only spent 4 nights in a UK foster home.

Dates for your diary... February 11th 2010 CFAB will be hosting its 4th International Child Protection Dinner at the Spanish Embassy, Belgrave Square, London. February 23rd 2010 The Second World Market Coffee Morning for the Diplomatic Community will be held at Carlton Gardens. April 29th 2010 CFAB’s Inaugural Child Protection Lecture with guest speaker Lord Laming . This event will be held at Governors House, London.

May 11th & 12th Our 51st World Market will be taking place at Kensington Town Hall. Join us for London’s most colourful and vibrant charity fair to enjoy food, produce and entertainment from all over the world. May 24th 2010 CFAB’s bi annual Pro-Am Golf Day will be held at Stoke park. Our kind thanks go to Dr Ali Sattaripour for organising this event.

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Winter Newsletter 2010  
Winter Newsletter 2010  

abroad which have not been adequately explored. We will work to make sure all options for the child are explored, with the hope that each an...