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Campaigning For Change CFAB is a proactive charity. We act. Not only do we directly help to protect children and families, we also learn from our direct casework and this informs us of national policies and procedures that act against the best interests of children and families.

‘Together we can reunite children and families across borders’

CFAB campaigns to change these and advises the Government thus ensuring legislation, regulations, policies and procedures support the best interests of children and their families at all times. In 2010 CFAB was successful in helping to end child detention in the UK in the immigration process. We are actively promoting reform of the Private Fostering Regulations and the Child Trafficking Regulations with the Children’s Minister at the DfE.

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Children and Families Across Borders

Welcome This leaflet is designed to give you an understanding of Children and Families Across Borders: who we are, who we help and why, and what we do. We hope you will be inspired to get involved and support our unique and very special charity.

Who We Are Children and Families Across Borders (CFAB) is a unique UK-based charity which identifies and protects children who have been separated from family members due to conflict, trafficking, abduction, migration, divorce and asylum.

Who We Help & Why Whilst for many of us international borders provide opportunities for travel and discovery, for many forgotten children they act as barriers between them and their families. An ever-increasing number of children are separated from their parents and their extended family network overseas. This number is growing rapidly as globalisation and the internationalisation of the UK pulls even more families apart. Many separated children remain ‘placed’ in institutions or with non-family members, deprived of their right to family life, deprived of any contact with their own relatives, with consequent risks to their personal, emotional, cognitive and behavioural development.

Our Vision To achieve the best outcomes for children and families in the UK who are separated from loved ones across international borders. To provide expert services to - and on behalf of - any relevant professional organisation or individual needing our help and unique knowledge and expertise.

Our Mission

What We Do CFAB is the only charity specifically set up to help children, families and vulnerable people whose socio-welfare problems involve the UK and another country. We have experience gained from over 50 years of being part of an international network which is present in more than 120 countries across the world.

To advocate for children and other vulnerable individuals by ensuring that their best interests are paramount and that their right to family life is respected. To make our skills, knowledge and network available to all parties involved with or affected by cross-border separation, whether the enquiry comes from individuals, family members, lawyers, social workers, Judges or other professionals. To build our reputation as a unique provider of these services in the UK.

Our Values & Beliefs Expert in the field Compassionate Pragmatic Professional Promoting every child’s right to a family life

We provide expert advice and guidance, skilled professional services, and emotional support for anyone affected across international borders, guided by the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Our unique role is recognised by the UK Government, local authorities in the UK, the Family Division of the High Court, and other major NGOs such as NSPCC and Save the Children. In 2010 we provided direct assistance to over 1,500 children and families. Looking forward, we must position ourselves to meet the everincreasing demand for our expertise which is growing each and every month.

A 16 year old girl called Crina was trafficked from Romania through Italy to the UK. She had been groomed to go abroad with the promise of getting married. Crina was forced into prostitution in both countries, but when she arrived in the UK Crina managed to run away and was picked up by the police. The police referred her to Children’s Services and Crina was placed in foster care. Crina constantly told her case worker that she wanted to return to her mother in Romania and so Children’s Services called CFAB’s Advice Line. We told them that, with the assistance of our Romanian counterpart, appropriate checks would need to be carried out to see whether Crina’s mother had been complicit in her trafficking, which would potentially put her at risk of re-trafficking. Crina was able to provide an address for the mother, but did not have a phone number. Using our contacts, we managed to track down Crina’s mother and after the relevant assessments had been made, CFAB established that Crina could return safely, and so her trip was arranged. Crina is now living safely and happily in a reception centre for victims of human trafficking in Romania, in regular contact with her mother, and is attending school with strong prospects for the future.

Crina’s Story

On Christmas Eve a local authority called CFAB’s Advice Line. Thomas - who was subject to a child protection plan and at risk of abuse had been taken to Ghana by his mother. They had not told the local authority that they were going, and so sufficient care planning was not in place for the trip. There were great concerns because the father, who was suspected of sexually abusing Thomas, was also back in Ghana having fled there to avoid a UK police investigation. We were able to take the details and immediately pass these onto Ghana in order that the authorities there were aware of the situation and could take the necessary steps to protect the child. Our expert Intercountry social worker worked closely alongside the local police child protection team to track the mother and child’s journey and confirm that they had travelled to Ghana and Thomas was safe. By the prompt actions of the local authority in contacting us, CFAB’s rapid response and unique expertise, and the global network of International Social Services, we were able to work together to protect this vulnerable child, and ensure Thomas’ safety at all times.

Sarah and Jason were only 5 and 3 years old when they were taken into care because their mother’s drug addiction meant she was no longer able to care for them.

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Sarah and Jason’s grandmother, Debbie, who lived in Australia, was adamant that she wanted to care for the children. Sarah & Jason’s Story

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Thomas’ Story

CFAB were contacted in March 2010 and we forwarded a referral to ISS Australia who undertook the assessment. This was very positive and the UK Courts decided to place the children there for six weeks over the summer for a trial placement. Social workers from our Australian branch visited the home every week and the reports they sent back were excellent. Sarah and Jason were settling in well.

At the end of the summer the UK Courts, based on the reports they had received from CFAB, decided the children should be placed with their grandmother permanently. We arranged for ISS Australia to monitor the placement and offer ongoing support.



Thanks to the speed, efficiency and expertise provided by CFAB and our Australian partner, Sarah and Jason can now look forward to a settled life within their loving, extended family. Postcode

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CFAB is almost entirely dependent on its own fundraising ability, and it is vital that we continue to raise more funds so that we can assist the very many children and families who need our expertise today.

CFAB is the only charity in the UK which exists for the primary purpose of helping children and families who are separated by international borders to be returned to a loving family environment.

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The UK is now the most ‘global’ of all Western economies. For precisely the same reason, the demand for CFAB’s unique expertise is at record levels and beyond our existing capacity.

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Thank you for your support! Private Limited Company No. 4025539 Registered Charity No. 1085541

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CFAB Leaflet - 2011  
CFAB Leaflet - 2011  

Children and Families Across Borders ‘Together we can reunite children and families across borders’ Tel: 020 7735 8941 Fax: 020 7582 0696 Un...