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Winter 2012

’”‹Â?‰ˆ—Â?ˆ‘”ƒŽŽǨ ”‡˜‹‡™‹‰Š–ǣ͕͙–Šƒ›͖͔͕͖ȋ‹Â?˜‹–ƒ–‹‘Â?‘Â?Ž›͙Ǥ͔͗’Â?ÇŚÍ?Â’Â?ČŒ —„Ž‹…ÂƒÂ›ÇŁ͕͚–Šƒ›͖͔͕͖Č‹Í•Í”ÂƒÂ?Č‚͙’Â?ČŒ Spring is fast approaching, and before you know it the CFAB International Spring Fair will be gracing the London scene once more! Feast your eyes on products from around the world, brought to you at stalls run by the Diplomatic missions of over 100 countries, selling produce unique to their country. This is a great opportunity to stock up on gifts and find some really special items right on your doorstep. Bring your friends along and spoil your taste buds by sampling delicious authentic international cuisine. Try your luck in our fun tombola and silent auction, as well as the possibility of winning some fantastic prizes in the best raffle in London! Whilst indulging in all of this, you will be entertained by performances from national dance troupes and live music from all four corners of the globe. CFAB is extremely grateful for the enthusiastic and generous participation of so many Londonbased Diplomatic missions and we would also like to thank all of our volunteers who dedicate so much time to making the event the success it is each year.

This really is a remarkable event. Cosmopolitan and vibrant this has become a much-loved, not to be missed event in London’s social calendar. We do hope to see you there! How you can help Enclosed in this newsletter are some raffle tickets we would love you to help us sell. We would be enormously grateful for your help, and all proceeds will go towards CFAB’s vital work. If you would be interested in volunteering at this event then please get in touch! Its an opportunity to be part of doing something special for a good cause by taking part, behind the scenes, of one of the oldest and most beautiful Fairs in London. Your support would be invaluable.

Entrance fee for Public Day (Preview Evening is invitation only) : ÂŁ5, ÂŁ2 for students (with valid ID), Children under 10 go free! Venue: Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall, Hornton Street, W8 7NX Parking is limited, so we recommend using public transport. By Tube: Kensington High Street is the nearest station. By Bus : Take numbers 9, 10, 27, 28, 49, 328 or C1. Alight at Kensington High Street/Wrights Lane junction. Alternatively, take numbers 52 or 70 and alight at Kensington Church Street.

Š‹Ž†”‡Â?ƒÂ?† ƒÂ?‹Ž‹‡•…”‘•• ‘”†‡”•‹•ƒ—Â?‹“—‡ÇŚÂ„ƒ•‡†…Šƒ”‹–› ™Š‹…Š‹†‡Â?–‹Ƥ‡•ƒÂ?†’”‘–‡…–•…Š‹Ž†”‡Â?™Š‘Šƒ˜‡ ™Š‹…Š‹†‡Â?–‹Ƥ‡•ƒÂ?†’”‘–‡…–•…Š‹Ž†”‡Â?™Š‘Šƒ˜‡ „‡‡Â?•‡’ƒ”ƒ–‡†ˆ”‘Â?ˆƒÂ?‹Ž›Â?‡Â?„‡”•†—‡–‘…‘Â?ƪ‹…–ǥÂ–Â”ÂƒĆĽÂ…Â?‹Â?‰ǥ ™™™Ǥ…ˆƒ„Ǥ‘”‰Ǥ—Â? „‡‡Â?•‡’ƒ”ƒ–‡†ˆ”‘Â?ˆƒÂ?‹Ž›Â?‡Â?„‡”•†—‡–‘…‘Â?ƪ‹…–ǥÂ–Â”ÂƒĆĽÂ…Â?‹Â?‰ǥ ƒ„†—…–‹‘Â?ÇĄÂ?‹‰”ƒ–‹‘Â?ÇĄ†‹˜‘”…‡ƒÂ?†ƒ•›Ž—Â?Ǥ

CFAB Newsletter

Winter 2012

‡…‘”†›‡ƒ”ˆ‘” Ǩ 2011 was the busiest year ever for CFAB. We not only managed to achieve record levels of fundraising, thanks to our exceptional tem of volunteers, but due to the enormous effort of our CEO and staff team, we engaged further with our professional clients around the UK to raise awareness of our work and the issues we deal with, resulting in the highest number of enquiries received to date! Our unique work continues to be recognised by the UK Government, Local Authorities in the UK, the Family Division of the High Court and other major NGOs.

We worked with over 120 countries in 2011, the top 20 were: Our Advice Advice Line Line took took Our almost 2000 2000 calls calls last last almost year, aa 10% 10% increase increase on on year, 2010 with with aa 95% 95% user user 2010 satisfaction. satisfaction.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

We offered offered in-depth in-depth We caseworkservices serviceson onover over casework 500cases, cases,aa20% 20%increase increase 500 on2010. 2010. on Themost mostprevalent prevalentissues issues The were child child protection protection were (42%);children childrenininUK UKcare care (42%); with relatives relatives overseas overseas with (29%); abductions abductions and and (29%); contact issues issues (17%); (17%); contact private fostering fostering and and private traffickingvictims victims(5%). (5%). trafficking CFAB isis the the only only UK UK CFAB Charity offering offering these these Charity uniqueservices servicesover over this unique er this extensiverange rangeofofissues. issues. extensive ssues.

Spain Poland USA France Germany Portugal Lithuania South Africa Canada Czech Republic Australia Nigeria Ghana Netherlands Jamaica India Latvia Romania Slovakia Bangladesh

We Weund undertook d in-depth case work workfo ofor: 113 UK local authorities 60 private individuals ...and many others including solicitors, prisons and other NGO’s

Our advice line is free, please call for advice and assistance on:

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CFAB Newsletter

Winter 2012

–ƒơ–‡ƒƒ– Ǩ CFAB is now running with a full staff team after changes were made to our staffing structure. These changes were adopted to make the most out of our resources as well as putting us in the best possible position to meet the ever changing demands of our services. Andy Elvin CEO








Christina Turner PA to the CEO






Ǩ CFAB’s International Child Protection Dinner took place on 8th February at the Swiss Ambassador’s Residence. The evening, chaired by Kumari Blakey was an enormous success raising over £125,000 for the charity. Full details on this stunning event will be in the next newsletter issue in the Spring!

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CFAB Newsletter

• – � ‡ • ‡ ƒ�›’”

’ � ‘   Š‡ƒ–”‡

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Winter 2012

Ǩ – Š ‰ ‹   Š – ˆ Ž


Twelfth Night returns to the London fringe with a Swivel Theatre Company production. Some of you may remember Swivel’s debut production of Othello last year at the Barons Court Theatre. This year, partnering with CFAB once again, Swivel returns for their second production...and this time the twist is even bigger! This production sets the country of Illyria in 1920s Morocco, giving a whole new resonance to the play. Viola washes ashore in a country where a woman must dress as a man in order to work and to earn money. Set in the searing heat of North Africa, where men’s and women’s roles in society are very strictly defined, this comedy of errors will be presented in a whole new context. We will explore questions of gender identity and sexual ambiguity in a rich and vibrant cultural setting. Swivel’s unique interpretation will be a feast of live music, traditional dance and raucous laughter! CFAB’s Christina Turner is the Producer once more, and would be so grateful for your support. This year a percentage of the profits will g go to CFAB.

WHEN 29 Feb to 18 March Tue-Sun 7:30pm TICKETS Full price: ÂŁ15 Concessions: ÂŁ12


  Š ‹– —•‹… Â?  Â? ……ƒ ‘”‘ —‰Š‘—–Ǩ –Š”‘

HOW TO BOOK - By phone 020 7258 2925 (Mon-Fri 10am - 6pm) - Online VENUE The Cockpit Theatre Gateforth Street London NW8 8EH

By coming to see the show you will have the chance of winning 2 return tickets to Buenos Aires courtesy of our supporters Air Europa!!!! Don’t miss out!! Page Page 4 4

CFAB Newsletter

Winter 2012

‡ƒǨ † 

‰  ‹ • ‹ ƒ ” †  — —

r charity in o your bit fo d n a c u o y red how Ever wonde y?! novative wa a fun and in ing just porters is do p su l u rf e d day ’s won special birth ry One of CFAB e v a g in make l be host all guests to d e sk a that and wil s a h in May, and gifts. of bringing celebration d a e st in B CFA a donation to anhood, dship, wom n ie fr , fe li g celebratin an CFAB to They will be er charity th tt e b t a h w d an motherhood is event. th m benefit fro aking a o towards m g l il w d e is n and ra Each pound many childre so f o s e v li the difference in families. kind orter for this p p su r u o ! We wish ry grateful to B in this way We are so ve FA C g in rt o supp gesture and ery success! the event ev

„ƒ••›‘…‹ƒŽ ‡Žˆƒ”‡‡‡–‹‰ ͕͖–Š’”‹Ž͖͔͕͖ Ž‘˜ƒ‹ƒ„ƒ••›

CFAB’s 3rd Annual Child Protection Lecture and champagne reception will be taking place on 24th April 2012 from 6.30pm at Governor’s House, London Our guest speakers are Lord Ramsbotham GCB CBE, former HM Chief Inspector of Prisons, and The Rt. Hon. the Baroness Scotland of Asthal QC. They will deliver lectures on:

“The treatment of children in the asylum and immigration system and the impact of the legal aid bill’s family provisions on children.” Tickets are £30 per delegate and can be purchased either by sending a cheque or online at

BREAKING NEWS.... CFAB has launched its brand new website and emails will be changing to! Please update your records accordingly. The new website address has changed and we would be delighted to receive your feedback! Page 5

CFAB Newsletter

Winter 2012

Š‡‰”‘™‹Â?‰’Š‡Â?‘Â?‡Â?—Â?‘ˆ…Š‹Ž†Â–Â”ÂƒĆĽÂ…Â?‹Â?‰ The trafficking of children into the UK is a growing problem. The current response to this issue does not sufficiently protect trafficked children and CFAB continues to campaign for change, so that professionals can deal with these cases more effectively. CFAB is fortunate that Comic Relief funds our trafficking work so that we are able to offer a free service to Local Authorities in these cases. Through our work we have discovered that there are many issues contributing to this growing phenomenum. The main issues currently are: Statutory authorities should refer all children they suspect of being trafficked to the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) in order that the UK authorities may officially determine whether the child is a victim of trafficking or not. Through our extensive contact with Local Authorities we find that 95% of UK social workers have never heard of the NRM. The Home Office and DFE use NRM referral figures as evidence of the prevalence of trafficking to the UK and as evidence to decide resource allocation. As the vast majority of cases are not referred to the NRM, the UK has no clear picture

of the real extent of child trafficking. CFAB calls on the Home Office to ensure all first responders are aware of the NRM and their duty to refer to it. Child Trafficking is not on the core UK social work curriculum or on post graduate courses. Many UK social workers do not have awareness of the issues involved and are not trained to develop the skills to identify and protect trafficked children. CFAB is currently working with Greenwich University and The College of Social Work to address this issue, and will be instrumental in the production of an International Social Work module. Placements for trafficked children are often not robust enough as trafficked children will return to, or be coerced to return to their traffickers. It is important that foster care is used in suspected cases of trafficking and that foster carers are trained and supported in keeping the trafficked child safe. CFAB calls for all children, where trafficking is suspected, to be placed in appropriate placements that will work to prevent them returning to their traffickers Potentially trafficked children who go missing from care are at extremely high risk of being exploited. It is vital that these children are reported missing early and that a thorough search for these children happens immediately as there is a high probability that these children have returned to their traffickers. CFAB calls for a national strategy to address the issue of trafficked children who go missing from the care system.

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Investigating cases of trafficking is fraught with difficulty and can involve many agencies. This is made more complicated by a lack of a central national unit ensuring smooth working together between the agencies involved. CFAB calls for the DFE to establish a national unit involving Police, Social Workers, UKBA, NGO’s, DWP, HMRC Education and Health to ensure local social services and police have the tools they need to protect trafficked children. Trafficking of children into the UK is only going to increase; traffickers are well resourced, determined and organised. Statutory authorities need to match traffickers if we are ever to protect these vulnerable children. CFAB will continue to campaign for change. CFAB is looking for funding to be able to continue and increase this vital work and please contact Hannah Moran if you would like to support this work at . If you want free confidential advice on this issue please call our Advice Line on

CFAB Newsletter

Winter 2012 CFAB is offering bespoke, tailored training packages on


I really enjoyed and found the training very interesting. It was good to get a feel about how these situations are dealt with and has made us think further about some aspects of our processes. Glasgow Social Worker


 ‡  ‘ ’ • ‡ „  • ” ‡ ơ ‘  ™ ‘     Ǩ •  ‡ ‰ ƒ  … ƒ ’  ‰  ‹  ‹ ƒ ” –

There are some simple and effective measures professionals can take to identify and better safeguard these groups of children. The training covers an array of topics and uses interactive case studies. Participants are encouraged to bring live cases that the group can discuss. We are taking bookings throughout 2012. All local authorities are encouraged to invite multi agencies along to the training sessions. All our training is fully supported by the DfE. **We have trained over 700 social workers from 50 Local Authorities since September 2010.**

For more information on each of the individual packages and for information on how to book training please contact:

͔͖͔͙͕͛͛͗͘͜͝‘” ‹ˆ‘̷…ˆƒ„Ǥ‘”‰Ǥ— Page 7

CFAB will deliver specialist training at your work place giving practitioners an in depth understanding of how to identify and safeguard trafficked children, children in care and privately fostered children in the UK.

Cost Full Day: £500 plus travel and accomodation (if needed) Half Day: £250 plus travel and accomodation (if needed)

CFAB Newsletter

Winter 2012

Staff Profile


What were you doing before joining CFAB?

I worked for the London Borough of Bromley in the Safeguarding and Care Planning Team for almost 3 years. I was involved in the protection and monitoring of children at risk of harm and provided support to them and their families. Prior to that, I worked in a Therapeutic Foster Boarding Home Unit in New York City as a Case Planner. I supported young people within in the care system who were diagnosed with ‘Axis I’ disorders and severe emotional

and behavioural issues.


Who are your inspirations within the professional field?



Diana Kim Assistant Manager

What attracted you to CFAB?

I think the great thing about social work is that there isn’t quite those figure heads as you see in other professions. It gives the opportunity to be an inspiration through various outlets, whether it be through good practice or research. I have met a lot of inspirational social workers that are dedicated and passionate about their work.

Children and families are much more migratory than in the past and CFAB provides a service which links professionals all over the world. I think at times social workers often ignore family that may be in other countries and our focus as social workers should be preservation of the family unit, when possible. CFAB has also been involved with global projects to address the issues that are faced by children today. It focuses not only on policy

Dates for the diary... February 28th 2012 The Spring Fair second coffee morning will be held at 1 Carlton Gardens from 10.30am - noon. Queries to

changing measures but also providing real-world solutions to these issues. The organisation provides me with the opportunity to become a part of these projects at the foundation stage and guide the direction that these projects can take.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years.

Obtaining a PhD in Child Clinical Psychology

eck Don’t forget to ch s on out our blog post ! og bl the CFAB Visit it today !


February 29th -18th March 2012 Swivel Theatre Company’s production of Twelfth Night at the Cockpit Theatre, Marylebone. Please call 020 7258 2925 or visit to book your tickets today! ** NEW EVENT** April 12th 2012 Embassy Social Welfare Meeting at the Slovakian Embassy 9.30am11.30am. Queries to April 24th 2012 CFAB’s 3rd annual Child Protection Lecture with guest speakers Lord Ramsbotham & Baroness Scotland at Governor’s House, Monument, London. Tickets can be booked at May 15th & 16th 2012 CFAB’s 53rd International Spring Fair at Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall. Queries to May 28th 2012 CFAB Golf Day and Gala Dinner at Stoke Park Golf Club. For more information, email Page Page8 8

Unit 1.03 Canterbury Court 1-3 Brixton Road London SW9 6DE Tel: 020 7735 8941 Fax: 020 7582 0696

Winter Newsletter 2012  

Winter Newsletter 2012

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