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School Of Film and Television for Children

“Little Stars”

The story behind “Little Stars” School •

This year after the success at Cannes Film Festival with the short-up Magda, the Pendiuc sisters, Ema-TVR 3 star and film producer and her sister Ariana, the youngest Romanian director to have a film selected at the Cannes festival, started a new project: the first school for film and television for children in Romania, „Little Stars” School.

Ema Pendiuc: “The Cannes experience, the people I met and the access to world renowned cinematography specialists encouraged us at our return to Romania, to share our experience with others. If the talent and the overwhelming desire to do something great is educated and well set since childhood, the chances to achieve the greatness one dreams of are even higher. That is why we turned our attention to children”.

Ariana Pendiuc: „This is how the „Little Stars” School story began. Now, after the first classes and three shorts-up made with the children, I can honestly say that above all, an acting and television course is a personal development course. It is simply amazing how much the 60 children have evolved in just a couple of months. And they always yearn for more and more. This encourages and motivates me to offer them all the conditions to succeed in the world of television and film.”

„It is beautiful. I can act in films, I can have fun, learn new stories and win prizes. I am happy because I can learn how to become a star” – Antonie David, 9 years old „When I first joined the school I was shy. Now I am brave. I can play my parts better.”– Simina Costache, 10 years old

The story behind “Little Stars” School •

During the classes, surrounded by the professor’s attention and having professional equipment at their disposal, the children have learned to improvise and to stimulate their creativity. Also, the children were taught how to speak and pronounce, how to breathe and mimic, memorize and concentrate, scene movement and coordination skills. Nonetheless, the biggest achievement is that the children have overpassed their fear of public speaking. We visited together the Media Pro Film Studios in Buftea, the Public Radio and Kids Radio studio. We took many pictures, laughed, played games, won prices and most important, learned how to be a team. We were touched by the children when they read their parts for the first time and on the 11-th of December, “Action!” was heard for the third children short-up. It is part of a series named “Little Stars Adventures”. We will send these shorts-up to International Film Festivals For Children... And all of these have happened in only 6 months.

“Little Stars” School Courses •

For children:


Film and television courses for children between 5 and 11 years old (beginners and advanced). Film and television courses taught in French and English. Radio courses– soon First steps in film and editing techniques for children-soon.

For parents:


Public and in front of a camera speaking, presentation skills courses. First steps in film and editing techniques for amateurs-soon.

An acting course is a personal development course.

Children learn new communication skills, develop their attention, imagination, memory and personality and are more confident in their own strengths.

„I wanted to be an actor. Here is where I learned to read , to lose my camera fear and to speak very clearly.” – Matei Niculae, 8 years old

„I like that we have parts in films and that we’ll be seen on TV. I like the games and the camera man.” – Radu Susai, 6 years old

Film and television for children •

At an international level, the film production and children shows represent a real industry.

In Romania, films like Veronica, Patrocle, Maria Mirabela and shows such as Abracadabra are mere memories. They have been replaced with super power characters, monsters, computer games and social media.

We simply want to bring back the innocence, adventure and playfulness of childhood in Romanian films and television shows.

At “Little Stars” School, children learn values such as: friendship, team work, trust, respect, courage and recognition.

We do not intend to be simply an acting school, we want to become an International Center for Educating Children in Film and Television.

Film Series “Little Stars Adventures” •

“Little Stars Adventures” is a series of shorts-up for children. The first three have already been filmed: Little Stars Adventures, Little Stars Home Alone and Little Stars at School.

The films are realized by the team that produced “Magda”, the short-up selected for Cannes and also, the films will be registered at Film Festivals for Children.

The shootings took place in Kiseleff Park, in residential area Rasarit de Soare showroom and at Al. Vlahuta High school. The production team organized the 60 children, who are now actors, their parents and grandparents and the teachers from “Little Stars” School. It was a tremendous effort but it was worth it.

The first short up “Little Stars Adventures” premiere took place on the 5-th of October, at Rin Grand Hotel. More than 130 guests joined us. The first children who benefited from the courses had the chance to step on the Red Carpet for the first time in their lives, to be photographed and to give interviews. At the end, they received diplomas and gifts. The next day they were invited to different television shows where they talked about the premiere and their impressions.

Next premiere Time line: February - march 2011 Estimate number of participants: 300 - 400 Location: TBD depending on the number of participants Guests: • “Little Stars ” together with their families; • Journalists and their children; • School managers and teachers ; • Artists and actors with their children: Liana Stanciu, Raluca Moianu, Luminiţa Anghel, Narcisa Suciu, Manuela Fedorca, etc. • Partners and sponsors. Program : • Welcoming guests • “Little Stars ” school representatives speeches , partners and sponsors speeches; • Artistic moments (music, dance); • Mini events on the scene/ Sponsors raffle; • Shorts-up ; • Gift handing and awarding the children.


The concept of the premiere can be discussed according to the interest of the main sponsor.

Communication/Promoting campaign •

Media Releases ( press agencies, magazines, glossy magazines, newspapers,

children and family magazines, business publication, online publication (news, business, children, woman, family), television and radio) ;

Blog (;

Website (;

Social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube);

Promotion elements within the premiere (banners, etc);

Children caravan in Bucharest- a minimum number of 5 schools; it will take place in March-May 2011;

Registering the shorts up at different Film Festivals for children;

Distributing the shorts-up series “Little Stars Adventure “ as a DVD, together with a children’s magazine.

Partner’s benefits •

• •

The opportunity to interact with children from the best schools in Bucharest, and respectively with their parents. The interaction is made directly with children who are a very receptive and attentive audience; The possibility to be present at the premiere with banners/roll-ups, promotional objects, sampling, a presentation, a mascot at the event; The partner will have the chance to promote any product within the local caravan that will take place in Bucharest, in the spring of 2011 (minimum 5 schools); The partner’s name and logo will be included at the end of the short-up and also on the DVD that will be distributed at the premiere and afterwards with a children magazine and on “Little Stars” School film presentation in schools, kindergartens, playrooms, etc; Clearly presenting the name of the partner within our national campaign “Romanian Film for Children”; The collaboration with a highly popular project and a very professional organization; Partner’s name and logo mentioned on every promotion material, in any press release and on the website.

Thank you! For further information: EMA PENDIUC “Little Stars � Children School for Film and Television Manager +40724 176 142

Little Stars Presentation  

The presentation for Little Stars School

Little Stars Presentation  

The presentation for Little Stars School