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CEW Products 1.5 K Continuous Closed Cycle Refrigerator Cryostat A new, low vibration pulse tube cryocooler that achieves liquid helium performance utilising cryogen-free technology and a closed-loop system is offered by Janis Research Co, LLC, USA. The Janis Model PTSHI-950-LT 1.5 K continuous closed cycle refrigerator cryostat operates continuously from 1.5 K to 300 K (450 K optional) and is a cryogen-free, turnkey alternative to liquid helium. Featuring pushbutton operation including sample temperature adjustment, this top loading refrigerator can locate a sample in either static exchange gas or vacuum, and users can easily change it while the system is operating. Capable of achieving 1.5 K in less than 8 hours, the Janis Model PTSHI-950-LT 1.5 K continuous closed cycle refrigerator cryostat has a 50.8 mm ID sample chamber (optional to 100 mm) and can be designed to customer specifications. Applications include neutron scattering, electrical transport measurements, magnetic measurements, optical spectroscopy and spintronics.

For details contact: Janis Research Co, LLC 225 Wildwood Ave, Woburn, MA 01801, U.S.A. Tel: (781) 491-0888 | Fax: (781) 491-0889 E-mail: or Circle Readers’ Service Card 1

Pneumatic Conveying Systems Vacunair Engg Co Pvt Ltd offer a tailor made system to suit exact requirements whatever the bulk material have to convey. The system will be enviro-friendly. The company can offer suction conveying, low pressure conveying, high pressure conveying depending upon the typical nature of the product, conveying rate and the distance.

Tru Valve With the Pure-Fit Tru valve, you no longer need to worry about a time-consuming retrofit to your system. The valve’s butterfly design allows easy installation to existing lines; purity is maintained because the valve goes around the exterior of the tubing and never comes in contact with process fluid.

Vacunair Engg are specialist in cstalysts loading/unloading for refineries and fertilizer plants.

Simple threaded handle and calibrated scale ensure accurate control of flow and can also be written into validation protocols. The valve also features lockout positioning for use in steam-in-place cycles. Its lightweight borosilicate glass reinforced nylon construction reduces stress on your tubing line due to weight inbalance but is sturdy enough to withstand autoclaving or gamma irradiation. It accommodates any flexible tubing up to 17.3 mm in outer dia.

For details contact: Vacunair Engg Co Pvt Ltd Nr Gujarat Bottling, Rakhial Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380 023 Tel: 079-22910771 | Fax: 91-079-22910770 E-mail:

For details contact: Cole-Parmer India Pvt Ltd 403-404, B-Wing, Delphi Hiranandani Business Park, Powai, Mumbai 400 076 Tel: 022-67162222 | Fax: 91-022-67162211 E-mail:

Vacunair Engg can design and offer a system which can be fully manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic and can handle the materials like flour of all types, dextrose, clay powder, coal dust, soda ash, plastic pellets, grits, soya meal/ beans, catalysts of all types and sizes.

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