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How to Make Money Blogging with Free eBooks Here’s a great blogging tip: Write and market a free eBook using blog posts as the basis for the eBook’s content. This provides two opportunities to make money blogging because readers who miss the blog post on the website might read it in the eBook, and vice-versa. Bloggers, marketers and small businesses should all create and promote free eBooks as part of their blogging and internet marketing strategy. Free eBooks, packed with valuable content, are a great way to generate web traffic, create trust and authority and increase conversions. This guide to making money blogging using free eBooks will show you how easy it is to: 1. Use blogging to create eBook content 2. How blogging and eBook content can be used to promote each other and drive traffic 3. How eBook and blog content can be used to make money online

Use blogging to create free eBook content Take a look at the bounce rate of your blog. Even high quality blogs that have a high level of reader engagement will most likely have a bounce rate of over 50%. This means that one in two people visit a page and leave again. In addition, it is unlikely that every reader reads every blog post. What this means is that only a very small percentage of people read each and every blog post. This is actually an opportunity in disguise because it means that there is value in compiling and organizing blog content into eBook form, because everyone will find something new in the eBook (even though the content is freely available on the blog).

Planning blog editorial strategy based on an eBook Knowing that an eBook compiled from blog posts will always provide great value to any given reader, it is easy to create a blog editorial calendar based on what you want to include in the eBook. Here’s how to go about blogging to make an eBook: 1. Conceive of a highly relevant eBook title 2. Create an outline or ToC (Table of Contents) 3. Find existing blog posts that can be incorporated into the eBook 4. Schedule to write the remaining eBook content in the form of upcoming blog posts

Blogging now takes on a dual role in that it doubles as eBook content creation. Writing an eBook using blog posts is a huge time and effort saver.

eBook & blog marketing Blogging is a great way to make money online, but only if there is sufficient organic search traffic (and social media traffic) to make it worthwhile. Marketing a blog is therefore extremely important. One of the best ways to market a blog is by writing and marketing a free eBook in tandem with the blog. Offering a free eBook provides new and different marketing opportunities from straight forward blogging. For example, there are plenty of websites that review free eBooks, and it is likely that you will be able to get additional exposure from sites that wouldn’t otherwise choose to link to your blog content. Naturally, an eBook should link back to your own relevant blog posts and resources to drive traffic. The more an eBook is marketed; the more blog traffic is generated. At the same time, your website or blog should prominently “show off” the free eBook and encourage readers to download a copy. The more blog traffic; the more the eBook is promoted.

Make money blogging with free eBooks In the same way that blog content can be used to generate revenue from advertising or affiliate links, so eBook content (which is actually blog content) can do the same thing. The difference is that while it can take months or years for a blog to become popular, an eBook that becomes popular because it is very useful, can take on a life of its own and drive plenty of traffic and affiliate revenue for the parent blog much faster. An eBook that becomes famous within its particular niche can help make far more money than the exact same content in blog format alone. This is why an eBook is a great idea for anyone blogger, marketer or business looking to make money blogging. Have you written and promoted a free eBook? Did it help to drive traffic and build trust and authority? Did you make extra money from the eBook? Was it worth the extra effort it took to write the eBook in the first place? Share your blogging and eBook experiences in the comments, or join me on Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ to continue the conversation.

About the Author I am one of the owners at CettaTech – Online Advertising. We provide Online Advertising to small businesses. Come and learn more SEO/internet marketing tips and best practices to implement into your website each day. Visit to read more helpful articles.

How to Make Money Blogging with Free eBooks  

This guide to making money blogging using free eBooks will show you how easy it is to: use blogging to create eBook content, how blogging an...

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