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english language course for EFL teachers centre for english teaching An innovative hands-on program for EFL Teachers

ABOUT the centre for english teaching (cet) CET is part of the University of Sydney, providing a variety of English language programs. Our friendly and caring learning environment will make studying at Sydney a worthwhile experience. We are located on the University’s main campus and our classrooms are equipped with state-of-theart audiovisual technology.

TEFL AT A GLANCE – Gain new skills in preparing innovative learning activities and materials – Explore cross-cultural aspects of language teaching – Learn about Australian culture, society and history – Review methodology of Teaching English as a Foreign Language – Opportunity to observe CET classes and option to participate in field trips

Course overview This course is suited to meet the needs of pre-service or experienced EFL teachers who need to improve their English language proficiency. The program is also designed to facilitate the integration of language in order to present innovative and appropriate lesson materials for the EFL classroom.

english language learning The language component of the program will enhance participants’ English speaking and listening skills and in particular equip them with the skills and confidence to prepare and deliver formal presentations. It will also cover grammar, pronunciation, reading strategies. Participants will also look at the application of English for Specific Purposes (ESP) and English for Academic Purposes (EAP).

TEFL METHODOLOGY Participants will develop an understanding of current teaching and learning theories and practices in Australia. The program aims to promote a communicative approach to language teaching and assist participants in understanding the language and communication needs of language students. Teaching methodology will be aimed at teaching in secondary and tertiary education, but principles can be transferred to primary school teaching.


sample timetable

Participants will get the opportunity to buiild their social communication skills through insight into cultural factors and spoken registers in the English speaking world. The program can include visits to local schools and visits to places of educational and cultural interest.

customised to your requirements



English language coponent

Methodology, class observation & field trip


Integrated English language skills - focus on interactive speaking

Methodology workshop: The Communicative Approach


Presenting listening lessons

Classroom observation of listening lesson

Customised programs are the flexible way to study. The program can be customised to include:

Vocabulary building game

– Cultural and educational activities and field trips – Field trips to selected Australian schools


Demonstration of technology in the classroom

Tutorial: Adapt a soundtrack/lecture or broadcast for teaching purposes


Cross-cultural communication skills

Field visit


Readking skills – Australian current affairs

Cultural excursion:

– Meetings with the University of Sydney Faculty of Education and Social Work – Customised workshops and professional development seminars – Opportunity for interaction with local students and other CET international students – Mentoring and peer observation – Opportunity for co-teaching with CET teachers

Visit to the Australian Museum

enquire now! ask us for a quote E T +61 2 9036 7922

for more information contact Customised Programs unit T +61 2 9036 7922 F +61 2 9036 7910 E

ABN 15 211 513 464 CRICOS 00026A & 01019C


tefl MethoDologY course overview tefl at a glance english language learning cET is part of the University of sydney, providing a variety of...

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