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customised programs centre for english teaching Tailored programs to meet your educational or professional needs.

ABOUT the centre for english teaching (cet) CET is part of the University of Sydney, providing a variety of English language programs. Our friendly and caring learning environment will make studying at Sydney a worthwhile experience. We are located on the University’s main campus and our classrooms are equipped with state-of-theart audiovisual technology.

customised to your needs – Specialised workshops and lecture audits – Field trips and industry visits – Cultural experiences and meetings with with local students, academics and professionals – Flexible duration – Accommodation and transfers

THE FLEXIBLE WAY TO STUDY ENGLISH Whether you are a partner university, an external organisation or a government or corporate client, we can help you attain your specific academic, professional and cultural goals. Our innovative and focused programs are designed to foster internationalisation through excellence in research, teaching and learning and cross-cultural awareness.

ADD VALUE TO YOUR STUDY, RESEARCH OR PROFESSIONAL GOALS University students or industry professionals will benefit from the great wealth of knowledge and academic expertise which is a trademark of the University of Sydney. Our highly trained teachers have extensive experience in Australia and abroad and are qualified to teach English for your specific academic and professional needs.

stand out and make an impact! Gain the required English communication and technical skills so you can excel in an international market. Our professional development workshops and seminars will help you to: – Communicate effectively – Convert technical knowledge into winning presentations –

Prepare attention-grabbing reports.

english for biomedical engineering

english for maths and science

Engineering in an Australian context

Learning English through science

A 4-week course designed for electrical and mechanical engineering students from a Korean university. The two aims of the course were to:

An innovative program which combined English language lessons with lecture audits and customised tutorials delivered by the University’s School of Physics and School of Mathematics and Statistics. The thirteen participants were part of a special program for gifted science students at a prominent Japanese university which was supported by the Ministry of Education in Japan. The students who travelled to Sydney were selected for the customised program for their excellence in mathematics and physics.

– Introduce the visiting student to current engineering research and work in Australia – To develop a better understanding of the structural and grammatical patterns underlying engineering texts in the English language. Other key aspects included field trips to to important biomedical engineering organisations, guest lectures from industry professionals, and customised workshops delivered by the University’s Faculty of Engineering.

Students were encouraged to participate in discussion on topics such as the philosophical and ethical aspects of physics and looking at new developments in physics experiments. Participants

were also taught specific English language skills, critical listening and notetaking techniques so they could participate in the University’s Faculty lectures.

ENGLISH for health professionals


A customised Medical English program

Internship preparation course

Designed specifically for Vietnamese doctors to improve their spoken English related to patient care. The program was run in conjunction with the University of Sydney Hoc Mai Foundation.

A 4-month internship preparation course for Japanese undergraduate university students. The program combined a series of modules which included: – A customised two-week Australian culture orientation program – Ten weeks of general English with other international students – Three weeks of customised business communication and worplace skills to complement work experience with companies in the Sydney area. The English language program was followed by externally provided work experience in Australian businesses.

enquire now and ask us for a quote! for more information contact E T +61 2 9036 7922, F +61 2 9036 7910 ABN 15 211 513 464 CRICOS 00026A & 01019C


add Value to Your studY, research or professional goals Tailored programs to meet your educational or professional needs. stand out and make...

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