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Name: Joรฃo Gabriel / nยบ 20 / grade6.4

Barry White

He was from Galveston, Texas in the USA Barry started in 1972, but stoped in 2003 Unfortunatelly he is dead. He died in 2003.

The main lyrics are: Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Just the Way You are, Love Serenade The first album is: Love’s Theme, Phonogram ...

Barry has no website, but you might have more information in Wikipedia – P%C3%A1gina_principal

Just the Way You Are I never take anything for granted Only a fool maybe takes things for granted Just because it's here today, it can be gone tomorrow And i guess that's why Why i "chewd" you so much because you You haven't changed Baby you're still the same You're just as sweet, you're just as beautiful as ever You know i'm a little oldfashioned I guees you can call me a little traditional because I love things

To stay like they are between you and me And that's one thing that you never in your life Will ever have to worry about me I'll ever changer to oust you because, Baby i love you Girl, i love you Just the way you are Don't go changing, trying to please me

You never let me down before conversation I don't imagine you're too don't want to work that hard familiar I just want some someone to And I don't see you anymore talk to I wouldn't leave you in times of I want you just the way you are. trouble I need to know that you will We never could have come this always be far The same old someone that I I took the good times, I'll take knew the bad times What will it take till you believe I'll take you just the way you in me are The way that I believe in you. Don't go trying some new I said I love you and that's forever fashion And this I promise from my Don't change the color of your heart hair You always have my unspoken I could not love you any better passion I love you just the way you are Although I might not seem to care I don't want clever

Barry was very successful in his career He's dead unfortunately

Barry died in 2003 at a hospital in the United States

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This project was made by John Gabriel S. Rosa,6 th grade class 4. Hope you enjoy it.

Projeto Banda Favorita Joao Gabriel 6.4  
Projeto Banda Favorita Joao Gabriel 6.4  

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