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Names: Camila Camargo and Carolina Kim number:6,7 Classroom:62

ABOUT IT Members of the band:,, Taboo andFergie It’s from Los Angeles, except Fergie is from California. The members are American. Black Eyed Peas started in 1995.

Name of the main songs and albums Musics: where is the love? In 2003 Shut up My numbs Don’t stop the party Pump it Name of the album: THE E.N.D

Site: Curiosites: The first album: BEHIND THE FRONT.

Music: TyD7rjBpw&ob=av3e

Affirmative:B.E.P sings really good. Negative: B.E.P doesn’t like listenning to opera. Interrogative:Does eat cup cakes?

Message: Thank you for watching!! I hope that all people like it!!

Projeto Banda Favorita Carolina e Camila 6.2  

Alunos do 6.º ano preparam power point sobre a banda favorita A partir de um texto do livro didático sobre banda favorita, os alunos do 6.º...