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Spring 2014

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CES Events  ‘Get Involved’ info market  Amsterdam weekend trip  Berlin study trip  Positive Psychology Symposium

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Students’ impressions – favourite photos

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A very special reason to come to Maastricht…

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Maastricht at this time of year

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CES alumni – where are they now?

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CES News

PROGRAMMES AND COURSES: SUMMER 2014: We have added an extra class to our Summer Programme in European Studies: Comparative Analysis of Global News Coverage. See page 5 for more info and apply now to follow this course and/or any of the many other classes on offer!

FALL 2014: Apply now for one of our 5 Open Enrolment Programmes for the Fall semester: 1. Business & Economics in Europe 2. European History, Culture & Arts 3. European Politics, Law & International Relations 4. Psychology & Neuroscience in Europe 5. Public Health & Medicine in Europe


APRIL 15, 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT: The price of Dutch residence permits has slightly increased to €304 per January 2014.

UPCOMING TRIP(S): Jorg de Vette, Director of CES, will be attending two major events in San Diego this Spring: The Forum’s Annual Conference from April 2-7, 2014 and NAFSA from May 25-30, 2014. He looks forward to meeting with many current and prospective partner universities and colleges. Please feel free to email him at to schedule an appointment.


VISITORS: We were delighted to welcome several esteemed and enthusiastic guests in Maastricht over the past few months. It was wonderful to (re-)meet them all on Maastricht soil and get the chance to talk in person about programmes, developments and share our visions. Here they are, in chronological order: -

Kathleen Horn, Program Coordinator at the Office of International Education at the University of Denver (Denver, CO)


Dr Antonio Papuzza, Instructor Management & Entrepreneurship at the Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado Boulder (Boulder, CO)


Dr Eva Lawrence, Chair and Associate Professor of Psychology at Guilford College (Greensboro, NC)


Tammy Orahood, Director of International Programs and Global Initiatives at the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis (St. Louis, MO)

MAASTRICHT UNIVERSITY: Maastricht University was recently rated ‘bes t young university in Europe’ in the QS ‘Top 50 Under 50’ ranking. Ben Sowter, Head of Division of the QS Intelligence Unit: "Maastricht University is the top performing European university in this ranking. One of the most international continental European institutions, Maastricht has established itself as an attractive university and a prestigious center of academic excellence for both domestic and international students and faculty”. Maastricht University also appeared in the Times Higher Education’s list of 25 most

international universities worldwide , where it obtained the 15th place.

HAPPY NEWS AT CES: Our 2011 Summer intern Caitlin Murphy from Lebanon Valley College (Annville, PA) paid us a surprise visit on her way to Norway where she is now spending a semester abroad. It was lovely to have her here at CES again after all these years!

CES Education Officer Nathalie Ummels and her husband Atticus are expecting a wonderfully cute addition to their family in August. Big sister Indigo and big brother Sirius are very excited and we are all over the moon to share in their good news! The photo on the right is Indigo’s depiction of her mum, made with a jumping rope. 




Block period 1

2-17 July 2014

Entrepreneurship: it’s all about creating value

NEW! European Public Health in a Globalising World

NEW! EU-US Relations: Trade, Investment and Competition Policies

NEW! Going Dutch: Literary Reflections of the Low Countries in the 19th and 20th Century

Intercultural Communication

NEW! Medical Ethics

NEW! The EU: Peace, Conflicts and Human Rights

Study Tour Central and Eastern Europe

Study Tour Western Europe

Block period 2

21 July – 8 August 2014

NEW! Comparative Analysis of Global News Coverage

Doing Business in the Emerging Markets of East and Central Europe

Dutch Art History

Economics of European Integration

NEW! Europe since the Renaissance: The Making of a

vi e w t he f ul l c o ur se

Continent and its Identity

de sc r i pt io n, co u rs e

Leadership and Management in a Global World

co de a nd n um be r of

Law & Politics: Current topics in the EU (formerly known as

Cl i ck

Politics of European Integration) 


cr ed i ts fo r e a c h cl a s s.

NEW! Positive Psychology

Courses available in the following majors: Art History Business Communication Economics Entrepreneurship European Studies Finance History Human Rights

        

International Law International Relations Literature Media Studies Medicine / Pre-Med Philosophy & Ethics Political Science Psychology Public Health

         5

CES Summer internship – last chance to apply!

CES IS LOOKING FOR TWO SUMMER INTERNS! The Center for European Studies at Maastricht University organises study programmes for non-EU students studying for a semester or a year. If you want to gain international work experience in a dynamic environment, where you will have a high level of independence and responsibility and lots of contact with international students, CES is the place for you! Our workplace is informal, with supportive and friendly colleagues who will offer you a diverse workload which is challenging and fun. You’ll be in touch with students and professors and are bound to benefit immensely from working in this innovative and international setting.

When Between 11 May – 6 September 2014. The internship can take place any time during this period for a maximum of 90 days. Exact dates, working days and working hours to be determined in conjunction with CES.

Responsibilities   

Front office activities. You will be responsible for providing assistance and information to students from the various programmes offered by CES Organisation and supervision/guidance of study trips and day trips for CES students Administrative programme tasks Various activities supporting the CES staff, secretariat and professors

Requirements      

You You You You You You You

are a CES alumnus/alumna are a native speaker or have an excellent command of the English language are open-minded towards other cultures and nationalities are outgoing and able to work independently, as well as in a team are accurate, you are used to working to deadlines and are a good organiser have a high-level of customer service have some experience in guiding groups (desirable but not a must)

Please note The internship can be within the framework of your programme of study, but this is not necessary. If requested, CES can grade your internship. The grade can transfer to your home university.

Remuneration The internship is unpaid; you will be housed by CES at Maastricht University’s Guesthouse (C single, P double or C double according to your preference) for free.

How to apply Please send your motivation letter and résumé to to the attention of the Director of CES, Jorg de Vette before 1 March 2014. Don’t forget to include information about your availability (dates). Please don’t hesitate if you have any questions.

We look forward to hearing from you!


CES Events – ‘Get Involved’ information market

For the first time this year CES organised a ‘Get Involved’ information market for international students. Vera Adriaans, student assistant at CES who played a large role in putting together this event, tells us a little about this exciting new project.

T EX T: Vera Adriaans P HO T O GR AP H Y: Aude Frost


Vera Adriaans studied Health Sciences and Psychology at Maastricht University and graduated two years ago. She grew up in Landgraaf, just half an hour from Maastricht, but has lived in Maastricht for 5 years now. During her studies she worked at the Student Services Centre and now we’re delighted she works at CES as well.


As a student in Maastricht you have many opportunities

to do something extra next to your studies. These possibilities vary from learning a langu age, organ ising events, or volunteering opportunities . From the United Nations Student Association to the Green Office, there is something for everybody! We noticed that many international

Initially we started organising the

students were interested in getting

information market with our own

more involved in student life and

students in mind, but then thought why

the local community but they didn’t

not open it up to all incoming

know where to start. We wanted to make

international students of Maastricht

sure that they wouldn’t miss out on

University. There were 15 participating

anything and could make the most of

organisations and the Tuna Universitaria

their time abroad.

Maastricht (a Spanish music group run by students) came to perform. We provided traditional Dutch cookies and sweets called ‘stroopwafels’, ‘speculaas’ and ‘drop’ to keep everybody going. As it was the first time, we were curious to see how many students would turn up and hoped everyone would benefit from it, and indeed everything turned out great!  The reactions were very positive, the





great sucCESs and we hope to organise it again next semester!

CES Events – Amsterdam weekend trip

All students attending our January term programmes spent one of their weekend trips discovering Amsterdam and the area. Eileen Martin, a student from Guilford College (NC) who took part in the Positive Psychology programme, was kind enough to share her thoughts and photos of this fun and particularly photogenic weekend.

T EX T: Eileen Martin P HO T O GR AP H Y: Eileen Martin


My name is Eileen Martin and I currently live in the southeast portion of the United States. I am a proud mother of three grown children, and when I finished raising my children, I went back to school to re-ignite my passion for psychology and helping others. I am currently working on my goal of becoming a counsellor and advocate by obtaining a Master in Social Work degree.


After our first fabulous weekend trip to Brussels and Bruges, I had my doubts that visiting Zaanse Schans and Amsterdam would be able to compete. Upon arrival at Zaanse Schans my initial reaction was it was a

typical tourist destination filled with all the trappings of such: trinkets, silly photo opportunities, replicated history. While this was all true, it was much more. The tour guide explained that the houses were in fact original and moved to this site to preserve their integrity. We learned details of what specific architectural ornaments signified and the materials used during that time period. Looking past the trinkets, I was able to learn how Dutch shoes are made and how cheese is processed. I sampled several cheeses and left with a new favourite (sheep’s cheese). On a final note, I would have missed not having the opportunity to see the stereotypical Dutch windmills and shoes had we not visited Zaanse Schans. I guess that makes me a typical tourist!

Well, how do you explain Amsterdam ? I had, of course, heard stories and wild tales but was certainly not prepared for such a city. I am thankful for the historic tour we were treated to because I was better able to grasp what makes this city pulse. I was amused to learn about the Catholic church/Red light district connection and found the city not to be such a scary place, but more of a place where people do not worry about what other people are doing.

Although it was a bustling city, the canals were strangely quiet and peaceful with their houseboats lined up, and the shear amount of canals was breathtaking and beautiful. However, my favourite part of Amsterdam was visiting the Anne Frank Museum. This was an experience that moved me and gave me an opportunity to reconsider notions I had about the Holocaust and remind me how fear of difference can produce evil and mass destruction. This is something we all should be reminded of frequently. I do wish we had more time to explore in Amsterdam, but having the opportunity to be there even for a short time was quite rewarding.




CES Events – Berlin study trip

T EX T: Tom Ruben P HO T O GR AP H Y: Tom Ruben

My name is Tom Ruben and I’m a 22-year old BA Arts & Culture student at Maastricht University. I live in Maastricht and I was born in the little town of Reuver, about an hour north of Maastricht. I am a student assistant at CES and among other duties I guide groups of CES students to a variety of locations such as Berlin, Brussels, Antwerp and The Hague. In my spare time I like to write, watch films, listen to music, practice sports, have great conversations with friends at cafés, and take photos. Besides working for CES, I work for Studium Generale, a department of Maastricht University that organises extracurricular activities such as lectures, movie nights and debates. Also, I own a little photography company and I write for my faculty magazine Mosaïek.

On Wednesday the 22nd of January, Dario and I guided a group of 16 CES students on a trip to Brussels and Berlin. After a visit to the European Commission and a city tour in Brussels we headed to the airport. A short flight later we arrived in Berlin. A rather unexpected freezing cold welcomed us, whilst we were trying to figure out how to use the U-bahn and the S-bahn. Luckily, the PLUS hotel we stayed in was situated right next to a U-bahn station so we did not have to fight the cold for too long.

We took part in many interesting activities in the few days we spent in Berlin. For starters, Berlin-resident New Zealander Mike took us on a fun and inspiring tour through the city, showing us all the important sites. Furthermore, we visited the Stasi prison where we had a guided tour by a former inmate. We went to Sachsenhausen concentration camp, a camp where approximately 200.000 people were sent to during the 2nd World War. The cold emphasised its bitterness and made us experience and realise just a minor fraction of what the ‘prisoners’ must have been through. Although we already visited the most well-known Holocaust memorial of Berlin during the tour, we visited it once more and this time we not only saw the memorial at ground level, but also entered the museum underneath. During one of the evenings we visited the beautiful Bundestag, the German parliament. With great views over the city and a most informative guide this was more than worth a visit. Although, as it was night, no members of parliament were present, the grandeur of the buildings made us realise what an important place we were at and we could easily imagine Angela Merkel walking around the hallways. Article cover: The whole Spring 2014 group in front of the Brandenburg Gate. Left: Holocaust Memorial under the snow. Right: Neue Wache Memorial.

Talking cuisine, Berlin serves you well. For very reasonable prices one can have dinners that could easily be shared by two. On Saturday night, we had a group dinner at the typically German Br채uhof, where local food, beverages and entertainment are in abundance. A huge hall with long Hogwarts-like tables, live music, waiters and waitresses dressed in Lederhosen made us truly experience German gastronomy and hospitality. One of the absolute highlights of the trip! Despite the cold, we had a great time in Berlin; we visited lots of sights and experienced many interesting activities. Now, back to the gym to work on those added pounds after the epic meal at the Br채uhof.

Top left: Students on the walking tour of Berlin. Top right: Inside the Bundestag, the German Parliament building. Bottom left: Inside the Holocaust Memorial. Bottom right: Sculpture of Georg Elser who tried to assassinate Hitler in 1939. Right: Inside the Bundestag.


CES Events – Positive Psychology symposium


The 3rd Positive Psychology Students Research Symposium Maastricht was held on Friday January 24, 2014 at the Faculty of Psychology & Neuroscience at Maastricht University. Caitlin Smith, from the University of Canberra in Australia, tells us all about it.

T EX T: Caitlin Smith P HO T O GR AP H Y: Patrick O’Neill & Caitlin Smith


Caitlin Smith : I study at the University of Canberra in Australia where I’m doing a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, majoring in Counselling. I’m in my final year of uni and when I finally graduate I’m hoping to study overseas (Maastricht being my first preference!) in the field of cognitive or social psychology.

On the 24th of January, all of us who participated in the Positive Psychology programme presented a poster or an oral presentation based on our topic of interest, which of course had to be related to the positive psychology content we had learnt in the previous three weeks at Maastricht University. The posters were based on our research proposal, which was due 3 weeks after the symposium, where we were required to hypothetically design a study of our chosen topic. There was quite a diverse amount of topics that emerged in the posters and presentations, which made it very clear and interesting to see where everyone’s passions and interests stood. Although everyone’s work deserved to win, a few students displayed exceptional ideas and were very creative in their display of posters. These were Eileen Martin, Kate Willis and Jenna Riley who were very deserving of their awards. They researched topics such as “The Pursuit of Happiness: An Examination of Achievement Avenues”, “Indigenous Australian Youths: The Impact of Mindfulness and Strength Building on Recidivism” and “The Effects of Self-Compassion on the Development of Postnatal Depression”. Ashley Hodgkin gave a wonderful presentation on “The Lowlights of Lawyering: Workplace Stress and Career Choice Satisfaction” and received a price as well. Congratulations to them and to everyone else who presented their research and thank you to Maastricht University for allowing us all to have such an amazing and inspiring experience to study overseas!


Students’ impressions – favourite photos

For this edition of our newsletter we asked some of our Spring 2014 students to send us their favourite photo from their stay in Maastricht so far. Here are their beautiful pictures and stories. T EX T : Spring 2014 CES students P H O T O G R A P H Y : Spring 2014 CES students


“Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities in Europe and I was so excited we could visit it during our first couple of weeks here! The city is beautiful and so full of culture. Also, I am making so many great new frien ds in Maastricht and I'm happy to be sharing my travel experiences with them.�

Maha Elsarrag Indiana University, IU in Maastricht Spring 2014


"This picture epitomises why CES is so great. Within the first week of arriving, CES had pre-arranged a trip for one day to Brussels and three days and four nights to Berlin. They had a multitude of educational an d edifying activities for us to

do . While we only spent one day in Brussels, there was still so much to see and this picture not only illustrates the wonders of Belgium, but also what CES has to offer. The picture is very telling because it was only the first week of my four and a half month experience and I was already fulfilling my aspirations of exploring the world."

Eric Lieberman The Pennsylvania State University, European Politics, Law & International Relations Spring 2014


“Here is a photo that I really like from my time here so far. It is from the last night of the Berlin study trip and was one of the most fun nights I've had while abroad. The reason I like this photo so much is because prior to the Berlin study trip, all of us did not know each other very well, however by this night we had all spent time together and grown much closer. Additionally, everyone in this photo genuinely looks happy and to be enjoying each other’s company. It was great to be a part of a group

that began the tr ip as strangers and left as friends .”

Ethan Harel Washington & Lee University, Business & Economics in Europe Spring 2014


“This past weekend, I went on an adventure to Interlaken, Switzerland. My group and I were entranced by the magnitude of the mountains and their

indescribable beauty . We went paragliding, night sledding, and enjoyed our fair share of Swiss chocolate and great Thai food - a perfect weekend by any measure. I am already planning my return trip and look forward to more adventures in the Swiss Alps!�

Catherine Langford Baylor University, Baylor in Maastricht Spring 2014


“This photo is of the Cliffs of Moher in Galway, Ireland. This picture not only represents

the freedom that comes with studying abroad , but the opportunities that are available for me while I am here. This was one of the most unbelievable natural beauties I have seen while in Europe and makes me more excited for additional sights I will see in the next few months!�

Bradley Boll Indiana University, IU in Maastricht Spring 2014


“Amsterdam is thus far my favourite place that I’ve visited in Europe. I experienced the same thing in Amsterdam that I experienced with San Francisco all those many years ago when I fell in love with that city: Taking that first step on soil and immediately feeling the pu lse of

the city be ating through your veins. It’s electrifying . That’s the only word to explain it. The first full day I was there, I spent hours upon hours wandering around Jordaan, which is famously one of the most beautiful places in Amsterdam, but I had never heard of it before I began researching what there was to entertain myself with in the city. This is, of course, because “Amsterdam” is synonymous with “The Red Light District” for many foreigners. The thing that I loved the most about Amsterdam was how quickly it rejected infamous stereotypes with its unparalleled beauty. Amsterdam is a city of winding canals, centuries of Dutch art, and excellent food. It was the first place that I utterly fell in love with in Europe, and I can wait to see what other cities throughout Europe catch me off guard with the same kind of zeal.”

Maya Avery-Warner University of San Francisco, European History, Culture and Arts Spring 2014


A very special reason to come to Maastricht….

We always enjoy reading students’ motivation letters; they express their desire to get out of their comfort zone, to learn in a new environment, to discover another corner of the world… One letter during the Spring 2014 application process caught our attention in a very particular way; the student in question, Michael Murock, had a very special reason to come study in Maastricht... Read his story on the next page!


Michael Mu rock is taking part in our European Politics, Law & International Relations programme. Back home, he studies at the Pennsylvania State University where he has concurrent majors in both Political Science and Economics. He expects to graduate this December.

“My grandfather, William Kennedy, served in the U.S. Army from 1943 until 1945. He

was part of the Amer ican forces that liberated Maastricht in September 1944 . During the celebrations, he met Dutch soldiers, who introduced him to their sister, Johanna Humblet. From there, they began a relationship that William wanted to result in marriage. However, Johanna's mother believed that it was too soon and that if William was serious, he would return to Maastricht after his discharge from the Army. That is what he did. He left the Army and sailed back to Maastricht where he took a job at a chair factory for a year. After Johanna had the approval of her mother, she sailed back across the Atlantic with other Dutch war brides. She settled in Plum, Pennsylvania where she gave birth to five children and adopted three more. She lived in Plum until her death in 2003. Since my grandmother had four brothers in Maastricht, I'm left with many distant cousins still in the Maastricht area. I came here before the start of my programme so that I could meet many of them.

This is one of th e main reasons that I chose to st udy here for a semester .�



CES TEACHER’S COLUMN Get to know more about one of our wonderful and dedicated teachers in each of our newsletters! We start this new section with Gwen Noteborn .


Gwen Noteborn holds a degree in International Business with a

Maastricht. I really like that. I try to be creative in class: I use

specialisation in marketing (MSc) and a

Facebook as a learning platform instead

master in Conflict Management (MA).

of blackboard... I feel that using

She has been teaching at CES since

Facebook stimulates discussion. I also

2009 and has been in charge of the

bring material to class, showing YouTube

following courses for our students:

clips that relate to the topic for example,

BUS2003 International Management

and I try to always include visits to

BUS2004 Brand Management

businesses in the Maastricht area such

SEM3009 Transportation for the Future

as IKEA and the Bisschopsmolen (a local enterprise in the city centre which has its

Gwen says: “I love teaching at CES as I

own bakery and oldest working watermill

meet new students each time and have

in the Netherlands, dating back to the 7th

the possibility to add a little something

century). We also use blogs in our class

to their experience abroad. Studying

where students write about a company

abroad will be something

of their choice, related to the course. By

they remember for the r est of their lives and I regularly see my "old" students on Facebook sending messages such as I miss Maastricht (and occasionally I miss my teacher )… Facebook also allows me to follow what they become after their time in

adding these different elements, I try to make it more appealing, fun and engaging. I also try to implement a competitive part in each course where students challenge each other to see who has the most inspiring and innovative project.”

Left: Gwen’s Summer 2012 International Management class during their IKEA visit. Next page: Ed Lab, the mascot of one of Gwen’s award winning project. He even has his own Facebook page!

Aside from her work at CES, Gwen works at the Department of Educational Research and Development of the Maastricht University School of Business & Economics. She is also the director of the Edlab: the educational laboratory of Maastricht University. The Edlab is an inspirational environment to experiment with new digital tools and education methods. It looks into ways to help teachers improve their education to be more in line with PBL 2.0. For this reason, Gwen finds it especially relevant to have a connection with the work field and to keep on teach ing as it gives her creative ideas that

can be implemen ted in education to stimulate other teachers. Gwen was recently awarded the Wynand Wijnen Education Prize 2013 together with two colleagues from the School of Business and Economics for the remarkable contribution they made to UM education with their Finance Video Project. According to the jury, the Finance video classes that they created “have had a significant impact on student’s learning effectiveness and professors’ development of educational skills.” Not only did the finance video classes improve the passing rates and student evaluations significantly, they also stimulated the professors involved in the project to rethink the way they organise and teach their courses to be more in line with the changing needs of students. We are delighted to count Gwen as one of our CES teachers and students always enjoy her classes tremendously. If you are looking into coming to study at CES in the near future, make sure you have one of her classes on your list - you won’t regret it! 


UM course highlight

Maya Avery-Warner : I’m from Seattle, WA in the United States and I am earning my bachelor’s degree at the University of San Francisco, majoring in Comparative Literature & Culture with minors in Philosophy and Gender & Sexuality Studies. I’m currently on my semester abroad at CES, taking classes at Maastricht University’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

“Myth & Disenchantment is a course that explores human conceptions of good and evil through religion and mythology. The first part of the course introduces students to the theory and philosophy of mythology and religion, while the latter half of the course focuses on applying theories to creation myths, religious texts, and works of art and literature. Through these means, the course aims to reveal how myth functions in culture and creates cultural world views, particularly as Western culture seems to be secularising. I am enjoying this class thus far and am continually intrigued by how every assignment fits together. One great strength in the course, which differs from how my home university works, is the interdisciplinary nature of the course. While many of the majors, including my own, at my home university are interdisciplinary, classes tend to focus on a single discipline. This course has elements of philosophy, religion, art, literature, psychology, and the social sciences, which allows the tutorial groups to tackle very complex issues. This course is very unique to Maastricht University and works seamlessly with Problem Based Learning. Through this course, I have begun to challenge my conceptions of religion and mythology and question where my world views originated. It’s a

powerful and enriching course not only for its academic content, but also for the way it encourages critical thought about one’s personal beliefs .”


Course title: Myth and Disenchantment Course code: ACU2004 UM department: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Maastricht at this time of year

We’ve had a surprisingly mild Winter and early Spring this year, which has been perfect for our January and Spring term students to go and explore the city!

P HO T O GR AP H Y: Eileen Martin





CES alumni – where are they now?





Schindler and I would like to tell you a little bit about my experience as an alumnus of the Center for European Studies but before I do so I will have to bore you with a little background. When I turned 10 years old, I moved to the United





subsequently pursue my undergraduate studies






Colorado Springs, CO. During my junior year at the Colorado College I attended Maastricht University through CES as an exchange student and while I enrolled mostly in

courses at

the Maastricht

School of Business and Economics, I was also able to take other courses in law as well as humanitarian studies.

A year

after my abroad semester in Maastricht, I graduated from the Colorado College and returned to Europe for a traineeship programme







Bank. I




European Central Bank (ECB) for well over a year now and I can happily say that is has been a fantastic experience. To be honest, I would be very hard-pressed to think of a better fit

56 38 36

as I get to work with many very talented


and diverse colleagues on tasks that I

vibrant community of employees at the

am quite passionate about. I work in the


Monetary and Financial Statistics Division


and we are responsible with providing

encompasses. My time in Maastricht also

the ECB as well as the public with

gave me something much more valuable

statistics on financial markets as well as


monetary and financial institutions. The







diverse as the ECB recruits its employees


from all over the European Union and I

treasures this continent has to offer be

learn new things about my European

they the boundless splendours of its

neighbours every day (be it a new word

landscapes or the diversity of its cultures

in Dutch or tasting a new dessert from


Poland). My time in Maastricht allowed

experience I was also able to garner a



more intimate sense for the current

culturally diverse workplace not only

milieu that has encompassed Europe as

through providing me with an academic

it forgets the trenches of the past and its

environment with students from all over


the world but also through its central


location in Europe which made it very

undertaking of the 21st century. That is



















without and



any the




























in and no






economic textbook,

semester abroad. In fact, my Romanian

professor, nor classroom back in the

colleagues are quite surprised that this

United States could have provided.






weekend in Bucharest!

incredibly helpful and deeply aware that

Of course these are nice personal anecdotes


In addition, everyone at CES is











inside of the classroom but outside of it

studying in Maastricht with

as well. The study trips, the support, and

CES allowed me to gain the

the warmth that the CES staff provide







an away semester is meant to be a



different cultures of Europe from





directly benefiting . It would have been quite different had I crossed the Atlantic from the United States and been

ensure that each student is overcome with a sense of “home away from home” while studying at Maastricht. In short, I can only say positive things about the time I was able to spend in Maastricht and about the programme that CES offers... I only wish I had stayed longer.


CES Info

SPRING AND SUMMER 2014 AT CES January 17 – June 7:

Open Enrolment Programmes Business & Economics in Europe European History, Culture & Arts European Politics, Law & International Relations Psychology & Neuroscience in Europe Public Health & Medicine in Europe

January 17 – June 7:

IU-UNC programme

January 30 – April 24:

Baylor in Maastricht (Spring)

March 9 – 15:

European Management Residency in Entrepreneurship and Business for Benedictine College Executive MBA

April 19 – May 16:

Washington & Lee University

May 9 – June 6:

Grand Valley State University

May 11 – June 7:

Xavier University & Lebanon Valley College

May 19 – August 14:

Baylor in Maastricht (Summer)

June 10 – 28:

University of Colorado Boulder

June 27 – August 8:

Summer Programme in European Studies (SES)

August 3 - 25:

Meiji Gakuin in Maastricht


Mailing address Maastricht University Student Services Centre | SSC Center for European Studies | CES PO Box 616 6200 MD Maastricht The Netherlands Visiting address Maastricht University Student Services Centre | SSC Center for European Studies | CES Bonnefantenstraat 2 6211 KL Maastricht The Netherlands Phone: +31 (0) 43 388 5282 Email:


CES Newsletter Spring 2014  

All the latest news and stories from the Center for European Studies at Maastricht University, The Netherlands.

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