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SES: Summer Programme in European Studies

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Fun events at CES

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Maastricht at this time of year

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Berlin Study Trip – Spring 2013 introduction

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CES News


FALL 2013: Application for our Open

Summer programme in European Studies

Enrollment Fall semester programmes

are still open until 1 May 2013!

are still open until 15 April 2013!

This is the chance to take exciting and

1. Business & Economics in Europe

challenging classes in Maastricht and travel

2. EU Politics, Policy & International

throughout Europe during six weeks this


Summer. See our special article focusing on

3. European Culture & Arts

this programme on pages 4 to 7 to learn

4. European Law & Human Rights

more about this fantastic opportunity!

5. European Society & History 6. Psychology & Neuroscience in Europe 7. Public Health & Medicine in Europe

FEES UPDATE: The price of Dutch residence permits



decreased! Students staying in the Netherlands for more than 90 days will now only have to pay â‚Ź300.


VISITORS: It has been wonderful to host David Widman (Juniata College, PA), Maria Woolford (AIM Overseas, Australia) and Jack Zerbe, (Guilford College, NC) in Maastricht this Spring and to get the opportunity to showcase our university, exciting programmes and beautiful city. Photo: from left to right: Maria Woolford, Wouter Steenhuis (CES), Jack Zerbe and Chris Majelle (CES).

UPCOMING TRIP(S): Director of CES Jorg de Vette will be attending The Forum’s Annual Conference in Chicago from April 2-7, 2013. He looks forward to meeting with many current and prospective partner universities and colleges. Please feel free to email him at to schedule an appointment with him. Jorg will most likely also attend NAFSA in St Louis at the end of May.

HAPPY NEWS AT CES: There were many happy moments at CES in Fall 2012: Laura gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Caspar on 21 October, Aude got married in Australia on 10 November to her Aussie partner whom she met in Maastricht, and Nathalie gave birth to the delightful little Sirius on 29 November. We are all thrilled for their happy events and look forward to having Laura and Nathalie back in the office this Spring!


SES: Summer Programme in European Studies – Expanded course offer!


Get ready for the best summer

EVER and …

… apply for our

Summer Programme in European Studies! APPLICATIONS OPEN UNTIL 1 MAY 2013!

WITH THE UPDATED and expanded course offer, SES is designed for adventurous students looking for an authentic European study experience. SES courses are specifically designed for CES students and include exciting experiential components. For example, Dutch Art History and Leadership and Management are taught by experts in the field and include excursions and field trips. Still not adventurous enough for your taste? How about one of two academic European study trips as a course? During a 10- or 16-day study trip you will learn all about European institutions and European culture by experiencing it first-hand. What better way to learn about Europe than by visiting the European Parliament, the European Court of Human Rights, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development etc. or to take a boat tour on the Seine and see the Mona Lisa from up close? Or how would you feel about being taken on a tour of a former Stasi prison in Berlin, discovering the old town of Krakow with your new friends, having a lecture at the American Chamber of Commerce in Budapest or going for a night at the Opera in Vienna?

5 Photos: 2012 CES Summer students on Study-trip. left page: Naoufal Bouamar; above left: Maria Iancheva; above right: Emily Zheng

Summer Programme in European Studies 2013 COURSE OFFER – click here to see the full course descriptions Block period 1: 1-19 July 2013 

Dutch and Flemish Literature and Culture in the European Context


Entrepreneurship: it’s all about creating value NEW!

Intercultural Communication, Developing your intercultural and global competencies

Study Trip Central and Eastern Europe

Study trip Western Europe



Block period 2: 22 July – 8 August 2013 

Dutch Art History

Doing Business in the Emerging Markets of East and Central Europe

Economics of European Integration – Challenges, policies & practices in the


European business environment 

Leadership and Management in a Global World

Politics of European Integration

SOCIAL PROGRAMME – click here to see more details For the first time this year, CES is collaborating with the Maastricht Summer School and is offering an optional social programme for all students to get to know Maastricht even better while they’re here. There are three different packages available: 

Active package for students who are into sports and like to be in the outdoors.

Culture package for students who want to explore some of the beautiful cultural sights that Maastricht has to offer.

Student life package for students who want to experience the real student life of Maastricht.


For more information visit:

Fun events at CES – Carnival

by Kelsey Yandura

"JUST AS I THOUGHT the culture shock was subsiding, Maastricht introduced me to Carnival. For months, our guides and professors had been describing the celebration, attempting to prepare us for the spectacle. I was impressed merely by the descriptions they gave, however nothing prepared me for the madness I witnessed this weekend. Carnival celebrations are traditionally done in costume… a tradition the people of Maastricht take VERY seriously. Some of the face paint and elaborate gowns must have either cost a month’s wages or taken months to make. Interestingly, though the celebration is infused with the traditional “party scene”, all ages participate. The crowd is not only comprised of young, energetic high school and college students, but also all ages from infant to elderly. The parade, street food, dancing, and costumes created a jolly atmosphere I had never experienced before! During Carnival, Maastricht comes alive in a totally new and unique way. I am so grateful I was able to experience this part of Dutch culture."

Kelsey Yandura studies at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, USA. She is a Writing Major and she is one of the lucky 45 students from her home university to spend 3 months in Maastricht this Spring.


“During Carnival, Maastricht comes alive in a totally new and unique way.� Kelsey Yandura, Baylor University

CES students Matt Altschul (Indiana University), Christian Carlisle (Indiana University) and Michelle Rudolph (Case Western Reserve University) looking their very best! (Photo: Michelle Rudolph)


Baylor students in their Carnival attires enjoying the celebrations on the Vrijthof square, in Maastricht. (Photo: Walta Nemariam)


Walta Nemariam (Baylor University) and friends, all brightly dressed up for Carnival in Maastricht. (Photo: Walta Nemariam)


Fun events at CES – Kinderdijk

by Aude Frost



with several of my colleagues and all


January term students participating in

everything look rather magical. It was

our International Relations & Politics in the


EU, Positive Psychology and International

examples of Dutch ingenuity in person





braved the freezing weather conditions to go and visit Kinderdijk, a beautiful UNESCO protected area in the North of the




magnificent windmills. Most of the 70 students had arrived in the Netherlands from Australia just a few weeks prior and the weather difference between what they had left behind and what they were faced with in Kinderdijk couldn't have been any more extreme. The icy wind was piercing and the snow



views and to

were the



snow these

made famous

and to understand how they manage to keep the whole area dry. This is quite a feat since the whole region is below sea level! After






wonderfully stereotypical Dutch buildings and imagining how it would be to live in one of them (most of them are still inhabited to this day) we all hopped back onto our two buses and drove off to Amsterdam to go and visit the Anne Frank house and spend the rest of the weekend discovering the city.

under our feet was crisp in the cold early

Anyway, here are some of the photos I

afternoon light. I think it’s safe to say

managed to snap during the few minutes

that none of us had really experienced

I could bare to have my gloves off. I

such extreme weather conditions before!

hope you’ll enjoy them!” 

Yet this didn’t take anything away from the whole experience; quite the contrary

Aude Frost comes from Switzerland and works at the Center for European Studies as International Relations Officer. She coordinates several programmes at CES, amongst which the Positive Psychology programme, Summer Programme in

European Studies, the Psychology & Neuroscience in Europe programme and the Public Health & Medicine in Europe programme.


“The snow made everything look rather magical.� Aude Frost, Programme Coordinator at CES

Left page: from left to right: Kate Hofman, Matthew Rismondo, Adrienne Fraser, Taylor Stokes and Olivia Todhunter.



Students impressions - memories

FOR THIS EDITION of our newsletter we asked some of our Fall 2012 students to tell us what they miss most about their time studying in Maastricht now that they’re back home in the United States. Here are their reactions.

Sophie Amster, University of Denver, USA

European Culture & Arts Fall 2012


UNITED STATES, what I have missed most






lifestyle. There was nothing more enjoyable than spending an evening drinking sweet white wine and eating frietjes. I loved how I could go down to the Market Square or Vrijthof at any time of the day and there would always be people sitting, relaxing

and just enjoying life! Those days were always the best days for me in Maastricht."


Amy Kautz, Pennsylvania State University, USA

Psychology & Neuroscience in Europe Fall 2012

ONE OF THE THINGS I MISS MOST about Maastricht is hikes to Fort Sint Pieter with my roommate. The nature reserve above the fort is very calm and peaceful, with resplendent views of the expansive quarry and city, not to mention the charming mountain goats. The perfect escape from the city and schoolwork. Accessibility to so many different places cannot be understated and I long for leisurely bike trips to canals in Belgium, speeding night

trains to Prague and scenic bus rides to Christmas markets. And even though there were days I desperately wished for my car, I truly miss the ability the city of Maastricht affords of being able to walk or bike to food, drinks, shops or cafes. Speaking of food: Dutch desserts, oh, how I miss thee! Oliebollen, wafels, macaroons from my favorite bakery across the river, the markets at Vrijthof and Markt squares, the cute Dutch lady in the tiny pastry shop just down the street from the Guesthouse—all things sweet, the

Dutch and I agree, are best. And honestly, I miss the cobblestones. As charming and textural as they are jarring and awkward, cobblestones create the backdrop of Maastricht captured in my memories."

Lisa Saa, Trinity College, USA

Public Health & Medicine in Europe Fall 2012






MADE. What I value and miss the most are the friendships I've made. Not only did I become friends with Dutch and German students, but the other exchange students in my hall were extremely friendly as well. We became a family, celebrating birthdays and having hall parties together, from a Tour de Chambre



meaningful people




relationships the


with Spain,

Australia, Brazil, India, Denmark, and






Germany, was absolutely amazing. I learned so much about their individual cultures, ranging from history lessons to traditions and my favorite part, family recipes!�

Michael Crosby, Indiana University, USA

Business & Economics in Europe Fall 2012

"AFTER FOUR MONTHS AWAY from the United States, I was ready to say farewell to Maastricht and return home. But now that I look back on all of the great times that I had there, I just wish

that I could do it all over again. There are so many things that I miss about Maastricht that I couldn't name them all if I tried. Biking down cobblestone streets, eating kebabs three nights a week, interacting with people from several different countries on a daily basis, and traveling to iconic locations with great friends are just a few things that I will never forget. I wouldn't trade my experience in Maastricht for anything."


Matthew Sandler, Muhlenberg College, USA

Business & Economics in Europe Fall 2012

"STUDYING ABROAD IN MAASTRICHT was an extremely beneficial experience as a student.







American undergraduate students it was a nice change of pace to learn through the Dutch educational system.

I really enjoyed being in

class with many other international students and





regarding various educational topics.


authentic European cuisine was also a treat studying abroad. American substitutes simply don't stack up. Wish I could be back in Europe right now!"

Katelynn Johnson, University of Denver, USA

European Culture & Arts Fall 2012

“I'VE BEEN BACK in the US for about 2 months now and I think about Maastricht every day! I miss

the cobblestones, my bike, fantastic coffee, and the friends I met while studying at the university. I miss the great shopping too!!! �


Roxy de Vreede, Trinity College, USA

Business & Economics in Europe Fall 2012

"THE THING I MISS MOST ABOUT MAASTRICHT is the culture of the city. I miss being able to sit on the busy Vrijthof square at any time of day, no matter the weather. People

were always doing something social. And I also miss oliebollen during the winter time!"

Chelsea Humbach, University of Denver, USA

Psychology & Neuroscience in Europe Fall 2012

“I WAS SITTING IN MY LAW CLASS the other day reminiscing about abroad and Maastricht and most importantly, the food. I began day dreaming about Deli Belge and Something Good (local sandwich places), or getting some frietjes on the Vrijthof. I texted one of my DU friends who was also in Maastricht with me saying "I'm craving

Maastricht's food so much I'm thinking about biking over to the Vrijthof for dinner, wanna join me?" She replied saying "I'd bike across the world to get fries or a sandwich in Maastricht, so yes." It was such a funny exchange and perfectly illustrated how desperately we miss the amazing food of Maastricht. I've only been back for about 2 months and I still day dream quite often about the food in Maastricht while I'm eating my mass-produced, store-bought, generic American food. It’s hard to put into words how much I miss Maastricht. It is just so different from the States, every single aspect of every single day. It's a much simpler life; it almost feels more real sometimes, just a slowed down-version of what my life is like here. I move 1000x faster here in the States but I stop and catch myself reminiscing on my memories of Maastricht and Europe in general. It seems like a dream now and I only wish I could close my eyes and relive the whole thing all over again! Hopefully it’s only a matter of time before I cross the pond once again.” 24

Maastricht at this time of year

MAASTRICHT IN EARLY SPRING can be cold sometimes even with a beautiful layer of snow. There can also be grey skies but often the sun comes out and shines beautifully, illuminating the city. Those days are extremely pleasant and people put on their warm coats and winter boots and set out for long invigorating walks through the crisp air along the river.




Berlin Study Trip – Spring 2013 introduction by Nikhyl Jhangiani

Nikhyl Jhangiani is a Chemistry and International Studies Major at Case Western Reserve University. He is following the Public Health & Medicine in Europe programme and is particularly interested in the field of pediatrics/pediatric oncology. During the week of January 23rd – 27th

After leaving the European Parliament

the CES students embarked on a trip to

building, we were taken on a bus tour of




Brussels, and we were able to get off




and wander around the city for a few

Reflection. The main thing that still

hours, finally getting a chance to truly

stands strongly in my mind was how

experience Belgian Waffles, beer, and

absolutely cold all of us were. The

pommes frites. Once we finished up our

average temperature in Berlin while we

tour of the city, we headed to the airport




their A


were there hovered around -8 Celsius.

to catch our flight to Berlin.

We departed from Maastricht early in the rd

Our day the following morning started

morning on Wednesday, January 23 ,

early once again; we left the hostel by 8

and were taken by bus to Brussels,

am to head over to the BMW Motorcycle












Parliament building, and got a short

interesting portion of the trip. The tour

lecture about the European Union.

guide at the plant covered a wide range of topics, ranging from the health care of the workers, to the business aspects of motorcycle




to utilized

the in

designing the motorcycles. As a result, this excellent presentation appealed to all of the students in the CES program, despite our

wide array of


interests. After spending a few hours at the BMW plant, we made our way to the center of the city. We met up with our CES Students in front of the flags of the various European Nations. extremely eccentric tour guide, Tom, Brussels, Belgium. From left to right: Jennifer Vu, Stephanie Bulter, Morten Tastum, Yasmin Venema. Back row: Robert Herbison.


In the center of Berlin, from left to right: Stephanie Meeuwissen (CES), Sarah Duffy, Jennifer Vu, Stephanie Bulter, Morten Tastum, Karan Sawla, Diana Langburd, Christian Carlisle.

who provided us with a passionate,

government figures discuss policies and

disturbing, but very detailed tale about

procedures of Germany.

the history of Berlin. We also had the opportunity to climb into A few chilly hours later, Tom dropped us

the dome of the Reichstag building, and

off in front of the Reichstag Building,

admire the view. Finally, after a 12+



hour day, we finished our tour and were

government. We were lucky enough to

allowed to wander around the city on our

get a guided tour of the facility, and had

own for a bit. We grabbed a group

a chance to take pictures of where

picture out in the freezing cold, in front


of the Reichstag building.










The main room of the Reichstag. The “eagle� is called the Fat Chicken. In the center is where Merkel sits. You can see the flags of Germany and the European Union.

The whole group together: from left to right: Christian Carlisle, Michelle Rudolph, Robert Herbison, Jennifer Vu, Sarah Duffy, Nikhyl Jhangiani, Karan Sawla, Dario Giorgi, Stephanie Bulter, Morten Tastum, Stephanie Meeuwissen, Matthew Altschul, Yasmin Venema, Diana Langburd.


The following morning, we visited the




Sachsenhausen concentration camp and

Berlin faced during that time.



got a guided tour of the grounds. For all of us, this was an interesting experience

After spending about an hour at the

to see the horrible conditions which

Berlin Wall, we made our way back to

people were forced to endure throughout

the center of the city, where we had a

World War II.

traditional German dinner and wandered around the city once it became dark.

Following the trip to Sachsenhausen, the

Overall, despite being absolutely freezing

group split up and a number of us went

for an entire week, the trip to Berlin was

to the Berlin Wall. This was somewhat of

an amazing experience. Not only did we

a profound experience for us; most of us

learn a lot about the city, but as a whole,

were born in 1991/1992, and not too

we learned a lot more about each other

many years before that, it was physically

and became significantly closer as a

impossible to see, let alone walk across

result. This study abroad experience so

or communicate with anyone on the

far has been phenomenal, and one thing

opposite side of the wall. That concept


was something you couldn’t experience

relationships I’ve formed with people in

just by reading about the Berlin Wall,

our program.







actually being there helped me truly

From left to right: Matthew Altschul, Michelle Rudolph, Sarah Duffy, Christian Carlisle, Stephanie Bulter, Diana Langburd, Yasmin Venema, Jennifer Vu, Morten Tastum


CES alumni – where have they been?

Jonathan Peter is doing a combined Bachelor in Politics and International Relations and a Bachelor of Applied Economics at the University of Canberra in Australia. He followed our intensive International Relations & Politics in the European Union programme in Maastricht in January 2013 where he not only learnt a tremendous amount about the EU in the classroom and during study trips but also got to experience the joys of winter in Europe (powdery snow included) and started many lifelong friendships with other students from all over the world. After his time in The Netherlands, Jonathan traveled to India with his family where he took this extraordinary photo.



CES info

SPRING AND SUMMER 2013 AT CES January 3 – 26: AIM Overseas (Australia) | Guilford College (USA) programmes International Relations & Politics in the EU Positive Psychology International Environmental Law January 11 – 25: Dutch Culture and Language (University of California, USA) January 18 – June 8: Open Enrolment programmes Business & Economics in Europe European Politics, Policy & International Relations European Law & Human Rights European Society & History Psychology & Neuroscience in Europe Public Health & Medicine in Europe January 18 – June 8: IU-UNC programme (Indiana University - University of North Carolina, USA)

January 27 – April 25: Baylor in Maastricht (Spring) March 3 – 8: European Management Residency in Entrepreneurship and Business for Benedictine College Executive MBA May 11 – June 8: Xavier University & Lebanon Valley College May 20 – August 15: Baylor in Maastricht (Summer) June 28 – August 9: Summer Programme in European Studies (SES) August: Meiji Gakuin in Maastricht


Mailing address Maastricht University Student Services Centre | SSC Center for European Studies | CES PO Box 616 6200 MD Maastricht The Netherlands Visiting address Maastricht University Student Services Centre | SSC Center for European Studies | CES Bonnefantenstraat 2 6211 KL Maastricht The Netherlands Phone: +31 (0) 43 388 5282 Fax: +31 (0) 43 388 5290 Email:


CES Newsletter Spring 2013  

CES Newsletter Spring 2013