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CES student assistants

OUR TEAM AT CES wouldn’t be complete without the support of our dear student assistants who help us with many tasks throughout the year. Allow us to introduce the three members of our current ‘squad’, always at the ready to make CES students feel at home in Maastricht and to take them across Europe to discover all it has to offer.

Name: MEDI GOOSSENS Field of study: BSc Health Sciences and Medicine Nationality: Dutch

Student assistant at CES since: June 2011 The best thing about being a student assistant at CES is that I meet all these amazing people who are just enjoying life in Europe. They make me feel happy every time I see them, if we are socialising in Maastricht or experiencing new places around Europe, every time I come back totally satisfied. The best experience I have had as a student assistant at CES so far was at the beginning of the football match Holland-Moldova. After 15 minutes of good quality music, the Dutch anthem began. I stood there in the middle of all the American students who were in such a good mood, and who were trying so hard to sing along with the anthem. That made the game awesome, even though the Dutch team played awfully that night. My favourite thing about Maastricht is that I feel like I’m on holiday every day of the year. When it is snowing or when the sun shines bright and even in the terrible Dutch autumns I love to walk around in Maastricht. The atmosphere is good all year long, the nice squares, the lovely bars and the pretty old buildings on the water make me feel at home and like I’m on vacation at the same time.


CES Newsletter Fall 2011  

CES Newsletter Fall 2011