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Luis Concepcion, Trinity College, USA

“I’VE NOTICED several differences between my hometown Chicago and the Netherlands. I think the most obvious one is the culture. Not only is the language different, but also the food and the portions! In America, I am used to being served big portions, which is not the case in Holland (I think that’s their secret for staying thin and in shape). My experience in Holland has been very rewarding. I can't wait to continue learning more about this country and its culture.”

Michael Binstok, Muhlenberg College, USA

“ONE OF THE NICEST DIFFERENCES between living in Maastricht verses living in the United States is the ease of getting around. In the city of Maastricht I travel everywhere by bike which immediately made me feel like a Dutch

citizen. Traveling on the weekends outside of Maastricht is very convenient. Trains and airplanes make traveling easy and we can get to many desirable cities in less than 2 hours! Traveling around the Netherlands and Europe has been an eye opening experience I will never forget.”

CES Newsletter Fall 2011  

CES Newsletter Fall 2011