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CES acquisition trips in the USA, Fall 2011 Nathalie’s story

I FIND WORKING in study abroad

affairs and programme development

an inspiring experience. I get to work

and in this capacity I was asked to

with amazing students who are eager

travel to the US for two weeks to give

to live in our beautiful city, immerse

more information about our seven new

themselves in a different academic

Open Enrolment Semester

environment and explore Europe to its


fullest. A life-changing experience for nearly everyone and the bonds of friendships that are forged during study abroad can last a life-time (not only between students, but also with us CES staff).

Starting Spring 2012 1. Business & Economics in Europe 2. European Law & Human Rights 3. EU Politics, Policy & International Relations 4. European Culture & Arts 5. European Society & History Starting Fall 2012 6. Public Health & Medicine in Europe 7. Psychology & Neuroscience in Europe Our new programmes replace CES’ former flag-ship programme Study Europe and we are extremely proud of the result. It was therefore an exciting prospect to visit established and

CES Ambassador Nathan Anderson and

possible new partner universities and

Nathalie Ummels at the University of

colleges and (re-)connect with study


abroad staff, faculty members, prospective students and CES alumni (who are now CES Ambassadors at

My role at CES recently changed from programme coordinating to education


their home campus).

CES Newsletter Fall 2011  
CES Newsletter Fall 2011  

CES Newsletter Fall 2011