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Fall 2011

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CES acquisition trips in the USA

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Fun events at CES and Maastricht University

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Students’ impressions - differences

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Internships at CES

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Maastricht at this time of year

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CES news

NEW PROGRAMMES: WE ARE DELIGHTED to be running two further programmes in collaboration with AIM Overseas in the New Year. On top of our intensive course in International Relations and Politics in the European Union which very successfully started in 2011, students from universities all across Australia now also have the possibility to come to CES in Maastricht to partake in the following two programmes: 1. Positive Psychology This programme is intended to familiarise students with the concepts and ideas of positive psychology and to provide in depth knowledge on selected topics within the field. It enables students to evaluate and design a positive psychological research project, and gives them hands on experience with some of the positive psychology intervention techniques. 2. International Environmental Law The overall objective of this course is to provide students with a basic understanding of the main characteristics and developments of environmental law in an international perspective. During the three and a half weeks of the programmes, students will get the opportunity not only to earn credits for their degree back home, but also to discover Maastricht and the surrounding area and to travel to several European cities for study-related excursions and cultural visits.


EVERY TWO YEARS, Washington & Lee University sends a group of students to Maastricht under the supervision of professor Dr. Erich Uffelman for a very special programme for chemistry students studying towards a career in art restoration. This short but very intensive programme will be taking place again in 2012 and will include a field trip focused on Dutch Art (17th century Masters) and restoration, during which the students visit conservation labs, museums and various other institutions with state-ofthe-art technology.



It has been wonderful to host Jack Zerbe, (Guilford College), Chrysan Cronin (Muhlenberg College) and Lisa Johnson (Smith College) in Maastricht this Fall and to get the opportunity to showcase our vision, university and beautiful city.


CES acquisition trips in the USA, Fall 2011 Jorg’s story


With the implementation of the new

a couple of weeks and had the

open enrolment programmes and the

pleasure of meeting up with study

expansion of tailor-made programme

abroad colleagues again that I have

opportunities, it’s an exciting time to

known for many years and talking to

discuss the possibilities that exist at

potential new partners, finding out

Maastricht University with our global

how our alumni are doing and getting

network. For example, CES is

to know students interested in our

developing an exciting summer course

programmes. I mostly drove from

focusing on Transition Economies with

place to place this time instead of

the Smeal College of Business at

flying everywhere and got a chance to

Pennsylvania State University,

experience some of the landscape

including a two week study trip to

along the way, giving me a new

Eastern Europe. The new semester

perspective to old and familiar places.

programmes are attracting a lot of interest with old and new partners alike and we look forward to welcoming more bright and accomplished students from universities and colleges across the disciplines. As the Director of CES, there are lots of new and exciting challenges to enjoy but one of the things I miss from

View of Cincinnati from Mount St. Adams.


a coordinator’s point of view is the daily contact with students. Therefore it was great to attend study abroad

fairs and information sessions and

they had the chance. The feeling is

meetings again and I was very

mutual! The CES family has really

impressed with the students I

grown over the years and yet remains

encountered: liberal, open-minded and

close-knit, establishing long-lasting

intelligent, with a clear focus on what

connections. I want to take this

they were looking for in study abroad.

opportunity to thank all the colleagues

As always sessions were very well-

and friends who hosted me at your

attended and there were a lot of

schools and homes and for showing

students dropping by my table. They

me such wonderful hospitality.

loved the stroopwafels I brought too!

Together with shared visions and ideas

The Spring 2012 participants were all

about increasing opportunities and

very enthusiastic and could not wait to

finding matches between partner and

depart – it was energising to share in

student expectations, this all makes

their excitement. As well as meeting

study abroad such a rewarding field to

new faces, catching up with CES

be a part of.

alumni at fairs, presentations or over dinner was a real delight.

My thanks go to: Jeff Cannon, Tammy Orahood and Mark Beirn at Washington University in St. Louis Laurie Colglazier, Susan Carty, Eric Richards and Greg Kitzmiller at Indiana University David Cleeton, Ohio State University Ellen Sayles and Donna Young at Oberlin College

Jorg, together with CES alumni Nathan Dryer, Skip Young and Jenna Giese. It was fun to surprise some former visiting professors in their offices and great to hear how much they had fallen in love with Maastricht and how

Molly Watkins and Lisa Brown at Case Western Reserve University Ismael Betancourt, Laura Johnson, Cindy Stockwell, Nancy Mazza, Clint and Susan Schertzer at Xavier University

eager they would be to come back if


Austin Jaffe, Maureen Desorcie, Heidi Wright, Carolyn Andersen, Judy Meder, Barbara Rowe, Leila Tubbeh and Kristi Wormhoudt at Pennsylvania State University Jenifer Cushman, Mark McKellop and David Widman at Juanita College Scott Manning at Susquehanna University Michael Monahan, BCA Study Abroad Jill Russell and Caitlin Murphy at Lebanon Valley College Donna Kish-Goodling, Susan Norling, George Heitmann and Paul Frary at Muhlenberg College - Jorg de Vette, CES Director

Campus at Washington University in St. Louis


CES acquisition trips in the USA, Fall 2011 Nathalie’s story

I FIND WORKING in study abroad

affairs and programme development

an inspiring experience. I get to work

and in this capacity I was asked to

with amazing students who are eager

travel to the US for two weeks to give

to live in our beautiful city, immerse

more information about our seven new

themselves in a different academic

Open Enrolment Semester

environment and explore Europe to its


fullest. A life-changing experience for nearly everyone and the bonds of friendships that are forged during study abroad can last a life-time (not only between students, but also with us CES staff).

Starting Spring 2012 1. Business & Economics in Europe 2. European Law & Human Rights 3. EU Politics, Policy & International Relations 4. European Culture & Arts 5. European Society & History Starting Fall 2012 6. Public Health & Medicine in Europe 7. Psychology & Neuroscience in Europe Our new programmes replace CES’ former flag-ship programme Study Europe and we are extremely proud of the result. It was therefore an exciting prospect to visit established and

CES Ambassador Nathan Anderson and

possible new partner universities and

Nathalie Ummels at the University of

colleges and (re-)connect with study


abroad staff, faculty members, prospective students and CES alumni (who are now CES Ambassadors at

My role at CES recently changed from programme coordinating to education


their home campus).

My grand tour took me to North

hard work of the last months had been

Carolina (Guilford College, Duke

worth it. We are very proud of the new

University and the University of North

study abroad programmes, which

Carolina – Kenan-Flagler School of

feature strong European themes,

Business), Virginia (Christopher

highlight Dutch and ‘Euregional’

Newport University), Massachusetts

strengths and achievements, and

(Brandeis University, Framingham

include integrated academic study

State University, Tufts University),

trips, an extensive selection of courses,

Colorado (Colorado College, University

independent research opportunities

of Denver, University of Colorado

and more.

Boulder), Connecticut (Trinity College) and back to Massachusetts (Amherst College, Smith College, UMass Amherst). It included 14 intense travel days, 10 flights, 8 time zones, 5 States, 1559 miles (2509 km) by car, 3 study abroad fairs and 11 visits.

CES Ambassador Roy Fuller at CNU Campus.

Our established partners were also excited by the new study abroad opportunities in the fields of law and Driving through Colorado.

human rights; public health and medicine; and psychology and neuroscience, so we hope to welcome

Was it tiring? Of course it was! But the

many more new students in our fair

overwhelming positive reactions of


study abroad staff, faculty and students made me realise that all our


But the best part of my trip was

have dinner with Spring 2007 alumni

reconnecting with students who

Robbie Waldeck (Colorado College),

already studied abroad with CES. It

his lovely wife Emily and his best

was truly amazing to hear how much

friend and roommate Andy Pope-

CES and Maastricht mean to them,

Rowleski (Macalester College)‌

how their study abroad experience

Each unique and heart-warming

changed them and how they long to be

experiences proving that bonds of


friendship forged at CES last long after study abroad programmes are over. - Nathalie Ummels, Education Specialist at CES

Information table at Trinity College with CES Ambassador Erica Taylor and Professor Gitte Schultz.

It meant the world to meet almost all CNU students who attended our Summer Programme in European Studies 2011 for breakfast (many of them sporting their Maastricht University t-shirt); to receive enthusiastic help from CES Ambassadors Jarred Olson and Nathan Anderson during the DU study abroad fair; to have ice cream with CES Ambassador Erica Taylor and professor Gitte Schultz at Trinity College; and to


Denver study abroad fair.



Fun events at CES and Maastricht University

OPENING OF THE VIRTUAL REALITY LAB AT THE FACULTY OF PSYCHOLOGY AND NEUROSCIENCE SINCE 10 NOVEMBER 2011, Maastricht University has its own state of the art Virtual Reality Lab, located at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience (FPN). The lab offers 3D visualisation possibilities by means of a Head Mounted Device and is equipped with a tracking system and a 3D sound system. Researchers at FPN and other faculties of Maastricht University now have the possibility of conducting experiments in a virtual and controlled environment. During the opening symposium and lab visit, guests were offered the chance to try on the 3D screen glasses and venture into a virtual world built especially for a social psychology experiment. CES is excited about this new

CES programme coordinator Aude

development and looks forward to

Collioud ventures out in a 3D virtual

following future research conducted in

world during the opening of the new

the lab. Who knows, maybe we’ll even


be taking students there for visits!


Students impressions - differences

FOR THIS EDITION of our newsletter we asked some of our current students to tell us about the most striking difference(s) they had noticed between their new life in Maastricht and what they were used to back home. As you will most probably notice, one subject comes back regularly… and it’s only fair, as it is a big part of everyone daily life here in the Netherlands!

Laurel Hayden, USA “AFTER HAVING BEEN IN THE NETHERLANDS for only two months, I feel very welcomed and acknowledged. Elements of sociability and tolerance for diversity that are inherent in the Dutch culture have influenced me already. The attitude of living in the Netherlands with its slower pace differs from many parts of the United States where many people on the street are in such a hurry that they don't make eye contact or take time to enjoy their surroundings. Here, in Maastricht especially, I am met with kindness and actually given the time and opportunity to appreciate the importance of the history and culture that the city offers. Through my travels I have experienced Europe in a manner that would not have been possible had I not chosen the Netherlands as my first study abroad experience. Given the proximity of other cultural centers, combined with an outstanding rail system, I have come to view Europe as my backyard. My first Netherlands experience has enriched my college career as well as my life. I hope to return someday to this true center of Europe.”

Claire Whitt, University of Denver, USA “ONE ASPECT OF STUDYING ABROAD that I have found to be quite different from life back at home in the States are my interactions with the locals. Back at home, it seems fairly normal or a part of our cultural to smile at someone passing by on the street or even addressing them personally with a friendly "Hello". Here in Maastricht, Netherlands, I have noticed from my personal experience that it is a bit different. I rarely find someone who smiles at me on the street or even acknowledges that I am there. At first, I was taken aback by this because I automatically thought that passers-by could tell I was not from here and that made me a bit self-conscious. After a while though, I came to realize that it is nothing against me at all. I had become so influenced by the lens that I came over here with from America that I was unable to see past that and realize that anytime something is different, it's not a bad thing at all. In fact, it's a great

learning experience that opens you up to a whole new world that may be different from the one you grew up in, but can become your home in no time.”

Addison Corriher, Duke University, USA “IN THE NETHERLANDS, unlike in the US, biking is safe (no helmets required). It is the safest, easiest way to travel in a Dutch city like Maastricht because there are bike lanes and car drivers are always aware of bikers. Every public building has its own bike rack too. I love this about Holland, because riding a bike is easy and fun and fast. I ride my bike to class, to the store, to the train station, and many other places. In Maastricht, biking is a way of life. When I return to the US, I will definitely miss my bike and the safe, convenient transportation.”

Luis Concepcion, Trinity College, USA

“I’VE NOTICED several differences between my hometown Chicago and the Netherlands. I think the most obvious one is the culture. Not only is the language different, but also the food and the portions! In America, I am used to being served big portions, which is not the case in Holland (I think that’s their secret for staying thin and in shape). My experience in Holland has been very rewarding. I can't wait to continue learning more about this country and its culture.”

Michael Binstok, Muhlenberg College, USA

“ONE OF THE NICEST DIFFERENCES between living in Maastricht verses living in the United States is the ease of getting around. In the city of Maastricht I travel everywhere by bike which immediately made me feel like a Dutch

citizen. Traveling on the weekends outside of Maastricht is very convenient. Trains and airplanes make traveling easy and we can get to many desirable cities in less than 2 hours! Traveling around the Netherlands and Europe has been an eye opening experience I will never forget.”

Marta Kupfer, studies at TUFTS University, USA, goes home to Panama City, Panama

“IT ISN’T FARFETCHED to say that Panama City and Maastricht are complete opposites. There are so many things that are different, from the geography to the amount of kisses people exchange when they greet. However, I will focus on something very simple that made my life here very different from the way it had ever been: my bicycle. I really had to learn how to ride my bicycle, always looking like a novice compared to my Dutch friends. But now that I am comfortable on my bicycle, I feel truly happy. It is a simple thing that I derive the

biggest joy from. And once I return to Panama, although it will be nice to sit in the front of a car I know I sure will wish I had my bike around.”

Hank Brehm, University of Denver, USA “TRANSPORTATION is a huge difference between Maastricht and America. It is very nice that people bike and walk much more here than back home. Being an Environmental Science major it is good to see less reliance

on fossil fuels for transportation. Bikes and pedestrians also get much more respect from cars. I am always given the right of way and people stop when I am biking or walking across the street. People here are just much more comfortable biking places. I have seen mothers carry their children on their bikes in ways that you would never seen back home. I have also seen people that I would have thought to be too old to ride their bikes everywhere, but when they get on their bikes they are way better than me at riding them.”


Internships at CES


The Center for European Studies at Maastricht University organises study programmes for non-EU students studying for a semester or a year. If you want to gain international work experience in a dynamic environment, where you will have a high level of independence and responsibility and lots of contact with international students, CES is the place for you! Our workplace is informal, with supportive and friendly colleagues who will offer you a diverse workload which is challenging and fun. You’ll be in touch with students and professors and are bound to benefit immensely from working in this innovative and international setting.

Responsibilities Front office activities. You will be responsible for providing assistance and information to students from the various programmes offered by CES Organisation and supervision/guidance of study trips and day trips for CES students Administrative programme tasks Various activities supporting the CES staff, secretariat and professors

Requirements You are a CES alumnus/alumna; You are a native speaker or have an excellent command of the English language; You are open-minded towards other cultures and nationalities; You are outgoing and able to work independently, as well as in a team; You are accurate, you are used to working to deadlines and are a good organiser; You have a high-level of customer service You have some experience in guiding groups (desirable but not a must)


Remuneration The internship is unpaid; you will be housed by CES at Maastricht University’s Guesthouse (C single, P double or C double according to your preference) for free.

When Between May 14-September 3. The internship can take place any time during this period for a maximum of 90 days. Exact dates, working days and working hours to be determined in conjunction with CES.

How to apply Please send your motivation letter and résumé to to the attention of the Head of CES, Jorg de Vette before February 15, 2012. Don’t forget to include information about your availability (dates). Please don’t hesitate if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please note The internship can be within the framework of your programme of study, but this is not necessary. If requested, CES can grade your internship. The grade can transfer to your home university.


CES internships - talking from experience


CAITLIN MURPHY, from Lebanon Valley College (Pennsylvania, USA) was our intern in the Summer of 2011. We first met Caitlin when she came to Maastricht to participate in the Xavier University and Lebanon Valley College Summer programme in 2010. She came back a year later for her internship, and spent a total of 10 weeks with us during which she showed wonderful enthusiasm, hard work and dedication and brought the perfect amount of fun into the office.


“Since my experiences at CES, I have focused my interests on International Studies and I plan to attend graduate school in the field next Fall.�

- Caitlin Murphy, Intern at CES, Summer 2011 -

AT CES I was able to participate in a

opportunity and have since continued

comfortable work environment and

correspondence with my co-workers

learn from International Relations

months later! In the future, I plan to

personnel on how to mentor students

return to the Netherlands in attempt to

as well as organise study programs.

relive some of my fondest memories in Maastricht.

As an intern, I was responsible for a variety of tasks such as designing

Caitlin Murphy, Intern at CES, Summer 2011.

promotional videos, writing and editing material for the website, and research potential American partner universities. When I was not in the office, I led students around the city of Maastricht, travelled to Brussels International airport for pickups, and even helped supervise students on study trips throughout Europe. On weekends and holidays, I visited other countries including England, Italy, Germany, and the Czech Republic. While my study abroad experience was impactful, my internship in Maastricht assured me that I could work and survive abroad. Each day I observed Dutch culture and gained recognition and understanding, and afterwards I participated and enjoyed my new way of life and my new way of thinking. Since my experiences at CES, I have focused my interests on International Studies and I plan to attend graduate school in the field next Fall. I am extremely grateful for this internship


CES student assistants

OUR TEAM AT CES wouldn’t be complete without the support of our dear student assistants who help us with many tasks throughout the year. Allow us to introduce the three members of our current ‘squad’, always at the ready to make CES students feel at home in Maastricht and to take them across Europe to discover all it has to offer.

Name: MEDI GOOSSENS Field of study: BSc Health Sciences and Medicine Nationality: Dutch

Student assistant at CES since: June 2011 The best thing about being a student assistant at CES is that I meet all these amazing people who are just enjoying life in Europe. They make me feel happy every time I see them, if we are socialising in Maastricht or experiencing new places around Europe, every time I come back totally satisfied. The best experience I have had as a student assistant at CES so far was at the beginning of the football match Holland-Moldova. After 15 minutes of good quality music, the Dutch anthem began. I stood there in the middle of all the American students who were in such a good mood, and who were trying so hard to sing along with the anthem. That made the game awesome, even though the Dutch team played awfully that night. My favourite thing about Maastricht is that I feel like I’m on holiday every day of the year. When it is snowing or when the sun shines bright and even in the terrible Dutch autumns I love to walk around in Maastricht. The atmosphere is good all year long, the nice squares, the lovely bars and the pretty old buildings on the water make me feel at home and like I’m on vacation at the same time.


Name: JOHANNA STURM Field of study: MSc Strategic Marketing Nationality: German

Student assistant at CES since: I have been involved with CES for years but I am now working even more regularly since this Summer (2011). The best thing about being a student assistant at CES is that … it’s a Dream Job! You are doing fun things with even more fun people and getting paid for it whilst getting to know Europe. The best experience I have had as a student assistant at CES so far is that I enjoy being part of our students’ life abroad - they call me at night for the best pub to go to after hours, ask for advice for their adventures abroad… It’s nice to see how everyone enjoys Maastricht and its surroundings. My favourite thing about Maastricht is the atmosphere: cobble stone streets, exquisite restaurants, cozy cafés, cute boutiques…

Name: GLENN BORRET Field of study: MSc Healthcare innovation, policy and management Nationality: British

Student assistant at CES since: 2009 The best thing about being a student assistant at CES is chaperoning the study tours that are part of each programme. During my time with CES I have visited all major EU Institutions and some really amazing beacons of Europe which I would not have got around to seeing on my own. The best experience I have had as a student assistant at CES so far is probably going to the Von Rundstedt Offensive site in the Ardennes (Belgium) where I took a group of students to the area where the 'Battle of the Bulge' was fought. The bleak landscape took us right back to one of the famous World War II battle (it’s since been on Band of Brothers, the one in the snow). My favourite thing about Maastricht is the local landscape where I ride my bike, and ‘bitterballen’, a delicious Dutch culinary specialty. 26

Maastricht at this time of year

FALL IN MAASTRICHT is always a beautiful time of year. Even if the rain and cold start to make their dreaded appearance, there are plenty of beautiful sunny days as well. And they make the trees in the park shine in their autumnal colours.


30 Photos: A. Collioud

CES photo book

TO SEE MORE about Maastricht, the University, student life, and popular study-trip destinations in the surrounding, come and have a look at our online photo book! Click here for a direct link.



CES Monday Snapshots

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CES info

FALL 2011 AND SPRING 2012 AT CES International Relations and Politics in the EU (AIM Overseas, Australia) January 5-28 Positive Psychology (AIM Overseas, Australia) January 5-28 Dutch Culture and Language (University of California) January 13-27 European Arts & Culture January 23 – June 9 European Society & History January 23 – June 9 European Law & Human Rights January 23 – June 9 European Politics, Policy & International Relations January 23 – June 9 Baylor in Maastricht (Baylor University, Waco, Texas) January 27 – April 25 International Environmental Law (AIM Overseas, Australia) January 28 – February 18 IU-UNC programme (Indiana University- University of North Carolina) January 30 – June 9 European Management Residency in Entrepreneurship and Business for Benedictine College Executive MBA March 3-10


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CES Newsletter Fall 2011  

CES Newsletter Fall 2011

CES Newsletter Fall 2011  

CES Newsletter Fall 2011