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cestories Intern Impressions |  Feb 2018


Reflections from an international internship

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Ariana Freeman Summer 2016

I think about my CES family all the time One of the greatest things about the internship was making so many new friends! I am so grateful for all of the wonderful people this internship brought into my life! In addition to all of the lovely CES staff I got to know during my internship, I had the privilege of working with so many amazing students and faculty members from around the world. I can't imagine this experience without the people who made it so special.


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The Maastricht skyline is one of my favorite photos as it is so quintessentially Maastricht! I will forever cherish my time wandering through the streets by the river Maas and looking out at this beautiful view. This photo was taken on a walk back from the train station, and I couldn't help but admire the pop of color lining the river.

When I think of Maastricht, this view is always one that comes to mind! The Swiss Alps were magical and completely took me by surprise. I had seen from photos that the view from the top was incredible, but I was absolutely mesmerized when we reached the top of Mt. Pilatus.


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heartbreaking | gut-wrenching | devastating I truly believe that if everyone were able to visit and take in the magnitude of this experience, there would be less conflict, hatred and intolerance, and far more compassion, empathy and understanding.

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Devon Malloy Summer 2017 My internship in Maastricht exceeded every expectation that I had going in, because I was able to really dive deeper into everything amazing about study abroad. I was able to better get to know the CES team, practice intercultural communication in a real-life setting, lead students on a multitude of study and field-trips, meet students from all over the world, and I got to learn a lot about myself and the world in the process..


Erika Menezes January 2016 I had the best time as a CES intern, just having the opportunity to live and work in Maastricht was a dream come true - I fell in love with the city all over again! It wasn’t easy trying to choose my favourite memories but here are some that really stuck with me. This is the gorgeous Boekhandel Dominicanen with all its Christmas decorations! Book shops and libraries are some of my favourite places to visit. So it’s no surprise that one of my most precious memories from my internship is of this beautiful restored 13th century church turned bookshop.


This is a photo of Maureen, Dario and Sophie during a study trip. Spending time with the CES team was so much fun. It was so interesting seeing the planning that goes behind making CES study abroad an amazing experience for students. 

The work and effort everyone puts into organising cultural activities, dinners, study trips and tours is incredible. During the Berlin study trip we happened to look up and see the sunset against the city’s skyline. Visiting Berlin was such a great way to wrap up my internship!     CESTORIES    |  8

My visit to Zaanse Schans was particularly special to me. Having studied history I really appreciate the dedication that went into preserving a whole town and its way of life in order to share it with the world. So much of what we learn about history is from secondary sources, it’s such a unique experience to be able to physically immerse yourself into a historical setting and see it firsthand. Walking through Zaanse Schans is like walking back in time and reliving history. I’m grateful that places like Zaanse Schans exist because it means that old traditions will always be remembered by future generations. CESTORIES    |  9

Kendall Byram Summer 2016

No one day as a CES intern was the same as the last. It's not your typical internship in any way; you could be guiding a group around London or Luxembourg or helping plan the schedule for a group in Budapest or taking over the Instagram account for a few days.

My time as an intern at CES was the best three months of my life by far. I made friends from all over the world and traveled to some pretty amazing places.

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Sara Tirrito Summer 2015

Working as part of the CES team was truly a privilege and a pleasure. As an intern, you receive so much responsibility and trust, and you have a real chance to grow as a leader, as a traveler, and as a person. CESTORIES    |  11

If you get lucky, you’ll have an awesome cointern to share all of your adventures with.

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When you’re not with students, you’re free to spend your time doing your favorite Dutch things! For me, searching for seashells at Scheveningen was a must. My mom came to visit during my internship, and we split her first European trip between Maastricht and Amsterdam. Between the windmills and canals and cobblestones and art, she fell for Europe just as I had during my study abroad.

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Want to be our next intern? We’re looking for 3 summer interns who are eager to work in an international field, have a high-level of customer service and have a flair for digital marketing. For more details visit our vacancy HERE CESTORIES    |  14

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Intern Impressions February 2018  

Want to know what our interns thought of their experience? Get the inside scoop from the interns themselves in this edition of cestories.

Intern Impressions February 2018  

Want to know what our interns thought of their experience? Get the inside scoop from the interns themselves in this edition of cestories.