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SPRING 1, 2018 - WEEK 4

CESL Weekly

CESL Int’l Festival Tues. 2/13

Celebrate culture from around the world! p. 3

TIU Students Arrive at CESL

Tucson Rodeo Sat. 2/17

Last weekend, CESL welcomed seven students from Tokyo International University (TIU). The new students will be staying at CESL for the next month taking classes to improve their English. Catch them on the Sabino Canyon Hike this weekend and be sure to introduce yourself! We are very excited to have them here and look forward to seeing them inside and outside of the CESL classrooms!









The reviews are in, and Drama Club is a hit! Peep the pics on page 2!

A beautiful hike, int’l festival, and a Tucson tradition. Sign up today!

Every week, we interview two current CESL students.

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Still spots left! p. 4

UA Dance Presents: Dances Near and Far Sat. 2/24

Experience a journey around the world of dance! p. 5


SPRING 1, 2018 - WEEK 4

To be, or not to be…in

Drama Club! (definitely to be)

Angel and Paul are shaping this generation’s newest stage and screen stars in CESL’s Drama Club, which meets every Wednesday from 11:30apm-12:20pm. Whether playing improv games or doing Reader’s Theater, there is something for everyone. Come have some fun with your friends and teachers!



SPRING 1, 2018 - WEEK 4



SPRING 1, 2018 - WEEK 4



SPRING 1, 2018 - WEEK 4

Dances Near and Far Saturday February 24th at 7:00pm

Dances inspired by cultures from around the world, including Greek, Spanish, Guinean, Brazilian, Chinese, Armenian, Irish, Ukrainian, Israeli, and Argentinean styles! Registration opens soon at 5


SPRING 1, 2018 - WEEK 4

Student Spotlight! CESL student worker Haibo sat down with a CESL student to ask her some questions. Name: Hui-Yu Wu Hometown: New Taipei City, Taiwan

Level: 6 Interviewed by: Haibo Sun

Tell me something about yourself. Hi everyone, I come from Taiwan. I just graduated from Fu Jen Catholic University where I studied Nutrition Science. A lot of people think that I look unapproachable, but actually I am a compassionate person. Since you are a Nutrition Science major, do you like to cook? Yes, I like to cook Chinese food and desserts. What do you usually do other than cooking? I like to listen to music, watch movies, and make new friends. I like listening to hip hop and pop music. My favorite singers are Taylor Swift, Tae Yeon, Halsey, and Selena Gomez, and I also like to watch science fiction and romance films. Why did you come to the US? I wanted to take some time to think about my future career while improving my English at the same time. My uncle is a professor at the UofA, so he recommended that I come to CESL.

Haibo & Hui-Yu

Are you going to go to graduate school? I probably will go to graduate school for Nutrition Science, but I do not have a specific plan yet. I might change my mind later on. In the future, I want to work with food-related positions because I enjoy working with food. What do you like so far in the United States? I like the weather and the environment here because it makes me relax and forget about stress. Thanks, Hui-Yu!



SPRING 1, 2018 - WEEK 4

Student Spotlight! CESL student worker Hady sat down with a CESL student to ask her some questions. Name: Dasom Jang Hometown: Suwon, South Korea

Level: 7 Interviewed by: Hady Mambo

Hello Dasom, could you tell me how you first heard about CESL? I heard about CESL from a college counselor when I first came to the US 2 1/2 years ago. I was looking for a better place to learn effective English because the previous place I was was not working for me. She told me about the part-time program at CESL and I jumped right in afterwards because the program seemed very good—as I came to confirm after a couple weeks in it. When asked about home, what is your first memory that comes to mind? My city is known for safety, so the first thing that comes to mind is people staying very late on the streets, hanging out and having a good time. What surprised you most about the US? People greeting and smiling at me in the streets and stores. It was a very pleasing thing for me. This is very uncommon in my country. As a matter of fact, every time I go back to my country on Hady & Dasom vacations, I do the same: greet people and smile at them in the streets. My younger sister, who is always walking with me, has to remind me to stop because it is not common in our culture. For her I look weird and make her look bad, but I do not care most of the time because I feel good being nice to people. What do you find most challenging about living abroad? First, I would say the language barrier because it prevents me from expressing my feelings properly. But that has been changing as my English improves. Secondly, I would say the academic system is somewhat different and I feel like, as an international student, I have to study twice as much in order to emerge and succeed. Dasom, CESL is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Is there anything you would like to say about that? I would like to say Happy Anniversary to CESL and big thanks for playing a big role in the lives of international students. CESL has been the first stop and community for many international students when they arrive here and it helps prepare many individuals for university and life in the US. In the next 50 years, I wish for CESL to grow and keep bringing all cultures together through its excellent programs and staff.



SPRING 1, 2018 - WEEK 4

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CESL Weekly - Spring I, 2018- Week 4  
CESL Weekly - Spring I, 2018- Week 4