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Weekly Newsletter

Spring II Session- Week 2

WEEKLY NEWSLETTER Spring II Session Week 2

Past Events Mt. Lemmon Trip!


Upcoming Events Paintball


Session II Events


No Smoking Policy


Student Spotlight


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Weekly Newsletter

Spring II Session- Week 2

Paintball! Come and paintball with your fellow CESL students on April 5th, 2014 at 12 PM in front of CESL! Sign Up in CESL Room 101!

Upcoming Spring 2014 Activities & Events 4/5- Paintball 4/19- Horseback Riding [Old Tucson] 4/26- MLB (Major League Baseball)- Diamondbacks vs. Phillies [PHX] 5/3- Colossal Cave Other Events: 4/5- Volunteer Club at the Food Bank 4/11-13- Spring Fling on the UA Mall 2

Weekly Newsletter

Spring II Session- Week 2

Attention CESL Students! Please keep in mind of the “No Smoking Area” in both the front and back of the building! (P.S. The “No Smoking Area” is 25 feet away from both doors.)


Weekly Newsletter

Spring II Session- Week 2

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT! Every week we will interview two CESL Students. If you are willing to be interviewed, talk to the Student Workers in the Student Learning Center What is your name?

Ahmed Humedi

What do you like people to call you?


Where are you from?

Jizan, Saudi Arabia

What is your major?

Industrial Engineering

Describe yourself in one word.


What is your favorite sport?


What is your favorite team?


What is your favorite movie?

The Matrix

What do you do in your free time?

Shopping, watching TV

Why did you choose Tucson?

Similar weather to my hometown’s weather and a good school

What are some of the differences between Tucson and your hometown that you found when you came here? In fact, there are many differences, but the most two differences that I found are the daily basis and the diversity of food restaurants that I found in Tucson. What are some of the places that you would suggest people to visit in Saudi Arabia? Farasan Island in Jizan What are some of the interesting topics that you like to talk to people about in your social life? Sport, economy, and local news What are your plans after finishing studying at CESL? My plans are to finish my master degree at the U of A What are some of the most beautiful places that you have visited in the world? Istanbul, Turkey What are the places that you would like to visit in the future? Malaysia, France, and Italy 4

Weekly Newsletter

Spring II Session- Week 2


What is your name?

Joao Walter Meneses Torres

Where are you from?

Pompeu, Minas Gerais, Brazil

What Level are you in?


What do you like to do on the weekend? Play guitar, especially Brazilian music, go out with friends What is your favorite type of movie?

Action, for example The Terminator

What type of food do you like?

Rice, beans, beef, farofa, veggies

What do you like about Tucson?

Nice city

Where should one visit in Brazil?

People should visit Rio, Fernando De Noronha

Where do you want to travel?

Europe: Paris because I think it's a beautiful place. I want to visit parks ad museums when I am there.

What do you want to accomplish?

After CESL I want to go U of A and study mining engineering. In Brazil I studied mining Consectetuer: engineering for 3 years. I plan to study mining engineering for one year at U of A. Then, I want to return to Brazil and study mining engineering for another year. It takes 5 years to graduate from college in Brazil.


Weekly Newsletter

Spring II Session- Week 2

Ask CESL Question: If I don’t have a car or bike, how can I get around campus and surrounding areas?!


One exceptional option to get around campus is the University of Arizona “Cat Tran”. It is a safe and easy way to get from one end of campus to the other, or just explore new areas! Who can use it? All stops on campus are free to visitors, students, faculty, and staff. There are 5 major routes (organized by color) and 1 NightTran that run until 12:40 am. *to use the cat tran off campus there is a fee based on what route you will be using, contact the parking and transportation services to purchase off campus passes. For CatTran Maps and Schedules visit the following link:

Also! For easy cheap and broader off campus travel there is the Tucson city bus option of the Sun Tran. If you would like a schedule and a brochure with information we have them available in the Student Learning Center Room 209.


CESL Newsletter Spring II 2014 week 2