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W e e k ly N e w s l e t t e r Fall 2 Session - Week 3



UPCOMING EVENTS Homecoming Meet in front of CESL at 6pm to paint our faces.

Nov. 9th SOLD OUT!! TextText

Fall II Activities Homecoming Nov. 9th SOLD OUT!! Paintball Nov. 23rd

Sign up for Paintball Now!! in CESL 101 with Yvonne

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT Every week we will interview two CESL Students. If you are willing to be interviewed, talk to Luz Maria!

Name: Ana Karen Lendo Lopez. Where are you from? Obregon, Sonora, Mexico. How old are you? 18 Do you have brothers or sisters? One brother, one sister. What is your English level at CESL? 50 Favorite class at CESL. Oral Communication Why? Because my teacher Chuck is very good. What are your hobbies? Playing basketball What is your favorite team? Lakers Favorite restaurant in Tucson? Zinburger. Favorite burger there? “El  diablo”. College major. Medicine Favorite thing about Tucson: the shopping mall. One word to describe yourself: happy. Favorite singer. Bruno Mars Favorite song from Bruno Mars. Treasure.

Name: Ogawa Kenta. Where are you from? Chiba, Japan. How old are you? 20, but my 21st birthday is 11/05. Girlfriend? No. What are your hobbies? Playing and watching soccer. Favorite soccer team. Manchester United. One world to describe yourself. Kind. What do you like the most about CESL? Learn English. What do you like the most about Tucson? The weather is good. How you will keep your English skills in Japan? By teaching my friends and family. College major. Intercultural communication. What do you like about your major? I can communicate with foreign people. English level. 60 Favorite class at CESL. Oral Communication. Why? Because I can communicate with people and improve my speaking skills.

CESL Newsletter Fall 2 2013 week 3  

CESL Newsletter Fall 2 2013 week 3

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