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Academic Bridge Programs





The University of Arizona’s English as a

The University of Arizona’s English as a

Second Language Undergraduate Academic

Second Language Graduate Academic Bridge

Bridge Program (UG ABP) is a joint program

Program (GABP) is an advanced level ESL

offered by the University of Arizona and its

program designed for graduate-bound

Center for English as a Second Language



In addition to taking ESL courses, GABP

The UG ABP offers students the opportunity

students can sit in on a graduate course in

to take both ESL and UA courses to continue

their intended field of study (with department

improving their English ability and academic

approval) while receiving academic and

readiness while earning UA credit.

English language support from a Center for

Upon successful completion of the UG

English as a Second Language teacher.

ABP, UA’s mimimum English proficiency

The two-session program focuses on

requirement is satisfied and students who

academic readiness and advanced language

meet the minimum academic qualifications

training to help students meet the minimum

for UA admission can be admitted to the UA.

English proficiency requirement for admission to graduate programs at UA.

BENEFITS  The Academic Bridge Programs offer international students the opportunity to develop their English skills while preparing for university-level study in a supportive environment designed especially for them. For Undergraduates Only:

 The UG ABP allows the transfer of credits directly to a student’s chosen major or field of study, depending on performance.

 The UG ABP offers international students the opportunity to earn credits while paying reduced university tuition.

 The UG ABP offers an alternative for meeting UA’s minimum English proficiency requirement for full university admission.

WHO The Academic Bridge Programs are designed for students who have a higher English proficiency level but who still need to satisfy the minimum English proficiency requirement established by UA admissions. Students who could benefit from the Academic Bridge Programs are:

 UA conditionally admitted and other international students.

 Students enrolled at CESL in Level 60* or above in the Intensive English Program. *Check website for specific entrance requirements


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“The Bridge Programs provide great opportunities to taste the academic classes at the University of Arizona.”

FOR INFORMATION AND TO APPLY ONLINE Dr. Nicholas Ferdinandt ABP Director (520) 621-6211

Rebecca Noreen ABP Coordinator (520) 626-5892

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Academic Bridge Programs  

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